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Starlight Glimmer had a painful fall, but she is more than determined to finish what she started. The message of Equality needs to spread across Equestria, and she knows just the mares who can help her...no matter how many years it takes.

But she soon finds out that raising six fillies that still represent the Elements of Harmony is easier said than done.

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6231572 Waah, I confused! thanks for telling me :rainbowlaugh:

Now this looks interesting. :pinkiegasp:

This is getting interesting.

She peered down at Rainbow Dash, all snug in her pale grey blanket. Sleep peacefully, demon child, she thought.


Please write more. This is reeeeeaaaaaaaaaally good.

OK I'm intrigued. A Villain is the mom to the hero's this time can't wait to see were this leads.

yup starlight was in amending fences

thanks to the writer for the amazing episode and i find starlight have some sort a twist look alike character type

starlight glimmer having trouble with foals just like how pinkie pie having trouble with foals twin when her first time babysitting the twins

hmm with mane six turned into foals and later growing up as a equalist villan type uhh i guess im pretty sure discord,celestia and luna didnt like it at all.
futhermore starlight should notice about discord.

Gotta be honest... I thought that the "BANG"s meant that Starlight was murdering them so that she could then mother 6 new children who can be the elements and use them to control Equestria, Legend of Korra style. I must say, I approve of this concept much more. Good use of suspense, a nice pacing, showing rather than telling. Can't wait to read more! Good job.

I do wish you'd allowed Starlight to rename the Mane Six... Their new titles were really cute!!

“My outfit! Riddled with mud!” Rarity wailed. :rainbowlaugh:

Hmm . . . very interesting start. I have yet to read a story featuring Starlight, so this is a first for me. I think this should be pretty good.

Fostering rebellion, that's what I'm calling this plan of hers. It's not going to work . . . fully. I have a feeling that Twilight will be the hardest to break of brainwashing, but at the end of this story, Starlight will fail.

. . .

I hope. :twilightoops:

6233062 yeah and i hope at end of this story she fail

6233030 Most of the ones I've seen with her have been rather dark. Well, this one still has the same feel as the actual episodes featuring her, but the others took it a bit higher, if I recall correctly.

Well, the first chapter was kind of hard for me to get through, but this made it worth it. Let's see how this goes...

Why do I get the felling that she'll begin to regret this as time passes?

You wrote "telelportation".

Why did Starlight give them different ages? Is she going to tell them that they are her biological daugthers?

It is nice to know that the next chapter should come soon, I am curious.

While the 'mane six get taken down so easily' but is kinda cliche, I can't help but be drawn to the premise.

How much will Glimmer change the mane six, and how much will they change her? How will she kept their presence unknown for the decades it'll take her plan to work? From the Princesses, from Shining Armor, from Spike, and other ponies will be looking for the mane six?

I imagine her giving them new names, colors and mane styles just to keep any pony from recognizing them.

Look on the bright side Starlight Glimmer, you have DECADES to get this right.

Taking care of six fillies by herself is NOT going to be easy. Kudos for Glimmer for simply not going insane if she pulls this off! A single mother of six, Glimmer has at least my respect for undertaking something like this!

How long has it been now since the first chapter? Since they see Starlight as their mother and each other as sisters.

I'm surprised they still have their old names wired into them. Then again, Starlight has plenty of time to work on that.

“Fine. Have it your way. Twilight, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie. Stop crying.”

This'll make her job actually a LOT LOT LOT harder, she should know better than to give in to the demands of infants.

The Princesses have been frantically searching the country for some time now

Which is why the name changes are NEEDED. Six ponies with the mane six's names WOULD get Celestia's attention way too quickly.

I REALLY HOPE you continue this story!

I REALLY want to see how this 'nurture vs nature' story turns out!!!!

So Twilight is no longer an Alicorn? Interesting.


I agree totally. And it fits with the 'fresh start' here.


Thankfully Discord is NOT omnipresent. And since Discord runs on Orange and Blue morality even when not evil, I imagine him being fine as long as Fluttershy is happy.


Ironically, I imagine what'll be interesting isn't just how much being raised by Starlight Glimmer changes her six new daughters, but how raising six foals changes her! The irony is that Starlight applying her philosophy to the only spot it SHOULD BE applied, a parent SHOULD love their children equally!

Sapphire, Sunshine, Prism, Buttercup, Pearl, Moonlight. I wonder if raising her six daughters will make Starlight realize she mistook equality for fairness.

There the big fanfic where Twilight centuries later gives birth to the reincarnations of her five friends and then runs away since Celestia in this verse is a secret selfish-flank hole whose willing to let an entire village die to get what she wants.

A fanfic where the mane six get AR'ed into babies and raised anew by Starlight Glimmer is ironically would make a BETTER PARENT in this happenstance.

Hmm . . . interesting. I like your thought process on this; I never considered how much Glimmer would he changed by the kids she's raising. But when I think about it, I do truly wonder how she'll come out of this parenthood fling. Seeing as giving equal attention and treating everyone equally is hard to do when you're a mother to, in this instance, six radically different children, I think the kids and the experience will change her.

This does make me become more interested in the story, now. Thanks for the insight!

Are the foals now blank flanks?


That should technically mean they've lost their self image. Okay, they're still the vessels of the Elements, but that DOES mean more that they're clay for Glimmer to mold.

That being said, I can imagine the great irony of them indeed getting natural Equal Marks, but then being DIFFERENT COLORS instead of all black. Depending how much Glimmer is able to keep her life time long scheme from falling apart.

What I find interesting is that Glimmer's AR spell turned Twilight back into a unicorn.

Glimmer has a LIFE TIME ahead of her to teach these six the virtues of all being equal. Ironically they might end up being better at it than her!

6234138 Haha, you have a point there! I have it all planned out, so we'll see how this goes :twilightsmile: Right now, let's just say they will learn plenty of lessons in chapter two.


Also, I think the name changes are needed not just from a psychological view, but from a pragmatic view, since having six ponies with THOSE names would get way too much attention.

This story has gotten me really excited!
Oh, I wish this was a complete story that spanned hundreds of thousands of words.
I could get out in this concept and premise for some time!

6234368 I have that part covered, Starlight's a brilliant gal.

Wow, this has to be one of the best plots I've seen in a while. 10 points for a well thoughtout scheme.

But then, is there anything I can’t do? she thought smugly, stirring the oatmeal with a wooden spoon.

Ironically I think being a mother might HUMBLE her egomania.

There was actually a fanfic where Prism was Rainbow Dash's birth name.

6234063 I STILL think you should go with the name changes... But it's your fic. Do as you wish... :)

Aaaaand you have my attention.

Proceed. :trixieshiftright:

that looks just like the stoy i was looking for, i just hope she doesn´t have to run away from Celestia all the time, i am actually interessted about Starlight Glimmer here.

Nice start, it happened rather sudden, but it sounded like some of those classic comic series, or old kid horror movies, i don´t know but the storm, and everything else made me remember something.

Starlight sighed in frustration at the little foal in her hooves. They had been at this for over an hour now—with all of her children. She had tried calling Rarity Sapphire, Applejack Sunshine, Rainbow Dash Prism, Fluttershy Buttercup, and Pinkie Pie Pearl, but none of the pint sized fillies accepted their new names, and kept insisting of their own.

I can understand that they probably don´t change their personality because of the new life, at least not that easy, but why do they still know their real names? I thought everythimg was erased.

Fluttershy quietly watched the scene from her little corner. She sat with her legs tucked underneath her, her wings tightly folded against her sides. She wished she had the courage to walk too. She tried it once, but then she fell down and hurt her bottom. She had given up on the idea all together because of that painful fall. And flying? No, she just wasn't made for this sort of thing. Maybe it was for the best.

That´s cute, even if i am never sure what to think about those Babys being able to talk, i guess it helps the story.

It really looks like the spell didn´t worked right, and some memories of them would be still in them, and their mind would be strong enough to have some sort of own will, as they try to defend their own names, and i think that because of the way Twilight nodded about the "No".

Those are not the names I’ve given you!” Starlight growled, nearly at the end of her rope. How did they still know their names?

She had wiped their memories completely, she made sure of that! She could think of no other explanation other than what she had read about them. Surprise, surprise, they turned out to be the original bearers of the Elements of Harmony.

Honesty, Kindness, Generosity, Laughter, Loyalty, and Magic.

Not sure if that really if that explains it, or is every Element of Honesty named Applejack?, it could be because i am a bit tired, but i understood this that way, well a bit.

Honesty while it still seems a bit weird for me, i can´t think of a better reason for them being able to remember their names, or resist in any way. However, i thought they would only keep their elements, like Applejack being Honest, not being Honest, knowing her name, and somehow still resist Starlight as much as she does.

Another thing, if i take it to seriously, if they lost their memories, shouldn´t Twilight even forget what a moon is?, sicne she probably didn´t heard that word from Starlight.

Even if it seems to be otherwise, i like that story, i suppose i just react different, beause i am tired.

Another good chapter. The cuteness is still giving my heart trouble, but I'm sure I can live with that. Also, Shining Armor... four years and I'd assume they are dead. But hey, desperation, I can see why he'd do what he did. Also, Discord the protector of Ponyville? Does that still make it the chaos capital of the world? Probably not. Still, all in all, a good chapter. Also: "but I kept the names for future reasons that I cannot reveal just yet. " Can't wait to see what you actually do with it. I don't care either way what their names are, but if you have a plan I can't wait to see your brilliance.

You're not a lady! You're nothin' but a sister!

It's hard to tell where this story will go. I really hope that the Elements will regain their memories and return to their old lives. Hopefully with some time magic or Discord brand chaos magic they'll be able to get back to their lives, because if not...four years is already a long time. Twilight's family, the princesses, Discord, Spike, the Cutie Mark Crusaders...they all must be worried sick. What Starlight is doing is cruel to both the Elements and the ponies of Equestria. Maybe there is still hope for Starlight in the form of restoring their memories and bodies and begging for forgiveness. There's no other way for Starlight to win; even if she does brainwash the mane six, there's no way they can conquer Equestria when she has stolen their magic and talents. And you can't hide from Discord for long.

I'm not sure where you're going with this story, but it's very suspenseful. Good job. Again, I just really hope this ends happily for the Mane Six and their families and friends. There's no dark, sad, or tragedy tag so that's a good sign.

6238142 i hope for a happy ending too and yeah it is a good sign

Single file now!”

Starlight LIVES for order doesn't she?

Starlight was indoctrinating ponies for YEARS, it's logical she could handle foals from the ground up.

I wonder how Starlight's secondary goal of teaching AJ to have better manners will work out.

Four years and still can't get them to use their new names?

You have to always balance 'too slow' and 'too fast' with these 'lifetime' style stories. Personally, I wonder if that incident where Fluttershy/Buttercup nearly fell out the window was when it hit Starlight she CARED ABOUT THEM now.

They would become true Equalitists. For Starlight, it felt like the dawn of a better Equestria.

She has spent FOUR YEARS preparing for this.

“Rainbow, you have to wait until I choose to call on you. Then you can ask the question.”

Starlight's making sure they understand the rules doesn't she?

"The rest of the fillies gazed at the mark on their mother’s flank.

An equal sign."

-_- Starlight. How the HELL can you make THE SAME MISTAKE ALL OVER AGAIN!?

I know Starlight realizing that turning Equestria into Camazotz is a BAD THING is not likely to hit her given her zealot nature, but being a zealot and being stupid are two completely separate things.

SHE HAS TO KNOW how this will end!!!!

“Twilight,” Starlight seethed through clenched teeth. “Isn’t smart.”

Geeze, is she suddenly channeling Trixie?

Doesn't she know positive reinforcement is BEST for kids at this age?

I imagine Starlight also making the argument that cutie marks basically trap ponies in a predetermined cast system, basically robbing them of their free will.

Ironically what Starlight does, comes across as somepony try to recreate the innocence and 'everypony's a winner' of G3, WITHOUT understanding the nuances.

my starlings.


“No. I wouldn’t be angry with you,” she said calmly. “Though, I’d be very disappointed.”

Starlight knows how to sell it.

and how they had a knack for resisting mind control.

Of course she isn't using MAGICAL mind control, so she has a leg up on Discord's zap and go brainwashing.

Nice lamp shade that the bad guys wouldn't stop coming just because the mane six are gone.

I wonder how long it's gonna take AJ to snap and break her promise and tell her mother.

And yeah, I did think the new names just made sense from all angles involved. For obvious reasons, Twilight finding a paper with the names of herself and her sisters mentioned, a pony mentioning their names, the list goes on.

I wonder how old they'd be until Starlight 'breaks the truth' to them about how they were 'bad but well meaning ponies' before who ruined her first attempt to give ponies Equality, and apologizes for keeping this from them, and just wanted to give the six of them a second chance to be better ponies who weren't slaves to their cutie marks blinded to the idea of a world free of them.

Of course the six would instantly forgive their mother, family love, even in a situation like this, is powerful, and her being upfront instead of deceitful would be an unexpected move. And the six basically denouncing their old names and embracing their new ones in light of their 'revelation.'

I knew Starlight was going to run into major stumbling blocks whether her scheme worked out or not, but I hope the story isn't nothing BUT stumbling blocks, that would be just as unrealistic as if everything had gone blindingly smooth this chapter. (Teaching kids is inherently not easy.).

I'm happy to see this updated so quickly. I hope the pace keeps up.

I still imagine if Discord DID find the mane six, Starlight could STILL converse with the chaos spirit since Discord is now Chaotic Neutral instead of chaotic good or chaotic evil, and since ponies die of old age anyway around him, he likely can agree to keep quite on the condition that Fluttershy is HAPPY.


I imagine she's not aiming to conquer Equestria with brute force, she's NEVER been interested in that, she's aiming to conquer Equestria WITH IDEAS, a much more effective weapon. Her goal is for her six daughters to spread her ideas long after she's in the ground, succeeding where she failed.

And as long as Fluttershy is HAPPY . . .

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