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Amaranthine Thought

To learn from the past to make the future, to see mistakes and remedy them, it is our duty to eternally improve upon our past.


People always say that they want one last chance. One more try to do things. Regret is one of the stronger feelings that a pony can suffer. It is a reminder of something that they could have or should have done. Something that chases after them throughout their lives.

Sometimes it is worse. Sometimes, things change suddenly, and leave no time for anypony to do what they want to do. Things happen so fast that actions are left in stone, and nothing can ever change it.

There is no such thing as a second chance. There is only ever the mending, and that is a blessing for the healing it offers. When it is missing, nothing heals. When something is bad enough, some might contemplate simply lying down and never waking again.

Twilight wakes, and something is wrong. What could it be? She can find out.

But will she want to?

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That, was a short and wonderfully bittersweet story. You took an oft used "what if" story idea, and made something I have never seen done before. This has impacted the way I view this life, and I thank you, Amaranthine. :pinkiesad2:
Your work, and the effort you put into it, deserves to be better known.



... I Am honestly unsure how to respond. I never, ever, imagined that my stories might have an impact like that...

Thank you Wolfren :twilightsmile:, and should you have any regrets, may they find an end.

Um, ok. Wow....I am rendered speechless by the tragic power in this story. One of the best one-shots I have read. Although I have not read too many. Just...wow. The emotion is rendering me speechless again.

Fuck, I'm crying. I hate emotions.

This is a wonderful, emotional story. I can truly say that it deserves to be featured. Such sadness... :fluttercry:

P.S. I've added this to Buried Treasures and The Underappreciated Story Society.

A good one shot that I only read because I liked the look of the sequel.

Wow, that was dark.
And sad. Why?... Why you even?

I heard a saying, that every fantasy is creating a world somewhere in the multiverse.
I will never create a story like this myself.

I prefer the inverse of that, every story is actuality a glimpse into the multiverse; that particular universe already exists, we are just only seeing it through conduits.

Then Tirek killed everyone a few months later...
Or would Sombra get to them first?

This is a truly heartbreaking story. I love it!

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