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Cast-Iron Caryatid


This story is a sequel to Sharing the Night

A collection of vignettes which are, on occasion, based on, but not canon to, other stories by Cast-Iron Caryatid.

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Oh man. I forgot about this one. I'm laughing entirely too hard to type this well!

Ha, this was great! I'm glad I read this, because I missed it the first time.

There was no first time. This is the first time anyone else has seen it :scootangel:

Sorry, I accidentally posted my response under the April Fools Epilogue, but the comment I was responding to was re: the cut ending to chapter 13, which I'm positive I did not post :scootangel:

You know... I'm going to have to go re-read chapter 13 to sort out what made it through. Because, I really can't remember which parts were there and which got cut.

On a side note, I seem to have no trouble with extended and needlessly long stories so long as the content is still interesting. And I should stop rambling before this comment becomes a story in and of itself. :twilightblush:
And much rambling was prevented this day.

So, are you going to post appendix F as a chapter?

which we presumed to be one in the same

The expression is 'one and the same', not 'in'! :twilightangry2:

I suppose that I should have noted that many things in this collection have not been proofread :twilightsmile:

Wow. This really lays out what we know about the old alicorns clearly. Nice.

6049941 Hmmm. In regards to this (and my comments on said full version of chapter 13) I found myself being quite capable of skipping large parts of that supposedly 'unseen' chapter, which usually infers that it's something I've both read before and liked enough to remember rather thoroughly.

I have no idea when I would've read it if you're sure you haven't posted it, but I am certain that none of that was new to me. Now I definitely have to re-read chapter 13 just to refresh myself on what made it, just so I can resolve my own 'Wait, but I could swear I've read this.'

... 3 hours later ...

And now I'm fairly certain there was either a link to the gdocs draft, or the chapter was accidentally published early or something. Memories are saying that something like that happened, but not enough to say for sure what.

Anyway, glad to see this hasn't been consigned to a computational blackhole or something. :pinkiehappy:


A large part of it just summarizes earlier events, so that could lead to you feeling that you've seen it.

The thing is, it's the framing device for it that's causing the dejavu. The entire report construct, including the section headings, is what I'm recalling having read before.

The content, while is it ringing bells of its own, is amusing reiteration and doesn't really indicate that I've read it before as much. (Especially as I've read the chapter that was essentially being summarized by it.)

This actually makes a number of things much clearer. To be honest, I kinda wish it had made it in. :twilightsheepish:

Ah, well. I'm glad you ended up posting it, then, because it was definitely really fun to read.

“Betrayed by technically correct information,” Twilight groused. “If only my mother could see me now.”
“She can!” Rarity huffed as she continued to push Twilight forward. “She came down from Canterlot just to watch.”

I remember especially liking this bit.

And that ending, so great.

Cadance is so correct, dark meat > white meat.

Then again, whatever Celestia came up with sounds pretty good.

You know, if you were to write it I would totally read a continuation of this chapter. That was even better the second time!

Aye, this does clear some things up with regards to your lore. I'm glad you posted it, even as a non-canon chapter. :twilightsmile:

More importantly was the tone of the last few paragraphs.

Loved it! :twilightsmile:

Who's Cadance? I mean, there's certainly one in show canon, but it's confusing that she'd show up here.

The title of each one shot specifies whether or not they are based on Sharing the Night or not. This one is just a standalone one-shot, and so uses the show canon.

6057196 It's correct either way, and the adverb is inferior. Nyah. ;)

This chapter and story premise is highly amusing, and wacky too. I'd love to read more of it, but I can see what you mean by just running with the story idea and seeing where it went, because it sorta feels like a train plowing into other train wrecks.

Actually I'm quite enjoying this. But I can't tell where it would go from here....

"Questions about whether I could actually follow through with her convincing the world to adopt Eternal Night while continually maintaining the uncertainty (as per the title) about whether or not she actually succeeded"
...This line is confusing me quite a bit. What? If you follow through, as seems to be the case in this chapter, which is a prologue, doesn't that pretty thoroughly remove the uncertainty about whether she succeeds? Or is that the source of the questions?

Nah, it wasn't too bad; I was expecting something like that, I think.

Well, technically there's no proof that the main six are telling Nightmare Moon the truth, even in the prologue, but regardless, it wasn't supposed to be a major thing. Just kinda vaguely possible as the story gets more and more incredible.

Gee. Were we going to get first-person perspectives from the other Caolans?

That… might have been too complicated, I think. I might have done scenes in third person from their perspective once they properly had their own things going, but stories with multiple first-person perspectives are confusing at the best of times… though I can see why doing only one of them in first person might also feel odd, hrm.

So the answer is "good question!" :scootangel:

Ah, okay; thanks.
...That would be quite some bluff, though. :)

‘a real place where we will be sent at the first sign of defiance.’

That was the best line of this two-parter for me (among many amusing candidates).

I was going to ask where you'd planned to go with this story (overall form), but your author's note suggests that you didn't plan that far ahead? (I'm also wondering why anyone aside from Beth would willingly be party to a jailbreak? The protagonist actually seems to have common sense and be genre-savvy. Perhaps each of that trio was voluntold to come along with an alicorn to help recontain her?)


I was going to ask where you'd planned to go with this story (overall form), but your author's note suggests that you didn't plan that far ahead?

Actually, now that you mention it, I just remembered—the very first idea was to have a protagonist split into three, as he is here, but have Twilight deduce that their existence was unstable in some way and the first one to get a cutie mark would likely cause the others to vanish. The story was still to follow the pegasus version, who, along with the earth pony one, would be rather depressed because the unicorn one had an obvious leg up because, well, magic is awesome, obviously.

That idea didn't last long, though, as it was a little too much drama for drama's sake and I would never actually kill the other two off and things just naturally drifted away from it as the actual circumstances and other characters took form. That sort of "not the main character" feel is still seen in how the unicorn one was to be fighting alongside Celestia and everyone while the pegasus was with Luna escaping Tartarus, though.

I'm also wondering why anyone aside from Beth would willingly be party to a jailbreak? The protagonist actually seems to have common sense and be genre-savvy.

Ah, well, as for that, the earth pony was to be the one they tried to disrobe, so she would be rather traumatized to begin with and Beth's escape would be of the "What's going on? What did you do? Why are they shooting at us? WHY ARE THERE DEMONS, BETH." type. Genre-savvy s/he might be, but he's also rather passive by design, and there'd be a bit of him learning not to be such in the story.

I'm actually not sure if I'd include Tavi in that group, though. Probably not unless the scene provided some way for her presence to keep the earth pony there, or vice versa, or both. Even in Sharing the Night, I do quite often let how a scene plays itself out influence where things actually go. Might be a bit of a bad habit, actually…

It does leave you wondering what is up during present.

But all in all, at least it's fun to read and funny.

honestly I'd really like to see this one continued, there's a lot of interesting directions it could go in. Really fascinating concept here.


Nothing wrong with surprising yourself. Not everyone can be Edgar Allan Poe and plan things out so severely that serious academics to this day don't think they've caught all the symbolism in his work.

I understand if it petered out, but for what it's worth, I liked it.

I do have a complaint about the 'end' of this... the whole issue is unresolved. I realize this was incomplete, but I'd love to hear your author notes on how others 'converted' to the same condition as Twilight or what Celestia is doing or something more... but then, I'm pretty desperate for anything you write.

Huh, I didn't pick up on it the first time I read it, but he was weakening and knocked over so easily at the end because he had put his dragonfire essence into the seed right then. Celestia thinking he's being a drama queen is just her missing the reasons behind it. Always finding new, clever details whenever I re-read any part of this story, even a re-written and Cast-Off sorry epilogue.

That was neat and a much better set up for a HIE than we usually get.

"an ellipsis" is the correct singular form. "ellipses" would be more than one.

:rainbowlaugh: What. I mean, it works, but still, what.

I think this chapter 13 should be cannon, it bothered me that twilight never explained what happened to the prior allacorns to celestia.
Also I'm surprised twilight didnt send celestia a letter to saying we will be going into to this potentially dangerous hole might not see us ever again fyi.

“Like a rock,” Luna reminded her, glancing over at Celestia.

For some reason, this brought to mind that old Bob Seger song. Naturally, I followed that up with the more thematically appropriate Night Moves.

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