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I was looking in my feed at this, thinking, 'Oh good, another spinoff. Greeaat. :ajbemused:'

...And then I saw who wrote it.





Congrats on being the first poster... and also my first in seeing Rocket Racoon used. XD Hope you enjoy the chapter.


:twilightblush: So... I'm guessing you weren't aware I was planning to write this, eh?

5982260 I'm never aware of anything.

...Where am I? :derpyderp2:

Well I eagerly look forward to this journey of a story 100%.



You're in a place with a story that narrates naughty things that happen for good business. Well, actually, that was mostly the previous story, but this one is in the same universe, so, it's possible.


Hope you enjoy the ride, as short as it might be.

Well written, well paced and interesting characters. Looks promising, i'll keep an eye out for this story.


Thanks. I'll probably update next week.

First Story of the Gentlemanverse

Waait what? Wasn't that Gentleman for Mares?


>> heartbrokenpariah

Hope you enjoy the ride, as short as it might be.

Wait, whaaaat?!! That is not very reassuring Mr. Laharl...


Waait what? Wasn't that Gentleman for Mares?

I'll correct that. It's been like a long time since I created a new story, so I did a couple of copy and paste in the end. :twilightsheepish:

Wait, whaaaat?!! That is not very reassuring Mr. Laharl...

It's six chapters. I did mention before it was an intersequel (but still a sequel. Confusing, eh?) but I thought the plot was warranted as it is going to influence the future of this verse. Plus, I missed writing Harry.


Thanks. ^_^ Hope you enjoy the chapters as they come.

Reading description:

Not that its Harry's problem.

e's more preoccupied with a new dilemma

Regardless, I'll be looking forward to reading :pinkiehappy:

Wow, it has been so long since I finished Gentlemen For Mares. It's good reading about these characters again

Very nice start. Decent pacing and good worldbuilding. Can't wait for more.:twilightsmile:


Corrected those, thanks.


Only a few characters will come back. ^_^ Just FYI.


Heh. I think the next chapter will be more impact-ful.


Nah, that would be very arrogant of me.

*is giggling and laughing behind the screen, screaming, "Yes, feed me more!"*

Yay finally, I hope to see more :pinkiehappy:
When she mentioned the feminism in earth, I dunno why the laws about divorce and kids custody in Europe came to my mind

Are Harry and Eve going to get a clop scene in this story? Because seeing Harry boff everyone but Eve in the last one was surprisingly frustrating.


Part of me thinks this is because there's a growing stigma against a certain gender. An Ever Ring part of me will probably say it's because traditional roles with the Father being the provider has led to this, with men outnumbering women in terms of being providers. There are other examples of women earning more, and getting a lot of their money and kids taken to the dad after divorce as well, though you'll get opinion pieces on how that should change.

Human Culture Complexity. No one will probably ever break it down in simple manners, not until after hundreds of years, and even then, we'll get it wrong. Maybe that's why alien civilizations are avoiding us. XD


:twilightsheepish: Do you want to know the answer and my reasoning for that answer? I just don't want you to get frustrated over this.

I already love where this is heading

I noticed this was added to the herd/threesome folder, yet you earlier said their would only be clop in one chapter, curious. :raritywink:

5982773 well now a days what I see in my country is that both genders need to or want to be providers. Eventhough people still making up stadistic to show that here men just earn more money that women just for be man. Still here, any legal conflict about a women with anything family related the men is most likely to lose (kids custody. House property...). I understood were this laws came from historically (also maybe still working that instict that you show in your verse as "a mare always protect her stallion"xD), but in some case is ridiculous, specially if there is violence from women to men.
Anyways this is one of the reason i read your stories (surprise! You also have not clopper readers xD) This hypothetical scenario is quite amusing. Specially seeing females performing the dominant /protective rol in sociaty, but still being ladies and not just men with different genital


:twilightsmile: By all means, guess where you think this is headed.


Ugh, yeah, but I put that there because Harry's in a relationship with Eve, but is still sleeping around, so... did I place it wrong? Any way I can correct that?


Probably one of the best things in Xenophilia, where this story was inspired by. Familiar yet alien culture.

5982843 I say categorize it by what actually happens in the story rather then what is implied to be happening.


.... Well, shit. I still have no idea where to put it.

huh. I didn't get a notice for this.


Heh. Glad you randomly checked on me then. Enjoy.

5982902 Nah, I saw it on feature.
Congrats on that BTW.

I'll get around to reading it eventually... When such a thing as time exists... Or I give up and just shove it on my e-reader for work.

Yes, honestly, I'm very curious.:twilightsheepish:


Featured? Since when?

... Huh. It is. Wow.

Thank you guys!

Oh thank Celestia, yes! A sequel! I remember liking everything about Gentlemen for Mares. :pinkiehappy: I looking forward for more sexy shenanigans.


Commence read.

Interesting start.

Now to see how things get all fouled up.

Rarity being overly-generous?

Subliminal Cheerilee?


More like a small sequel, but I guess still a proper sequel. Also,enjoy.


If you're talking about the dream sequence, it's actually almost every customer Harry had in the previous story. Yellow-ish white coat is both a mix of Spitfire and Rarity; mane color as well. Cutie Mark definitely Cheerilee, and coat is Trixie's.

Awesome, I've been hoping G4M would get a sequel. Already favorited. :twilightsmile:


Heh-hey. Haven't heard from you in a while. ^_^

Oh, the sequel to one of my favorite stories came out? Well there goes any other plan I had for tonight.



I’ll admit, as thrilled as I was to see this (not that I can say much from such so early into the story, mind), I was a bit thrown to see that stuff about “radical feminism” and “man-hate” and so on. Is the misandrist fringe so loud and populous in the Gentlemanverse version of Earth that it would merit being treated as a group worth noting or responding to? I can’t imagine their reaction to a similar world full of attention-starved females being discovered here in reality would reach further than a bunch of cranky blogs that no-one but those looking for an excuse to demonize feminists, or bored journalists, would pay any attention to.

On another note, that dream confused the heck out of me – I first thought Harry was playing a videogame with a pony player – until you explained the constantly switching coat colors was intentional.

Finally, a possibly spoilery question: Does the whole “cranky traditionalists start exposing Gentlemen until they’re arrested and Sea Swirl is somehow convinced by Harry to testify against them” incident (as described in Five Star Service) take place during this interquel, or at some other point? I’m trying to get a sense of the canonical timeline.

After the long wait! Its finally here! :yay:

Well, now I gotta ask, Laharl, is Nolan North's voice what you hear when you write Harry's dialogue?

“They want to send certified Consultants to Equestrian companies so they could assist and guide both employers in hiring human employers.”

Something about that sentence seems off to me. It also really makes me wish I had written my Gentlemanverse story. Otherlund Inc. would have perfectly lined up with that though in the opposite vein; a consulting firm designed to help human corporations setup operations on Tellus.

Awwww, yes! Back to glorious human and pony action. Plus general human and pony interaction and culture exchange, that does not involve humans shooting ponies nor ponies throwing ponification potions to turn humans into ponies.

I sure hope Eve won't be too upset with Harry's busy schedule of mares wanting to increase diplomatic relations with humans, which involve a lot of body contact and moaning? XD


I was a little nervous. Submitted this on 3 AM my time, and got approved at around 6 AM. XD


It'll still be here later. Don't worry. :raritywink:


:twilightsheepish: Yeah. Kinda. Enjoy. ^-^


Yes and no. Consider first that Five Star Service story is part of the this 'verse, so Eve is a little aware of that particular sub-culture. As for whether the misandry is loud and popular, all I can say is that it is loud. Not quite popular, but is still present. I'm basically basing this on a lot of things. That whole bit of men running away from responsibilities is actually a reflection of the whole slew of morning talk show on how men at a certain demographic aren't marrying or dropping out (for one reason or another).

Eve is not directly responding to it. She's trying to find whether having consultants in Equestrian companies are going to be harmful in the long run, and notes that there's a certain sub-culture in the human world that might affect Equestria.

And yes, Five Star Services is part of this timeline. I can't speak directly about it, all I know is that Sea Swirl's happening already happened, as well as Jackson's controversial media appearance. What I'm very sure of, is that this is six months after the end of Gentleman for Mares.


That's an interesting idea. And yeah, sentence is off. Correcting it. Thanks for the spot.


You spent too long in the TCBverse. I, DEL of the GMverse, welcome you here. :raritystarry:


Ah, understood. I just wanted to clarify whether all that “misandry” talk (particularly those morning talk shows – rule of thumb is they’re never not wrong) will be treated as the yammering of a tiny number of people rather than as a serious issue. Not that crazies on both sides wouldn’t cause some difficulties when Equestrians encounter them, sure, but I like to think our dear ponies will be smart enough to realize they’re just so loud because they’re always being ignored by 95% of society. :twilightsmile:

Anyway, enough sidetracking. Good chapter (in case I haven’t said that) and, as always, eagerly looking forward to more.


No problem. Since I won't be writing any stories of Earth anytime soon, this particular sub-culture won't really be a big issue. Call it world-building, or me just covering my bases because it may come back in the future.

You'll be happy to know that it's back to happy pony time in the next chapter. XD

Well, not that happy, but... uh—well, you know what I mean, right?


Dude, you know perfectly well there is no such thing as unhappy pony time. :pinkiehappy:

… I need sleep.

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