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The stakes are higher than ever in Sam's latest adventure. Instead of having to recover his personal property, telling Thunder and Lightning to knock it off, or getting revenge on the cookies that spoiled his dinner, Sam must save his... big brother Mark from the clutches of Queen Chrysalis? Talk about a step up the hero ladder.

Why does she want his brother and what does she plan to do with him? Sam has no idea, but that won't stop him from diving headfirst into Equestria, swiping everything that isn't nailed down, and running away screaming at even the mere sight of Princess Twilight and her dreaded tea party.

A.N.: Straight crossover between Pajama Sam and MLP:FiM.

As a quick rundown for anyone not familiar with the series, Pajama Sam is a children's point-and-click adventure game series that was published by Humongous Entertainment from 1996 to 2003. It involved Pajama Sam, the titular character, traveling to fantastical worlds full of interesting characters to achieve goals and learn life lessons. The gameplay gimmick of the series (and the company in general) was that every primary goal had two distinct solutions, only one of which would be selected per play-through. This meant you had to play the game at least twice in order to see everything, and each entry had sixteen different possible paths to choose from, greatly increasing replay value.

Custom cover art by the talented SoarinDash959.

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All the references make my inner child sing like a chorus of angels! This story is excellent!

I never played the Pajama Sam games as a kid, but this crossover looks cool anyway, so I'm following it.

You now have a new follower for bringing back my childhood memories of playing Pajama Sam!

Of all the crossovers... Yep, I'm going to be watching this story till the end because of it reminding me of my childhood AND showing how well Sam would do in the pony world.

Dude, you are officially awesome! Keep it up!!!

Out of the main four, Putt Putt, Spy Fox, Freddi Fish, and of course, Pajama Sam, I can see Sam or Freddi as the only crossovers that would really work for MLP. Let's see just how good this story shall be. Both how faithful and how original.

I'm interested. Even though I only experienced Pajama Sam through my younger brother, I liked it.

Some helpful tips:

1. Don't put links in your story. DON'T. EVER. DO THAT. Instead, describe the scene, or simply omit it.



This is a clunky way to handle sounds. I would recommend you describe the door ringing, in this case, something like:

...But before he could continue reading, the doorbell rang, interrupting Sam's train of thought.
"Mark's here!" Sam shouted...

And so on.

3. While, most likely, anyone who reads this knows something about PS, there are, in my opinion, far too many vague references. Try and describe or briefly retell references, and it will be much more enjoyable.

Aside from those things, the story is pretty well-written. Nice job!
I'll be watching!:pinkiehappy:

6908723 The links are music. Not required in the slightest, but recommended. I've found it to be the least obtrusive way to include music in a story, a far cry above directly embedded videos or author's notes.

The only exception is the Titlecard at the start, which was included strictly because it precedes every single game humongous entertainment ever made, and as such would help fully immerse the reader. Again, it's not required, just preferred.

When I write stories, I pretend I'm reading them aloud. The sound effects are a result of that, and more of a unique writing quirk than something that needs fixing. I only use them in my sillier stories to begin with, so they become part of the tone.

Now the reference complaint might be fixable. I'll look it over.

Y'know, Spike was just about the perfect person for Sam to meet first. And speaking of being a chaos magnet, I can only imagine what might happen if he were to meet the CMC.

Keep up the awesome.

7039922 The Nostalgia has been cranked up far past 11, heck I think it's cranked up so high that it probably broke the knob in how nostalgic Pajama Sam can be.

I am so glad you promoted this.

Also, I always thought that crossing over Thunder and Lightning with the concept of Cloudsdale would've been a neat fic.

Thunder and Lightning may be what you consider the weakest of the series gameplay-wise, but it's probably my favorite in terms of the environment and atmosphere. Now that I think of it, I've been hardwired to be acceptable to the concept of Cloudsdale.

I remember my mom calling me here at college a few months ago when she was cleaning out the cabinets. She literally asked me where to put my Pajama Sam discs.

Even she knows how awesome it was to me.

Oh man. I remember Pajama Sam. I know it's more of a children's game, but I need to see if I can find it again. I want to replay the one I had after reading this.

Why was this cancelled?

Does it say "cancelled"? People these days… Act like a doctor and have some patience!

shots fired! shots fired!

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