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One moment I'm shopping at Dragon Con, the next, I'm Equestria's most wanted for doing things I don't even remember. At least I got some sweet powers out of the deal. I wonder how many rocks I can headbutt before it starts to hurt.

DOTA 2 Displaced. Constructive criticism welcome.

Crosses over with The Red Wind of Change

"I am Carl Roberts, master of the Heroes of the Radiant and the Dire, and destroyer of the Ancients. If innocent blood has been spilled or enslaved, call on me and I will aid you however I can."

Dual's Token is the DOTA crest with chips of Radiant and Dire filling in the holes in the corners.

Warning: this story is stupid. Proceed with a healthy dose of sarcastic laughter.

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eh. its okay. not the best I've seen but it has moderate potential.

I loved it. Very humorous and hope to see more.

seems awesome ^_^ i look forward to the next chapter!

We find this OH SO JOYOUS! *uses a telescope to take a few notes on his reactions.*

Check that spelling and grammer bro

We see there is some madness in him, that seems quite normal. Though we wonder how he shall feel knowing he holds the fate of all ponies in the item he holds, due to it's strategic importance. Also Celestia's reaction shall be enlightening.

We think he has angered the wrong sun deity? Though he doth seem apathetic to others deaths.

pissing off a princess like a boss XD

2 chapters in one day? Win.

Good chapter overall, but just a quick question.
Does 'bucking' the same level of vulgarity as fucking?

5637992 I guess Rainbow is showing some...colorful language.

Somehow I can see Bane's abilities coming into play.

5638154 Nice call. It's good to see someone who understands the source material.


Thanks. It would also be interesting if you somehow incorporated Puck's ult in terms of it's ability lore, which according to the description "sows confusion by forcing its enemies to vividly dream about their own mortality."

5638176 I'll see what if I can do anything with that. 109 heroes, remember? I don't have the entire list memorized.


By the way, when he uses his "Divided we stand" ability. Did he turn to Meepo or just used the ability. Cause if he did turn to Meepo, how would RD recognize him?

5638221 He just used the ability. I'll state if he took a full form.

pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows!

I like this story please write more. :pinkiehappy:

Why the hell are you censoring everything?

5779226 Because I feel like it. What other reason is there?

plus the complete skill list of every hero,

So this guy is so OP its not even funny.
Rearm, Reincarnation, Repel, Global Teleport, Nether Ward, Global Silence, Thundergod's Wrath, Blink, Essence Aura, Cancer...
This guy is OP as fuck.

5825085 That was kind of the whole point. He's completely overpowered in the one type of fanfiction where he has a chance of getting away with it. This story is not serious in any way, shape or form, so don't act like it is.

I love the idea, espicially since it is a Dota 2 crossover, but things are moving just a bit too fast. We don't even know what our "hero's" name is other than his name of Massacre... Then there is also the fact that there are a LOT of other less deadly spells that could have silenced the main six, such as Death Prophet's Silence. And then, why didn't he just put Permanent Invisibility on from Riki, since he has EVERY SINGLE ABILITY FROM EVERY CHARACTER. However, I do applaud you for using stuff found outside of the game and in the comics.

5880661 I pictured the Elements as a channeled spell that grants physical immunity, spell resistance, and spell immunity to it's wielders for the duration. Silencer's ultimate is the only spell piercing, AoE silence in the game that doesn't deal damage.

I agree on the pacing, I have trouble with rushing.

Skeleton walk gives him a massive speed boost in addition to the invisibility, and he had a lot of ground to cover to get to Canterlot.

Comment posted by THS Icicle Chill deleted Apr 21st, 2015

5880961 Ah, thank you. I just feel sorry for the poor sap that decided that it was a good day to fly to work. That's fine. Everyone has their own problems. Mine is spelling most of the time. :derpytongue2:

I'm still a little confused by the Level One Intelligence Characters. Could you please elaborate?

5892594 Are you familiar with Shadow Umbra's shop that contains one of everything? A normal hero will only buy one or two items because the plot requires he not become overpowered, and give some stupid excuse about fairness in-story.

A level one intelligent character will buy out his entire stock if they get the chance, and be gleeful about it.

Writing one is a pain, but the results are worth the effort.

5892607 Ah, so they don't really care if they get overpowered or not and truly have their own unique character and ideas?

5892612 Pretty much. The key to the concept is that they act like an actual person, instead of just helping to carry the plot. I got this from this blog, which explains it a lot better than I ever could.

5892633 Ah, okay. Thank you. I'm really enjoying the story, by the way.

5892655 Speaking of, how far along is the next chapter?

5892684 No idea. I know what I want to do with it, but I don't know how many words that will take. I've got 1,850 already written, and quite a ways to go.

5892690 :rainbowlaugh: I have that happen to me a lot. Thank you. I can't wait to see what's in store next.

"Global Silence!

. . . I think he should have used drow's silence instead.... to prevent his public enemy 1 mmr from going down

Good chapter
Nothing else to say

yeah... He is trying to do good... just is: A. an idiot B. is a neutral that is trying to destroy both the dire and radiant. and convince the radiant to do so as well...

They stared at each other for a few seconds, then as one charged the basement door. Twilight only managed to get a glimpse of 5 weird looking short bipeds with very long ears holding shovels before-"blink dagger" they were gone, leaving behind a hole in the floor that must have held another leystone, from the magical energy it was giving off. Twilight exploded.


I pulled my pants back on. Lyra was blushing heavily and sneaking peaks at the fourth wall.
"There, I think that scared them off. Now where were we?"

well then... I would not expect that...

MORE!?!?! please.....:fluttercry:

Based on how he is acting, he is going to bring about a third party intervention against both the Dire and the Radiant by acting as a neutral party and using both of their abilities and skills to force them to deal with him. This could go a few ways. Possibility number one, the ancients ignore him. Possibility number two, the ancients accidentally sandwich him to death while trying to destroy each other. Possibility number three, the ancients take him seriously from the word go and forge a temporary alliance. Possibility number four, the same thing as one, except he actually wins. Let's see which one happens.

Hhrmmm. *pulls bag of popcorn seemingly out of nowhere* Interesting. I'm intrigued.

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