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Oogway finds Princess
Celestia grieving at
the sacred peach tree.

A.N.: Kung Fu Panda crossover. Set before the events of the first movie.

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The only bad thing in this Crossover is that, by the events of MLP FiM, the cast of Kung Fu Panda will be gone by at least a millenia.

Otherwise you have written quite a beautiful thing here.

Now you've got me thinking of what Master Oogway would like like as a pony. Perhaps a tortoise shell as a cute mark? It's really nice to see how Oogway and Celestia discussed things here. I do wonder how she would take upon hearing of his passing. Oh, Lord, I bet she and Po would get along like a house on fire...

So very well written. I feel that you got Oogway down perfectly: calm, wise, compassionate. Keep it up!!

So sad and so nice at the same time

This was beautifully written, and as
6708561 said you nailed Oogway's personality perfectly. But I feel I must point this out,

Grand Master Oogway of the Jade Temple of the Valley of Peace was not an easy turtle to shock.

Oogway is a tortoise.

A really sweet fic, well done.

Truthfully, well worth the read. The message was right on, and delivery was short and sweet. Thanks for the fun crossover.

Beautiful. You nailed Oogway's character perfectly.

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Showing wisdom from a wise character without simply just copying what they have already said before is very difficult

>While I'm still not sold on the idea of a 'divine purpose,'

Celestia is saying that? Well, she must have really changed her tune by the time she sent Twilight to Ponyville.

It was a really good short story and excellently captured Oogway's voice.

Took a thousand years, but yes.

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