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Revenge is a dish best served covered in semen >:)

I find it hard for this to count as a revenge prank if you're running away before your prank even starts. I mean what good is doing a prank if you're not there to enjoy the results?

I think Rainbow values her life slightly more. Juuust slightly. :rainbowlaugh:
Anyway, thanks for the read.

5826436 Your avatar pic and your comment go together so perfectly :facehoof::rainbowlaugh:

5826439 I guess you could say that Rainbow knew what was... *puts on sunglasses* ...coming. :coolphoto:

And the castle gave birth to a few out buildings and a hangar.:twilightoops:

I really like the premise, really I do. Unfortunately I think the execution was botched. Maybe I'm just spoiled on the devilish simplicity Syeekoh writes these one-shots with.

If I were to do it, I would have started it with Twilight waking up to discover her castle covered in jizz, followed by the fleeing Rainbow Dash, who has a flashback to her conversation with Spike, which is light on narrative and driven by dialogue. I'd also cut out many of the details about Spike's alibi, particularly the stuff with Rarity. Too much unnecessary detail.

So yeah, I praise the effort, but I feel like it falls short. Again, that might just be me being spoiled by Syeekoh's style, which I have come to love.

I can never possibly hope to match the Master of Crack for sheer hilarity. Thanks for taking the time to comment, though. :twilightsmile:

evil so evil ... is the writer going to do one where dashs seeks refuge status from griffonia ...

GG no Re.

Gee Gee surrender at 20 Twilight, you aren't gonna out-prank that

Nopony wins a prank-off against Rainbow Dash. :rainbowdetermined2: She'll do whatever it takes.

There are some sentences that, upon hearing them, you realize statistically should never have been said. Yours is one of them. Congratulations on bucking the odds and delivering something so very improbable.

10 out of ten. Best prank ever!:pinkiehappy: Wish it was actually possible to do.

This is about as close as you can get to doing what Rainbow did.

....Gross. Funny as all get out, but gross.

Rainbow...ya done goofed.


Honestly, I feel like it suffers from the same problems as the original did. It's not really a story so much as a sequence of events that occur until the premise runs its course. Both of them kind of needed... I dunno, an intended pay-off at the end. Something for the plot to build up to. If that sounds sexual, well--there's a reason the high point of a story is called the climax. Neither the original nor the sequel really had one of those, for all Spike's orgasms. I'm not really sure if folks enjoyed them as stories in their own right so much as a morbid fascination for the idea of IMPOSSIBLE QUANTITIES OF SEMEN.

I admit, I'm actually a little disappointed in that regard. The basic concept is fundamentally a comedic goldmine, but there aren't really any jokes to the story itself, or a punchline looking to be delivered. Instead it's just... semen. And not a lot else.

This Magic card matches this story premise perfectly.


When your opponent gets off and gives you a blazing pearl necklace of pain, four of these guys and then some come for your ass.


Dragon Jizz FTW

Oh, so that's why Rainbow Dash flies east.



Best comment on the site. Have an upvote.

Well that certainly reached it's 'climax'...

This wasn't funny the first time. But maybe this one could-- Nope. Still not funny.

I don't see a comedy tag. Do you?
I wrote this because I felt like it. Literally no other reason.
Also I might have been stupidly drunk from Easter.

“Oh, yes… oh, yes—no, don’t stop, Rainbow… that’s it, yes, it’s happening, I’m—ahhhh...”
Spike pushed Rainbow Dash away and moaned as she jerked back in the nick of time. Like a single cork holding back a city dam, gallon after gallon of his milky dragon seed gushed forth, not stopping until he had filled the cloudy reservoir before him.


Who is next

In the far, far east, way over the ocean, Rainbow Dash soared toward the Kingdom of Griffonia.

this is now austraeoh head cannon

When Spike and Rarity finally get it on, Rarity will have to wear a football helmet, depending on how high the ceiling is.

Rainbow sets up a large amount of cloud storage and it just ends up as a reservoir for jizz?

It's like the internet if we cut out the middleman.

wherever that comment was, point being: I'm seconding it

5828987 you see hearing that makes me think if you fucked a snail and jizzed would it explode?

I would say you have an incredibly small p:raritywink:s

... don't think twilights going to be able to get rid of this amount unless she can hide from fluttershy that she dumped it in the ghastly gorge ( something's got to live there and be angry though), and I think Luna will notice the dim unluminescent white spot on the moon.

... if this is a natural thing to every dragon I'm not surprised they migrate once a year... probably need that for hazmat teams and to try to encourage teens to do that stuff outside the home ridge otherwise entire dragon land will be permanently white.

It can't be it?

And then I was proven wrong.

Holy semens, Batmare! That's a whole lotta goo! xD

5829077 i5.mangapanda.com/uzumaki/8/uzumaki-1136756.jpg
I'd say he needs to get the hell out of that town!

That ending. Gee Gee, well played america.


And why she's doing it so far, and so long. Maybe by the time she orbits the world entirely, Twilight won't be ready to send her on the next grand journey to the moon...

Thank you. Fixed. Glad you liked it :rainbowkiss:

I guess you can say, Twilight had this cumming!:ajsmug:

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