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Never forget when I was discussing villains with my friend; I said "villains are hot" while thinking specifically about the Dazzlings. He'll never know.



The Wondercolts have just won the speed skating portion of the Friendship Games. Pinkie Pie, seeing Sunny Flare is upset, attempts to cheer her up by playing a imagination game that involves imagining bystanders' lives.

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"Oh, there's me, you, Tangerine Tropics, Raspberry Fluff, Rad, Vice Principal Luna, Cloudy Kicks, Gilda, Amethyst Star, Lemony Gems, Mr. Discord the janitor..." As Pinkie Pie rambled on, Sunny and Sugarcoat stared at her in shock.

This is quite possibly the best list of Shippers I've ever seen

Congrats for getting on the popular list!

5820493 We're all bronies. Don't question us. :twilightsmile:

Let the mysteries live on...

5820498 So many mysteries that need to be solved. :pinkiecrazy:

My Little Shipper: The Romance Tag Is Magic :rainbowkiss:

Does this happen before EG? Cuz im a bit confuzzled. :rainbowhuh:

5827036 Takes place a couple years prior, when Sunset was still a b*tch. :twilightsmile:

Heh, this was odd, but fun. Nice work!

A few years later, after the Friendship Games, they get together again and begin to ship people.

Pinkie: Hey Sunny! I like what you did with your hair!

Sunny: Thanks! How's everything been?

Pinkie: Oh, you know. Had parties, made friends, gained magical pony powers and defeated a bunch of evil monsters from another universe... you know, typicah high school stuff.

Sunny: Nice! hey, do you still ship people?

Pinkie: Yep! Hey! Let's ship some people now!

Sunny: Okay! Um... How about those two?

Pinkie: Tennis Match and Applejack?

Sunny: Yeah! I mean, Applesack saved Tennis Catch from falling into the portal!

Pinkie: Fair enough! Now... Who's that guy from your school?

Sunny: Double Diamond?

Pinkie: Yup! I ship him with Rarity!

Sunny: Okay! Nice! So... Ooh! Who's that guy?

Pinkie: That's Applejack's brother!

Sunny: Really? Cool! Who'd be a good fit for him?

Pinkie: Hmmm... Well- OH! I know the perfect match for him! *points*

Sunny: her? She looks really shy.

Pinkie: She's my baby sister!

Sunny: Wait, really?

Pinkie: Yeah! And really, they fit each other perfectly! They hardly ever talk, they're really shy, and they both grew up on farms!

Sunny: Sweet! It's absolutely perfect!

Sugarcoat: You two shouldn't ship ponies so much. It might make those people angry.

Pinkie: Oh, hey Sugar! What happened to you? You used to love this game! When did you get such a huge stick up your-

Sugarcoat: I just realized I prefer bluntness. It's funnier that way.

Sunny: Aw. You know what this means!

Pinkie: We have to ship you!

Sugarcoat: ...I'm in hell.

6579041 Pinkie Pie: And obviously you've fallen for Cerberus, who guards the gates of your Celestia-forsaken prison!

Sunny: Your love conquers all, and the dashing hound lets you return to the light of Equestria.

Sugarcoat: I'm going to walk away now.

Sunny: To go talk to Cerberus?

Pinkie Pie: Sugarcoat and Cerberus, sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-

Sugarcoat: EW!

6579509 Meanwhile, several miles below them, Cerberus was still waiting for his sugary princess to return :trollestia:

6580977 :rainbowlaugh: Sugarcoat just needed a little push in the wrong direction. :pinkiecrazy:

6581278 The wedding was absolutely glorious, and everyone at Crystal Prep attended :trollestia:

6581529 Sugarcoat was clearly not happy, but Sunny and Pinkie were threatening her with a knife, so she went through with it.

6583325 And, of course, Principal Cinch was happy to officiate the wedding :trollestia:

6584550 Rainbow Dash and Indigo Zap confiscated all of Sugarcoat's weapons so she couldn't injure anyone. :pinkiecrazy:

6594448 However, since Cerberus had left his post, Tirek managed to escape! :pinkiegasp:

6595166 Tirek had also fallen in love with Sugarcoat, so he fought Cerberus for her hand hoof in marriage! :pinkiecrazy:

6607926 Their battle destroyed both CHS and CP, so all the students had to work together to build a new school for everyone. There was much debate about what to call it, until the student body president of CP declared it to be "Our School" :rainbowlaugh:

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