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When roommates Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie win a supermarket shopping spree, Pinkie sees it as a chance to have nice, harmless fun with her best friend.

But, of course, a-dork-able Twily has "a plan"...

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Huh not bad

"My buddy, Cheese Sandwich's B-Day is getting closer and I wanna rent a sky writer to put out 'Happy Birthday, Cheesy. From guess who?' Doesn't that sound like fun?"

Fuck cheese sandwich!




Sorry had to say that

Mixed feelings. Funny, but very rushed. Really would’ve helped if you’d explained the rules of the shopping spree. Also, Rarity’s appearance makes little to no sense

Hahaha damn I love weird al but I hate cheese so much and that picture is funny and aggravating

Haven’t read the story, but read the description.

Twily has a plan. It’s not going to end well if she’s becoming like Dutch.

I think that was the point. :twilightsmile:

Did you make that or find it?

Found it. I'm truly sad I lack the creativity to make something like this. :pinkiesad2:

Hey don’t put yourself down I suck ass at it too!

Depends on whose it is. :rainbowwild:

Ah yes thank you for the cameo.

The voice of each character is spot on, especially the "womanchild" Pinkie Pie. Especially with the internet and online shopping, you end up comparison shopping so much that you lose the joy of shopping...and all just to save a few pennies? I totally get that feeling, and I agree with Pinkie that it ends up not being fun. :facehoof:

I guess you live in the North where air conditioning isn't a given and you have to put in those nasty window units.

Overall I found this to be a light and entertaining read. Thank you for it.

What is a living bra? I shudder to think.

If I was in Twilight's place, Pinkie yelling about Rarity's shampoo and whatnot would've really pissed me off. You can buy all sorts of shampoo and salami after, but your blatant stupidity could literally cost a hundred bucks or more.

I’m reminded of the days I used to watch supermarket sweep.

It always astonishes me how few people plan their shopping.

I always do. I once saved 30 pounds by price comparing.

Hey! It's Pinkie's ideal ship!

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