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Hi! I'm Tennis/TMF. I'm not active on here anymore. :P I still check in from time to time.


The prospect of competition excited Tennis Match more than the actual participation in competition, at least in the case of the Battle of the Bands. When she and Cloudy Kicks hit a creative wall, they decide to not participate.
It might appear that they're harmless spectators, but the duo can and do get into mischief.

Starring two background humans from Equestria Girls.

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"Ugh. Frozen was a decent movie, but the extra attention ruined it," she murmured.

That line alone made me instantly like and track this story.

Good work, Tennis.

Good to know that other good background characters are getting some development.

For example, I gave Photo Finish, Pixel Pizazz and Violet Blur a part in The Siren Song. They're acting as journalists, trying to solve the many mysteries that The Blasters riddled the earth with. So basically, Photo Finish and her band are similar to Luka from Bayonetta, minus the want to kill Twilight as Luka wanted to partially kill Bayonetta in the first game.

5424102 Awesome! :pinkiehappy: Developing background characters is my life! i'm glad to see Pix and Violet are getting attention as well! They're very well designed and deserve more attention the they currently receive, especially Violet! :twilightsmile:

Looks good so far. Hope to see more chapters later on:twilightsmile:. Good thing to know that both Tennis and Cloudy aren't Frozos (Overly Obsessed Frozen Fans):rainbowlaugh:.



When I finished reading, it said it was Incomplete:twilightblush:

5424491 Bad habit of mine, forgetting to change it. :derpytongue2:

5424746 I'm pretty sure you're not the only one who makes that error:twilightsmile:

5424466 Ahh, I see what you did there...

Frozo, a combination of Frozen and Bozo. Awesome.

5426294 Seems a bit harsh in a way, but very legit as well:ajsmug:. I know what the message of the movie was, and I may have learned a couple or a few lessons about love from it--but I never went crazy. I wasn't even on the hype train before it even released.

I am totally going to do this at the next/first talent show if there ever is one!! :pinkiecrazy:
Nice story! Pranks are the best!:pinkiehappy:

5431508 Did you hit the thumb up button like I keep on telling you to do?

>>Tennis Match Fan You're welcome :3

Great job! We really need more people like you who writes about EQG background characters.
There are los of potential there!

6738657 Thanks! :rainbowkiss: I hope to see more stories about them too!

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