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Sunny Flare and Indigo Zap aren't exactly the closest members of the Shadowbolts. But if they're going to give this "friendship" thing a shot, they should at least try to get along. And what better way to do that than over some frozen treats? Except maybe almost literally any other way...

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I just knew it that Sunny used "dearie" to ticks people off.. And when she's mad at you, its not wrong to assume that each "dearies" meant a different deregatory terms when she said it

7561853 Haha, yes, I imagine that most times Sunny Flare uses "dearie" , it's dripping with condescension. Thanks for reading!

I don't think I'd want to be stuck between "dearie" using Flare and excessive "darling" using Rarity.

7562767 This is a situation that those who know both of them fear...but know will almost certainly, one day, come to pass...

Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:

I would take a storm of "Dearies" over one more "Simply divine!" from Rarity, honestly.

Anyway, another great one-shot. You should totally do more, with more oddball pairings. Though this pairing might've been the oddest in the Shadowbolts...

7568550 Thank you! :twilightsmile: Yeah, I wanted to write this piece just because...well, it seemed like an odd pairing to write for, haha. Plus I soooorta ship RariDash, and this is very similar. I'm still sort of trying to get into Sunny Flare's character...it's a tough balance to strike, with how little we know about her in canon. But for some reason, I find the fact that she gets so little characterization interesting, so...we'll see how it goes from here!

7569354 RariDash eh? How did you like "Rarity Investigates"? :raritywink: And yeah, it's something I like about many EqG characters in general, even the sirens. They're vague enough that you can inject your own ideas into their characterization. Yet you still have a general image, a voice, and basic personality to lean on. As for Sunny Flare in particular, I remember reading somewhere that apparently some official-ish outlet (a figurine description? something on the website?) calls her "a stickler for rules". And there was a "book" about SciTwi having a sleepover with the Shadowbolts and apparently SF made people cry repeatedly? Haven't actually read it. Either way, I appreciate Sunny Flare for being such a blank slate. I have a bit of a plan for her myself for my next story.

7569524 I did enjoy "Rarity Investigates". My two favorite ponies sharing an episode :raritystarry: And Sherlock references, who could pass that up?

I had heard something about Sunny Flare being a stickler for rules, and "something of a tattletale" I think? I tried to work that in a couple of places, with Twilight being concerned that she was going to tell Principal Cinch about what happened at the study session, and her wanting to talk to the play directory about the set crew not measuring up to her standards. Buuuuut I don't want to make her completely unlikeable either, so...kinda keeping that in the background :twilightsheepish:

7571407 Now that you mention it, I might be remembering the tattletale thing too. A bit unfortunate that she won't have as well-establish fanon personality as some other characters, but hey, that also means that reading a fanfic with her is gonna be more interesting. I hope you keep including her in your work.

“If you like,” Sunny Flare said, flipping a lock of purple hair in a casual, graceful gesture, then added, with a sly look, “dearie.”

I automatically thought of Asami's hair flip scenes :rainbowlaugh:

7617531 Haha, I honestly haven't seen that show, so it's completely coincidental!

As much fun as the stories are, you really should take care with your paragraphs. In the last part of this one I got honestly confused and had to read the end three times to figure out who was saying what.

Sunny Flare stood up and stretched. “Well, that was...spirited.”

Indigo Zap’s posture slumped. “Let me guess. ‘Spirited’ means something else in this context?”

Sunny Flare nodded. “In this case, ‘stupid’. So, shall we catch the bus back?”

Indigo Zap shrugged. “Eh...I’m in no hurry. How about we actually get that milkshake?”

Sunny Flare’s eyes widened, but she quickly caught herself and tried to suppress her happy surprise. “If you like,” Sunny Flare said, flipping a lock of purple hair in a casual, graceful gesture, then added, with a sly look, “dearie.”

Indigo Zap groaned. Yeah, she was definitely doing that on purpose.

7734373 Aww, I'm sorry to hear it got confusing towards the end there :twilightsheepish: I didn't catch that, but I'm also the writer, and that's the mother of all cognitive biases. Glad you're enjoying it anyways!

Indigo would you like some fries with all that salt?

7804843 Hehe, in her defense, she is getting better...slowly...

Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:

7805211 my pleasure to read xD these girls are a riot! :rainbowlaugh:

7805211 idea for a story...crystal prep get a new student and the shadowbolts want to make a good first impression...that student being Starlight Glimmer

7805236 Yeah, I like the idea of bringing Starlight Glimmer into this...I've been hesitant in the past, though, because I'm afraid her human counterpart is going to show up in a later Equestria Girls movie. I mean, I'm playing pretty fast and loose with canon as it is, and it's not like it'd matter, I just get hesitant around using plot points that I feel are likely to be contradicted by canon, if that makes sense. Not to say I'll never do it, though! :pinkiehappy:

7811886 either Starlight or Moondancer I think would work

Hey, whatever works. And for Indigo and Rainbow, that means facing one another on the honorable field of battle. Poor Sunny just got caught in the BO-scented crossfire, though at least she helped defuse the situation.

7847370 Indeed! One of the things I like to keep in mind with these stories is that there are a lot of ways friendship manifests itself, from super competitive to snarky to the more traditional. And that's okay :twilightsmile: Friendship works differently for everyone. Thanks for reading!

Rainbow Dash raised a first and pushed herself

I would like to know how one raises a first.

These are good. Im going to read all your writings.
Given how much free time I have left it will, I will be done sometime tomorrow.
Im liking this alternative look at things.

7878681 Would you believe I actually do proofread these? :rainbowlaugh: Guess I missed this one, thanks for the heads-up!

I'm glad you're enjoying the stories! I hope you like the rest of them, too! :pinkiehappy: It's a fun universe to play in. Thanks for reading, and I hope you continue to enjoy!

I guess Indigo was thinking of the alternative of counting on one's fingers in binary. Bit of overkill, since you can get up to 1023 that way, but...

8194681 Haha, I use binary enough at work to know there was a loophole for counting in non-base ten for that comment. Plus, I think it establishes Indigo Zap as being both smart and athletic, which I think is important for her character.

Thanks for reading!

Sunny Flare gave a resigned look and gave an audible, ‘harumph’ before very visibly deciding not to press the issue further. “It’s going well, dearie.” Indigo Zap gritted her teeth at hearing that word again.”

I give you the new darling

Rainbow Dash’s pink eyes slanted. “What’s THAT supposed to mean?”

Heeeeeeeeerrrrrrrreeeeeee we go

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