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"Who dares to challenge The King of Iron Fist?!" - darkstone57

After being betrayed by his son and sent soaring across the sky in an explosion, powerful enough to kill an ordinary man, Heihachi Mishima ends up in Equestria and wakes up to talking horses and a city wide invasion by the Changelings.

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Stage 2

Author's Note:


Hoity Toity was enjoying himself this morning. It was one of those rare occasions where he could enjoy time to himself and only himself.

Having spent the majority of his hours in the day pampering himself up and spoiling himself, more so than usual, he had a delightful spring in his step and couldn't care less what was going on outside.

He felt quite the shake in his home earlier but shrugged it off to be another problem that the element bearers were handling in the city that meant to bearing on his situation.

Taking another bite out of one of his specially made chocolates, which he received as a present from one of his fashion shows that he advertised, he took deliberate long bites out of it to get a good taste of the chocolate goodness.

“Mmmm....” Hoity Toity moaned in delight, “I say, I cannot enjoy this more.”

He took a moment to turn to the bed but had a second to take a think about things, completely ignoring the streaks of green and yellow beams shooting in multiple directions outside his bedroom window.

“I do say,” Hoity began happily, “Nothing can spoil this day for me.” Hoity turned to the window and began to walk toward it, eyes closed, lips smiling brightly, “Not even if the entirety of Canterlot were overrun by...” Hoity paused as he opened his eyes to see a predator, baring it’s fangs at him from the other side of the window.

“CHANGELINGS!!” Hoity screeched in fear as he fell on his rump.

The shock and reality of the situation gripped Hoity’s existence as he sat there petrified as the Changeling smiled in pleasure at the joys of an easy capture.

As it hovered closer to the window, it slowly began to envelop its horn with its magic, ready to bust the window apart, taking sadistic joy as its prey was going to wet itself in fear. However, it wouldn't be able to relish in this moment for much longer.

A roaring yell fast approached the Changeling from the left and as it turned to powerful war cry; it found its vision blackened as a powerful right foot had made full contact with its face.

Hoity witnessed it happen from his spot and couldn't believe his eyes. A large muscular bipedal creature had easily dispatched his attacker with its right foot. Time had seemed to have stopped as Hoity marvelled at the creature. The refined muscles, the scar on its chest, the unique hair shape, the warrior born face, the torn cloth around his waist covering his privacy, it was something out of an action movie.

When reality started moving again and the creature had vanished from his window view, he took a few moments for him to properly digest the scene that had just played out. He was awestruck, inspired, disturbed and afraid at the same time. He had the urge to know about more the creature that saved him, use it as a new claim to fame.

“Chocolate, first,” Hoity began nonchalantly, “Claim to fame, later.”


The shopping district of Canterlot has always been a busy place. Many a day the citizens would go to and fro between the shops buying whatever they pleased. Chocolates, clothes, accessories and all the things a pony could ask for. Except for today, where the district is filled with nothing but chaos and war.

The shops were, unfortunately, used for other purposes than for purchasing gifts. They were used for bodily damage for those were on the receiving end of attacks that tossed them into the direction of the windows. The Changeling that was launched directly into the window of a clothes shop, with great force, is a case in point.

With no shortage of energy, Heihachi landed on the street feet first, rolled forward, got to his feet and when the next Changeling, who suddenly realised that it’s comrades assaulter was heading straight for it, turned to face him, Heihachi stood on his right toes that were facing to his right and brought his left leg, which was bent, across from his right to smack the hovering Changelings face with his foot.

The Changeling was spun around from the impact but quickly, with fury, tried to turn around to attack Heihachi but as it did Heihachi used his left foot, which was still hanging from the first attack, to bring up higher and then press the sole of it into the back of the angry Changelings head and then forcing the foot down and smashing his targets face into the ground. The Changeling was knocked out on impact.

Heihachi gave a proud snort at his small victory. He looked up from the defeated Changeling to the battle ahead of him. Royal Guard members, four of them to be exact, were brawling with a pack of eight Changelings that were constantly switching between their comrades to try and keep them strong whilst the guard members stuck together to try and push them back with barrier magic.

In the air above, them a couple of pegasi guard where clashing with a couple of Changelings. Both pairs were exchanging blows in a constant back and forth battle to maintain air superiority. In the distance, down the district street; pair of unicorn guard was locked in a beam war with a swift pair of Changelings that were dashing all over the place, firing green energy beams every chance they got.

As he watched, Heihachi smirked confidently as he stepped off the unconscious Changeling and clicked his neck muscles. ‘Perfect,’ Heihachi thought proudly, ‘Squashing these numbers will definitely prove worth of my abilities,’ he looked at the guard members briefly, ‘Perhaps...’

With that thought, he clenched his fists and his electricity flared around them. Heihachi planted a firm foot forward and began to charge full force at the closest group. As he got closer, one of the Changelings launched itself from the group, headlong, at Heihachi.

Heihachi, seeing this, forced himself to stop and allow the Changeling to strike him. The Changeling, with great ferocity and speed, bashed his skull square into Heihachi’s chest. The impact didn’t even make Heihachi flinch. The Changeling felt his whole body shake from recoil. It staggered back, hovering, trying to regain its senses.

Heihachi snorted, “Is that all you have?” Heihachi asked rhetorically as he grabbed the unaware Changeling by its head with both hands and held it up, forcing him to look at Heihachi and his powerful gaze. “This is how you do it!” Heihachi yelled as he held the Changeling with his left hand, reared his hand and head back, lifted his leg up and then lunged it forward as he collided his bald skull into the Changelings face. Releasing the grip on its skull, just before contact, the Changeling was sent crashing across the street floor, knocked out, and skidded up to the group of Changelings that were harassing the Royal Guard members.

A couple of the Changelings turned to see their fallen ally and snarled at Heihachi. As they cried their rage at the intruder, the other Changelings and turned to see Heihachi smiling proudly at them as they shared their comrade’s anger.

“Let’s see how long you bunch of bugs last before you all snap like twigs!” Heihachi called at them as concentrated his being into his fighting stance.

The guard members stood perplexed at the sight of their new, unexpected, ally. The one at the forefront a white coated unicorn mare with crimson eyes, Ebony Kuch, caught the gaze of Heihachi for a brief moment as he was looking past the Changelings and directly at her. She only just saw it but he gave her a quick nod, just as six of the seven remaining Changelings fired a volley of green energy directed at Heihachi. The seventh charged at Heihachi when the blasts made contact and created a cloud of smoke.

Ebony looked at her allies and each of them shared a determined glance, knowing full well what they were going to do.

A dominant roar bellowed from within the cloud and with it the seventh Changeling came out soaring, against its own will, as it flew straight at the Royal Guard members.

“Now!” Ebony commanded, her raucous and powerful voice ringing in the ears of her three allies. At the sound of her voice, all four Guard members lit the shield up and pushed it outward in every direction by several feet causing all the Changelings around it to be forced back several feet. The seventh Changeling ricocheted off the shield burst and was sent shooting back toward the cloud.

Heihachi wasn’t ready for that as the Changeling was sent spiralling into his chest back first. Frustrated at the unexpected return, Heihachi harshly hoisted the already unconscious Changeling by his back with his right hand above his head and adamantly drove its body into the street, leaving a cracked imprint around it.

The cloud dissipated and Heihachi released his grip and cast his furious sight onto the closet Changeling. Ebony was dealing with two of the remaining six and was faring well as she rolled under one Changeling and stopped before the second Changeling as it was about to strike her and gave it a powerful orange magic blast at point blank, sending it straight into the door of an abandoned building with a mighty crash.

The ally of the defeated Changeling attempted to strike Ebony from behind with a growing energy blast but before it could release it, it saw its other enemy, Heihachi already within a few feet of it and without a second to react, felt the full force of Heihachi’s left foot striking at its waist and rolling sideways to the ground, screeching in pain.

Ebony turned to her new, unexpected but powerful, ally. But, before she could speak, Heihachi held his left hand up toward her and spoke, “Save the sentiment.” Heihachi began, looking toward the rest of the battles happening down the street, “You will help me dispatch these weaklings, rally your forces and get to Princess Luna.” Heihachi said with authority.

Ebony was stunted at the tone of his voice but could sense that there was something that was to be revered about her new ally but she also wanted to know something from this creature, “Are you here to help the Princesses?” Ebony replied with conviction. If, he were an enemy, skilled and strong as he shown, then for her own piece of mind, she needed to know, immediately.

“Obviously!” Heihachi called back with pride shining through his tone, “I will crush all of these ‘Changelings’ and their ‘Queen’, with these Iron Fists!” Heihachi proclaimed vigorously as electricity sparked around his now clenched hands.

Ebony could hear the conviction and determination behind those words and that was she needed to hear. “Then, we will aid you, new ally.”

Heihachi harrumphed at the title she gave him. With that, the two of them rushed to Ebony’s allies.

Before they came close to the group, Heihachi saw that the battle in the air was favouring toward the enemy as the numbers doubled on the Guard. “Send me up there!” Heihachi commanded aloud. Ebony looked quickly at her swarmed airborne allies and swiftly used her magic to create an orange incorporeal ball.

“Jump on it!” Ebony called to Heihachi to which Heihachi leaped onto the ball and as it took his weight, Ebony gave a battle cry as she upped her magical power to send Heihachi shooting into the sky toward the four Changelings that were about to claim air victory over the Guard.

Quickly, Heihachi concentrated his strength, shown by the electricity forming, into his left fist and buried into one of the Changelings chins. The recipient was soaring even higher into the sky.

Heihachi used the upward momentum and to roll his body forward and deliver and strong right heel into the back of the closest, unexpected, Changeling that was hovering to his right. As it cried in pain, Heihachi pressed both his feet onto the back of the Changeling and using it as a temporary platform, leaped past the two pegasi guard members and grabbed the faces of the other two Changelings by surprise and with a tightening grip began to drop downward with a warrior bellow that could be heard by all below.

As the Changelings in his grip couldn’t make out what was going on, Heihachi went shooting down to the street of the shopping district and within ten inches of reaching the concrete, Heihachi thrusted the heads of the caught Changelings, with a great roar, into the solid earth of Canterlot, rendering their bodies limp from impact.

Letting his victims go and gracefully landing his feet on the street, Heihachi turned around to see how his assets were doing.

The mare that called him ‘ally’ before was gaining the upper hand and was beginning to apprehend the Changelings from before, leaving only the ones that were firing beams between each other. The battle was becoming more of a back and forth battle as it went on.

Heihachi focused his attention toward the Changelings of the battle. Before he could make a step toward them, however, a great rumble was shaking beneath his feet and was travelling toward the group ahead of him.

Only for the rumbling to stop short of the ensuing battle and a plume of dirt and dust shot out from the street that was followed with a harrowing and penetrating roar. Heihachi became quite curious to the new development and folded his arms.

As the dust settled, a pair of sharp clawed hooves reached out of the hole and gripped the street. The owner of the claws pulled itself up and brought its front and back legs to the street, with it, revealing its full being it was a Changeling but a whole lot different. It was two thirds larger than its Changeling brethren and quite more muscular than them too. It bore no horn nor wings but its fangs were sharper, its gaze was menacing and its tongue slithered from its mouth as it rasped and exhaled heavily. This larger Changeling stared its predator like gaze at Heihachi and didn’t even blink.

“You...” Heihachi began, his voice laced with disgust as he unfolded his arms and took a few steps toward the large Changeling, “What manner of fiend are you?”

Heihachi stopped and was rebuked with a screeching roar, dripping with bloodlust, directed at him. Heihachi didn’t even flinch.

“So, you have don’t have the ability to speak,” Heihachi shrugged at the thought, “No matter,” He clenched his fists, slammed his left foot forward and spread his arms wide, “I’ll send you to the depths from where you came!”

The large Changeling roared at Heihachi as it lunged at the human with its large left hoof, the claws pointing directly at Heihachi’s head. Heihachi responded by ducking under his opponents left arm, concentrating his power into his right fist and just as he reached the Changelings head, Heihachi threw a powerful uppercut at its chest area. The connection made the Changeling gasp for air and be lifted up several feet.

The Changeling regained its focus on Heihachi underneath it and, brandishing its claws, swung both of its large front hooves at its enemy.

Heihachi aimed his open hands at his opponent’s hooves and halted them with a forceful thrust. As they connected, Heihachi quickly grabbed onto them with fury, took his left and began to swivel his body in the opposite direction, all the while shouting a powerful battle cry, and he took the suspended Changeling and chucked him relentlessly down the street like a piece of meat.

The large Changeling bounced off the concrete a couple of times, passing its defeated brethren along the way before regaining its momentum, digging its clawed hooves into the solid earth and stopping itself from going further. After taking a second to catch its breath, the large Changeling roared with rage, swinging his head to and fro, flailing its front arms, before turning its attention back onto Heihachi. Its target was standing confidently in its fighting stance waiting for it with an arrogant grin. But, the Changeling had other plans.

It dug its claws deep into the and slowly exhaled. Heihachi chuckled at the sight. ‘This one seems smarter than it looks.’ He thought with confidence. But, confidence quickly turned to curiosity as the Changeling aimed its head toward the sky and took in a long deep breath.

After a few moments, it stopped, reared its head back and flung it forward and when it dropped down to its opponent’s level, it released a great ball of fire that shot at great speed toward Heihachi.

“What!?!” Heihachi exclaimed, shocked.

With a last second decision, Heihachi leaned his head forward and covered his face with his forearms to protect himself.

The ball of fire exploded on contact, covering the street in a thick blanket of smoke with a strong gust in every direction. Embers of the fire began to set a couple of the shops on fire.

Ebony seeing the devastation of the attack from within the shield her allies set up was shocked at the sight of it. As the smoke slowly began to clear she could see the flames beginning to expand in the shops.

“Team, search and evacuate the shops, immediately!” Ebony ordered with haste.

“What about our ally!?” One of the stallion unicorn guards replied, still shocked from the sudden situation change.

“Don’t worry,” Ebony replied with a surprisingly calm tone, “I think it only succeeded in making our ally angry.” The comment made Ebony smile.

As the remains of the smoke cleared, Heihachi was frowning deeply but he couldn’t help feel excited. In the distance he could see the large Changeling stunned to see Heihachi still in one piece.

The electricity formed around his legs and carried around his body to his fists where spreaded them wide with fury, sending what remained of the smoke cloud away.

“You think an attack like that would even scratch me!?!” Heihachi bellowed at the Changeling who replied with a screeching bellow of its own before it began to charge at Heihachi who responded in kind.

The Changeling leaped into the air and connected its hooves together to slam them down at the approaching target. But, Heihachi sidestepped to the left at the last moment and the hooves slammed into the concrete. Not wasting any more time, Heihachi used his momentum to lunge forward foot as he swung his right arm back and drove his fist into the Changelings kidney, forcing the Changeling to step back cushion the blow. But then, relentlessly, Heihachi lunged forward once more with his left foot and buried his left palm into the Changelings face. The strength of the blow sent the Changeling back a few feet, crying in pain.

Heihachi didn’t stop as he was already in front of the weakened Changeling and when it looked at its enemy it began to feel every blow that connected after that moment. A right punch followed with a left and then another right with a third being swung around and connecting as a strong backhand with the Changelings face, that followed up with a left lunge kick at its head, forcing it back but came forward as it tried to regain its senses, that was then continued with a right splits kick that struck the back of the head and the same leg was then used to strike its back leg forcing the Changeling to stagger which was then Heihachi landed a left jab to the gut then a quick right uppercut to the chest forcing the Changeling to become breathless and then finished off with Heihachi crouching toward the Changelings head that was leaning inward and delivering a dominating dragon uppercut to the face, launching both of them upward.

The final blow sent the Changeling rolling across the air several feet and landing flat on its chest defeated with little energy left.

Heihachi landed gracefully on the street but after catching his breath walked quickly over to the lying body. He stopped just before its head, leaned down and clenched its head with his right hand and forced the barely conscious Changeling to look at him as he shouted, “Come back when you’re ready to fight!” Before slamming its head into the concrete, forcing shards of it to bounce out of the ground, and began walking away in contempt from the knocked out opponent.

‘Now then,’ Heihachi thought as he began to walk toward where he last the Royal Guard members.

He stopped as he saw Ebony and a couple of other unicorns and four pegasi approaching him. He folded his arms as they stopped a few feet before him. Heihachi saw expressions of fear and awe on the faces of the unicorns and pegasi but with Ebony he saw that she was confident to stand in front of him.

Heihachi looked at her for a moment then asked with a commanding tone, “Are you in charge of this team?”

“Yes!” Ebony replied with authority.

“What of the Changelings?”

“Some of have been detained, a couple escaped and the rest are unconscious.”

“Alright,” Heihachi looked behind him, “I’m going to Canterlot Park to help Princess Luna cripple the Changeling forces,” Heihachi stated, loud enough for the ponies to hear, he then turned his confident gaze to the group, “Either follow me or help the innocent.”

With his intentions clear, the group looked toward Ebony for their answer to which she said, “We will follow you, new ally.” Ebony smiled with a proud salute. The others followed suit.

Heihachi chuckled proudly, “Good and for the record, I am Heihachi Mishima,” he unfolded his arms and held his right fist up, flexing his muscles; he proudly proclaimed his title, “The King of Iron Fist!”

“Sir!” The group replied with vigor.

“Now, any quick questions?” Heihachi asked the group. A pegasus above Ebony raised a hoof. “Yes?”

“Um, sir, what about your cloth?” The pegasus asked, his voice deep and rough.

“My cloth?” Heihachi replied, flabbergasted at the sudden unimportant question, “What do you... mean...” As Heihachi looked down, he could see how the previous question became important; because it wasn’t there.

To which Heihachi yelled at the heavens, “NOT AGAIN!!!”

To Be Continued

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Finally, an update.

Man I like Tekken. I really wish they would still produce PSP's. I remember playing the 5 and 6. But alas, PSP is discontinued. They only have stupid VITA now.

He needs stronger clothing.

7329523 Aye, life has been a real trial over the last year but I'm moving forward and, hopefully, will make sure this story does too.

Yeah. I loved playing Dark Ressurection on the PSP. Looking forward to 7?

It lives :yay: !!!!!

7330801 Yup. Long short of it is, like Heihachi once was, my life was in a deep ravine. And, like Heihachi, I'm going to climb myself out of it. I'm a long a way from reaching the top but it won't stop me from climbing.


Heh, sounds familiar. Live has a habit of reminding you that it can be a bitch sometimes. :twilightsheepish:

7335957 Tell me about it.

7335957 So, what did you think of Stage 2?


It was badass. The way you wrote it makes it easy to imagine what move he is currently using.

The clothing part at the end was priceless as well. :rainbowlaugh:

7338440 Thank you. I'm glad I made you laugh.

7338440 Also, I'm wondering. What did you think of the Hoity Toity segment and that Large Changeling battle?


A quite befitting entry for this character. I wonder what kind of plans he has, and more importantly if the protagonist is letting him. :derpytongue2:

It might be worth mentioning that I also started craving chocolate cake all of a sudden.

Good thing he made some allies. Even the protagonist can't do everything on his own. I suppose the airborne scene is a good example. Probably would've had trouble getting up there without wings or as in this case magic.
Was worried for a moment when that fireball hit him. Fortunately his body is a bit more resistant to fire than his cloth.

Love it man, keep making new chapters.

What was the reason the Iron Fist Tournament in Tekken was thrown?

First one - Heihachi used to prove his superiority
Second one - Kazuya used as a means to claim world domination
Third one - Heihachi used it as bait to draw out Ogre
Fourth one - Heihachi used it as bait to draw out Jin and Kazuya
Fifth one - Jinpachi used it as a means to end the evil spirit corrupting him
Sixth one - There technically wasn’t one canonically because of Jin causing a world war
Seventh one - Heihachi used it as bait to put an end to the war, capture Jin and defeat Kazuya

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