• Published 9th May 2015
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"Who dares to challenge The King of Iron Fist?!" - darkstone57

After being betrayed by his son and sent soaring across the sky in an explosion, powerful enough to kill an ordinary man, Heihachi Mishima ends up in Equestria and wakes up to talking horses and a city wide invasion by the Changelings.

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Stage 1

Author's Note:

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Ponies ran away in fear, in the streets of Canterlot, from the oncoming swarm of Changelings that came from above. A group of Royal Guard stood strong in anticipation of the attack as the citizens galloped past them with haste for their own safety.

A group of twenty Changelings dived in from the massive swarm to attack the group.

Holding their ground, they were outnumbered by ten; the unicorn guard lit their horns to prepare their shield as they stood side by side with their pegasi comrades.

As they dived with high speed, seeing their targets, the changeling group lit their own horns quickly and fired a volley of emerald energy at the guards.

With quick thinking the guard were able to put a strong and large yellow magical shield that covered the entire group and endured the entire attack.

The group of Changelings chose to split their numbers as half of them landed behind the guard and the other half landed in front of them.

The guard quickly changed their stance and formed a circle to face their horns and spears at the enemy, whilst transforming the shield into a circular that covered the guard from head to hoof.

As the Changelings surrounded them, a quick glance was given shot to each one of them and simultaneously began to charge their horns in their kinds emerald hue and bared their fangs to the Royal guard soldiers.

One of the pegasi members suddenly shot out from the shield and into the sky. Only suddenly dive down, spear in tow, at one of the Changelings that landed behind the group. Said Changeling just managed to dodge the attack by an inch as the spear impaled into the ground where the Changeling was.

The pegasi used the chance to follow up by swinging his body round and trying buck his target with both of his back legs, he could tell they were going miss but he wanted to use the moment to get his weapon, grabbing his spear with his front legs, he pulled it out and gave one large circular swing to try and graze the other Changelings that were next to him.

The ones that were next to him adeptly dodged the great swing. The pegasi’s attacks seemed to catch the attention of the rest of the group for a moment, which was their mistake as the guard members released the shield and unleashed their force on the invaders.

The unicorn members struck various members with their blasts of yellow magic whilst the pegasi followed their comrades’ attack by closing in on them.

The ones who weren’t struck by magic quickly came to aid of their injured allies and began to fend off their enemies with some swift attacks with their front legs. Some of them that aided their allies managed deal hard felt blows to the faces of the ponies that recoiled from the blow as they tried to attack with their own hoof swing to their enemies but to no avail.

The first pegasi that engaged the Changeling was having a tough time trying to deal with two Changelings that were surrounding him from both sides as well as his original target in front of him.

“Come at me!” he roared at the invaders with a gravelly and proud voice.

The Changeling to his right snarled in response as it leapt toward him.

‘Mistake’, the soldier thought as he used his wing to adjust the angle of the spear to hit the Changeling’s chin with the end of the spear, the soldier followed up by getting underneath his target and giving it a strong buck to the chest cavity. The Changeling gasped for air as the pain rung through its body and was sent flying back a few feet.

As he landed his back feet on the ground, the soldier kept his eyes on the Changeling in front of that was originally to his left with a hardened glare. Only too then see it get shot in the side by a large unicorn blast and was also sent flying toward a street bench and crashed into it.

The unicorn and the Pegasus exchanged quick nods before turning to glare at the first one the Pegasus tried to take down, only to grunt in frustration at what they saw.

The Changeling had used the moment of distraction to call in reinforcements. Fifteen more of the invaders had showed and were hovering behind their ally with sadistic grins plastered on their faces.

The two guard members glanced over their shoulders quickly to see that their comrades were being backed into a corner. Some were not as fortunate as others as a couple of the guard members were lying unconscious on the street and another was being tied up.

Turning to the attention to the armada in front of them, they readied their defensive stances for what was about to happen to them from what they could see.

The entire group of Changelings were charging their horns for what seemed to be a powerful attack for the pair of guard.

Suddenly from behind the armada a large crash was heard and brought up a huge cloud of smoke that shielded the cause of the cloud.

After a few moments, all eyes were settled on the cloud, as a silhouette of a large bipedal creature coming out of the smoke.

As the cloud dissipated, all members present could see that the creature was indeed Heihachi Mishima, wearing nothing but a torn quilt around his waist that went down to the top of his knees.

With a serious and furious look plastered all over his face, his eyes looked upon the large amount of Changelings floating in front of him.

“So,” Heihachi began. “You’re all the ones who had nothing better to do with your lives, huh?” Heihachi called out rhetorically before letting out a boastful laugh. “Ha! Nothing but a pathetic army of delinquents! I will gladly put you all-“

He was suddenly cut off by one of the Changelings firing an energy blast that made a direct hit with his face. Another cloud of smoke erupted from the direct hit and the hearty laughter of the Changelings filled the air.

It didn’t last long as they realised that Heihachi was still standing tall and silence fell among them as they waited for the cloud to fade away.

As it did, they could see that he barely even had a bruise from the attack but his face showed signs that he was even more upset at their actions. “Hasn’t anyone told you it’s rude to interrupt someone when they are speaking to you!?!” He roared at them as his body began spark with his trademark blue electricity from his waist to the ends of his body. “It’s high time someone taught you all some proper manners!”

One of the Changelings snarled at him from above and dived down diagonally at him at high speed, its body covered in emerald energy. Heihachi seeing it quickly approaching, swiftly pulled his left arm back and then brought his left hand up to catch the Changeling by the throat, just before it came to into contact with him.

Squeezing tightly on its neck and glaring at his attacker with fury, he then proceeded to twist his waist to the right, pulling the Changeling back in his left and his body fully turned to the right he tossed the Changeling in that direction with a powerful swing that sent Changeling flying faster than anyone else could see into a building wall and through it.

The rest of the armada could do nothing but watch in shock at their comrades’ swift defeat at the hand of this bipedal creature that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.

“Get ready, you pests!” Heihachi called out to them, gaining their attention as he now stood with his left foot forward and his right foot facing to the right making his stance that of an ‘L’ shape. He also had his right hand clenched by his waist and his left palm extending out toward them. He was now in his signature Mishima fighting style stance. “I will be quick with your deaths!”

Two Changelings, one after the other, then charged at him from the group baring their fangs as they attempted to strike at him. Heihachi responded by leaping in the air toward them and aimed a swift left foot strike at the first Changelings face and made direct contact, the impact sent the receiver of the attack flying. Heihachi used the air momentum to turn his body all the way round with rapid pace and connected a strong right foot strike to the second Changelings face, sending it spiralling to the street below in pain.

Landing in the middle of the armada, Heihachi came into close contact with another Changeling who reacted by quickly rearing up and attempting to strike Heihachi in the chest with one of its back legs. Heihachi easily dodged the attack but caught the Changelings body in midair by wrapping his large left arm around it and halting it. The Changeling was left perplexed at what happened as Heihachi rested the body of his victim on his left knee and brought his right hand up behind his hand. As he did, electricity appeared around the hand as focused intently on his attack. The Changeling barely saw it before it happened. Heihachi brought his right hand down with great force and chopped at its neck, knocking his victim out cold as the body rolled off of his knee and onto the street pavement.

Turning his attention to the rest of the armada, Heihachi took up a new stance where his legs were spread apart and his fists were clenched to his side. He let out a grunt as began to focus his energy into his hands, shown by the electricity flowing from his shoulders down to his tightly clenched fists. Another pair of Changelings tried to attack him directly with the same tactic the first Changeling that tried to attack Heihachi used. As they came into proximity, Heihachi stepped forward with his left and struck with overwhelming force in his left punch that broke through the Changelings magic and crushed into its’ face. He then followed up by pulling the left fist back, stepping forward with right and then swinging his right fist over his head and bringing down on top of the second Changelings head, breaking through the magic and sending it crashing into pavement within a blink of an eye.

Within an instant, another Changeling tried to attack him from the right but Heihachi parried by pushing the Changeling past him. As it turned around to try and retaliate, Heihachi was already on him by thrusting both of his palms that were adjacent of each other, one facing up and the other facing down connected to each other, at the Changelings exposed chest leaving it to gasp for air as it went careening to the ground with loss of breath and physical pain.

Hearing one buzzing toward him rapidly from his left, Heihachi turned to the attacker and slammed his large bald head into the Changeling, sending it bouncing off the pavement and flying into a city shop window with a thunderous crash.

Wasting no time for another counter attack, Heihachi dashed forward to another Changeling that tried to fire an emerald blast at him. It shot at Heihachi with great speed but he swiftly ducked under the attack and when he came close enough to the Changeling, who’s face spoke fear all over it, he leaped upward and landed a powerful rising left uppercut against its’ chin. The strength of the connection sent the helpless Changeling soaring into the sky.

As he landed back on his feet, he turned to the rest of the armada and saw that his efforts have thinned their numbers quickly. From what he saw, there were only six left of the group, to which he responded by letting a large snort for them to hear, insulting their allies’ performance at the same time.

Heihachi, once more, took to his primary fighting stance, waiting for the chance to finish off the rest of them. He got what he asked for as four of the six charged at him simultaneously on foot. As all of them let out a battle cry as they got closer, Heihachi gave one in return as he rushed toward them and then began to balance his body on left foot and somehow managed to spin around, using right leg to sweep around the ground clockwise and hit two of the four with simultaneous spinning kicks that struck the both of them in their sides and sending them rolling in pain. As the third one came close, he saw that it suddenly stopped. Heihachi responded by planting his left foot on the ground and swung his right foot into the third Changelings chest, sending it back into the fourth one, and then brought his right heel down on top of them both crushing them both with the force of the attack.

Suddenly, the fifth Changeling struck Heihachi in the face with a strong kick but it barely moved him an inch. Taking advantage of the Changelings hesitation, Heihachi wrapped both arms around its waist from underneath it and placed his head with at the end of its feet. With a sadistic smirk, Heihachi let out a proud battle cry as he jumped high into the air and left his feet spread apart firmly flat as the two of them came plummeting back down with great force. Heihachi forcibly pushed the body of the Changeling down with the back of its head being the first part of its body that would come into contact with the ground. The two of them crashed into the pavement with the Changelings body taking the full force of the impact as it landed on top of the other pair of Changelings as Heihachi planted his feet in the ground.

After releasing his grip and stepping over the bodies, he stood within of the few feet of the final Changeling. The last one was sweating bullets at this point at the carnage it saw.

“Hmph!” Heihachi scoffed. “Pathetic!” He stomped his right foot forward, clenched his fists tightly and then spread his arms wide. “Stay out of my way!” He roared as he charged at Changeling faster than it could track and delivered a strong right elbow to its face, then lifted it up into the air with a right backhand and then forced it to fly high with a powerful left upper thrust. The Changeling was numb with pain as it helplessly soared high and then came down like an anvil. Heihachi, at the same time was charging focusing his energy into his right fist as numerous sparks of electricity formed around his fist. “This is now OVER!” He called out as he delivered the charged right into the abdomen of the Changeling. He left it hanging on his first for a couple of seconds before chucking it off his fist by pushing it to the right, as it fell Heihachi turned his body all the way round and thrusted one last kick into the unconscious Changeling, sending it rolling like a log across the pavement before it came to a halt and like the rest of its allies' was knocked out.

Looking upon the rest of his handiwork, he scoffed. ‘Not even worth my breath.’ He thought with disappointment.

Heihachi then turned his attention to the Royal Guard members who tending to their comrades. From the sight of it, it seems the rest of the Changelings fled the scene. ‘Hmm, they might have gone to warn this ‘Chrysalis’. Perhaps I should thin out her armies numbers a bit more. That being said...’ He cut the thought short as he approached the Pegasus that seemed to be the healthiest of the bunch that was tending to his allies.

“Hey!” Heihachi called out to the Pegasus as he came closer. The Pegasus then grabbed its spear and pointed in Heihachi’s face.

“Back away!” The soldier warned him with venom laced in his exhausted voice.

“Put that down,” Heihachi bluntly told the Pegasus. “I am here on your side, where did Princess Luna go?”

“Why should I trust you?” The soldier barked at Heihachi.

“If I was here as your enemy,” Heihachi began with a small hint of pride in his tone. “You wouldn't be talking right now.”

The Pegasus glared at Heihachi for a few moments, gazing at his eyes, waiting for any indication that he would be lying to him.

Nothing came to tell him he was.

The Pegasus slowly lowered the spear. “I suppose you’re right.”

“Ha!” Heihachi scoffed. “You should be thanking me.”

The solider was taken aback by the sudden change in his demeanour but shrugged it off. “Thank you.” Although some part of him loathed to even say the words to Heihachi.

“Good.” Heihachi smiled at the gesture, even when he knew it wasn't entirely genuine. “Now, where is Princess Luna?”

The Pegasus motioned his spear to his left. “I saw her head toward the Canterlot Park,” he began. “That’s where Chrysalis has sent her largest of forces to attack from.”

“Right then,” Heihachi said with conviction. “Tend to your allies and help any way you can. I’m off.” With those words Heihachi sprinted off down the street and after a few moments was out of the Pegasi’s sight.

The soldier looked to his comrades and then to the rising towers of smoke coming from the Castle above and then looked around to the onslaught that Heihachi left in his rage.

“May the Gods help us...”

To Be Continued