• Published 9th May 2015
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"Who dares to challenge The King of Iron Fist?!" - darkstone57

After being betrayed by his son and sent soaring across the sky in an explosion, powerful enough to kill an ordinary man, Heihachi Mishima ends up in Equestria and wakes up to talking horses and a city wide invasion by the Changelings.

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Among the towering spires of Canterlot Castle – is the medical wing. As the title suggests it is home to all the medical facilities Canterlot Castle has and needs to make sure that all who come, go and work and live at the castle get the best medical help they can to get them back to perfect condition.

Hundreds of patients have come and gone through this facility and regained their health completely and whilst there have been a few strange cases for the doctors and nurses here. Their latest case, however, has been one to open eyes wide.

When this latest patient came about it began as rumour. You see, about a month ago, a mysterious entity collided itself with the side of the mountain. It shook the foundations of Canterlot and left every pony perplexed and panicked at what could possibly shake the foundations of the nations’ capital?

The culprits of the collision, somehow, managed to leave a giant dent in the side of the mountain. When it first appeared, the nation was shocked and rumours ran rampant across the land.

Some speculated to be an attack from a neighbouring nation, but there was no evidence to suggest otherwise. Many assumed it was another evil from the past that had, once again, come back to bite the Princess of the Sun in the flank. However, the Princess deemed it not to be and even had the support from the Elements of Harmony to deem it mute.

At the end of the day it was left a mystery to all but as time went on all the ponies lives returned to normal only they had live with a giant dent in the mountain that the nation could see if they placed themselves in the right spot. Indeed so, it has become quite the tourist attraction.

When the guard tried to investigate the cause of the crash however, no evidence was found at the site except an imprint of bipedal body that left its mark on the mountain. At the same time, a strange bipedal creature was found unconscious the garden of Canterlot Castle. The Princesses were the first ones to find the body due to them having a sisterly picnic in the garden. When they found the body, they ordered all members of the Guard to keep a tight lid on the situation and were not to breathe a word to anyone outside of the castle.

Not even their ‘beloved’ nephew or any of the nobles were told about the situation and all of their attempts to find out more were rendered a waste of their time and life moved on for the ponies.

All except for the doctor assigned to look after the bipedal figure until it awoke from its coma – Doctor Goodwill. Who has just entered the patients private room.

Doctor Goodwill was tall unicorn with a brown coat and blonde short tail and mane with emerald eyes. With his doctor’s coat, that covered his body down to his tail, and patient clipboard in tow, with his magic, he stood in front of the bed of the patient, who was sleeping peacefully and breathing normally, and let out a frustrated sigh that wasn’t the first. As he came to the side of the bed he began to inspect the patient’s condition. He remembered the day this creature came into the room and to this day it still surprises him on the sheer size of the creature. The height of him alone matched that of Princess Celestia. The doctor came to the conclusion he was a male, after he stripped the creature of his clothing.

To say it perplexed him was an understatement, the creature had no fur to cover its natural beige skin, was well toned a very muscular but had a large ‘x’ like scar across its strong chest. What was also strange was it only had hair on its face. The hair in question was white and covered the area above of and the both sides of its mouth and beneath its nose, just like the moustaches of every other creature the Doctor has seen with one. The same white hair went for the creatures eyebrows and for the hair that seemed be in place around the sides of its head. The most perplexing feature was the hair on the sides seemed to stretch outward and upward by its head and reached a few centimetres until it stopped to a certain point but went round the back of it's head and left the rest of it bare for every pony to see it's bald skin. Was it a similar style that it had with the rest of his kind?

He wasn’t sure but it had to wait as he heard the door open behind him and knew the only other ponies that are allowed to see this creature were the princesses of Equestria themselves – Celestia and Luna.

“Good afternoon, Doctor,” Celestia addressed in a formal and welcome tone. “How is our mystery guest today?”

“No change, your Highness,” Goodwill replied calmly, his voice spoke with maturity and experience but with a hint of exhaustion. “No change since the day you brought him here.”

As all three looked upon the sleeping one, Goodwill turned his attention from the bed to the window with a stoic look. “At least the weather is looking lovely,” he commented calmly.

Luna took a step closer to the left of the bed and stood by where the creatures head lay, her face displaying a hint of annoyance.

“Still can’t get in, sister?” Celestia asked Luna plainly, cutting straight to the point of her sister’s frustration, to which her sister responded with a slow nod.

“No matter how hard I try,” Luna began, venting her vexing mood. “It’s as if he has built a strong mental barrier around his mind, one that has taken years to accomplish,” she looked over his facial features. “And assuming he is old from the wrinkles on his face, it must have not been an easy feat to do.”

Celestia then stood in awe of something whilst her sister rambled on, unbeknownst to Luna, one of the ends of the creatures’ left hand just twitched.

Luna looked to the ceiling as she continued. “Who’s to say that this being has spent years of his life fighting, by his condition,” she turned to looked at her sister and then straight to the doctor who was paying attention to her. “He is a battle hardened soul.”

Celestia kept silent as she saw the creatures hand move slightly.

“But,” Luna went on. “When we found him he seemed practically beaten, if the electricity coursing off of him was a given indication of what he endured,” Luna failed to notice a single spark of blue electricity flying off the hand right next to her as she kept going. “He must have lost to a severely powerful opponent that must have bested him with ease.”

A single masculine grunt broke through the speech and all attention was turned to the creature as all three ponies were shocked at the reaction of the creature as it seemed to respond to Luna’s words.

They all looked between each other as they realised that it seemed to react to words to do with fighting. A thought then clicked in Luna’s brain, a good thought, a really good thought.

“You’re a loser!” Luna insulted the creature with gusto, to which it clutched its hand tightly.

“Are you sure about this?” Celestia asked with worry.

“It seems to respond to it well, if we goad him – he might wake up!” Luna exclaimed with glee.

“Loser!” Luna continued insulting the creature

The creature clenched his hand harder.

“You’re a failure!” Celestia and Goodwill took a step back.

It raised its clenched fist up slightly,

“You’re weak!” Luna kept going, adding force into the insult.

Electricity began to spark around the hand and frustrated growl was heard from its mouth.

You’re a pitiful excuse for a fighter!!” Luna roared with her Canterlot voice.

“I am no weakling!” the creature yelled out as he shot upright, his face looking toward the bed as he gasped for air.

The doctor’s instincts kicked in as he approached the creature. “Sir, calm down and take a deep breath, ok?” He spoke professionally to the patient to which the patient responded by doing as he instructed.

“Who was the one called me ‘weak’!?!” the patient called out with annoyance, his voice deep dripping with power behind the rumbles but sounded refined like his muscles.

“I apologise,” Luna spoke calmly after the relief of seeing their mystery guest awake. “But it was the only way that seemed to get a reaction out of you.”

“What are you talking about?” he spoke once more with no change in his mood, finally opening his eyes. He turned to look at Luna. “I expect more from a–“ he stopped as he looked at Luna with brown eyes.

As he stared at her, his mouth slowly began to hang more and more. He tried to speak as he looked around the room, but failed to get a word out of his mouth, as he looked at Celestia who stood at the end of his bed and the doctor who stood at his right.

“More from a - what?” Luna urged him to finish his sentence as he snapped his attention back to her, then to Celestia, then to Goodwill and then back Luna.

After a few more moments he let out a panicked cry as he shifted back up the bed and tried to stand on the bed as his back was pressed against the wall. As he stood, he didn’t realise that the quilt cover fell from him and left him exposed.

“Who are you?!” he pointed at them with panic. “What are you!?” he demanded whilst pointing his right index finger between the three of them back and forth of them. After a moment, like a gong, a more important fact left him to turn red with embarrassment as grabbed the quilt cover and shielded his lower half from the ponies and asked the only question in his mind. “Why am I NAKED!?!”


After a good ten minutes was spent trying to calm him down, he now sat on the end of the bed with his legs crossed and arms folded, the quilt cover still shielding his lower half. His face displayed a being that was frustrated at their current situation and demanded answers, which he was going to get.

“Let’s start from the beginning,” Celestia began with a formal and motherly tone. “I am Princess Celestia, an alicorn, soul controller of the sun and co-ruler of Equestria,” she took her right hoof and directed her guests attention to her sister who stood stoically to her right. “This is my sister, Princess Luna, who rules the land with me and controls the moon.” Their guest only raised an eyebrow to her opening statement, Celestia continued by motioning the doctor who stood to her left. “And this is Doctor Goodwill, he has been taking care of you for the last month you have been asleep for.”

“Hold on,” the patient said. “Did you say ‘a month’?” he spoke with disbelief, to which Celestia replied with a curt nod. The guest then pinched the bridge of his nose, closed his eyes and released an aggravated sigh. ‘So not only am I in a land with a bunch of talking horses,’ his thoughts began with annoyance. ‘I have been left in their care for a month!?! The Zaibatsu will no doubt be in someone else’s hands by now! And I am in their debt of all things... Nonsense!’

Releasing the grip, he began to speak. “I suppose I must introduce myself;” he looked upon the ponies in front of him before speaking proudly. “I am Heihachi Mishima. A human from Japan, Creator and Owner of the Mishima Zaibatsu and King of the Iron Fist.” He proclaimed as he took his right hand to before his chest, clenched it and thrusted it forward in Celestia’s direction, a spark of the blue electricity, from before, wrapping around his hand and disappearing in a couple of seconds.

“A human? Japan?” Celestia questioned his words. “I apologise, Heihachi, but I have never heard either of these titles before in my many years,” she saw Heihachi’s eyebrows furrow at her statement. “I do not mean to call your words false, it’s just over the thousands of years of ruling I have not heard of these humans or Japan even once.”

“’Thousands of years’, you say?” Heihachi asked, bringing his right hand to his chin. “You claim to be immortal?” he asked with scepticism.

“All alicorns, whether born or transformed, are given the immortal life span. The rest of our ponies – unicorns, earth and pegasi – do not have this trait in their blood.” Luna stated as Heihachi looked upon her with interest to which she raised an eyebrow at.

‘Alicorn Genes, huh? Interesting.’ he thought with great curiosity.

“Very well,” Heihachi began, returning his arms to a folding position. “I suppose that means I am stuck in your world, your Highness,” he spoke with disinterest. “That being the case, May I have clothing back?”

“Ah,” Goodwill spoke up. “You mean these?” his horn lit up in a yellow aura as a set of black clothing popped out from under the bed and came to his side.

“Yes, that’s the one.” Heihachi stated bluntly with his right palm out extended to Goodwill, expecting to be placed in his hand to which the doctor raised an eyebrow at his behaviour.

As he used his magic to carry the clothes over, Heihachi looked quickly to the window and then sharply dived to the left side of the bed and ducked.

Before any of the ponies reacted the wall exploded in their faces and blew them all back a few feet, filling the room with a cloud of dust.

As it settled the Princess looked outside of the hole to see what happened only to be shocked what was going on.

Heihachi rose from behind the bed, which was on its side as the blast occurred, and joined the Princesses only to stare in wonder at the scene that beheld before them all.

Changelings, hundreds if not thousands, were swarming the city from above. They seemed to be coming from the south of Canterlot and were quickly setting the city of Canterlot ablaze!

The three of the spectators could hear the cries and screams of the ponies from the city as well as the explosions from every direction and the ground shaking from the destruction.

“If this keeps up the city will be wiped clean!” Luna stated her fears of the possibility.

“Remain strong, sister,” Celestia stated strongly. “It is no doubt the work of Chyrsalis, no other could lead this many Changelings hear with a co-ordinated attack, I will find her,” Celestia spread her wings wide, preparing for flight. “You do what you can to help the ponies of Canterlot.” With resolve beneath her feet she flew off with haste and was quickly out of sight.

“Right!” Luna exclaimed as she took off quickly and headed toward the city below, leaving Heihachi bewildered but excited.

Cracking his fists together, a sadistic grin grew from his lips.‘Perfect,’ he thought. ‘This will be the perfect chance to make up for a month’s rest and to pay them back.’

Turning his attention to the mess behind, he saw the doctor who regaining his posture looked at Heihachi with wonder. “How did you anticipate that?” he asked with wonder.

“Never mind that,” Heihachi bluntly said. “Hand me my clothes, so I can fight!”

“Fight?” Goodwill asked, shocked. “You can’t be serious!”

“I am!” Heihachi proclaimed with pride. “My clothes, Doctor!”

The demand made him jump as he looked around for them, only to find a small piece of black cloth and a piece of red cloth, using his magic he brought them both in front of him. “They must have got torn up in the blast,” he stated as looked upon the remains of the room.

Heihachi gritted his teeth in fury as electricity coursed around his body from head to toe. Clenching his fist tightly he looked to the hole to the battle outside and narrowed his eyes with anger.

But before that he had to improvise. Grabbing the torn bed quilt, he wrapped it around his waist and the end result left him covered from his waist to above his knees. “It will have to make do,” Heihachi spat.

Looking upon the battle once more, he stood a fair distance from the hole. “Doctor”, Heihachi called out to Goodwill behind him. “You do what you can to help your allies,” he clenched fists tightly and sparks were wrapping around them once more. “I’m going to make these fools regret the day they chose to mess with the likes of me!” He roared as he began to charge toward the hole and then took a strong leap from the edge toward the city below.

Before Goodwill could say anything he was already gone, bewildered at Heihachi’s actions, he screamed out the only words on his mind. “Who the heck are you!?!”

Author's Note:

I honestly couldn't resist making this story about Heihachi. He is an all time favourite character of mine.

Please, tell me what you think, all comments are welcome.

Take care.