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Fluttershy is chosen to visit Tirek in Tartarus and warm him up to the idea of talking to his brother, Scorpan, again. While she's there, she figures she'll try and uncover and understand his motives for his previous evil actions, but this plan might not go down as smoothly as she wants it to.

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Oh wow, I didn't even consider the angle of a similarity between Fluttershy and Tirek, but you did it amazingly well!

You got down Fluttershy's characterization very well! Bravo. This is a thoughtful and well-written piece, and I like how this did turn out to be a case where we saw Fluttershy try to deal with a character such as Tirek who refuses to let go of his hate (and how each side reacts to the situation).


This story speaks to me, and also fills me with slight sadness :ajsleepy:

Although I enjoy the general feeling and purpose of this story, it happening over the course of one day takes away a lot of the impact. Virtually no one ever makes any sort of progress in converting someone to another viewpoint in a single day--Discord is an aberration in that regard. It takes time, dedication, and a stubbornness to sit through the bile the villain will doubtless spew. And while I'm certain a focused Fluttershy would have that, thinking she could do anything in a day is... naive.

Of course, ponies as a whole tend to be.

5819777 Yeah, I see your point completely. I think I could have expanded on it a bit, like have her return and visit him some more, but he would have just refused to acknowledge her, I think.

My weakness in my own writing is I tend to rush things, or not tell enough. So I see what you're saying. Thanks for the feedback!

I see this story as more of a character study than an actual relate. However, that is not something negative, not at all. It´s quite clear that the main focus of the story is the dialogue and the interaction between characters, as well as the portrayal of your own thoughts on the matter. I´m always disposed to read anything related to Tirek, and although Fluttershy was excellently written, I feel that Tirek could have been better. It´s just my personal opinion, but I´ve always imagined him as colder and calmer, not so... passionate. That kinda spoiled the experience for me. But, it was still well redacted and explored some interesting ideas, so I´m glad I took my time to read this and comment on it. Keep on writing, pal.

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