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Harmony is dying. Order and chaos are out of balance. Something must be done; a sacrifice must be made.

Fluttershy knows this, but she does not accept it.

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I also think fluttershy has close connect with nature, which could be a reason for fluttershy to be immortal!
It will be a so perfect if fluttercord could live together forever:fluttercry:


10/10 would read again. Also, the Megan thing? Brilliant. If you ever have another story idea for this particular universe, I‘d 100% read it.

Seriously: amazing idea, amazing execution. I loved it!

My favorite part was the last bit of dialogue between Megan and Fluttershy, after the “Wait!”. Tugged my heartstrings!!!!

Story aside, I love that your cover art is from Neil Breen‘s Twisted Pair.

Sorry, I'm not really sure what that is. This is some image I found off of Pinterest that had a Shutterstock source ✊😔

Please make more!!

This was beautiful...............Fluttercord forever. I love this. :heart:

Wow, this was such a nice way to touch up on the whole "Fluttershy being mortal" thing without that actually being the crux of the story. Making her connected to the forest when she's already close to it and the nature and animals within the forest makes so much sense. It feels like an appropriate way for her to ascend, as opposed to just making her a princess or something. Lady of the Everfree is a great title for Fluttershy.

And just curious, the plot of Harmony dying and Discord ascending to save harmony itself, was that at all inspired by one of the old drafts of the show's final season? I believe it was something like that, but I'm not completely sure. If it was, that was a wonderful touch to make a conflict of this story, while still offering a happy ending.

Also, that cameo with Megan. Great stuff! Great story and writing overall.

Thanks so much :heart: I was afraid this thing was too headcanon lore-heavy, but I'm glad it works well.

And yes, it totally WAS inspired by that leaked draft! I completely forgot to mention it when I published this. I'll go back and edit it into the notes! I thought that was such an interesting concept, and I wanted to do my own twist on it. I'm glad you noticed!

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