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Some versions of multiverse theory state that every decision we make creates a whole other universe. Whether we ate a bagel this morning. Whether we went with orange or grapefruit juice for breakfast.

Whether we married Discord or Flash Sentry.

Needless to say, some universes come out more different than others.

This is the story of two such universes.

And the day they collided.

[A Kilala97/Lopoddity crossover. Big thanks to Lop for the cover art.]

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AWESOME! I'm sorry for things, can you forgive me Loppoditty? (I know she is/will be here)

I have to say, I'm honestly, genuinely impressed. It feels very natural so far. Characterization seems spot on, good pacing... Kinda sad it's only two chapters, honestly! XD

5596573 It's 14K of two chapters, and I'm planning a slice of life sequel to toss into the kilala contest this... week? Month?

Just the same, thanks!

Pfft... Wait, how is this story complete?! You can't just end it on that! The Twilights are switched! Gah! >:[

Spoilers! *flails about*


You combining both artists' characters in one story, especially my favorite artists: kilala and Lopoddity? Thank you! :pinkiegasp:


It seems we have similar tastes then!

Maybe I should have included more moths...

5596655 Hmm, moths you say? I'm now intrigued! Similar tastes, indeed, as a matter of fact I'll also be entering kilala's contest as well.


If you hadn't guessed, I'm probably doing Star. You?

This doesn't really seem like a complete story. There's so much left unanswered!

5596678 I'm doing Star and Prism, it shall be a little game of fun facts in fear!


Think of it as being akin of the first lord of the rings. My plan is to get a lot more out of this.


Ohhh, funny, I think mine was going to involve Star and fear as well...
She's got kind of a theme going, doesn't she?

At first glance the thumbnail makes it look like Discord was wearing a bonnet or something :rainbowlaugh:

5596689 She sure does, mine involves her fear of creepy crawlers so I'll be using spiders.

Oooooooh, this is goooooood.

I'm really interested in who that pony is now :3

Illusion’s brain died.

Then it pictured his dad banging his aunt.

And then it wished it had stayed dead.


5596801 Well what do you know, I guess my story won't be the only one with creepy crawlers in it.

All the AWESOME! Bravo this was a fantastic read!

This is complete? But what about Flashlight Twilight kissing Twicord Discord? How are they going to get home? And what about Dark Equestria? What's going to happen to it? Why is it this way? Why is Sunny such an idiot? WHERE ARE THE ANSWERS TO ALL LIFE'S PERSISTENT QUESTIONS?!

Oh, its part of a Verse. Nevermind.


In the seeeeeqqquuuueeeeeeelllll.... which would be slice of life, which is why it's not in here.

Now THAT was a fun read! Here's hoping for an equally entertaining sequel!

I got strangely excited about your use of the word 'hidebound.' You wouldn't happen to read Anne McCaffrey, would you?

5597395 I thought the same thing.

Is it wrong I feel bad for Breen-Lestia?

That was fantastic. A truly enjoyable read.

“Hey! What on--” Illusion found himself squirming helplessly, the height difference between himself and the new draconequus actually allowing her to pick him up like a foal. It was rare that illusion found himself truly embarrassed, but today looked like one of those days.

I feel bad for Lulu at first. And then I remembered this gem:


MOAR! Where is MOAR!?

Wow, some pretty harsh acknowledgements there. Nice lesson there, Cupcake (sheer badass btw, well done author ^^).

This story does a good job showing some of the interesting aspects of both universes, and what was said on the elevator could make things more interesting in said universes if other authors followed through on it... or rather if you followed through, author, with this supposed sequel you mention. Better damn well be; cannot end a story like this. And that sequel better be comprehensive and character developing as all hullabaloo, or else, to mostly-quote Big Bill Hell's Cars, you're a dead motherbucker.

In the spirit of the heavy tones you've imparted unto us, have an Unhappy Refrain. All the best, and be sure to edit in your spare time. Them typos can get distracting ;)


...oh my god. You're totally right. And I actually removed a half-life reference from a previous version.


Episode 3 confirmed?


Yes, I don't have dedicated proofers. So I usually wind up slowly buffing out the typos for a while post-publish.

Illusion’s brain died.
Then it pictured his dad banging his aunt.
And then it wished it had stayed dead.

My sides! Hahah! Not a pretty picture huh?

oh my god you're a genius

This was a lot different than I was expecting... I love it!

heheheheh.... When she said 'for once can you exercise a little 'VWORP'' I honestly thought she'd been telling her to 'VWORP' away the mess all Chaosy like... until I got to the next VWORP XD

Snarls, Pandora Eris Sparkle. Snarls everywhere.

That Sparkle kind of seems off there

Did you know the poem you're quoting in the title is actually satire? It true! Makes any serious use of it pretty unintentionally funny.

If you do decide on a sequel, maybe include HazuraSinner's characters?

"Wait, there's yet another universe? And I'm married to Pinkie?"

5597968 The Combine Pony troops...The moniter stations, both are pretty standard dystopian fair. Then the citadel went critical

“Oh my gosh, this place has a space time distortion manifold?” The elder Twilight nearly squeed with delight, clopping her hooves with glee just long enough to nearly get sucked out the door. “Those are completely theoretical!”
“That would explain how we were abducted through our personal wards!” The other Twilight added, likewise grinning inappropriately.
“That would mean the facility isn’t exploding, it’s imploding!” They both shouted as one.

Uhh...I'm all for nerdgasms, Twiilights but is this really the appropriate time to be geeking out?

This was well deserving to get a spot on the featured list. I'm not the most up-to-date on both of these AU's but from what I have read you have the characters personalities down.

This is absolutely awesome. Have a like and a fav. Looking forward to the sequel with this smile on my face: :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh:


It's an in-universe thing. I can find you the reference if you like.


I think humor's my forte at this point.


Thank you! I do try to bring the material to life.

This has been really amusing so far. The Pandora-Starburst interaction is great, and Cupcake is an excellent minion indeed.

I assume the VWORP sounds like the TARDIS?


I always thought of it as a bit more abrupt.

Oh, nice! Good mix of humor, adventure and action, with a surprisingly dark alternate take on Celestia.

You realize this cries out for a whole bunch of sequels, don't you?

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