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It has been three years since the nightmare forces unleashed their second attack upon Equestria and, as a result of a truce made between them and the princesses, they now have their own country ruled by Nightmarity, their queen. One day, Coco Pommel comes across Nightmarity in Manehattan. Expecting to be attacked, Nightmarity ends up--protecting her?

Cover art by Fluttershy750

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Alright, I have to ask before reading. Is this really a Coco Pommer/Nightmarity ship?

Who was the filly? I just hope Coco can find her happy ending.


Yes, yes it is.

5210390 ... As the fisherman's wife said to her returning husband, where is the catch?


I am not quite sure, so I will just nod like I know what I'm doing.

5210538 No, I mean that sounds too good to be true. So, there has to be some kind of issue. Does it have a sad ending?


Yes, it does in a way...but that's all I'm saying.

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