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Evil is as evil does. Therefore, King Sombra is a monster, and there's no debating it. So when Sombra is discovered alive it should be obvious that he's up to nothing good and needs to be taken down... So why isn't he doing anything? Twilight Sparkle is sent in to try to answer this question by talking to him, while she also tries to determine what the future will hold for the ex-king. Is there even a chance for Sombra's future? Or is the shadow of his actions destined to destroy him?

Cover art by Flam3Zero used with permission.

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I love this, very well written story and it brought up so many good reasons of why Sombra should have won in the show but just because Twilight is the "main" character, she had to win in the end so the storyline can move on.

I like this characterization of Sombra and Twilight and the few points you brought up about her is absolutely agreeable for me.

Is it okay if I could use some of ideas of what Sombra have said in my fanfic?

(Also I'm very curious if there will be sequel to this story or will you expand it at some point?)

5107628 Thanks for the kind words, and about using some of this in your fic, absolutely. I'm real big on Sombra fics and anything you think might help yours out you can use. About continuing this story, I marked as complete because I thought that it was pretty much fine by itself. A small slice of life type event that doesn't totally solve everything or have a world altering event. I honestly don't know if I'll do a sequel, just because I have no idea what it would be about or how to write it. If people really want it, or if I get a good idea for what to write I might push myself to make one but for now this is pretty much it.

I feel bad for the old king Sombra it reminds me that villains aren't born there made.

5107711 “A villain is just a victim whose story hasn’t been told.”

It's stories like this, that I really adore. In the show, his background, his true nature, even his defeat is left so unsatisfyingly ambiguous and vague that it's a wonder if he was even there as anything more than just a mere plot device for conflict.

Kudos to you for fleshing him out in an interesting and detailed way like you did here. :twilightsmile:

5108254 Thank you very much for the kind comment. When I got to this website I intended on only ever reading stuff here, but it was reading through stories that fleshed out characters (usually Sombra) that made me want to write something in the first place. Glad to know that someone thinks that I've done a decent job of emulating that.

5108368 Of course. :twilightsmile: A few insignificant grammar errors aside, reading this story draws me to the conclusion that you may have a natural talent. This was very well written.

5108425 Thank you again. I don't really know if I'd use the word "talent," since this is probably the best I'll ever be able to do, but since I just write alone and hope what comes out isn't awful its nice to know I made at least one good story. :-)

5108527 If you ever have the creative inspiration to create another story again, regardless of what it may be about, I strongly encourage you to pursue it. Us writers sometimes have a way of surprising ourselves with just how capable we can actually be.

I really like what you did with Sombra, every evil has come from some sort of pain or suffering. Even when he was talking about embracing the pain and using it to make you stronger, it reminded me was Luna.

I love the story. The dynamics between Sombra and Twilight's conversation was interesting from the differences of their lives to their definition of the concept of how to overcome problems. I hope that one day, this story has a sequel.

5108658 Thats not a bad comparison. Lunas a good example of the sufferer turned aggressor, but in the show because Celestia knew her and how she was good at heart it was possible for Celestia to foregive her. Then you look at Sombra, who no one knows anything about, and so instead of getting forgiven or redeemed he's presumably killed. Makes me think theres a finer line between good and evil then most would think, but most only try to look for that line when they want to.

5108796 Thank you for the positive comment :-). You're not the only one to ask about a sequel, and I guess that I would like to write one if I could, but I just don't know what or how to write. If people really want it, let me know what they want, and I settle on something to write about, I'll probably try to do it. I don't think we should expect anything soon though:twilightsheepish:.

I'd say this is quite original. Also a very clever idea for a story. Wish there was more to come though. Never-the-less, great job :heart:

This story highlights a question that all those born into riches or good graces or fame and fortune really need to stop and ask themselves...

Are they being who they are? Who they were meant to be? Or are they being that which those around them want them to be... what society dictates they should be. Are they squandering the chance to do great things that they have been given?

This is definitely a story that demands a sequel. I'm curious at to what you think the defining event in his life was that turned him down the path of cruelty. It had to be more than just a quest to gain the power he needed to make his own destiny.

How amusing, your sombra story has the exact same amount of dislikes as mine.

5114899 Okay, that is an awesome picture. I thought maybe the chapter name was a little cheesy, but then I just figured no one would get it. Proved me wrong :derpytongue2:

5114932 The title is cheesy as fuck, but it works pretty good, eh. :trollestia:

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

5115222 :rainbowderp:... :rainbowlaugh:

Now, I'm just waiting a continuation or a sequel, eh.

The opening dialogue was a bit off, but as it continued, it got better.

I don't advertise on others stories, you'll have to find it yourself.

I am at a loss for words, do many good ideas and topics to dive into... The idea that Sombra isn't just a cruel and twisted creature that was merely eradicated is interesting, then you keep adding to it. He seems to truly have regrets, while he may not be admitting it his desire to leave the world makes it clear that he is harboring deep scars. In his comparison of his life to Twilight's that stark contrast is undeniably.... But the thing that stands out to me the most is the fact that he even takes time to explain this to Twilight at all, it would be easy enough for him to just shut her out and fade away as he wishes, he is teaching her, albeit a rather harsh lesson, and by sharing he proves just how truly vulnerable he is. That is the opening that is needed...

I feel the story deserves a sequel or continuation.

It is incredibly well-written and you provide an intriguing and compelling point of view of Sombra's story. I'd like to see more.

I would love to see this expanded more! It portrays a new angle on exactly why Sombra was what he was, and that maybe he isn't all bad.

((Plus, Twi and Sombra look cute together...:rainbowkiss:))

5165005 I appreciate you taking the time to comment :-). This story has already gotten a lot more support than I thought it would, and a good number of people have said they'd like me to expand it. The more people that say they want me to expand it, the more I want to write more of this story. I sorta like how it ended though because it felt satisfying, yet subtly ambiguous to me. I just don't know what I'd write about so I'm still on the fence, but it means a lot to me to have your input.

(...they do look kinda cute, don't they?)

5165046 I know that feling. Its just as bad-if not worse- than writer' block :fluttershyouch:

((I'll just leave this here.... fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/238/e/1/king_sombra_and_queen_twilight_sparkle_by_devilenvy-d6jw8y2.jpg ))

5115239 I get the ref if only for the fic F*ck it I'm having fun because Solaire was the MC in it

Good story, very well written. Sombra's past isn't known and what made him who he is isn't known so no one knows why he is what he is. In this story he was someone who had nothing and clawed his way to the top. There probably were chances for friends and love but he ignored them to claw his way further and when he got there at the top he sat there with power but nothing else. And a baby dragon and a thrown wife put him on the losing side. Almost hilarious.

Good story, nice to see another story where Sombra is not two dimensional. found a few of the dreaded typos

I am Twilight Sparkle, princess of the Equestria, [word not needed]
trying to act regal on my doorstep, but one of [ ] is.” [us] ?
Without him theres no way [ there's ]
I am now, and theres no way [ there's]

5562777 Thank you kindly for reading and pointing out some of those errors:twilightsmile:. It really is a struggle to write a story out without slipping up somewhere (in my case it's usually multiple times, which I will then proceed to somehow miss in all subsequent readings, though). Funny enough it makes me think that people give more attention to the story when they read it than I did when I wrote it:twilightsheepish:.

Fall down; get back up again.



Absolutely loved it.
I would love to see more if possible :D

I would love to see an sequel to this!

6292861 Wow, I'm honored you remembered this story for this long. You were the first to comment on this story way back when. I still have no clue what a sequel would be about, or if I could make anything even halfway decent, but I just might have to look into that sometime.

6296217 i would like a sequel too this is a really good story

This really deserves more.

Great story. I agree that a squeal may be hard but always welcome. Sombra raises a good point; twi, and in fact most of equestria, are basically handed a good life on a silver platter. I'm actually working on a fic based on that idea. Once again, great story!

I reread this after I found it in my favourites list. I enjoyed it.

This should be turned into a real story, not just a one shot. It would make for a great story. If only someone would do that.

This story is really good. Sounds like it could be a highlight of the:

Maybe the best end for Sombra to start a new life?


Skill, time & effort :moustache:

Teach me your ways.


Actualy simpel. I read a chapter. Than i comment on it. Than i read the comments section and so on :raritywink:

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