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Minty!!!!!!!! This takes place in g3 Ponyville, with the personalities, new personalities, and BIGGER personalities of g3 ponies, but the ponies look like FIM ponies. Not my pic. More chapters on the way!

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Anypony have any advice on improving my writing? Also, what is a good number of chapters for me to do?

4562089 I see one thing right away, your chapters are way to short. You need longer chapters so you can properly describe events and interactions. Beyond that I can't say anything else at the moment.

There are three things that are certain in this world: death, taxes, and that Minty is best pony. There's some wiggle room in the first two but none in the third.

As for advice on writing, I offer this: keep writing. It's the only way to keep improving. And take other people's input with a grain of salt - the Internet is full of self-important people who think their opinions matter (and who think screaming loud and often will make it true). You can't write something that will please absolutely everyone, so write to please yourself.

I find this website to be quite helpful with writing: TVTropes It breaks down various works of fiction (from TV shows to movies to books, etc.) into their basic components.

As for my personal opinion, I enjoyed this. I like cute fics, and that's something lacking on this site. Chapter length is a relative thing. Some folks can make a 2,000 word chapter work ("Flash Fog" comes to mind) while others routinely write 20,000 word chapters ("Well Of Pirene" is a good example). The best way to increase the chapter length is to slow down the story's pacing.

Overall, more than anything else, please continue. :pinkiesmile:

Very nice start, it actually feels like a G3 adventure. the biggest advice I can give has already been given. See if you can expand chapter size a little bit. :twilightsmile:

Thanks, everypony! I'll keep working on it, and chapter length will get longer as I dive deeper into the story!:raritywink:

So Looks like your second work is up glad to see and read :pinkiehappy: The plot of this story is well genius, role reversal on rainbow dash ha! Sounds like a plan to me.

As for advise I completely agree with the previous comments. Especially AlwaysDressesInStyle, hit it right on the nail there. Just keep going because I can already I can see an improvement!
Like I said you had potential and still plenty more. :twilightsmile:

Carry on Pegasister :ajsmug:

Thanks! Glad you find my story funny, DarkShadow! I am planning on lots of chapters, so everypony keep reading!:raritywink:

Also Mister/Miss Alwaysdressesinstyle, I am checking ou TVTropes.com and am wondering if you have any suggestions for chapter structures and stuff? :raritystarry:


I really should've picked a better, more easily abbreviated screen name. :derpytongue2:

As for chapter structures, I don't really have much advice. If you slow down the pacing (this latest chapter is your longest yet so you're making headway in this - keep up the good work!) it'll give you more to work with. Build up some character development in the dialogue between (or the thoughts of) the characters, be more descriptive of the locations and actions, and you should try to end each chapter with an unresolved conflict.

Using some Minty examples of the last one:

-Minty breaks the Here Comes Christmas candy cane. (Oh no! How will she fix this mess? I have to wait? Nooooo! Come on, author, hurry up and write more!)

-Minty's balloon is crashing. (Will she survive? Find out in the next thrilling chapter!)

-Pinkie Pie catches Minty in the middle of her living room in the middle of the night and she has some explaining to do. (Whoa nelly, Minty... breaking and entering... is Pinkie going to be mad?)

Build up suspense that will be resolved in the next chapter (or even a few chapters down the line) to help keep the audience interested in reading further.

I hope this helps! And please, keep more coming. I'm enjoying this story so far. :pinkiehappy:

"Hey, Dashie!" Minty greeted Rainbow Dash cheerfully.
"Darlings, I have excellent news! Darling Sweetberry needs somepony to help her make a cake to commemorate the Cotton Candy Cafe's 20th anniversary! You, darling Minty, should help. Your'e great at making candy." Rainbow suggested to Minty.
"Great idea, Dashie!" Minty said, waving her hoof as she trotted off.

I don't think Rainbow says darling.... ever. :rainbowhuh: And some of the grammar is also off in this paragraph.


I know, it's based off G3.:rainbowlaugh: That is in the description, silly!

I'll fix it when I have time!:scootangel:

The grammer, I mean.

Get my drift?


It's ok, Dashie and Dash get mixed up sometimes.

really love what you're doing with this story, the characters actually feel like G3 characters! And the story would actually fit in with G3! Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

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Awesome, I love stories with G3 ponies, especially Minty. :pinkiehappy:

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