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Minty's Misadventures in Ponyville!! - TheFanficFanPony

Minty!!!!!!!! This takes place in g3 Ponyville, with the personalities, new personalities, and BIGGER personalities of g3 ponies, but the ponies look like FIM ponies. Not my pic. More chapters on the way!

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Chapter 7: Princesses of Unicornia

"Woah..." Minty said, her jaw dropping as she and the others took in the kingdom.

A large castle stood in the middle of the kingdom, and unicorns milled around, chatting and running their daily activities.

"Can we see the princesses?" Wysteria asked.

"You've already seen one." Brights replied, smiling mischievously.

"Whaaaaaa??" the others gasped.

"You're a princess?" Minty asked.
Thistle Whistle whistled appreciatively.

"Yep!" Brights said. The others bowed, well as bow-y as a four legged creature could on all fours.

"There are 4 of us, well, there used to be anyway." Brights continued.

"Whaddya mean?" Minty asked.

"It's a long and sad story, but I'll tell you the short of it." Brights said sadly.


Once, long ago, in the kingdom of Unicornia, there were four unicorn princesses. Unlike the Alicorns in legends, they only had a horn.

The princesses each used their unicorn powers to create the first rainbow of the season. Each of them represented a color of the rainbow, and they had been chosen by the elder of Unicornia, who for a long time had taken all of the responsibilities of creating the rainbow. But she had grown old and could no longer carry on her duties.

So each princess represented a color of the rainbow, the one that they took responsibility for.

Princess Rose represented pink, Princess Brights Brightly was yellow, Princess Cheerilee embodied purple, and Princess Whistle Wishes brought blue.

However, Princess Rose was much older than the other princesses, as they were but little fillies. As she grew older, she became unable to preform her duties as princess, and she passed away, much to the dismay of the Kingdom.

However, a new princess was born, and the other princesses believed she would be the new bearer of the rainbow.

Now the princesses continues their duties, and Cheerilee took responsibility for pink as well.

Soon, the pink princess will come of age, and take responsibility for her color of the rainbow.


"That was long." Minty said. "And saaaaaad!!!!" Minty bawled.

"Well, who's the new princess?" Wysteria asked.

Brights just sighed.

"What's wrong?" Minty asked, considerable concern showing in her face.

"Hey, sis! Lookie here!" a pink unicorn called, trotting over to the ponies. Her rainbow-colored mane had sticks in it, and her hooves were muddy. Her face glistened with sweat, and she was panting. She was levitating a small creature with her magenta-colored magic.

"Well, Princess Rarity, what have you got now?" Brights sighed

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I know, it's based off G3.:rainbowlaugh: That is in the description, silly!

I'll fix it when I have time!:scootangel:

The grammer, I mean.

Get my drift?


It's ok, Dashie and Dash get mixed up sometimes.

really love what you're doing with this story, the characters actually feel like G3 characters! And the story would actually fit in with G3! Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

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Awesome, I love stories with G3 ponies, especially Minty. :pinkiehappy:


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