• Published 17th Jun 2014
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Minty's Misadventures in Ponyville!! - TheFanficFanPony

Minty!!!!!!!! This takes place in g3 Ponyville, with the personalities, new personalities, and BIGGER personalities of g3 ponies, but the ponies look like FIM ponies. Not my pic. More chapters on the way!

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Chapter 1: Meet Minty!

Episode 1: Meet Minty!! (And other ponies too...)

The sun shone on the lake, rising slowly and shining on a small town: Ponyville. A green pony trotted happily down the cobblestone streets of Ponyville. Her mane was a light pink color, and was puffy and bounced with each step. Her cutie mark was 3 mints.

"Good morning, everypony!" Minty exclaimed, even though nopony was out on the streets. Well, exept for Pinkie Pie. She was magenta, with a light pink mane just like Minty's. Her cutie mark was 3 balloons, one yellow and two blue.

"Hey, Minty!" Pinkie Pie replied to Minty. Both ponies were BPFFs (best pony friends forever) and Pinkie usually had to make sure Minty didn't completely go crazy. Well, Minty was quite a clumsy pony and often tripped over her own hooves.
Ponies started coming out of their homes, each yawning and smiling at Minty. They all knew how Minty woke up earlier than everypony and though it to be cute, since Minty was a little younger than everypony else.

"Good morning, darling Minty!" a cyan pony with a rainbow mane said, trotting up to Minty. Her cutie mark was a pretty arched rainbow stretching between two clouds.

"Hey, Dashie!" Minty greeted Rainbow Dash cheerfully.

"Darlings, I have excellent news! Darling Sweetberry needs somepony to help her make a cake to commemorate the Cotton Candy Cafe's 20th anniversary! You, darling Minty, should help. Your'e great at making candy." Rainbow suggested to Minty.

"Great idea, Dashie!" Minty said, waving her hoof as she trotted off.

Sweetberry smiled and waved from behind the counter. She was a raspberry-colored pony with a berry cutie mark. Her mane was teal, pink, and white, and she wore an apron with her cutie mark on it.

"Hey Minty, are you going to help with the cake?" Sweetberry said cheerfully as she trotted over to Minty.

"Yup!" Minty said, marveling at the piles of cake mix, candy, berries and other ingredients around the cafe.

"Maybe we should.... ooh! We should take an ingredient from everypony in Ponyville. Then we can use each in a special cake that truly represents everypony's contri... contributions to the cafe!!" Minty exclaimed suddenly, Sweetberry surprised at the great idea Minty came up within in under a minute.

"Great idea, Minty!" Sweetberry exclaimed. "But that would take a lot of time, a resource that we don't have a lot of. We need to make the cake by tomorrow night. That isn't really a lot of time, Minty" Sweetberry told Minty sadly.

"Maybe I could get Dashie and Triple Treat to help!" Minty said. Triple Treat was a lavender pony with a yellow and pink mane. Her cutie mark was 3 lollipops, showing her special talent: Candy- Making! She often made mints for Minty because, duh, Minty loved mints!

"Hey Triple!" Minty said as she trotted into Triple Treat's house. She took a big whiff of the candy from the jars lining the walls.

"Hi, Minty! Come for some mints?" Triple said, coming in from the candy kitchen where her special candy was made.

"Well, I would like some, but that's not what I came for. Sweetberry needs some help making a cake for the 20th anniversary of Cotton Candy Cafe and she and I though you could help us!" Minty explained to Triple as she looked around at a jar of mints.

"Sure! I've got nothin' better to do!" Triple Treat told Minty happily.
The two mares trotted to the cafe. The small bell on the door tinkled as they walked in, Rainbow and Sweetberry waiting for them.

"Hello Darlings!" Dash greeted Triple Treat as she walked in.

"Well, let's get started!" Sweetberry exclaimed as she picked up a big-ish bowl with her hooves. "Time to get cooking!"