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Recovered and translated from the archives of ancient Equestria.... the Private Diary of Ponyville's mane stylist. An insight into the day-to-day insanity from those nigh insane equines, from the one pony who would know the mares of that famous town inside and out. (Set nine generations after the events of FiM on my fanfic timeline)

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Comments ( 18 )

It's about time best G3 pony got her own story.:yay:

Oh, G3 Ponyville's problems were just so tame, it's adorable.

Oh man, this is getting good...:raritystarry:

Poor Minty, green IS the best colour. Spelling error perhaps?

Why do I always screw up everything, diary? Why do I mess up and break and smash and destroy anything my friends care about? I know they all hate me for all the damage I cause all the time, and they just put up with me to be nice. Sure, Pinkie Pie is still my "beast" friend and all, but if it weren't for her the others would probably just wanna leave me out somewhere for the timberwolves to eat. I don't blame them. Ponyville would be better off without me.

One of the best G3 stories ever!:pinkiehappy::raritystarry:

Hopefully someone's luck is changing. Poor Rarity.

Errors? Hope this helps.

Oh Diary, they are (they're) the cutest little things in all of Ponyville! Their cute little pony bodies, those tiny bug wings! They remind (me of) my of adorable little bumblebees, buzzing around through the flower bulbs (not sure if you really mean bulbs?) ! The Breezies say long ago, we used ponies used to keep them trapped in a special place to keep them safe from other creatures. But I don't see how any pony could trap anything so adorable anywhere! But the Breezies weren't the most wonderful surprise I got here on the road to unicornia, oh no! That came just mere minutes later, catching me totally off guard.

Such an adorable little filly.... I can see qhy (why) the unicorn mares have such a hard time resisting her requests.

"How very thoughtful of him. " (Don't need quotation mark here) And of course you can look though my bag" I told her with a smile, looking back up at the stallion. "I'm on my way to Unicornia myself. Would you two, um ,mind if I went back with you... maybe?"

:fluttershysad: Minty, come back!

That said, she should be easy to track: just follow the trail of destruction.

Waterfire, our towns resident pipes and waterworks expert. You can usually find her either at the Ponyville, waterworks, checking gauges and dials, or crawling through the tunnels and plumbing under people's homes. We simply wouldn't have running water in this town without her!

Ironic since DT and SS figure the Breezies would handle EVERYTHING.

, smelling worse thasn spike did the day he first stepped inside the petal parlor.

I didn't think that was possible.

I can feel my skin wanting to jump out of my coat, and crawl away.


Draining the tub of all the slime,

I see an endless cycle, of it being washed off her and it goes into the sewer, then she goes into the sewer and the same slime gets on her, and the cycle repeats.

"Are you sure about this thing?"

Isn't that thing meant for tails?

and I just hope that weird mixture of lotions and ,magical hair products doesn't do anything funny to my mane or coat.

Tempting fate!!!!

Okay. I've got to see what happens next!

And I doubt Pinkie Pie has ever EXPERIENCED that kind of anger before, or ANY of the G3 ponies have! And the joke is, she's so furious with Minty, because she's the pony Pinkie Pie cares for more than anyone.

Hello. Just thought I'd say that you are by far one of the best mlp generation 3 fanfiction writers. Minty being a particular fav of mine(coz Imma klutz) it's nice to read about her. Now, Off to... Do something?

I am really enjoying this story (even though I'm a bit behind :twilightblush:) That said I noticed four issues in the same sentence and thought I should let you know

As I thought, they are the most elegant and courteous maresamong all the unicorns. And thier soft, sily manes are some of the finest work I've ever done in the history of my career.

I am pretty sure you meant something more along the lines of

As I thought, they are the most elegant and courteous mares among all the unicorns and their soft, silky manes are some of the finest work I've ever done in the history of my career.

Its just a few typos but I thought you might want to know about them
Keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

Can we have a sequel? Also, MLSS 3 is about to be caught up on!


Thank you for your review and criticism. :pinkiehappy:While I do agree there are some spelling errors here and there, a lot of that is actually intentional (words like 'klutizier' and biggerer' are meant to copy the way the G3's talk in the special) also, Pinkie DOES almost lose it with minty a few times (her angry scowl in the Christmas special after Minty breaks the candy cane is the ONLY moment you EVER see a G3 pony angry EVER) And this last incident is the straw that finally broke the camel's back with pinkie, causing her to explode for the first time in her life. But where is the repeated paragraph? Also, I did have an editor go over this- he's the one who mangled it up in the first place. :ajbemused: Most of my editors mess my stories up, then just quit on me. So I gave up on them altogether.

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