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Diamond Tiara has never really known what her true feelings were for Scootaloo. After many failed attempts to hide her feelings, she decides to confront the pegasus about her true feelings.

Scootaloo has never thought very much about Diamond Tiara. She always thought she was just another bully.

When they meet, they both admit some things, and may become friends. or maybe something more.

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I'm not a fan of shipping, but this was pretty decent. Nice references, by the way.

It's alright, the pacing is a bit weird



Nice little buildup to opening doors for future stories, maybe? Cute little short. World can use more Scootiara.

>I'm not a fan of shipping
I think you chose the wrong fandom and even more so the wrong website.

The story reminds me to this picture I have in my favourites on DA:

And Scootaloo is a flightless pegasus in my headcanon so she won't be ever able to fly. I can't hep but I prefer her like that stucked to the ground.

I think I'm falling in love with this ship.

I may not ship these two, but I gotta admit this was sweet.

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