• Published 17th Jun 2014
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Minty's Misadventures in Ponyville!! - TheFanficFanPony

Minty!!!!!!!! This takes place in g3 Ponyville, with the personalities, new personalities, and BIGGER personalities of g3 ponies, but the ponies look like FIM ponies. Not my pic. More chapters on the way!

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Chapter 3: Party Pooper

Episode 3: Party Pooper

"Let's Part-Tay!" Minty cried out, throwing some confetti into the air.

All of the ponies trotted over to the cake, showing various degrees of hunger. But one pony had a scowl on her face. The flower-loving periwinkle pony was not pleased.

"Don't you just love it?" A lavender pony said to her, staring in awe at the small pink flower garnish on the side. Wysteria, another flower lover, thought the garnish was a nice touch. But the periwinkle pony was not so pleased. She gave Wystie a grumpy look.

"What's wrong? I thought you liked flowers?" Wystiria asked Daisy Jo, a confused look on her face.

"There should be more. Doesn't Sweetberry have any respect for other ponies' interests?" Daisy said grumpily.

She trotted up to Sweetberry as she was about to give a speech.

"This isn't a cake! It is an abomination!" Daisy Jo yelled at Sweetberry. "Don't you have any respect for flowers?"

"I... Uh... I put a flower garnish on it..." Sweetberry stuttered. Sweet was surprised at Daisy's angry reaction.

"I refuse to eat this horrible cake!" Daisy Jo said as she stormed off.

"Well, that was awkward!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed before taking a huge bite and yelling, " Dig in!"

But Sweetberry still felt sad about what Daisy Jo had said to her. She wanted to face up to the mean mare. She worried that some ponies, Wysteria in preticular, since she was also a friend to the flowers, would hate it as well.

"Uhh..." Wysteria approached the unhappy equine. "I apologize for my friend's actions. She was very inconsiderate." she explained.

"I still don't feel like I am being considerate to her." Sweetberry said sadly, as Minty trotted up to them.

"Hi guys, why so glum?" Minty greeted them cheerfully. "I thought you'd be celebrating like everypony else!"

"Uhh... Daisy Jo..." Wystie started.

"Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" Minty exclaimed. She had heard the whole thing, but so had everypony else. "We've got to give her a taste of her own medicine!"

"But Minty, that might just make her do it more!" Wysteria exclaimed.

"True, true" Minty mused.

"What are you dumb mares standing around for?" Daisy Jo's voice called out.

"Err..." Wystie stuttered shyly.

"Daisy, I heard that you don't appreciate our cake's design?" Sweetberry inquired of Daisy, raising one eyebrow.

"Yeah, didn't I tell you already? Now, you can appreciate what we made for you, or keep your muzzle shut, please?" Sweetberry scolded.

"Uhh... Well.. I just though you weren't thinking of me, not making it all things that I like..." Daisy apologized. "But I've got my eye on you!" Daisy said before running away.

"You showed her!" Minty said, punching the air.

"Well, she was being a bit of a party pooper!" Sweetberry said smiling.

The ponies dug into the cake as they partied throughout the night.