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Shadow's Enigma - Note Sketch

With his dark past heavy on his mind, Sombra is put to the test as he begins a reformation process. Though his mind is no longer crowded with the influence of dark magic, his heart is none the lighter. Let the test begin.

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48. Era of the Dark Magic Crisis

"How are you feeling?" Pinkie asked as she and Sombra walked beside each other. It had been only a few short weeks since his little fight with Twilight, and things had gone back to how they were...for the most part. After their battle the young alicorn was taken in for medical care along with Luna.

Sombra, on the other hoof, lagged behind in the Crystal Empire where he helped stabilize things again. Pinkie, of course stayed with him, partly because the love they held for one another was no secret, and partly because every time she wasn't by his side, Sombra would begin to slip into madness.

"I'm doing fine Pinkie, really, you worry too much." Sombra said with a chuckle. He now had a complete replicate of his brown and red outfit that Rarity has generously remade for him, this time she made it fire proof for his...episodes of random combustion when his flames got out of control.

"Uh huh, you've come close to collapsing twice since you've gotten back."

"I lost my balance for a few seconds."

"You must be pretty clumsy to lose your balance while standing and giving out orders."

"Maybe I am." He said with a smile.

Pinkie returned the gesture. She was happy to see Sombra show more emotion than before. He says that it's because she's around, but the truth is that the stoic persona that he had was simply not needed anymore. He wasn't afraid to come off as weak, not that any pony thought he was. He was simply more at ease around other ponies.

In front of them was a hospital, the Red Health Hospital to be exact. It was the best medical facility in all of Canterlot and they were on their way to visit a certain mare. The same mare that nearly killed Luna, Discord, and Sombra all in the same day. Twilight had finally woken up from her unconscious state after the battle. Many thought that she had entered a coma, but Sombra said that it was simply because he had drained all of her dark magic, every drop of it.

When she made the contract with the Tome of Las Artes Oscuras she had bonded her very being to darkness. Having that stripped of her was a severed shock to her system, sending her into a deep sleep while she recovered. Just this morning Sombra and the remaining Elements of Harmony received word that she had regained consciousness.

The hospital now into full view, Sombra stopped at the road that led to the entrance. A little confused about why he had stopped, Pinkie poked her head to the side to look at him. With a strangely stoic expression, he looked back as he suddenly became unsure as to whether he wanted to go in or not.

"What's wrong?"

"Technically speaking, I'm the pony responsible for putting her in the hospital. Is it really alright for me to go in to see her?"

"Of course it is silly!" She said as she jumped in front of him to pull his attention. "You only did what you had to so all of Equestria was safe. I'm sure Twilight doesn't hold anything against you."

"That may be true...but I still feel responsible for all of this."

"Well..." Pinkie said as she spun on her hooves. "If you're going to be such a stick in the mud, I'll just wait out here until you cheer up." She said with a wink before walking off to a nearby bench.

Sombra smiled as he realized that she had read him like an open book. He wanted to meet Twilight alone so he might have a moment to speak things through with her. For the first time ever, some pony was able to see through his facade. Was it that he lost his touch? No. Pinkie just knew him well enough to know what he was really thinking.

The pink mare waved at him from the bench as she turned to look at him. He returned the wave with a half smiled before walking into the hospital.

As he stepped in, the smell of plastic and strange medicine filled his nostrils. It was almost too much for his sensitive nose, but he pushed through it. It was only a short walk to Twilight's room. No pony questioned him, they all knew who he was and what he was doing there. Most greeted him, others simply nodded in acknowledgement, but they all noticed him. He was sort of hard to miss.

"Hello Elite." A voice called to him as it came close.

"You know I do not go by that name anymore Blue Blood." Sombra said as he came to a stop to face the white stallion who was walking in his direction.

"I know, but I also know you're the last blood in existence beside me. I can't help but call you by your birth name." He said as he too came to a stop, a sly smile on his face.

"Were you here to see Sparkle?"

"Me? No. I was here for my last check up. Our duel left me in a pretty bad condition, I could barely continue my daily routine with so many aches.

"Going to parties is tiring, I'm sure." Sombra said with a smirk of his own.

"Hardy har. I'll have you know that I take care of a very important task for Canterlot." Blue Blood said as he began to walk passed the dark stallion.

"And what would that be?" Sombra asked as he turned to see him off.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" He replied with a chuckle.

Left behind, Sombra couldn't help but smile. That stallion was still the same even after such a thrashing, it was respectable, if nothing else, that could carry on like if nothing happened. It was something Sombra struggled with, letting things go. His mistakes were constantly replaying in his head, a past that haunted him.

With a sigh, Sombra returned on his way to Twilight, a trip that was much shorter than expected as he suddenly found himself at the room where a purple mare sat on a hospital bed. She was looking out the window and had not yet noticed him. With a soft knock on the door frame, he managed to get her attention.

"Oh, hello Sombra..." She said as she turned to see him, though as soon as she realized who it was, embarrassment took over her.

"Hello Sparkle." He said as he walked in and towards her bed side. "How are you feeling."

"Good, at least better than before. The doctors are surprised that I even woke up."

"Yes, they didn't exactly believe me when I told them what happened. It wasn't 'scientifically and medically possible' they said."

"Yeah, sounds about right." Twilight replied with a forced smile. "Look Sombra...I'm sorry."

"Oh?" He asked as he looked over the fidgeting mare. It was odd to have some pony apologize to him, for a long time it was he who apologized. It was weird to be on the other side of the conversation for once. "And what exactly are you sorry for Sparkle?"

"I caused a huge mess. The doctors told me what happened, all of this grief happened because I didn't listen to you."

"It was I who taught you the magic that corrupted you."

"But it was me who ignored all your warnings."

Sombra laughed softly as he realized that the conversation would only spiral back and forth. "Then how about we just agree that we're both at fault then?"

Twilight giggled as she too found herself begin to fall into the cycle of resentment. "Sure."

"Are we interrupting something?" A regal voice asked from the door. Turning to face who it was, Twilight's face brightened up when she saw Celestia, Luna, and Cadence all walking in.

"Not at all your highnesses." Sombra said.

"No need for such formalities Sombra." Luna said as she came in and greeted them.

"Yeah, we're practically family now anyway." Cadence said as she walked directly over to her sister-in-law to see how she was doing.

"And why is that?" Sombra asked, a little concerned by the way she had said that statement.

"Well it was supposed to be a surprise." Celestia said as she threw a glance at the blushing pink alicorn. "But we had all agreed that a reward was in order for what you had done for Equestria."

"A reward?" He asked.

"Why yes, doth thou recall Pinkie's joke before we set off to battle Twilight?"


"We all wish to grant you the title of Prince of Darkness, and have you ascend to our ranks." Celestia said with a large smile.

Everything was silent as the words slowly sunk in for Sombra. It only took a moment for them to register in his mind before he burst into laughter, a laugh that persisted for quite a while. It was a genuine laugh that almost broke him into tears.

"Is something humorous?" Luna asked out.

"Why yes, this whole situation is quite funny if you ask me." Sombra said as he began to recover his composure. "I, the Banished Prince of the Blood family. I, the unicorn once know as the Tyrant of the Crystal Empire. I, the Embodiment of Darkness, is to became a Prince of Equestria? Forgive my sudden outburst, but I will have to decline that gift."

"But why?" Cadence began. "I think that you of all ponies deserves this. It would honor us to have you in our court of Royal Alicorns, your past has nothing to do with this."

"Maybe not, but still, after all I've been through...I just want a calm and simple life." Sombra said as he moved to the window. Looking down, he saw Pinkie Pie talking to some pony. A large smile upon her face as she was no doubt making another friend. Slowly all the alicorns, even Twilight, came to the window as well to see.

"You realize that there is no such thing as 'calm and simple' when it comes to Pinkie, right?" Twilight asked in a tease.

"Maybe not, but when I'm around that mare my mind is at ease. The voices that drive me to insanity are silenced and I no longer have to worry about falling into madness."

Every pony all looked at one another as they smiled. With a soft giggle, they all nodded in agreement as Celestia stepped forward to speak.

"If you do not wish to be given the title of Prince, we will respect that choice. Just know that the offer is always valid, so if you ever change your mind."

"Alright alright." Sombra said as he turned to face the mares. "I get the idea." He said in a half smile.

"Now, would thou like to explain why thou hath called us all here?" Luna asked out.

"What?" The youngest of the alicorns asked.

"When Sombra found out you had awoken, he sent us all a message that he wanted to speak with us. So here we are." Cadence answered.

"So what is the matter Sombra?"

Taking a moment to breath in, Sombra thought very carefully about what he was about to say. It was certainly not the news any of them wanted to hear now of all times.

"We...have a problem." He began.

"What kind of problem?" Celestia asked.

"Sparkle, do you recall what I said about the Stigma of Darkness?" Sombra asked the purple mare as he shifted his gaze to her.

"Yeah, you said that ponies could only use dark magic when exposed to it. Otherwise, they can't cast it even if they tried."

"Exactly, and after what happened, I fear that all the unicorns of Equestria have been exposed to dark magic."

"What does that mean?"

"It means...if we do not do something, unicorns all over Equestria will under go corruption and we will have thousands of Twilight Sparkles running around causing mayhem." Sombra said as he drew parallel between the corrupted Twilight to a possible future, it was certainly not a pretty image.

"That...isn't good." Cadence said softly.

"It certainly isn't." Celestia said as she looked around, though she held a rather sly smile on her face. "And you wouldn't happen to have a plan for this, would you?" She asked Sombra.

"Of course I do." He said in a boastful manner. "I'm Sombra, The Reformed, I can do anything. Though I do require some assistance."

"Anything." Twilight said as he felt compelled to help, after all, this was heavily her fault.

"I require...funds."


Many ponies made small talk as they all began to flood into a class room. All manner of unicorns began to take seats in their new lecture hall. Some where happy and excited, others not so much. Many held the face of concern in their eyes, afraid to be taking part of this at all. Yet they were all present.

A small amount of time passed and a bell rung, signifying that class has started. They all quiet down as a tall dark stallion walked in. He carried himself with great power and pride, a trait he got from his father.

"Its Sombra, The Reformed." A student whispered as he saw Sombra come to the head of the room where he turned around and faced the mass of students. They all looked at him in awe as he scanned the class.

Clearing his throat, Sombra spoke in a cold manner. "As you all know, I am Sombra, The Reformed and you are here for one of two reasons. You either enrolled into this class because you were curious as to what this class could teach you, or you were told to enroll because you showed traits of corruption due to the dark magic that now courses through your very being."

All were silent as none dared to interrupt him.

"I am here to teach you how to control your magic so that your magic does not end up controlling you instead. Some of you might want to continue studies in the Dark Arts, others simply wish to learn how to keep a lid on your powers so you do not fall into madness, but none of you are allowed to fail. I am here to make sure of that." Sombra said as he looked around the room. "Any questions?"

Again they were all quiet. They all looked at one another as they took in everything that had been said to them. Slowly one mare raised a hoof. "I-I have one."

"Then ask."

"W-Why are you the one here teaching us. I thought this course would be taught by some expert professor or something..."

"Do you think I am not an expert? I, who has had the most experience in the Dark Arts?"


"Do you all perhaps think I am not qualified because Princess Twilight Sparkle, my last student, fell to insanity?"

None said anything.

"I admit, I was at fault when it came to Twilight Sparkle, but I have learned from my mistakes, and I will not fail now that all of Equestria is at risk of corruption."

"Why are we at risk?" A stallion asked out. To this Sombra raised an eyebrow.

"Does any pony here know that answer to the question?" He asked out to the entire class, though they stayed quiet.

"Because of the Stigma of Darkness." A filly with a saddle bag said from the door. She drew every pony's attention, but most began to snicker as they saw her walk in.

"Are you lost little filly?" The same stallion asked out.

"No, I'm not!" She cried out, a little offended by the question.

"Ahem." Sombra cleared his throat, gesturing for her to calm down. "Dinky Do, you seem to be the only pony here who knows what the Stigma of Darkness is. Would you mind explaining it?"

"Sure." She said with a smile. "The Stigma of Darkness is a mark that is placed on any and all ponies who came in contact with dark magic. Once branded with the stigma, they are able to use dark magic. After the events of the Fall from Grace incident where Princess Twilight became corrupt, all unicorns in Equestria were branded with the stigma and are now both able to use dark magic, but also at risk to fall into insanity die to the nature of dark magic. In response, Sombra, The Reformed, with the help of the Royal Alicorns, established a school for the Dark Arts to be taught so that ponies could control their magic." Dinky said as she recited the story without a hitch. "Didn't any of you read the text book that you were sent by mail?"

"Uhhh..." Many said as they looked for a valid excuse.

A chuckled escaped Sombra as the expression of embarrassment from being up staged by a filly filled the class. "Dinky, why don't you take a seat? We shall begin class soon."

In a joyful nod, the filly ran over to the closest seat to Sombra she could find as she began to unpack a journal and pen for note taking.

Class was short, as was all first days of class, but it seemed to have dragged on forever to Sombra's students. He had unloaded a large amount of information to them, causing a great fuss, though it seemed that the only one not to be upset was Dinky who was happy to be learning.

"Class is dismissed." Sombra said as he placed the piece of chalk down. At once every pony began to pack up and make their way to the door. Though before the first pony was able to reach for the knob, it turned on its own as a pink mare quickly made her way in and ran to embrace the dark stallion.

"Sombra!~" Pinkie shouted as she wrapped her arms around him. "I missed you!"

"As did I." He said as he placed a soft kiss on her forehead, causing her to blush. "Though it has only been an hour since I last saw you."

"But that was a whole hour without seeing each other!"

"Touche." Sombra responded with a smile. "I am sure you're eager to go get something for lunch, no?"

"How'd you guess?"

"Cause it has also been over an hour since you last ate something. You must be starving." He teased.

"You bet!" Pinkie said as she finally let go and began to hop in place of walking. She and Sombra began to make their way to the door but were interrupted when they heard some pony call out to the stallion.

"Uh, Mister Sombra?" Dinky asked as she stepped towards them, causing them to stop in their tracks.

"Yes Dinky?" He responded.

"Can I talk to you for a bit?"

"What's the matter?" He asked as he came close to the nervous filly.

"Well...it's about this..." She said as she took out a signed parchment.

"It's the letter of recommendation I signed for you." Sombra said as he levitated to look at it.

"Yeah, because of it I got a full scholarship to attend this school. I asked around, and I'm the only pony who got one."

"Of course. You're the only one I wrote one for." Sombra responded, not quite understanding what the problem was.

"But..why though?" Dinky said as she looked up at him. "I'm just a unicorn from Ponyville who couldn't even use levitation until recently. I don't belong here with these...high class ponies." She said.

Sombra turned to look at Pinkie who smiled at him. With a sigh, he began to understand what this was all about. Pinkie too understood, but instead of intervening, allowed Sombra to speak, after all, he once stood in her hooves.

"So basically, you feel unfit for your role as a student here?"

"Mhm." Dinky said with her head down.

"Dinky, walk with us won't you?" Sombra said as he turned around and began to walk away. Surprised by the sudden request, Dinky hesitated to do as he asked. Shaking her head, she ran after the couple who were already well on their way out.

Entering the halls of the school was a surprise. All kind of ponies were walking around, all on their way to their classes. Sombra and Pinkie, though they stood out, were largely ignored, no doubt because every pony was more preoccupied with other things. The school itself was new, only recently opened for lecture. It had taken a few months for it to be completed, a few months for ponies to begin to understand that dark magic was beginning to run rampant among unicorns.

It was a very beautiful school with many old styles that fit the theme of darkness and mystics. No doubt a certain Element of Harmony had a say in how the school was to be constructed and decorated. Slowly the three of them made their way to the courtyard were many students were talking to one another or reading a book. It certainly was the perfect place to simply rest and enjoy the outside with the rich decor of the garden.

"Dinky, why do you feel unfit for this school?" Sombra asked, finally breaking the silence that had reigned for so long.

"Well, I barely know anything about magic, much less about dark magic. Besides, I'm just a commoner compared to these ponies, uh, no offence Pinkie."

"None taken!" The pink mare said with a smile, happily hopping in front of them.

"You shouldn't think yourself inferior to others."

"Kinda hard when it's so apparent." Dinky responded in a pout.

"Dinky." Sombra said as he finally came to a stop. He turned to face the filly, looking down at her.


"I have a story I want to tell. Afterwards, I will ask you again if you think being born into high class truly means anything."

"Well okay, but I doubt it will change my mind." She replied, though was a little off put by the sly grin Pinkie had on her face.

In a gentle smile, Sombra sat down as he drew the filly close. "Allow me to tell you a story of a banished prince."

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The End

...or is it?


Oh well, all's well that ends well! And I hope there's a sequel to this, Mister! That is, if you're cool with it. (Speaking of, my SombraPie sequel needs to be updated...)

the stoic persona that her had was simply not needed anymore | he had
though the stood out | they stood out

Solid story as much as I hate to see that it is most likely done, I am also glad that the story managed to reach its end. Well written and paced along with the fact that it has a strongly built cast for those who aren't commonly seen in the show along with characters that do appear commonly that are in character. All and all it seemed like a good time to stop, as much as I loved the story it feels complete to end it here instead of dragging this particular part of the story on and on. A sequel may be in order, maybe not, time will tell.

"We all wish to grant you the title of Prince of Darkness, and have you ascend to our ranks."

So they want to turn Sombra into Ozzy Osbourne? :derpytongue2:

I got to say that I LOVED this story. I enjoyed the love triangle and, although I'm sad for :fluttershysad:, I'm happy that Sombra and Pinkie are together:heart:. I hope there is sequel. Thanks for writing this entertaining story.

I should be happy... But it feels like a dear friend just left me :raritycry:.... It was entertaining and I couldn't destroy the experience with me seeing what is going to happen like in tv series and movies... And though I have a serious time thinking it out... Twilight sparkle facing a goddess of the moon+ discord and won... There most be something im missing because in my head would discord win.. Yeah I get it with Luna.. But Discord... Im having a bad time with figuring out. And before I forgot where I was I shall say.... I LOVED the entire story

SEQUEL PPPPLLLEEEAAAASSSSEEEE before I read this I was reading random fimfic and i was content AND YOUR GONNA WALTS UP IN HERE AND TURN MY WHOLE LIFE UPSIDE-DOWN IS ITS MADDENING!!!!This story is crazy do you know why? because this story threw the feels at me, pinkieness at me, and I had to wait DAYS just to continue it it read more epicness, U DROVE ME MAD JUST WAITING TO CONTINUE THE STORY I CHECKED EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY JUST TO SEE IF YOU UPDATED IT YET, and this epic battle was over the top. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE CRAZIEST THING IS I DONT WANT IT TO STOP, I loved the way it was wrote and the joy of seeing that it updated an-and ill miss that:fluttershysad:*sniffle* Pls make a sequel and bring happiness to this poor MLP lover:fluttercry::raritycry::raritydespair::twilightsmile::heart::heart::heart::heart:

4936940 not exactly. You'll understand in the chapters to come :twilightsmile:

4938996 that's really odd. I never took it down...

I'll check out out when I get home. If all else fails, I will just re sketch it and post it up again

I don't know where to begin with my mandatory end-of-story assessment. The intro was a brilliant start, easing us into the idea of a Sombra who was very resistant to be reformed. You developed the character of Sombra really well, despite there being no knowledge of him except of him being corrupted by dark magic, as well as adding to our own opinion of the mane 6 and how easy it is for the ones we think are most resilient to fall to corruption. Te story also delves into the intriquate workings of relationships, death and general day-to-day struggles that we think nothing of. The corruption of Twilight gives an amazing plot line as it shows the mightiest of the characters, the one we associate with having the most power, cunning and overall ability to lead, fall into darkness, providing Sombra an outstandingly powerful enemy.

The story itself is a well-written piece of art. It blends techniques and writing styles perfectly to accent the effect the story has on our perception of each character. It has a well set-out story line that captures and enthrals it's audience.

The overall quality of the story is something very few professional authors can attain even with years of experience. Based on 100 different sub-categories, each rating out of 10 and totalling 1000 to give a total out of 10, this story is the first one I can safely say has reached a perfect 10/10, the second best ever achieved in this system being a 9.94/10. Very well done

This story was bucking awesome!:rainbowkiss:

Finished. This entire story was awesome, but I'm sure you already knew it. Can't wait for all the sequels and others stories you've planed

Dinky the dark mage...now that would be an interesting sequel.

Dinky Do, the only student Severus Snape could enjoy having...

I enjoyed the story (Last chapter's ending was a bit sad though) and can definitely say I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Sombra.

Now, we just wait for the sequel... :pinkiecrazy:


best story i have read so far

5133945 Then she need to find more strong-willed students.
Power is power, doesn't matter where it came for, if you're weak of will, you will burn.
~ The Hellfire Warlock

5244343 You just reminded me of them. Ah, great, I think I'm going to cry now.

5244609 *hands TARDIS tissue box* its ok, its ok I cried for hours after I saw the first 12 episode. just eat ice cream (out of the tub preferably) it always cheers me up and watch a lot of pinkie episodes :twilightsmile:

4937168 Chapters to come do you mean there will be more?! :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy: sorry I'm reading this again and commenting on random comments today :twilightblush:

5244701 Thank you. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go drown my sorrows in ice cream and pizza. Chica makes the best...

5308312 I read it few times before I actually notice things like that. I know what it was supposed to be, yet I was still a little confused. Oh well, that's probably just my brain. Really love you books by the way.

5308321 My brain fails to register stuff like that a lot. If it sounds the same in my head, I often write it even if it's a completely diffirent word. I also do the same with words that start the same, I'll be thinking one words, but end up writing another just cause they start with the same three letters or something.

I'm also really glad you enjoy my writing! It's far from the best, but I put a lot of work into it so I'm happy when others read through them with such praise. I have many works planned for the future, I just hope I get a chance to do them all.

5308407 I think my problem was having grown used to my family messing up their speach a lot. We joke that if some random person were to stand next to us as we speak, they'd be very confused. I've grown used to translating what they say and not pay attention. (My grandma does it the most.)

One word: SEQUEL :pinkiegasp:

Best story I've had in a while.

Compared to other stories, illogical or out of character moments are satisfyingly rare.
It is a pleasure to watch the protagonist struggle and evolve throughout his reformation. Things aren't always just black or white. This story made that apparent.

The only thing that irks me is the rather unsatisfying amount of likes :twilightangry2:

Ps: sequel pls? :yay:

5987880 Sequel is in the workings, but not for a while, sorry!

6053204 Haha, I've read over this story dozens of times and I continue to find typos. How badly did I fail at double checking my work? :twilightblush:

Anyway, thank you for pointing that out. I'll fix it right away.

you could continue this story by showing what happens when pinkie dies.

6135222 Don't worry, I do plan on continuing the story with a sequel, I just need the time to write it :twilightsmile:

I cant wait for the sequel this is my favorite Sompie story

sweet love the story by the way:heart:[don't know how am supposed to use emoticons]

6218499 Yeah, my writing wasn't very good with subtly back then. He did in fact choose, but didn't really admit to it. Just chose her internally. (notice how Sombra looks over to Pinkie for a moment for her approval before he dances with other mares?) I wanted for Sombra's choosing between the mares to be in the character I portrayed him in, but I wasn't very good with how I expressed it.

(Shouts in Animal's voice): SEQUAL SEQUAL SEQUAL!!!

Can someone please reply to this comment when the sequel is out? It would be much appreciated.

6267456 If you're asking for someone to let you know when a sequel comes out, then you simply have to keep Shadow's Enigma in your favorites until I write it. When I publish the sequel, you'll get an automatic notification that it's out.

If you're asking when the sequel will come out, then I don't really have an answer. I'm busy with some of my other works and juggling those with real life work and other things, I've little time to spare. I can't make any promises on when it'll be out.

6275879 hmmm i think what i was referring too was stories using the old, "Evil personality is at fault so once it's removed all is forgiven for the good personality" type deal. seems like a scapegoat to me, then again it was along time ago that i read this story. so i don't remember.

6276335 In all honesty, my writing was barely above novice levels at this point and I hit a large amount of cliches.

6276374 I'm fine with cliches, just not ones that take away depth from a character. And if i recall, it was a very good story up until that point,one of the best sombra fics. Plus, i've always been a fan of redemption stories. Though to be honest i stopped reading it at that point i believe, maybe i should read the rest.

6277587 Not sure how it took away from the character. I did suddenly include the voice of Sombra's past love in his head, and while I admit it was not the best execution and came out of left field because of my lack of writing skills, I don't think it took away from Sombra. Then again, that might be because of I'm still not a good writer.

Shadow's Enigma is my pride and joy not because I think it's a masterpiece and belongs in the hall of fame, but because it was the first fic I ever finished. It also was what made me become a Sombra fic writer, so it holds a special place in my heart. If you'd give it another chance, it would mean the world to me, especially if you can criticize it so I may learn from my mistakes and become better for it. After all, Sweetie's Shadow can thank Shadow's Enigma for paving the way for it.

Had I immediately worked on Sweetie's Shadow as my first fic, it would have been nowhere as good as it is now. Probably be just as cluttered or worse as Shadow's Enigma.

6278439 Voice of his first love? I thought there was some evil voice in his head, and something about taking over his body to unleash some dark plan or something, i guess it really has been a while since i read this. Perhaps i am thinking of some other sombra fic, like i said i don't really remember. But i will be sure to read the rest of it.


Its a book series thier description of how to move an object with magic was very similar to yours

6863318 Microwaves heat unevenly, which means that you end up with a bottle that may be cold in one spot and then molten magma on the next sip. What you do is heat up water in a pot on the stove until it's the proper temperature and then dip the bottle into that for a few seconds.

7058697 I see you've started looking into my other stories. Though I'm glad you believe me a good writer and want to see what other work I've done, I must confess this story is one of my firsts and that means it's not put together as well as it could have been. :twilightblush:

Don't get me wrong, I am proud of this story, it was my first finished piece after all, but re reading it makes me cringe a little... My story crafting skills weren't the best and neither was my writing at the time. So do take this tale with a grain of salt :scootangel:

Truly amazing! Loved it! God this was a great read. I can't believe how good this story was! Sure it might have been a little confusing at times but that's okay! That ending gave me great satisfaction and damn we need more stories like this. *Claps my hands loudly* Bravo... just bravo.

10144608 I did. Look at the date of posting, it was nearly 3 years ago and I did not continue.

10145707 I did, three years ago. I thought I was pretty clear on that. I did not even downvote when I left. I might have said I would, but I did not. Is it too much to ask that you stop pestering me about it? Or are we going to engage in a pointless spat?

Well...this was a very fun read and so unique as well! It was very enjoyable and pretty well written if I do say so myself (take that with a grain of salt I ain’t no writer :rainbowwild:) so I congratulate ya on such a good story and I’m glad I got to read such a unique story as well! Thank you for giving me this amazing read that I so thoroughly enjoyed. I do hope to see more be it a sequel or something but I can live happily knowing I got to read this awesome story even if I do not get more so again thanks for such a wonderful read.

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