• Published 8th Apr 2014
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Shadow's Enigma - Note Sketch

With his dark past heavy on his mind, Sombra is put to the test as he begins a reformation process. Though his mind is no longer crowded with the influence of dark magic, his heart is none the lighter. Let the test begin.

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17. A New Kind of Storm is Brewing

The only noise that could be heard was the constant clamoring of hammers at work. Sombra used his magic to slam away at nails as he finished putting together a wall that was about to be raised. Though he seemed confident, in truth he had no idea what he was doing.

"Raise it now?"

"Eeyup." Responded a red stallion. His stature on par with Sombra's. On queue, Sombra used his magic to conjure up two crystal pillars that pushed up the wall.

"Now we start connecting it to the other's?"


Again Sombra worked on the cottage. Applejack's big bother Big Macintosh had offered to help him with the reconstruction and by offered, he meant that Applejack asked if he wanted to help he replied with probably the only word he had used until now. At any other time in his life, it might have irritated Sombra, but right here, right now, it was rather relaxing. There was no need to talk or make conversation. Just the essentials to getting work done and nothing else.

"What should I do next?" Sombra asked. Big Mac pointed at the tree he had brought over. "Should I plant it?"


Again the only sound was that of tools at work as the cottage began to take shape, surprisingly fast. It was a no brainier though, with Sombra's magic he could do things that made the labor much easier such as erecting walls and lifting entire sections of the building. Though he did admit that perhaps he was going a little over board with his use of the dark arts. But he had to, he wanted to drain himself of dark magic for a little experiment.

"Hello boys!" Pinkie shouted as and Fluttershy made their way to them. They were still pretty far from the cottage, but that didn't mean anything when Pinkie was around.

"And the nice quiet atmosphere just disappeared." Sombra said as he slowly looked up with an annoyed face.


"Wow! You guys have made a lot of progress already!" Pinkie said as she hopped around looking at the entire first floor of the cottage done. Fluttershy wasn't too far behind just as amazed.

"Yes, with Macingtosh's help I have made quite the headway into restoring Fluttershy's home. Again, I am sorry for what happened." Sombra said, directing that last part at the pegasus.

"Oh, it's okay. My little critters will come back when the reconstruction is finished." She responded with a smile.

I-Is she more concerned about her animals than her home?... Sombra thought to himself as she past him. Small sweat drops fell on him as he noticed how just how carefree she was with the entire situation. He had expected some sort of backlash from basically kidnapping her, getting her home destroyed, and using her as a power generator. Is she just that kind or simply not comprehending the situation?

"H-Hey Sombrie?" Pinkie asked as she began to calm down form her initial excitement. "Can I ask you something?"

"That depends on the question Pinkamena." Sombra responded, fearing she was going to ask about his little outburst of tears.

"About last night...was it the alcohol talking when you said that to me?"

"Said what exactly?"

"T-T-That I was the best thing to happen to you since you got to Ponyville..." Pinkie finished in a soft voice. Her confidence on the matter diminished as her words come out, and though barely audible, Sombra managed to hear it, and so did Fluttershy.

"The out burst was because of the cider, yes..." Sombra began, and as Pinkie heard him speak her heart sank. "But I wasn't lying. You treated like a friend when no pony else would, and though you annoyed me with how close you seemed to try to get with me, I appreciate it now that I've gotten to know you."

Pinkie's small frown became a large grin as Sombra finished his sentence. "Oh Sombrie!" She said as she jumped to him in a hug. An embrace that did not last very long before Sombra used his magic to raise a thin crystal wall between them.

"But I still dislike hugs Pinkamena." He said as a small hint of blush spread across his face.

"W-What about what you said to me?" Fluttershy interjected. "Y-You told me that you needed me to fight, that I was important and wanted to protect me."

Sombra blinked a few times as he was beginning to understand the frustration of both mare and suddenly felt very constraint. He could indeed answer with the truth and tell her that she was a power source to him, but something like that would crush her. A glance to Pinkie suggested that she too wanted an answer and Sombra's sweat betrayed his stoic composure.

"I did mean it. You gave me power to fight Chrysalis. If not for you and Pinkamena at the end, all three of us would have been dead." He said, not knowing whether he had made things better or worse, but quickly thought of something to change the subject. "Macingtosh, what time is is?"

"Ah reckon 'bout noon." He said to Sombra's surprise, finally saying something besides 'Eeyup'.

"Why so interested in the time?" Pinkie asked a little worked up with the subject.

"Did you forget Pinkmanena?" Sombra said as calm as possible. "I have to hurry up and finish here so I can be prepared for my welcome party this evening."

Suddenly, the pink mare's expression changed completely to that of horror. "The welcome party!!" She shouted out. "I still need to bake the cake and put up the decorations!" She said before running off at incredible speed, leaving a gust of dust in her tracks. Fluttershy who was the least affected by the recent exchange of words smiled.

"I should let you guys get back to work then. I'll be seeing you at your party Sombrie." Fluttershy said with a sweet tone, one that could melt any stallion's heart.

Silence fell once more as the stallions watched the mares go.

"I've dug myself into a hole haven't I?"


Author's Note:

Sorry that this chapter is so short, but that is why I am publishing it along with the next chapter. You see, the two chapters have sort of different subjects and I didn't want them mixed up in the same page because (in my eyes anyway) it would seem a little cluttered. Hopefully you can look over this small hiccup on my part. :twilightblush:

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