• Published 8th Apr 2014
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Shadow's Enigma - Note Sketch

With his dark past heavy on his mind, Sombra is put to the test as he begins a reformation process. Though his mind is no longer crowded with the influence of dark magic, his heart is none the lighter. Let the test begin.

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19. The Party Doesn't Start Until Sombra Walks In

"R-Retreat!" Twilight called out as she and her 'army' began to back away from an encounter. The forest they were in, though not very dense, managed to hide the small colts and fillies pretty well and her own time got ambushed. "Run back to the clearing we saw earlier!" Again she shouted at them from the sky.

Sombra, who was watching from a pillar not to far away used his magic to lift one of the fillies, told her something, then placed her back to deliver the message. A much more secretive way than Twilight's hollering. Just as Twilight's 'army' reached the clearing, they formed a circle and faced all directions as she had instructed during briefing.

Twilight smiled at herself as she saw her textbook defense strategy in play as Sombra sneaked behind her on his pillar. "Nicely done, a great way to keep from being attacked by surprise." He complimented her.

"I read it was an old battle strategy."

"Yes, but you failed to remember that that is an earth pony vs earth pony strategy, things get more complicated when you fight pegasi." He said as a sly smirk spread across his face. Twilight looked at him puzzled, but out of the corner of her eye she saw a filly flying high above the clearing.

"Woohoo!" Scootaloo screamed as she soared in the air. "This is awesome!"

"Scootaloo?!" Twilight asked out in shock. "But she can't fly!"

"No, she can't, but in this scenerio she is a pegasi warrior, so she can." Sombra responded, and upon a closer look, Twilight noticed his horn was glowing with magic. He was levitating her way above ground to gank her army. Quickly realizing what was going to happen, she screamed out.

"Be careful from above!"

At once, all of Twilight's soldiers looked up to see Scootaloo blowing raspberries at them. Agitated, they began to scream and shout back at her, but failed to see that Sombra's army was now encroaching on the clearing and making their way to the middle, where a large battle ensued. Twilight raised a hoof to her face as she looked at them begin to squabble around in their 'fight'.

"Oh Celestia, they got out of formation."

"That was your fault Sparkle." Sombra said turning to face her. "Your sudden outburst distracted them and made them vulnerable."

"But how did you know that this would happen?"

"You've been shouting your commands since the match began, a faint using a pegasi would make you give an order you didn't mean to give as a spectator. Simple as that."

Twilight looked down and saw as some children cheered, Sombra's army stood happy as they hugged each other as Twilight's played dead for the sake of the role play.Her army was annihilated. Each move she had made was countered and easily out matched, it was obvious that his experienced as king made him an excellent commander.

"Well...looks like you won." Twilight said as she landed on his pillar, making him step back a little. "You're really good at this." She said, trying to make small talk, though did not know why.

"Yes, you could say I've done this before." He responded.

"H-Hey, Sombra. I've been meaning to apologize to you."

Silence fell for a minute as he made his crystal pillar descend. They stood quiet as Sombra turned to her and with a raised eyebrow asked, "And why is that? You did not seem like the type to do so."

"Well, I am, I just haven't been very kind to you..." Twilight said as she stepped closer, her sincerity on the matter was almost staggering, and she was clearly a little awkward as how to go about it.

"There's nothing for you to apologize for Sparkle." He said as she shrugged off her confrontation. "You saw a threat and tried to contain it to keep those you care about safe. It was a noble act and there is no need to regret it."

"But I was being unfair to you."

"Unfair but not without some truth." Sombra said as he turned around. "I might...have had a plan or two that involved death and destruction."


"Relax, I am not exactly in the same mindset as before. It is strange, actually. I can feel myself be a different stallion from when I first arrived here."

Calming down, Twilight walked over to him and placed a hoof on his shoulder, getting his attention. "I can see that too. I doubt that you would have rebuild Fluttershy's home out of your own free will a few weeks ago. Pinkie must have had an influence on you some how."

Sombra closed his eyes, an image of Pinkie and Diane appeared in his head, and though they looked different, they shared the same beautiful sapphire eyes. As he glanced at them in his head he smiled. "Yes, she might have."

A small sneeze was heard, quickly grabbing the attention of the two ponies only to see that they have had an audience. Dozens of gleaming eyes stared at them as they glanced at each other and back.

"I-Is everything ok?" Twilight asked, breaking the small tension.

"Is Mister Sombra your special somepony princess?" A filly asked out. The blunt question took her by surprised as she struggled to speak.

"Wha-what!? No no no no, of course not." She said, but quickly turned to Sombra and said "Not that you wouldn't make a nice special some pony, but I'm just not into you like that!" This was met by a lot of giggles as Twilight blushed as she tried at to explain herself but failed. "S-Sombra! Say something!"

After a small chuckle he turned to the fillies and colts. "No children, Miss Twilight Sparkle and I are not a couple. Now run along and play your war, lest I send you all home early."

"Nooo!" They screamed as they spread out, quickly getting back to their game. Sombra smiled at how easily he could manipulate the children, something he took much pride in.

"That was a bit awkward, sorry about that Sombra. Children can be a bit...blunt." Twilight said as she tried to regain her composure.

"That is no problem at all, but I'd rather not get myself involved in another predicament.." Sombra said as he turned to gaze at the children playing

"What was that?"

"Nothing, don't worry about it Sparkle."

Sombra began to walk towards a large tree where the shade blocked the sun's heat from him. Taking a moment and give out a sigh of content, he laid down with a smile on his face, one he wasn't aware of. Twilight soon came to join him in his 'foal sitting'. No pony had asked him to look after the kids, but he seemed to take joy in doing so. He gave off a strong fatherly sense, and the kids knew it. Every so often one of them would come to him with a question which he would answer in a quick and some times sarcastic manner, but all in all, them seemed to get along.

"Have I mentioned how good you are with kids?" Twilight said as she stood next to him.


"Where did you learn how to treat them?" Twilight asked, though she expected the same backlash like before, but instead what she got was an exasperation and a sad glance from Sombra.

"It was a long time ago. You've read up on my history right?"

"Only your involvement in the changeling war." This surprised the dark stallion. He had expected her to know every detail about him. It was fine either way, he didn't have anything to hide, but at least now he could feel like no pony can take pity on him.

"When I arrived at the Crystal Empire, I was wounded. I had...some complications in my travels. Diane was a mare who took me in with the possibility that I was a changeling prying on her kindness."

"Diane is Agatha's sister right?"

"Correct. A widow from the war and with a foal. Even with all of that on her shoulders, she took me in and nurtured me back to health. In return, I did my best to help her in any way I could, one of those ways was though foal sitting. Fetch was the little guy's name."

"I-I see. Do you miss them?" Twilight asked, kneeling down beside him.

"Now that most of my memories have returned, I do. It is strange, my time as a tyrant seems foggy in my eyes, like a blurred memory. Perhaps I simply wasn't me back then, and my recent disconnection with dark magic has brought my old self back."

"You know, Agatha still cares about you, she understands your struggles. I am sure that other ponies do too-"

"Sparkle, I know where you are going with this, but I'd rather not hear it. No amount of forgiveness with change what I've done. My actions are my own."

Being shoot down like that made Twilight quiet. A silence that lasted longer than either one wanted because things were getting a little awkward now. But like any filly, oblivious to the atmosphere, Sweetie Belle come right up to them.

"Hey Mister Sombra?"


"Do you have a special some pony?" She asked with a large grin upon her face. Scootaloo and Apple Bloom hid behind her as they giggled to themselves to her sudden question to him.

"I do not, why do you ask?"

"Well, you know that Miss Cherilee is single right now right? I know I wouldn't mind have both of you as my teachers!" Sweetie Belle shouted out as she began to picture them teaching a class together.

"Yes, I am aware, but uninterested."

And just like that, Sweetie Belle's bubble was bursted. "What!?" She squeaked out. "Why?"

"I have enough mares to worry about at the moment child, you would not understand." He said standing up. "And one of those mares is throwing me a party in a few minutes." He finished as he walked towards the flock of colts and fillies. Twilight watched as he rounded them all up and dismissed them. He was so in sync with them, as if they had known each other for years, it was almost scary to know that he had so much influence on the future of Ponyville.

"Off we go." Sombra said as he walked past the mare, who proceeded to lead the way to Pinkie's party. The air had calmed between them, and once they had reached town, it was as if nothing had happened between them at all.

Well, at least I've made some progress on him Twilight thought to herself as they walked. Perhaps soon they would be friends too. Truth be told, she had so many things she wanted to ask him but was too hung up on his 'reputation' to allow herself to even think about asking them. Namely, she was curious as to dark magic and its properties. She had read his reports, dark magic was used for good. Perhaps it wasn't as black and white as she had once seen it.

"Something on your mind?" Sombra asked, breaking the mare out of her train of thought.

"Oh no, I was just spacing out."

"I see." He responded, though not fully believing that was the case. "Well, you've known Pinkamena much longer than I have. What kind of parties does she 'throw'?" He asked as they reached the library's door where they would straighten up before heading to Pinkie's place where they expected the party to be held, but as the door opened, they were met with confetti, streamers, and very loud noise makers.

"SURPRISE!" Ponies screamed from inside the library to them.

"Well....she really likes surprise parties..."

Slowly the duo walked in as ponies greeted them with smiles, a situation neither of them were prepared for.

"Hi Princess! It is so good to see you."

"Hello Sombra, nice work on the Ursa man."

"Lovely day isn't it?"

"Pinkie throws the best parties! I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself Sombra."

Sombra was definitely not used to such a friendly environment. This was miles out of his comfort zone, but there really wasn't he could do about it but embrace it for now. He shook hooves with a couple of folks and exchanged smiles before finally meeting with a familiar face, though not one he really wanted to see.

"Hello Sombra, how are you?" Fluttershy asked with a gentle smile.

"I am...fine. A little shaken, but fine."

"Oh I know what you mean, when Pinkie first threw me a party I was overwhelmed to say the least."

"I am sure." Sombra said as he recalled her very timid personality. It would be a wonder to see how exactly she survived knowing some pony like Pinkie, but speak of the devil...

"Sombrie!" A high pitched voice shouted as she darted across the library. "I'm so happy you made it, I thought you wouldn't cause you took a while, but you came after all! So what took you?" Pinkie asked out in almost a spaz like manner. It had definitely been the first time he saw her like this, but then again, this was the first time she was in her 'environment'. He had read about she was such a party pony, but only now did he understand the full meaning behind it.

"Yes, I was held up by fillies and colts who involved me in their game. Pinkamena, you realize we're in library right? We're supposed to be quiet."

"You sound just like Twilight." Pinkie said with a smile.

"Indeed he does." A more regal voice echoed in agreement. Ponies kneeled and parted to give way as Princess Celestia, a pony Sombra was not expecting to be present.

"Hello Celestia." Sombra said as he lowered his head in a nod, not exactly a bow, but respectful enough to greet royalty like her."It is...a surprise to see you here."

"That's cause I invited her!" Pinkie said as she jumped up in her joy. "You see whenever I plan parties I invite all of the pony's closest friends, but you don't have very many friends yet, so I had to get creative in who to invite!"

"Indeed you did..." Sombra said as he and Celestia locked eyes. He wasn't prepared for this, but to make things worse, she spoke as if they were old friends.

"I was happy to attend Pinkie, and even more overjoyed to see how far you've come from your tyrannical ways."

"Yes, well I do try to please."

"Oh, and I received your message from Luna." Celestia said as she reached around to get an envelope which she handed to him.

"What message? I do not recall having her relay any message."

"Well, no, but she told me of your request. You wanted to attend a party in Canterlot no? When she asked me if I could pull any strings I made sure to get you invitations to the Grand Galloping Gala." She finished with a smile, but as her words left her mouth the entire library came to a halt as they all stared at them. Sombra suddenly did not mind the loudness from before.

The awkward silence was getting to him, so in order to break it he looked inside the envelope where he found two tickets. He then gave her a puzzled look.

"Why are there two here?"

"I want you to take some pony with you, a close friend perhaps?" Celestia said as she came close to wink at him. A gesture he wasn't all to comfortable with as he glanced over to Pinkie and Fluttershy who were happily looking at him.

"What about us?" Twilight said as she stepped close, her friends close behind to hear in as well. "Are me and my friends getting tickets again this year?"

"Why yes, but in order to make sure some pony doesn't wind up with two tickets, I'll withhold them until Sombra finds some pony to bring along with him." Celestia said as she began to walk away to get some party cake. Soon the party began to start up again but Sombra couldn't help but feel eyes on his back as he once again began to question his life choices...

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