• Published 8th Apr 2014
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Shadow's Enigma - Note Sketch

With his dark past heavy on his mind, Sombra is put to the test as he begins a reformation process. Though his mind is no longer crowded with the influence of dark magic, his heart is none the lighter. Let the test begin.

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2. Getting Fitted

Murmurs and whispers were heard as the pink and black duo walked the streets of Ponyville. It had already been a few hours into the morning and everypony was up and about. Not the most opportune time if you wanted to stay out of sight.

"So how are you liking Ponyville so far?" Pinkie Pie asked as she continued to hop along side Sombra.

"It is a small town, not too much to say about it." He responded, clearly not into their conversation at all. That did not stop Pinkie from talking though.

"Yeah, it was only recently founded, Granny Smith was just a filly when that happened." Sombra remained quiet, which only prompted Pinkie to continue. "Oh, Granny Smith is Applejack's grandmother, but every pony here calls her granny. Just goes with her name I guess. Oh! Did you know that there's a slight chance that I'm related to the Apple family? That could mean that I could call Granny Smith and really mean that she is my Granny, well actually I am a fourth cousin twice removed by a fifth cousin to Applejack, but it basically means we're sisters anyway."

"That's quite a few degrees of separation, I doubt it even qualifies you as-"

"Yeah, we thought about that too, we even went on a road trip to Goldie Delicious to find out the truth but she didn't know either so we just said I was anyway, but we will probably never truly know anyway."

Why did Sombra even try to interject, he had only spent a small amount of time with her and he already knew there probably wasn't any way to get through to her once she got going.

"Anywho, we're here!"

Sombra took a moment to gather his bearings. Though he tried to zone out Pinkie's blabber, he had in fact listened and had not noticed where he was going for quite a while. As he looked up he noticed a boutique of sorts. It was a three story building, getting smaller with each floor it took up. The pink and purple colors of the place did not sit very well with Sombra, but he held in his thoughts as he noticed Pinkie hopping inside after a brief knock at the doors.

"Rarity!" She screamed at what the old king presumed was the top of her lungs, but knowing her, it might have been not even half of her volume capacity. "Mind if we come in?"

"Why hello Pinkie Pie. How are you this morning?" Asked a unicorn as she worked on a dress placed on a mannequin.

"Great! I brought you a new costumer."

"Oh darling, that sounds delightful." Rarity said as she continued to work. She clearly had not noticed Sombra walking in which had annoying him to this point. As ex royalty, he was used to being heavily greeted when he went anywhere, not ignored like so. "Oh where are my manners, I am Rarity, who might you be?" She said as she finally turned around, though the words had barely left her lips when it was quickly followed by a shriek.

Pinkie had had to press her hooves against her ears to muffle the unicorn's scream, but Sombra did not. He wanted to retain his stoic demeanor, but that also meant he had to endure the shout full blast. After a few seconds of what seemed like an eternity for him, Rarity finally became silent as she gazed at him.

"P-Pinkie, are you to tell me that King Sombra is my new 'costumer'?" She asked as she finally became able to talk. Sombra was baffled. Though he could feel a faint amount of fear from this mare, it was not nearly as much as the other ponies form the sweet's store, yet she had produced such a loud scream. Just what kind of mare was this she wondered as his companion spoke.

"Yuppers. Sombrie here can't seem to make a good impression with his current outfit, I thought maybe you could make something for him." Pinkie Pie said, almost embarrassed as she spoke. The stallion wasn't sure as to why though. Perhaps it had something to do with how the ponies had looked at him before, not that he minded being looked at in awe.

"Oh, where I can completely understand as to why he'd have...a hard time making friends dressed like that. Even for royalty that outfit seems rather outdated." Rarity said as she looked him from head to hoof.

"Forgive me." Sombra began. "It must be because I spent a thousand years trapped in ice that I am so outdated compared to today's styles." He said with a rather dry voice. The white unicorn cleared her throat as a small hint of red brushed against her cheeks, quickly regretting her rather inconsiderate comment.

"But I can definitely help you look much better." She said as her horn sparked blue, levitating a roll of measuring tape. "Would you mind removing your current attire?"

"I suppose so." He said as his red horn gave off a faint glow of it's own. "Though most mares ask to be taken out to dinner before telling me to do so." He finished. His comment brought a much more strong blush to spread on the young mare's face. This cape and breast plate lit up in the same manor as his horn as they were gently levitated off of him and were quickly folded before landing safety on the ground not too far from where the two ponies stood.

"Watch yourself mister." Pinkie said as she narrowed her eyes at Sombra who's only response was to chuckle briefly.

"Come now Pinkie Pie, I'm sure he didn't mean anything by it." Rarity said as she continued to do his measurements, once done she levitated a number of different fabrics which she would occasionally pressed against Sombra to see how his own color scheme went with each other. Quite a while passed as Rarity went to work, Pinkie, oddly enough was able to stay still and watched the mare at work as Sombra stood just as still.

"So." Pinkie said, finally breaking the long silence that had fallen at the boutique. Much to Sombra's dismay, it appeared to have been directed at him. "How can you stand, standing still for so long?!" Pinkie asked as she finally slumped down.

"Were you merely trying to see who stood still the longest?" Sombra asked with a small laugh escaping his lips. Rarity joined him with a giggle herself.

"Oh Pinkie Pie, royalty get fitted all the time, this must be just another day for him. Say King Sombra what, if I may ask, are you doing in Ponyville anyway?"

"Just Sombra." He corrected. "Like I told Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle, that title was stripped form me when the Crystal Empire was taken from me."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound-"

"It is fine, Pinkie Pie here is to be my reformer, orders by Princess Celestia herself." He finished. As if badly timed, Rarity looked over to the bored mare who had proceeded to drag herself across the boutique's floor using only her hind legs.

"Oh, oh my." She said as she was having second thoughts about being so close to Sombra. Her first impressions were that he was still the tyrant from before, but had changed her mind when Pinkie spoke so casually with him, now it seems that he really was the same stallion from before, but oddly enough, did not seem all that interested in carrying on with his ways. She had so many questions to ask Sombra but felt it perhaps inadequate to ask them.

"Ouch!" Sombra screamed out, Rarity's train of thought had distracted her just enough to have accidentally poked him with a pin.

"Oh do forgive me, I did not mean to-"

"Its fine." Sombra said as he moved his arm, stretched the 'injured' spot. For a good while Rarity thought that Sombra would attack, or at the very least raise his voice, but Sombra seemed to do neither. How was it that the tyrant of the Crystal Empire was so lax and docile now? She simply could not fathom it.

"Uuuug. Are you two done yet?" Pinkie asked, again the white mare was brought back to reality and with a quick shake of her head, regained her composure.

"Yes Pinkie." She said as she levitated the fabric's from Sombra and placed them on a table close by. "I can finish my work with a mannequin, so you're free to go."

"Woohoo! Let's go Sombrie, the day is still young and we have a lot of more ponies to meet!" Pinkie said as she hopped out through the front door.

"I do believe that phrase is only used for the night time." Sombra said as he quickly put his armor plating and cape back on before turning to Rarity to speak. "How much do I owe you for your services?"

"Don't worry about it, its on the house!"

This caused him to raise and eyebrow before continuing the conversation.

"Pray tell, why is it free of charge?"

"Oh, I'm simply feeling generous."

Not yet satisfied with the answer he took a step forward to press the issue.

"I do have the current day currency, I am able to pay." Sombra said as his face had grown dangerously close to Rarity's whom took yet another step back.

"It's just...Might I ask you something?"

"That depends on the question."

"Why are you so...nice? Its not that it's a bad thing its just I thought you were a tyrant and a cruel stallion that-" Rarity's words were cut off when she noticed how close he was again, though this time with rugged brows and the flames from his eyes at full ignition. His stern look brought chills up the mare's spine and a certain scent was soon filling Sombra's nostrils. The smell of fear.

"Awfully bold of you to ask something like that." He finally said before stepping back and looking down at the small unicorn. "Perhaps I'll tell you one day, but today is not the day." He said before turning and walking off, his red cape moving behind him as the wind form outside the boutique rushed in, allowing for a rather appealing cosmetic affect on him. Rarity couldn't help but gulp as she saw him leave and let go of a breath she didn't even know she was holding in until now. It was quite strange, the moment she brought up his reform he held those rigid eyes, but she couldn't help but feel like there was a hint of sadness filled in them. Like a past memory he just wasn't willing to let go.

Back outside Pinkie Pie sat waiting for Sombra who seemed to have exited rather quickly. The mare, however, was more concerned with why he had taken so long.

"Sombrie, you are waaaaay too slow." Sombra's purple flames had withered back down to just a sliver of a streak as he saw Pinkie with a rather disapproving look.

"Like I said, I am not as animated as you are Pinkie Pie." Unhappy with the answer, Pinkie simply eyed him up and down.

"You didn't do anything to Rarity did you?" To this a small smirk spread across the stallion's face.

"Why? Are you perhaps jealous?" A gasp was heard as Pinkie became railed up. Her face slightly more pink than usual.

"I am not! Rarity is just a close friend and I don't want you hurting her!" Sombra couldn't help but smile as he began to walk and Pinkie followed suit, this time without hopping. She pestered on with a stream line of wards which Sombra wasn't really paying much attention, he simply continued walking forward while Pinkie ranted his ear off. Perhaps this wouldn't be so bad after all.

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