• Published 8th Apr 2014
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Shadow's Enigma - Note Sketch

With his dark past heavy on his mind, Sombra is put to the test as he begins a reformation process. Though his mind is no longer crowded with the influence of dark magic, his heart is none the lighter. Let the test begin.

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5. A Storm is Brewing

Staring off into the distance, the snow raged on. Where the dark stallion sat, on the other hand, was a grass land just into it's spring. Sombra sighed, memories of his near death coming back as if he was still trapped in the storm, slowly dying to the cold environment. He was not wearing his usual outfit, rather, he had his coat in full display and his mane free from any containment.

"You look silly when you zone out like that." A mare's voice said as she closed the distance to him. He heard her, but did not turn to see who it was. He didn't have to look, Sombra knew she was smiling, a rather heart warming smile that always seemed to make him feel better.

"Diane..." He muttered to himself before closing his eyes and lowering his head. In a flash, the once bare stallion appeared dressed in his battle armor and red cape. As if on queue, the mare behind him dissolved into the wind blowing. Again he fell into silence to gaze at the melancholy scenery, yes, melanchory and nostalgic. Not far behind him stood the Crystal Empire, at least the old one from 1000 years ago.

"Why doth thou push her away?" Asked a rather stern voice who had just appeared nearby.

"Princess Luna...You are aware that it is the middle of the day right? Shouldn't you be asleep so you can perform your duties when night time arrives?" Sombra said, his eyes glued to the horizon. He knew full well he was dreaming, after all, it had been a dream he had had for ages now. Every night since his reawakening he would remember this beautiful sight from...before.

"We could not sleep." Luna said, slowly walking towards the old king, though at this point in time in his dream, he was merely a vanished prince. "We also wished to....apologize, for before. Back when thine first appearance and We-"

"Enough." Sombra interrupted, thought his face had suddenly turned away. He bit his lip as he restrained himself from losing himself to emotion. "You...did what you had to. It is thanks to you that I recovered some...sanity."

Silently, the Princess of the night came to sit by his side. Neither spoke as a storm began to brew in the distance. Sombra's mind raced as he began to recall this moment from his past. With his teeth cringed, a small whimper left him. A quiet cry that Luna noticed, after all, she had witnessed this scene before. Usually she would tell the dreamer to face their fears, but Sombra was different. It was because he faced his fears that this happened, that the Tyrant Unicorn King came to be. In the distance, they both witnessed the memory of Sombra, his younger self, not yet tainted by dark magic run towards the storm. His eyes full of confidence and a grin upon his face.

The Sombra who sat by watching had a different expression, one he did his best to hide as a small tear escaping his eye.


With a gasp, the old tyrant king awoke, his face sweating and his hooves shaking. He took a moment to recollect himself like he had grown used to. The room he had confined himself to had grown dark, clearly past nightfall. As Sombra stood up he twisted his neck, popping a series of bones with each turn. Slowly he made his way out, his sudden sweat session had left him dehydrated and wished to get a glass of water.

Opening the door to the main library, he saw a sleeping dragon at a desk. Upon close inspection of the papers around him it was clear he had made the necessary arrangements for Sombra's request. The unicorn's expression remained stoic, more so on the fact he did not know how to feel about the one responsible for his 'death' to be so devoted into the favor he had asked of him to have finished all in one day.

Had he been a different kind of stallion, perhaps he would have placed a cover around Spike's shoulders or taken him up to his bed, but Sombra was not like that. With a simple sigh he made his way to what he presumed was the kitchen. Going in was easy enough, though a little slow as to keep quiet. Sombra did not want to wake his 'host' lest all hell break loose. Opening a random cupboard, he used his magic to bring down a glass to use as he simultaneously opened the kitchen faucet. As he lifted his head to take a sip of the water he collected, he noticed something strange on top of the table close by. A basket with some treats along with a note.

Dear Sombrie, I came by so we could share some treats for a small snack, but you were asleep. It must have been a long day for you so I understand, though this is a one time only pass! Rest up, I'll be around early tomorrow so we can spend some time together before I go off to work!


There was a small drawing of herself next to her name. Though obviously just sketch, it was very details and Sombra couldn't help but admire it for a moment.

"Nice of you to join the land of the living." Twilight asked, quickly turning on the lights in the kitchen, blinding Sombra for a few seconds, seconds the little alicorn used to get right up to him.

"Sparkle." Sombra greeted, not really in the mood to speak to her. He placed the note down and levitated a cupcake from the basket which he took a quick bite out of.

"I have never seen somepony be in such a deep sleep." Twilight continued. "It was as if you were meditating instead of sleeping." This sparked the stallions curiosity. It was obvious it wasn't true, but he wondered where she was going with this.

"Let's say you were right. What would that mean to me?"

"It would mean, you were concentrating on something, and for a unicorn, concentration usually means a struggle with a magical spell." Twilight began to accuse. Sombra raised a brow as he took one last drink from his glass and putting it in the sink.

"And you presume I was at work with 'dark magic'? That perhaps I was up to some evil plan?" Sombra asked sarcastically as he made his way around the princess, though suddenly stopped when a wing stretched open to block his path.

"Yes...I do. I want to know what it is you were doing." She asked, a rigidness to her tone which was rather unsettling for her. She wasn't used to being so forceful and accusing.

"Do you really wish to know what I was up to? Ask Princess Luna, she joined me in my dream." Sombra said, using his magic to force Twilight's wing to close and walked out of the kitchen, leaving the princess with an angry expression. He made his way around the library, a place he had yet to fully explore, not that it was particularly large, definitely not the size of a home he was used to. As if luck would have it, somehow he managed to find his way to a balcony at the very top.

As he come out he noticed a telescope which was something he did not recognize. He had only been 'back' for a few days, at least, back in the sense he was able to move around and explore. Like Princess Luna, he was very much conscious in his imprisonment, so there were plenty of technological advancements he was not aware of.

The cool night air brushed against his face, slowly moving his mane as he stood out and looked at his new 'home'. Sombra hated this, not just this place but the situation he was in. He was basically guilted into this reformation, all because of that dreadful princess of the night. Had she not gone into his reoccurring dream he might still be fighting for control of the Crystal Empire. Still, he knew that she was right in her actions. Each time he had come back to attack he had been overwhelmed by hatred, not a mind set to make clear decisions. His sanity had all but left him, making the old king act on instinct and attack on sight.

Sombra's train of thought was interrupted when he heard some cluttering down below. A quick glance downward allowed him to see Twilight searching for something. It wasn't long until she felt his eyes on her and returned the favor. They remained still for a while as both glared at each other. She had probably thought he had left the library and was about to go look for him. Her lack of trust irritated him, definitely did not make this any easier. She was right in keeping him on a thin rope, he himself would not trust him if the tables were turned, but he had already grown weary of having eyes on him at all times.

A plan was beginning to brew within his mind. He was to escape, it was no secret neither wanted this 'reformation.' Sombra had had second thoughts since he had first agreed, and now he will restrain himself no longer. He had, however, one large hurdle to overcome. When he had been taken in by Celestia she had him 'cleansed', left without his dark magic. He needed it if he had any change to escape...and he knew just where to go to get it.

Sombra shifted his glance over to the edge of town. From this height it was easy to spot Fluttershy's Cottage. Yes, she would be the perfect pony to feed him the power he needed. He had only been in her presence a few minutes, but he had already recovered about a tenth of his maximum power. He estimated he would only need fifty to make it out if things went south, but why be content with just escaping? If he bid his time and played his cards right he could ransack the entire town and still have enough power to make his way to Canterlot for some 'feeding'. Sombra could not help to smile as he envisioned the future, a world of darkness where light could not keep him from his sole goal, his Kingdom. It truly just came down to that, he needed his Crystal Empire again, only then could he find peace in her...passing.

Twilight, who had continued to look up at Sombra from the base of the library couldn't help but feel a shiver of some sort go down her spine. She was too far away to see his smile, but she knew he was up to something, she could feel it. And she was not willing to be caught up in his plan. She needed a counter measure, something, anything to make sure he could do no harm. Her gaze shifted to Canterlot, which was visible even from where she stood. The Kingdom on the side of the mountain had been her savior before, and knew now was to be no different.

Staring in different directions, both Sombra and Twilight began to plan out their actions. Both knew the other was a threat, but had to bare with it, if only for a small while.

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