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HI I'M QUEEN TACO! Some many know me from fanfiction, da, youtube, e.t.c so now I'm on fimfiction. RAWR! Let the randomness proceed!


Rainbow Dash and Big Mac have been forced to spend summer together for as long as they remember.Now that their families wish for them to marry the pair are dreading summer. What with Rainbow Dash trying to get in to the Wonderbolts and Big Mac trying to avoid her. However, when they find themselves in love, they start to change their views...
But it's not as easy as it looks. Rainbow Dash begins to gain conflicting feelings towards a Wonderbolt and Big Macintosh which provides obstacles. And Big Mac? He wishes to just get on with everything without hassle.

Could a bet change everything?

While this occurs, a new group of villains is startng to form and conquer Equestria. Is it true that love really does conquer all? Will it equal with the power of friendship? Will I stop asking questions and just get on with it? FIND OUT!

Chapters (7)
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will read later when there are a few more chapters
and i have never done this before but ...........FIRST :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by PinkPearl deleted Apr 10th, 2014

Nice. I love this story. Keep it up. Keep it up. This story I want to read all the way through. Great job.

Swan Princess !!!!! :pinkiehappy:

Could tell just by reading the first sentence :twilightsmile:


"Hey Applejack! Gret to see ya'!" She smiled, relieved.

Way to ill the moment :trixieshiftleft:

This will be interesting to see how this romance progresses. Keep it up.

well... since it's 'He' and he 'despises harmony' I'd think it was Discord....


Then again it could be Sombra, but I'm going with Discord.

Wasn't this and old movie about the princess becoming a swan? or something like that. I like the main song

Oooh, good so far, as a firm MacinDasher you have my thanks for writing this ship :pinkiehappy:

I'll be watching :eeyup:

You know...apples to the core is so catchy. Was it your inspiration?

:heart: thus!

I shall return

Good :D

Uch i always beg for 10 more minutes of sleep

If you want too you can have Soarin have a crush on Rainbow too for a plot twist. Good chapter, best of luck with the next one.

4237396 that would be doing to much with the character. they already 'hate' each other. wat's the point in driving them away?

4237853 They both have a crush on each other, Mac needs a punch to the face to realize it though.

Soaring x Applejack!!!!!!!!!!! jajajaja!!!!
I want a job T_T I'm sleeping to much now!

This was a nice chapter. I can't wait for the next one. Best of luck.

I look forward to the nest chapter :pinkiecrazy:

possible 'Rothbart's' (sorcerer from Swan Princess)

obviously : discord,
er.... sombra, trixie, an old friend of rainbow's dad who has a grudge, ...... I'm sure there are more but i can't think of any at the mo

liking how it's going though :scootangel:

When is the next chapter? I am loving this!

love the set up so far keep up the good work can't wait for the next chap to read. :)

Good chapter. I like the accidental admiration in Mac's mind. I love it when those happen. Also what they try to do to get rid of those thoughts.

Bit short if you ask me....
Then again I can't really talk that much.

And where did Soarin come into this? :applejackunsure:

4650733 Rainbow Dash is meeting him. I thought it would make sense she'd know his name. :twilightsmile:

4655972 Yeah I... I get that but Where did she meet him to be meeting him?


4656015 She hasn't met him yet. :twilightblush: forgot to make it clear. Sorry!

4649964 thanks. :derpytongue2: next chapter sneak peek: Soarin meets Rainbow Dash.Plus a bet begins :raritywink:

4684307 Woo

Soarin': Dash I bet you couldn't ask the stallion you like :trollestia:
Dash: Oh yeah, bet I can :rainbowdetermined2:
Soarin': I dare you, and I'll even let Aj in on it :raritywink:
Dash: :twilightangry2: Your on

Mac: :eeyup:
Dash: ... :twilightoops:

Nice chapter. I'm happy about the update. Well I guess that was Granny spying. I wonder what she got in her head now? Thanks for a good read. I can't wait for the next chapter. Don't keep us waiting too long.

When's the 'kidnapping of the princess' going to be?
I know 'The Swan Princess' forwards and backwards... (ok might be stretching that a bit, but you get the point)
And after 'My Idea' Odette's meant to be taken by Rothbart...

If you're not going by the movie that fine cause I'm liking this I'm just wondering

7:scootangel: 's /10 :scootangel: 's


I'm not going by the movie. I haven't watched it in ages.

7 :scootangel: `s out of 10 :scootangel: ' s !!!!!

I feel honoured! :raritystarry:

:heart: thank you! :rainbowkiss:

So is that story a main different between your story and the actual tv show? I was wondering. Great chapter. I think you did a great job.

The Boogeymare found her pray? Wow, I didn't know she was religious. :derpytongue2::pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::facehoof:

Aww pretty cute

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