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Maud needs to round out her rock science major with a liberal arts minor. She's chiseled down her options to three subjects that she likes, (cooking, poetry, and fashion), but she'll need your help to choose between them and pass an entrance exam. Good luck.

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I seriously picked this first :rainbowlaugh: I expected to fail, not end up getting the best ending!

The choose your own adventure stories were never quite my thing. From a technical point of view this is rather impressive since you obviously had to plan this all out and it was fun reading. Good job. :twilightsmile:

ooh I like this one

his is a crystal pony's slaver's loom.

why does she have that?

This is awesome:rainbowlaugh:. We could do this all day.

Spoiler Alert

First attempt, chose poetry, got to chapter 23. I missed that part where she told us to recite a happy poem. Still had a blast. You have our like.:pinkiehappy:

Hoovard Unihorseity

That pun is terrible and you should feel fantastic.

Needs deeper branching. It's just 3 linears stories so far. And it's sad that it says the story is complete.

Also what's with "secret" chapters (4) and (5)?

Lool my Maud got rejected for having a rock fettish hahaha

I-I'm not sure... did I win?:rainbowhuh:

JC #15 · Mar 23rd, 2014 · · · (28) ·

I used to read choose-your-own-adventure stories all the freaking time. I got the best ending on my second try, so I reckon I've still got the skills. :ajsmug:

That was pretty hilarious, so thanks for putting it together!

Yep. Same for 'Horseachusetts'.

Suri Polomare as a room-mate. Something tells me she is going to be trouble.

some how i knew my first ending would have to do with rocks :derpytongue2:

no rocks?!?! NO ROCKS?!?! :flutterrage:

I've applied for all the minor courses and still haven't gotten in. I hate college. And I hate Suri!

Dude I suck at this. I quit:ajsleepy:

I know you tried, but this really isn't what I look for in a 'Choose Your Own Adventure'. Sorry.

I WENT THOUGH EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. And of course, THIS IS MY LAST ONE. Is this the only good one?:ajbemused:

CCC #25 · Jan 6th, 2015 · · · (14) ·

I think that this is the very best ending. The one labelled "best end" leaves no space for Maud's further education in her minor...

I suck! I can't do anything for Maud!


Aw, man. Back to cooking again.

Are you serious?
:pinkiehappy::Of course! My sister is always serious. She does it all the time.
That's really long. Now stop talking to me. One word I can say is...
:pinkiehappy:: Let me guess, :facehoof:
How'd you know?
:pinkiecrazy::No reason.The only reason is that I stalk you

Look, I had to be honest. The poem that pony made Suck Balls. I was expecting to get a bad end and quit reading, but it seems like you, sir/madam, do have a clear mind about what you are writing about. So, I proclaim: this is my best read in fimfiction ever!

I did the cooking one and made rock casserole. At the end it just said "Yay."
Does that mean I win?

because rocks :pinkiehappy:

Wow, I got the best ending on one of my first tries! I wasn't even expecting this to be a good ending :pinkiehappy:

It's crunchy

Comment posted by cheesegal deleted Jan 25th, 2016

This is the best chapter! :pinkiehappy:

This rocks! :rainbowlaugh:

Wow what a bitch.



Could not get Maud a fashion minor no matter how hard I tried.

I love this story! :rainbowlaugh: Very entertaining.

AU Maud seems to be better at poetry than Maud.

What about the one labelled BEST END? Look harder.

That "No. just no" line was great! :rainbowlaugh:

"—like physics.”


Nothing works :ajbemused:.

Well, I guess, we'll have to solve it with... brute force!

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