• Published 22nd Mar 2014
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Choose Your Own Adventure: Maud's Education - Palm Palette

Maud needs to round out her rock science major with a liberal arts minor. Help her choose what to study.

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(0) Orientation – Start Here

Maud Pie stepped off the train at the station by Hoovard Unihorseity. The weather this time of year was sunny enough for Cambridle, Horseachusetts. It lacked the pleasant grays and soothing browns of the rock farm, but it was still summer here. Once the pegasus rolled in some cold fronts to get fall started things would start to get better. Reds and yellows were more tolerable than leafy green, but the best part were the austere grays, browns, and whites of winter. Maud didn't know why green bothered her so much, but it did. Perhaps it was just the lack of rocks that often accompanied it.

She wasn't here to admire scenery, though. She was here for her education. She was getting her rocktorate in rock science, but this institution required her to study in more than just one field to get a well rounded diploma. Maud examined the list of options on her orientation sheet. She spotted three potential fields that she might want to minor in. To make the choice simpler, the instructors here offered a brief placement exam on each subject. Passing such a test might not be a strict requirement, but it was highly recommended.

Maud folded up her information packet and stood in line with the rest of the new arrivals. There were thirty or so in line ahead of her. Like her, most of them had already passed the entrance exam for their major, so they were more worried about getting the keys to their dorm rooms and unpacking luggage. For a pony who carried rocks with her, Maud actually packed lightly. She'd stop at her dorm room after she'd picked a minor. That should help avoid the rush later in the day.

The line moved fairly quickly and Maud stepped up to the information desk. The mauve unicorn receptionist smiled at her. Maud couldn't help but notice the huge piles of forms, maps, and information packets piled around the table. All of that paper paper paper seemed like a waste. They'd take the information more seriously if it was carved on stone tablets.

Maud said, “Maud Pie.” She'd been watching the line and didn't bother waiting for the receptionist to ask her name.

The mare nodded and sorted through her volumes with magic. She levitated over a pair of keys. “Room 306, mare's dorm. You'll be staying with a pony by the name of Suri Polomare. Please sign here. Have you given any thought to your field of study?”

Maud scratched her name on the document with a chunk of pure graphite. The name of her roommate meant nothing to her, so she didn't comment on that. With her usual flat expression she said, “Rock science major, with a minor in...” Maud paused. Which field should she minor in?