• Published 25th Nov 2013
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Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody Don't Make Sweet Passionate Love on the Floor of Their Studio Apartment - Super Trampoline

It's Vinyl and Octavia Melody-Scratch's fourth anniversary, and Vinyl just got home from her deejaying gig. You can probably guess what happens next. Or not.

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The (Same) Next Morning

Vinyl awoke first. She always deejayed sober, so a hangover wasn't a problem. But she still needed to pee. She groaned and tried roll out of bed, but found grey limbs ensnaring her. And then their conversation from last night came back to her. She winced a little, wondering if she had been a killjoy for her wife. But a good night's rest had felt wonderful. She slowly squirmed out of the still sleeping Octavia's grip and headed for the water closet to relieve herself. A cursory glance at the clock showed it to be 11:47.

"Wow," she thought as she sat on the toilet, "We really slept in, didn't we?" One of the nice things about being a DJ and composer though, was that sleeping in was generally okay. She flushed the toilet, and after washing her hooves, wandered back to the bedroom where her lover was stirring.

"mmmphh grrrrmmm... Vinny, is'at'choo? ...rrrrrnnnn"

The mare in question climbed onto the bed, slipped back beneath the covers which she reset with her magic, and kissed her wife gently on the muzzle. "It is me."

Without warning, Octavia bolted forward and wrapped Vinyl in her forelegs, hugging her vigorously.

The recipient of the affection found her face scrunched up against Octavia's neck. "Goodness hon, you're awfully frisky for somepony who just woke up."

Octavia whispered sensuously into her lover's ear, with more than a hint of growling aggression. "You stiffed me last night Vinyl. I could hardly sleep. My thighs are wet. Now you leave me no choice. I'm going to make sweet passionate love to you."

"Please do," the mare in her embrace replied.

And then they fucked.

It was glorious.

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Dat ending.

I was not disappoint! :pinkiehappy:

That was the best final line I have ever read from anything in my entire life.

3562205 I'm very glad you felt that way. :pinkiehappy:

Quite good. Pretty nice story, good pacing, no grammatical errors that I could see. Normally, I'd say the short chapter lengths on 1 and 3 would be a problem, but for the sake of the pacing it works here. Good job, Tramp. Good job.


3562205 I agree wholeheartedly!

I lost it with that last line. Well done :twilightsmile:

I was listening to Elena Singmen while reading this, it kinda killed the mood. Good job though :)

3609535 thanks. I'll check that out.

I liked it
A lilbit from the norm for vinyltavia
But in a good way

I honestly can't think of anything other then good job!

Comment posted by Super Trampoline deleted Jan 20th, 2014

3813214 Thanks! That means a lot to me!

Well this was a good read :moustache::moustache::moustache:

3814309 thank you for the mustaches!

3952974 thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it enough for the coveted :yay: sign!

3584667 That's Equestrian technology for you. Totally inconsistent.

That ending :facehoof:
Not sure wether to laugh or cry.

I only disliked this story because I dislike this ship. They have never met canonly so why should they ever be shipped? :trixieshiftleft: But that is what fanfiction writers like you are here for. Goodbye, and tell me if you're going to make a clopfic you think I might like so I can fangirl all over it. :coolphoto:

4119932 I appreciate you telling me why you disliked it. Unfortunately, it is beyond my power to change this story in a way that would satisfy you, as you take issue with the concept, rather than the content. In my defense, the two probably have a total of about a minute and a half of their lives, total. We have absolutely no clue what their doing the rest of the time. They could be running an crack cocaine drug empire for all we know. :rainbowwild:

As for writing a clopfic you might like, I suppose you would have to tell me what sort of clop you would be interested in. I currently have one clop fic published, a Shining x Cadance met with mixed to positive reviews. I'm also slowly working on My Little Dominatrix: BDSM is Magic mature link (kinky short slices of life) (writing here and there)
. You may enjoy that once I publish it.

4119993 I love Chrymbra the absolute most. They're just perfect together. :pinkiecrazy: I also have a BSDM fetish so, I'll be there.

4120009 Hmmm. I'm never really thought about how those two would interact. Could be a pretty interesting pairing. I'll brainstorm on how to craft a story around them.

4120049 Just browse through romance, Chrysalis, Sombra. I would though, recommend you read The Heart of Shadows for a better cruise through a brainstorm. Truly great story. :pinkiesmile:

4120423 Huh. Author only posted that one story. Sounds like he's working on more though. ughhh, my "read later" list is wayyyyy to long :fluttershysad:"

4120459 My story list is way too long and I've only uploaded 2 of them. :unsuresweetie:

And then they fucked.

If there's any good way to end a fic, it's using that sentence. There needs to be more fics that end with that.

4326431 I'm glad it resonated with you.

4469166 I swear I've seen you around. :rainbowhuh:

It's probably the avatar. I just recently changed usernames, which might be what's confusing you, but this picture's a hard one to forget.

4469443 What was your old username?

Formerly known as Tetrominon. Also, I remembered that I just started following you a few hours ago, so the notification from that is probably the most recent place you'd have seen me around (aside from this conversation, of course :derpytongue2:).

5403878 "clop" is the sound a hoof makes when it strikes something hard. I don't know what you're thinking. :unsuresweetie:

Well...that was brief. But a good read.

6054641 unfortunately I don't seem to have the attention span for the dedication to finish longer stories. I'm glad you enjoyed this though. :twilightsmile:

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