• Published 25th Nov 2013
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Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody Don't Make Sweet Passionate Love on the Floor of Their Studio Apartment - Super Trampoline

It's Vinyl and Octavia Melody-Scratch's fourth anniversary, and Vinyl just got home from her deejaying gig. You can probably guess what happens next. Or not.

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That Night

When you're a pony as good at her job as Octavia Melody-Scratch, the hard stuff is the easiest. Where to move your fretting hoof, how to work the detuners* with your two back hooves, and the patterns to be used by your bowing hoof all become largely muscle-memory, and you can actually relax and let your mind wander somewhat as your body does the work. I'm not quite there yet, but I'm not Octavia. Octavia can play while thinking about other stuff.

Tonight, Octavia was thinking about what she would be doing with her wife later. As she pictured some of the many uses of her tongue, her playing started to speed up noticeably. The orchestra backing her struggled to keep up as her bowing leg jagged increasingly violently. The conductor shot her a panicked look, and suddenly Octavia realized she was in a concert hall, not a bedroom, and blushed as she slowed the pace back down to a more moderate tempo. Fortunately, only a few of the more observant ponies in the audience noticed, and when the concerto was over, everypony clopped loudly in applause.

"Three more songs," Vinyl thought. "Three more songs until I can finally go home to my wife". She hated to just call in performances--her career was built on the raw energy she brought to the turn tables after all--but tonight--err, this morning--she just wanted to get home. It was a special day after all. It was their fourth anniversary.

But she was not at home with Octavia. She was instead trapped at one of those all-night raves the Rockodile Dance Hall was (in)famous for. When she had gotten the gig offer, at first she had been reluctant to take it, but Octavia insisted she didn't mind. "Go on honey, you should do it. It's your passion. I'll be waiting for you when you get home, and then..." she had said with a rare wink.

"Still," mused Vinyl as she packed up her equipment after her set had finally finished, "I still feel guilty. Is my music more important than my love?" Her contemplation was cut short by a hoof on her shoulder. She turned to see Noteworthy smiling at her. He was the co-headliner, and had the final set from three to five in the morning.

"Hey," she said wearily, "what's up dude?"

"What's up? Filly, you rocked that place! I don't think I can top that!"

"Heh, Noteworthy, you're too kind. I just wanna go home."

"Yeah listen, about that. I know normally you stay to the end and we do a few songs together, but I wanna get you outta here. As you said, you should be home right now."

"Ahhh, thanks dude, that's nice and all, but I can't do that. Our fans love it when we do the encore together. I can't disappoint them; they're the bedrock of my success."

"Yeah, but you're disappointing your biggest fan of all," he said quietly.

Vinyl scrunched her face up in dilemma, but then saw Noteworthy smile.

"Hey listen," he said, "I got an idea. I don't know why we didn't think of this before. Come to the front of the stage with me."

"Uhh, okay. What evs."

They stood in front of Noteworthy's partially-assembled mixing board, and he turned down the house music and tapped on the microphone. "Hey hey everypon-ay, I've got a special announcement to make." Chatter died and heads turned as he continued speaking. "I know you are all looking forward to DJ-P0N3 and I mixing together at the end, BUT, this silly filly actually has somewhere to go right now!"

"Boooooo!" several ponies in the crowd shouted.

"Nah guys, don't boo. She has somepony to see; It's her fourth anniversary night!" There was a murmur of approval from the audience.

"So," he finished, "if you want her to go home and get some, make some noise!" The club erupted in applause, clopping loudly, as her normally white cheeks reddened considerably.

She gave him a dirty look, then quickly took the mic.

"Heh, well yeah, I gotta go everypony. Uh, so long!"

She stepped away and stepped on Noteworthy's hoof.

"Ow! What was that for? I'm doing you a favor!"

"You're an ass for talking about my sex life. You know how I am about that. And uh, technically this would be our anniversary morning, on account of it being--" she looked at her watch "--3:11 a.m. Our anniversary night isn't for another like fifteen hours. But hey, thanks anyway." She nuzzled him, then turned to gather up her stuff to put in her cart. Five minutes later, she was gone.