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A mysterious brown Earth pony with an hour glass Cutie Mark sneaks into Canterlot Castle, only to be caught by Princess Celestia herself. Curiously, Celestia is intrigued by the seemingly endless stream of nonsense this pony is wont to speak. Luna soon joins them, and the group heads into the very depths of the castle, where something has been lurking for far too long...

Author's Note: The story begins with Season 1 Luna, weakened and with very little magical power, as well as having 'flat' hair.

Doctor Whooves is also an Earth pony in this fanfic, as he has appeared as both a Pegasus and Earth pony in show.

Co-Authors: Bramble Rose, MudBug, Diomedes

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That was remarkably well-written. I felt as if I were watching the show instead of reading it. In other words,
*Clears throat*
Brilliant! :pinkiehappy:

Please tell me that you came up with it yourself and aren't another of those people essentially copying from one of those Doctor Who books that I've not as of yet read. That would be uber-disappointing. :fluttershysad:

284408 Oh no no no. I've never even seen Doctor Who! (Well, okay, a couple episodes or clips, but I don't keep up with the show.) This is actually a collaboration between a few friends and me (as the description states). I'm not even the one writing the Doctor Whooves bits. :twilightsmile:

Very good so far cant wait for more.


This seems so familiar... where have I seen this before?? :derpytongue2: Good editing job, Tales. Tracking here though I've read it already :twilightsmile:

Oh man, this is going to be brilliant.

God lord, that was great! I hope the rest of the story is just as good :twilightsmile:

"He spun around again, walking down the hall away..." I thought he was outside lol

I've been tracking this for a few days and thought that, since I have no other things to do I would read it:twilightsmile:
and I can tell that that was a good decision:pinkiehappy:

288712 They're all actually inside the whole time. :twilightsheepish:

294390 Ha! Guess that means I'll reread it before ch 3. <3 Lovely story :D
Love chapter three! ^.^ I promise to go back and see why I got topsie-tervie in ch2~

294397 If there is something that sounds wonky, feel free to send me a message so I can fix it. :twilightsmile:

this is VERY interesting now:trixieshiftleft::twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::twilightsmile::trixieshiftright:

Doctor, how did you leave your show and end up so perfectly in character here?

First! I have never been first ever!

I like where this is going, the Doctor knows them, but they have forgotten him? Interesting.

I missed the "He slipped in through the kitchens..." line apparently! :D oh me <3 On to CH4!

I hope it is explained why Luna dosen't remember him :D
So many questions, so few answers! Lovely chapter ^.^

314084 I think I imply later at some point(s) that she lost a lot of her memories from her time on the moon/trip back/transformation from NMM.

It kind of goes along with how she's experiencing a loss of magical power (as this is Season 1 Luna), so eventually she'll regain them when/as she transitions to Season 2 Luna.

Somehow I get the impression that those last "oooooooo"s are you all trying to go ghastly-ly ghost-y on me.

Poor guards...

347867 Haha, Bramble Rose wrote that part.

This sounds oddly similar to my fic. Doctor Whooves, something horrible lurking beneath the castle... semi-dark...

only difference is mine focuses a lot on a non-self insert OC, since I find that it's actually easier to invent a personality. Anyways, very interesting fic, congrats on getting to EQD!

As a minor nitpicky thing, Dr Who never identifies himself as "Doctor WHO", nor do I suspect his pony counterpart would refer to himself as "Dr Whooves".

He is, and has always been simply, "The Doctor". That is how he identifies himself.

" I'm The Doctor ... just 'The Doctor' ".

*the guards see a mysterious light... and approach...* Wha... what is THAT?!!

*horrible thing* Snookie want smoosh-smoosh!!

*pair of blood-curdling screams*

Trolololo! :trollestia:

Dreadful monsters that lurk in the darkness, yet possess their own unearthly light... the Glow Worms... :pinkiegasp:

348179 Strangely, I have one of those dolls in my closet. O_o

God, this is brilliant. It's like right out of the show!
The only thing that's killing me, as mentioned before, is the Doctor Whooves bit.
The Doctor always just goes by The Doctor, never Doctor Who. It's really just a small thing, but it would be great if you could fix it. Other than that minor issue though, this is flawless! Well done!

One word: Tracked

The only thing I'm not much of a fan of is the use of Doctor Hooves instead of The Doctor. Of course that is a matter of personal opinion.

Tiny things aside, you got your fic posted on the front page of EQD, and it's obvious you earned it. Hope we get to see an update soon.

For all those with comments about Doctor Whooves VS The Doctor... Well, I personally haven't delved into Doctor Who, and perhaps only the Brony writing the Doctor Whooves bits has... as this is a collaboration, I write for Luna, Bramble Rose writes for The Doctor, and Diomedes currently writes for Celestia, though it was formerly MudBug. I edit it together. Suffice it to say, I guess most of the writers are ignorant of the show (Doctor Who), but I will see about editing. :twilightsmile:

348218 I recall them because they were part of the MLP Gen 1 show. Their original multi-part quest wasn't bad, much like the first MLP special (which of course had a great villain, Tirek).

And then both segments quickly became lame afterward. :trixieshiftright:

There was also a Mister Potato Head segment... :rainbowderp:

Anyway, I'm sure the Glow Worms are down there eating the guards as we speak. After all, real glow worms are canivorous! :facehoof:

Well. Interseting. Worth the track and doing well so far. Good work!

Congrats on getting featured in EQD

I could hear David Tennant's voice in my head as I read the Doctor's dialogue.

That is a VERY good sign.

I'm guessing that Doctor Whooves might be his fake hame. you know, like John Smith? Unless his name is actually Doctor Whooves, and he isn't a time lord.
Wouldn't that be THE WORST POSSIBLE THING!:raritycry:

He could have regenerated since the last time she saw him.

Welp, you've gotten me interested, and I'm reading this in the 10th doctor's voice (or should it be the 11th?) but anyway, hope to see more. :)

347867 Or is that an attempt at onomatopoeia for the Doctor Who theme?


349058 I could also hear him rambling along, in that fantastic voice. So yes that is a GREAT sign.

your argument is invalid?

349651 Most likely because you're replying to someone on a different page.

349367 With an avatar like your's I'd read it in Ten's voice.

This story does seem to ramble on a bit, but I guess that is because it is a Doctor Whooves fic(and rambling is what he does best).

349696 Maybe, but not likely. I'm on Chapter 4, replying to you...and it's messing up again. Maybe I'm still not doing it right. But...if you get the usual notification about my reply, then please reply back. That way I'll know whether everything's working except the actual label. Thanks beforehoof.

349748 It comes up fine right now when you reply to me. Brohoof* /)

I'm enjoying this but I gotta say your portrayal of the doctor doesn't mesh well with my image of him. that's a personal quibble though. Overall very well done.


are you replying from the table of contents or the chapter in which they actually commented?

I know everyone is in love with this and I usually like Dr. Whooves stories, but I can't get into this one. :twilightoops:

>>MyLittlePonyTales I'm a huge Doctor Who fan, and using the name "Doctor Whooves" is driving me nuts. Please for the love of Celestia eventually have the Doctor say that "Whooves" is just an alias and that his proper name is the Doctor. Just the Doctor.

Great fic, otherwise. Tracking, definitely.

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