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"Confound these ponies, they drive me to write." This is all a bit new to me. Never wrote anything before. I'm probably rubbish at it. Can't promise regular updates, but I will try. Cheerio


The life of a time traveler is usually an easy one. Nobody tells you what to do, when to wake up, where to go or what to save. You can skip all those boring Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons at your own discretion, and quickly get to those exciting, adventure-filled Saturdays when everything is possible. Once in a while, you get turned into a pony and flung into another universe, but that's certainly better that getting killed by an astronaut at Lake Silencio in Utah.

However, when a bizarre, nigh-omnipotent mish-mash of a creature with the head of a goat shows up uninvited inside your TARDIS, it's usually a good reason to panic...

Doctor Who/My Little Pony crossover, taking place during "The Return of Harmony", and elsewhen. This is the first thing I ever wrote. Please, leave a comment and a rating if possible, so that I may have an idea on whether or not I'm doing my job right.

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discord is boss

Awesome! Can't wait to see what he did with all those bits and pieces :D

Amazing story. I've been waiting ages for a good Discord/Doctor fic, and you just made my week by not only providing me with my dream, but with a good read, too. Well done!

200322 Wow. Thank you:pinkiehappy:

It's just not an adventure until the Angels show up... and Discord is freakishly superpowered in this; Stealing Celestia's power, breaking into the TARDIS, conjuring Weeping Angels... any one of those would be terrifying by itself

I've seen a handful of Doctor Whooves fics, not too many are this well written.

Can't wait to see what happens next! Awesome story!

Oh shit.

Discord AND the Weeping Angels. This will be interesting. Can't wait to see more of this fic, very well written and true to the source material. MlP as well as our beloved Doctor. From the hints you threw in I conclude that Discord indeed has a greater scheme going and you will reveal it when the time comes, until then, speculation:

Discord, while physically imprisoned in stone, has travelled through the Universe(s) and found the Doctor, as well as his several enemies. Using them to his advantage, he managed to create a distraction serious enough to pin down Celestia and have his way with Ponyville. What he did not know about, though, was the Doctor's tenacity. Even though he managed to manipulate him, he seemed surprised that the Docotr made it to the library so fast. So, just a always, the Doctor's experience in running may help him save the day.

Seriously, you have to hit the keyboard and post more!

Well well well you have taken the same concept and ran in a completely different direction then I have. You certainly have the entire pacing down better then my slow story. Good job.

And... this is getting added to my head canon.

Totally. Absolutelybucking awesome. *grins and nods* I am so adding this to favs... someone explain why this isnt featured?

403551 Not enough views, it seems. Also, it's rightly been accused of feeling rushed.

Accused? Accused by who? So far, everyone seems to love it. And rightfully so.

403586 Well, the EQD pre-readers have different opinions.
It's not important, though. I'd be happy to just get over 1000 views like most good fics on this site.

*Sees that weeping angels made their way into the story*
*puts on sunglasses*

This story is amazingly well written thus far. Bravo.


at-least you got a response. I sent mine in weeks ago and haven't heard a word. Also you're doing a impressive job.

405535 you are too kind, thank you.
Also, are you guys watching the Discord Whooves tumblr? You probably should...:raritywink:

More.... Please.... Cant live with the want of more........


It turns out They lowered their quota of Whooves stories due to their lack of popularity:pinkiesad2:

Shame that i finally got a prereader on mine.

This story just went from awesome, to the most epic story in the history of fanfictions. You deserve all of my mustaches. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

403551, Agreed, this is definitely head-canon now.

Oh Snap Luna!

Epic job so far, didn't see any errors at first glance. Pacing and character development is excellent and you have very good original ideas. Keep up the good work!

Oh Your sneaking Hitchhiker references in as well?

Is nothing i do original?

Have you seen the hitchhikers guide to the Daleks? It's great, really. Wonderful thing you've got going here. I hope to see more soon.

"Ugh, you’re rubbish, you stupid old man!"

Hey! No need to be rude.

An interesting story you have here. I am going to have a friend of mine take a look at it, and will read the rest of it later.

This story is turning out to be better than those published Doctor Who books I've read from the library! :twilightsmile:

Oh *buy some apples!* WEEPING ANGELS?! Great! Now I'm gonna start having the nightmares again!

Ah, Ditzy get's a Big Damn Heroes moment! Huzzah!

Abso-bloody-lutely fantastic! Keep it up! Also, nice Hitchhiker's reference. Have a Big Mac for it: :eeyup:

Love it! :pinkiehappy: Very well put.

[- …redacted… DATA EXPUNGED]

My thoughts when

I'm sorry for the recent lack of updates. In trying to make the next chapter a bit longer and more polished, exam season has overtaken me, and I won't have much time to work until late July. The fic will update, just not very soon.

nice chapter. had some laughs here and there, Celestia as River Song is a scary thought though.

also iTunes apparently decided that it should play Time Warp right as the TARDIS leaves:facehoof:

I love the star trek references! It makes the Discord/Q tie even stronger in my headcanon!!!!

Jumping on "Pantheon of Discord," Eh? your certainly taking it into another direction. Also your just playing to my head cannon with the Princess Luna being more physical then Celestia.

Ah, all the nice little references and details. So glad this updated!

That's so not fair XD Discord can 1, break into the TARDIS, 2, steal princess celestia's magic, horn and wings and 3, SUMMON WEEPING ANGELS?

1193096 That's omnipotence for you

EDIT: wow, I suck. Posting in the wrong chapter, AND after my own comment?
I don't have enough Slowpokes for that.

i can't wait for this to update again! loving it!

Be a dear and UPDATE:flutterrage::flutterrage:

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