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Cover art credit goes to CrappyUnicorn.

"Did you miss me, Celestia? I've missed you. It's quite lonely being encased in stone. But you wouldn't know that, would you, because I don't turn ponies into stone!" Discord's words rang in everypony's head at that moment, but were soon forgotten in the midst of his chaos. It is only Twilight Sparkle who has been constantly bothered by his words, relentlessly reminded of them no matter how hard she tries to forget. Now she must seek out somepony close to her, to find out if there is truth in his words.

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Hooooooooooooooooooly shit.


That was not expected.

Favorite and thumbs up.

I like this. Well done. :pinkiesmile:

Ilike it cant wait for next chapter

Amazing story Tales! Good job :D

Someone once said "There is no such thing as evil. Only pain."

Definitely tracked. That was some heavy stuff.

Hm. I'm intrigued.

Nice start. I'm going to have to track this one.

*track/ fav* I love it so far, i cant wait to read whats next. keep it up:rainbowkiss:

It's- Ummm... Nice. :fluttershyouch:

Really, it's not bad, but it leaves things to be desired. I feel like an awful lot has been thrown out at me really quickly without any time to really slow down and digest it, or develop character. What was that moment when Celestia was "out of the room"? Why were those ponies being arrested and turned into stone in the first place? I know you'll explain everything in time but I feel like everything could have done with better pacing. And when you have all the guards talking at once, it kind of becomes a blur of who is who.

But I'm here to give constructive criticism, and I want to give credit where due. You DID manage to give an interesting answer to the question "does Celestia turn ponies into stone". The idea of the Princess being a Tyrant ONCE out of necessity and inexperience with ruling puts a very unique and tragic spin on the character, and showing her ignoring the children does present the idea that there's something redeeming in her, though the fact that she comes on the police raids personally kind of strikes me as particularly sick. But that's the point; you portray Tyrant Celestia as being iron-willed and cruel, but still capable of compassion and not a caricature or heartless. You did manage to put quite a bit of characterization in that small scene, and that alone is noteworthy.

Overall, I wouldn't give you an "A" for effort because I don't believe in that sort of thing, but it is a moderate "B". Very capable and workable, with lots of potential and obvious talent. There's room for improvement but I believe you can succeed and pull it all off. Keep at it and good luck to you. Also, remember, despite everything I've said, don't feel a need to write for others. Tell your story, the story you want to tell, and use every bit of advice and encouragement that you can get.

God Bless. :moustache:

This is nice. Thumbs can be given.

Also, is this one shot, or are you continuing on? I wasn't sure because of the way the chapter was written, it could be either.

347880 Your criticism is appreciated. :twilightsmile:

347922 Story is incomplete; there is more to come.

Heh, was expecting something similar to Stories in Stone. I am quite happily surprised to see this view instead and look forward to future chapters. :pinkiehappy:

Makes you wonder if Luna might have been justified in her rebellion all those long years ago, and history simply redacted to suit Celestia's wishes. Also makes you wonder if Discord was actually MORE merciful than she.

Faved & tracked. Looking forward to what you have to write. :twilightsmile:

Haven't started reading it yet, but this is Equinenox from the original thread on EqD. I'm glad to see this idea has finally taken off. I start the first chapter tomorrow.

348160 Original thread? Not sure what you mean.

Oh, sorry about that. Some guy on EqD posted a link to this story from a thread back in mid-October for the comic on which this may have been based.

I am making the assumption that this story is loosely based on the comic above. Perhaps it may also have elements from the extended conversation in the comments.

I'll have a much more informed comment once I read the first chapter.

348635 Ah yes, this story was inspired by that comic. However, I was not apart of the comments discussion.

Awesome. Tyrant-Celesia and at the same time nice-Celestia. I hope she redeemed herself to that family... HEY! Why didn't she turned them back? She can , can't she?

347880 "What was that moment when Celestia was "out of the room"?"
"Why were those ponies being arrested and turned into stone in the first place?"
All this and more, coming to a chapter near you!

"And when you have all the guards talking at once, it kind of becomes a blur of who is who."
I didn't want to give them names. :applejackunsure:

"Also, remember, despite everything I've said, don't feel a need to write for others."
Pretty much what I tell other people. Write for yourself, not for others.

348799 This shall be answered in time. :raritywink:

Tracking, that is all.

Shiiit, I love it. Tracked.

Thought: the Lunar Revolution was to overthrow the Tyrant, and after the benevolent goddess Dreaming Moon was banished to her namesake satellite her followers were exterminated and made examples of, one by one, in the name of the Tyrant.

Prior to the Sun's Reign of Terror, great kingdoms such as the Gem Lords, now known as the pitiful slave-race Diamond Dogs, ruled alongside the Three Races of Ponies. As the ages passed, the less powerful kingdoms and people, such as Sheep, Goats and Cattle were conquered and enslaved by ponies, while more powerful and less easily conquered kingdoms such as Dragons and Griffons were simply shut out as much as possible. Out in the wilderness the Buffalo tribes still maintain some form of independence, but slowly even their land is being taken over and subjugated.

Even in modern times Celestia continues circulating her propaganda to lull the ponies into naive complacency about the world beyond the borders and maintain absolute rule. Luna herself, the brainwashed and mentally broken remains of Dreaming Moon, is kept like a jester for the amusement of Celestia and her subjects.

Some ponies, however, notably the ancient lineage of the Pie family, use various means of concealing their knowledge of the true nature of the world, most commonly through a veil of apparent insanity by either acting the part like Pinkamena or living the part like her parents on the "rock farm". Interdimensional wardens such as the good Doctor also take interest in both spreading the secret knowledge and overthrowing the Tyrant, while some barely free races will occasionally send spies and scouts like Zecora into small towns such as Ponyville to report on the most current propaganda in order to document the increasing or decreasing possibility of revolution.

While the elites, those closest to the Tyrant, have little need to pay any actual attention to the grunts who deal with the various problems inherent in the system such as Twilight and her companions, certain individuals who are knowledgeable of the truth such as Fancy Pants and his bodyguard Fleur will take special interest in those who are both powerful and hold a potential for conversion to the Revolutionary Cause.

how's that for some Wild Man Guessing and Epileptic Trees? :derpytongue2:

KMCA #29 · Mar 23rd, 2012 · · 1 ·

348056 Discord isn't evil persay. He's chaos, it effects the just and unjust alike. I personally get the feeling that he wasn't THAT bad before being encased in stone for a thousand years. Drove ponies crazy yeah, but if you were locked in stone for a thousand years and you got out wouldn't you want to try all those wonderful ideas you had during your imprisonment? Or go alittle overboard in trying them all at once?
Hell I'd have gone that far just to piss Celestia off and make her realize her mistake of turning me into stone in the first place.

And on a final note John Delancy (sp?) the voice of Discord mentioned at Toronto ComiCon that he has already done another episode of MLP... Discord return or another character? Only time will tell

As a head's up, I did some revising on Chapter 1. Most of it is the same, and you could read the rest of the story and still understand everything. I've fixed up a few bits, and added some more clarity to the beginning. Word count has increased from 3,038 to 3,511, but I think most of that is at the beginning. I also changed the description, but if you've already read the story that doesn't really matter, does it?

The track button has been broken from overuse.... By me. :facehoof:


But anyway, this...is.....AMAZING.:twilightsheepish:

I can't wait for the next chapter!:twilightsmile:


...is this ever going to be updated/continued? D:
I really liked it, and hope there's more chapters.

so... are you going to continue the story?


Need. Moar. Tyrant. Celestia.

Unholy Celestia! the number of views is 1337!:pinkiegasp:this story just got 20% cooler!:rainbowdetermined2:

Innnteresting take on the view of Tyrant Celestia. Characterization is solid where it counts, writing is good and descriptive without being too obtuse. And I think you got the pacing pretty well here. Very good! Though you don't seem to be updating anymore...

516416 588945
I have far too many ideas for other stories for my own good. But it will be!

Huzzah! the story lives!1

1156988 Haha, more like the author lives!

Indeed,I was started to wonder what happened to you like...two months ago?

Sorry to ask, but are you going to continue this story? I just want to know whether to favourite it or not.

2256943 I would like to, in the future.

It was nice. A bit ooc at parts, and I wonder how Twilight could look in the window when it was Celestia's memory. But it was nice.

Is it me, or are you jumping tenses during the introduction?

Sad to see a good story die. RIP:pinkiesad2:

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