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The Speechless Spartan in Equestria - marking

Stories revolving around an unidentified odd Spartan of the UNSC in Equestria.

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A traitor, two idiots, and a bunch of hostages

A traitor, two idiots, and a bunch of hostages

“Silent….What in the world happened here?” Celestia asked at the odd and honestly uncomfortable situation that stared right at here, seeing as there was a good amount of blood everywhere and the 5 hostages that she and her sister had been working mercilessly in order to find and bring back with the least amount of conflict possible, and now she had been roused up by her guards to the notice that the guards posted at Twilight’s home were knocked out and thrown away.

Celestia had panicked at the thought of losing her protégé and the closest thing she had to a daughter of her own. What she and Luna had found though was not what she expected, nor was it any less startling as what she originally imagined. She looked at the Spartan intently, expecting an answer and an explanation, receiving only a shrug.

Now one would like to argue that Celestia and Twilight were only respectful to each other in the roles of teacher and student in order to keep a straight point that Twilight got her right to the throne through her own merit and nothing else. But it was almost too easy to see the similarities between both mentor and student as well as the traits they both shared almost like mother and daughter. Celestia’s mane began smoking and slowly igniting in fire when facing the nonchalant response the Spartan was taking over the delicate situation they had been dealing with the past few days, only for him to go and solve the problem with brute force and massacre.

If anything the Spartan only sent a message of terror to the ones orchestrating this. Instead of being able to reach an agreement in which the other side could be brought to see the error of their ways and then make amends for their mistakes they would now probably see her as a dictator with an iron hoof, ready to crush all who opposed her. This would only give them a more legitimate reason for their current objectives.

Luna on the other hand had been attempting to search for the missing ponies through their dreams the other night but for some reason she wasn’t capable of catching a glimpse of anything. She deduced that the Elements had been placed in a sort of dreamless state similar to a coma in order to keep them from giving away their location


Celestia was about to re-start the little scuffle she had with the Spartan and potentially level half of Ponyville before she was brought out of her fuming by the groans of pain coming from upstairs at which point a ragged looking Twilight came down the stairs from her room. Her hair had a few twigs in it and some scrapes as well as dirty patches on her coat, making it seem like she tussled in the dirt before going to bed.

“W-what in the world happened yesterday?” Twilight asked as she came down the stairs, massaging the back of her head where sharp pain seemed to be pulsating from.

“Twilight what happened to you!?” Celestia asked with worry as well as glancing at the Spartan, whom without a doubt in her mind had some part in it. The Spartan hadn’t even bothered to look at the scene as he resumed drinking his coffee and reading what appeared to be some sort of book about identifying wild birds.

“I remember walking through the Everfree forest to-,” Twilight attempted to explain before she was rudely cut off by Princess Celestia.

“What were you doing in the Everfree forest to begin with?” she asked sternly.

Twilight was barely able to react as she realized the hole she had dug herself into, “Oh um, I was trying to, you know, clear my mind with a walk,” she excused.

“Twilight, do you truly believe you have the slightest chance at lying like that to me and Celestia and succeeding?” Luna asked.

Twilight hung her head in shame before she replied, “I was trying to save my friends.” She looked up with determination, “But that’s just because time was running out and nopony seemed to be coming up with a good plan!”

“And therefore you thought the best idea would be not only to trust the ponies who did this to your friends, but to sneak out from under our noses without an escort?” Celestia asked, causing Twilight to look away in shame, “Its good fortune Silent brought you back. Or at least that’s what I think happened. All I know is that we were informed before sunrise that the guards in your home where knocked out. Not only that, but I come in here to find out you disobeyed me and my sister as well as placed everypony at risk with your rash thinking, the rest of the Elements of Harmony wrapped up in what seems to be a bloodied tent, a beat-up night guard, your personal guard looking like he fought a war on his own, and a gryphon tied up by rope in the corner. Right now I don’t know if I should yell at this nonsensical scenario or just give in and get some sleep,” Celestia said as she gasped for air.

Twilight had barely noticed her friends in the room before she was able to take in the whole scenario around the library. The place looked somewhat worse for wear and the bloody trail that followed up to where her personal guard sat left her imagination a whole world of gruesome possibilities. Her ears turned down as tears began to form in her eyes; it truly had been too much. Her friend’s lives all in danger because of her, the horrible dream she had, and to top it off having disappointed and angered her mentor. She had truly screwed up this time as she began silently crying before her sobs brought all attention to her.

Even the Spartan stopped his reading to turn and look at the source of distress as the guilt began to fall over Celestia.

“Oh, Twilight,” Celestia’s eyes widened as she realized her error too late. “I’m sorry,” Celestia attempted to apologize before Twilight ran up to her room and closed the door behind her.

Celestia looked to her sister for support before Luna said, “Go sister, she needs you now more than ever. Heaven knows that the whole situation would bring the mightiest of beings to their knees.”

Celestia nodded before walking up to Twilight’s room and entering. At this Luna simply looked around the room at the complete disaster; if only they knew somepony who was capable of popping in and out of everywhere with complete disregard to physics or anything whatsoever.

“You rang!?” a voice came from behind Luna as she turned and readied a spell to disembowel whoever had the gall to sneak up on her.

Luna was shocked to see the figure of Discord standing in front of her in a nonchalant way whilst carrying a travel bag.

“DISCORD!? What are you doing here!?” Luna spat as she stopped the spell before dots began connecting in her mind and she resumed the spell stronger than before, “As a matter of fact, where in the pits of Tartarus have you been!?”

Discord hid behind his travel bag as he pleaded, “Woah! Hey, no need to point horns at creatures! I was away for vacation; did my friend Fluttershy not tell you?”

“And why in all of creation would something like you need a vacation?” Luna asked skeptically.

“Hey, I may be the lord of chaos but even I have my fill of being shredded to pieces every time I crack a good one near a certain grumpy tin can,” Discord explained as a fire poker flew across the room and impaled him against the wall as a form of support to his claims. Discord popped away from the incident before looking around the room, “I rest my case, but I seem to have missed something big haven’t I? What in the world happened here?”

Luna took a moment to gather her wits after seeing the draconequus simply shrug away being impaled through the neck no less, “How is it that you didn’t notice the disarray in the room already?”

“Well, I simply thought Twilight finally took my decoration pointers, besides, you try staying focused as you look at seven different dimensions at the same time. It is quite the task I can assure you. Now back to the explanation of why my dear friends are seemingly tied up and bloodied,” Discord said, taking on an air of seriousness for once.

“They were taken hostage by a radical group that is heavily opposed against Twilight Sparkle’s ascension to the throne of Equestria. They meant to use them as a bargaining chip into getting Twilight and finishing her off, and though their motives are sketchy they have proven to be quite the threat,” Luna answered as she moved unto the task of untying the ponies.

“Where are they?” Discord asked eerily as he moved across the room, searching for clues in a completely serious demeanor that caught Luna’s attention.

“Discord why would you-,” Luna attempted to investigate Discords change but was cut off by the draconequus in question himself.

“WHERE ARE THEY!?” Discord demanded as he flew right up into Luna’s face.

Luna saw something in the crazy god’s eyes she hadn’t ever seen before. Were there was once mirth, playfulness, and a spark of madness now lay pure unadulterated anger. Perhaps the possibility of losing the only friends he had ever had was possibly affecting him in more way than one.

“Dead,” came the response, though not from Luna. Both turned towards the reading Spartan as he simply turned the next page on his book titled, “My body and me: Pony anatomy explained, Volume 3: Unicorns.”

“All of them?” Discord asked.

“Yes,” the Spartan said, not even glancing up.

“Well, good, I guess. I don’t know what I would’ve done had I gotten my claws on them,” Discord said, somewhat worried about his extreme behavior mere moments ago.

“I can empathize with you for once Discord, I truly do not know what I would’ve done to such treacherous being were I to find them myself,” Luna said as she glanced at the pile of ponies, all of which seemed to be unscathed with the exception of Black Mist who seemed to have been beaten to an inch of his life.

The Elements seemed to be faring well somewhat physically but the magical scans proved right as they seemed to be in a medically induced coma. There were no dreams behind their sleeping faces; they were in a constant state of limbo. The bastards who did it might have rendered them brain dead. The Spartan had done a great service to the country but at the same time, having killed all of the insurgents would mean they would have to perform an investigation to find exactly what they had been injecting them with. They would eventually overcome the coma but without any counteractive agents there could be horrible side effects that could follow the poor mares for the rest of their lives.

A small grunt came from the side as the gryphon in the room came slowly to her senses, “What the buck happened!?” she questioned.

“And who might you be?” Luna asked as Discord stood beside her with a small scowl on his face.

“What’s it to ya!?” the gryphon asked as she finally opened her eyes and the blurriness dissipated, only to meet one of the diarchy’s of Equestria and the embodiment of chaos staring down at her with very unfriendly looks. “O-oh! My Celestia! I’m sorry P-Princess Luna! I d-didn’t mean to!”

“Your rude behavior is not what will bring you to a punishment, but your involvement with the current events might be the line between our good graces and a permanent stay in the dungeons. You can start by giving us your name,” Luna replied with a renewed air of superiority and strength.

“G-Gilda ma’am!” the gryphon replied as she seemed to sit as straight as possible with her rope bindings on.

“Well then Gilda, how about you tell us about how you ended up tied away with the rest of the Elements of Harmony after they were taken hostage? As a matter of fact, how about you go and tell us everything that happened to you over the past three days?” Luna asked.

“And don’t you dare lie, because I will know. I can tell you right now I’ve been trying a few new foods recently, maybe trying gryphon would be something interesting,” Discord snarled as he got impossibly close to Gilda and flashed her with all his teeth, now looking razor sharp.

“I…” Gilda attempted to answer before a new voice replied for her.

“She’s innocent, I can vouch for her,” came the voice of Black Mist as he finally broke from his trance. Luna quickly moved toward him and placed a wing over him in support.

“Don’t exert yourself Mist, you’ve been through a lot already if you’re bruises say anything about it,” Luna caringly said as she gently lifted him up and moved him into a comfortable position in the couch as well as slowly placing the rest of the mares in places near him.

“Miss Gilda aided me in the retrieval of the Elements of Harmony Princess. I requested her expertise in tracking, but sadly our plans backfired and we were overwhelmed by the insurgents before we were even able to see the Elements. They proceeded to torture us for information and then tossed us in a cage with the girls inside,” the Night Guard said.

Luna stood up and looked at the gryphon before levitating her and placing her into a cushion while still looking at her warily.

“It seems that Black Mist vouches for your innocence miss Gilda, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt. But I feel like the whole story isn’t completely out in the open yet, and you can be sure that we will find out sooner than later,” Luna said as Discord seemed to slowly return to his spot before snapping his fingers and conjuring a bean bag and a cup of hot chocolate.

“I know I am not the most liked gryphon in the room right now your majesty, but I can help. I know what it is that they injected them with,” Gilda said.

“And how did you come to this information hmmm?” Discord asked.

“They weren’t exactly secretive about it in the camp, they talked about it being some sort of combination of sleeping tree zap and a flower that supposedly had the ability to make ponies fall into a trance and suffer horrible hallucinations,” Gilda replied.

“Well it’s not much to go by, but it does cut down a lot of options. It would be a smart move to look into it,” Luna said as she went up the stairs to give the recent news to her sister and possibly discuss any further decisions in regards to their unknown guest.

“And what am I supposed to do?” Discord asked before a book smashed into his snout. The book being about local Flora and Fauna.

Discord looked only to find the soldier simply reading into his book. “You know, one of these days something really bad will happen and you will regret it,” Discord said before opening the book as a small little Discord with a lab coat and glasses began explaining multiple types of plants like a class presentation.

The room had gained an odd sense of calm as both the gryphon attempted to look around the room to find a way to distract herself and the Spartan simply drank his coffee. On the other side of the room however, Black Mist stared at the human with a sense of dread slowly crawling up his spine. As the images of the past night were coming back to him slowly, the visage of the being he had been living with changed from one of a simple trigger happy short fused being to a monster living under a disguise.

He kept staring at him before the human turned its head slightly; though it seemed that he was simply staring at another part of the book, Black Mist new the Spartan was looking at him. He didn’t know how to explain it, but behind the golden visor of its helmet the monster was looking directly at him and peering into his soul, dissecting him mentally. Mist simply turned away as the horrible images of last night kept coming back to him, each time more gruesome than the last as more details came to mind of the being sitting in front of him. He wasn’t a guard or a soldier, those knew when an opponent was down. This was a demon, something that should belong in Tartarus.

The idea of asking to be relieved from his position came into his mind, but he knew that would leave Twilight alone with him. He couldn’t allow it, he wouldn’t run. He would fight this being and return it to the hell it came from should he attempt to attack the newly to be crowned princess. And he knew exactly who would help him Black Mist thought as he turned to look at Gilda.

(Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Twilight Sparkle)

“So, are you two okay now?” Luna asked as she carefully treaded with her sister and friend.

“Yes, Twilight has promised to come to me for guidance when she feels doubt about any issue and I promise to seek aid from any source that has any sort of possible plan we haven’t looked at yet as well as involve her in our plans,” Celestia replied as she and Twilight smiled at each other.

“You two are weird sometimes, maybe that’s the reason behind many of the dreams I’ve had the displeasure of stumbling upon,” Luna said.

“Like what?” Twilight asked.

“Believe me Twilight Sparkle, you don’t want to know,” Luna replied as she moved forth and sat next to them.

“So I have news,” Luna said as she turned to Celestia, “It seems that our unexpected gryphon visitor has awoken. Black Mist has vouched for her as an ally in the attempt to rescue the Elements of Harmony. She has also helped us significantly in narrowing down the search for the poison that was injected into the Elements of Harmony.”

“Wait, poison!?” Twilight asked in shock as she began to worry about all the possibilities.

“Worry not Twilight Sparkle, for we have found that the ailment your friends suffer from is merely a concoction to keep them out of the dreamscape and away from my ability to locate them,” Luna replied.

“So this gryphon, what is her name? Surely recognition is in order?” Celestia asked.

“I suppose you may be right, thought I suspect that she and Black Mist hide something important from us. It won’t be necessary to interrogate them until later. She goes by the name of Gilda, though I am unaware of her last name at the moment,” Luna said.

“Gilda? As in the Gilda that made Fluttershy cry, yelled at all of you in a party, and used to be Rainbow Dash’s flight camp friend Gilda?” Twilight asked.

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” Luna replied.

“Me neither,” Celestia joined in.

Twilight blushed as she remembered that she never went into full detail explaining Gilda’s misadventures in Ponyville when she came to visit Rainbow Dash.

“Even so, if what you tell is true then I would suppose that she isn’t a complete jerk as she originally seemed to be. It does bring more questions into her original involvement in the saving of your friends, seeing as she didn’t seem to have left on good terms with anypony,” Luna commented.

“Yeah, yesterday seems to be quite the blurry mess. I don’t seem to be able to recall much of what happened except that I was in route and then everything went dark. I then had this horrible nightmare and finally woke up here,” Twilight said.

I don’t remember feeling any nightmares from Twilight Sparkle yesterday. And I would have noticed immediately, I have been patrolling her 24/7. Furthermore, a lot of light could possibly be shed if I were capable of speaking with Silent Warrior, perhaps it is time I make a trip to his dreamscape and find the answers to many of the questions I’ve been having recently,’ Luna thought.

Twilight on the other hand was attempting to remember anything whatsoever but nothing came to mind, all she knew was that somehow Silent had saved the day yet again with as much violence as unnecessarily possible. Thinking about the possibilities made Twilight’s stomach turn with disgust. All in all, it just added up to the enigma that was her guard; maybe it was that he was incapable of full sentences, instead all his phrases included a way to insult you, give commands, and descriptions. Twilight stood up from the bed as her eyes twinkled, she had been living with this being for quite a while now and now she would be turning the tables. She would unravel the enigma that was Silent Warrior one way or another.

(Library lobby)

“I think I’ve got it!” yelled the tiny Discord in euphoria as the Discord holding the book seemed to wake up from a boring lecture.

The conscious parties in the library turned to see Discord as he went on to explain his findings, “The only tree capable of doing such a thing as told to us by Gilda is one native to the Everfree forest. The tree itself doesn’t exude the salve, but it has vines and plants that exude the salve in forms of gas that put animals to sleep, leaving them vulnerable to predators. The animal’s remains are then absorbed by the tree as nutrients. The tree’s name is Angela Mortus. Furthermore, there are three plants in the known poisonous spectrum that are capable of placing the mind into a trance like state as displayed by the Elements, of those three two can be found nearby and one is only available in the Crystal Empire! There is no time to waste!” The tiny Discord ran up Discord’s arm and crawled inside the draconequus’s ear in a display that could not be described as anything but traumatizing.

Once inside, Discord stood up from his bean bag chair and snapped his fingers as Luna, Celestia, and Twilight appeared in the middle of the leaving room.

“Discord, what in the name of Faust do you think you’re doing!?” Celestia snarled in anger.

“No time to explain my dear Tia. Time is of the essence! We need to leave for the hospital pronto!” Discord said before snapping his fingers once more and all of them and the Elements popped out of existence, leaving behind a human, a night guard, and a gryphon behind.

Gilda looked around the room as she was finally able to relax somewhat without the choice of impending doom in front of her. Eventually the metallic behemoth in the room caught her attention, to which she eloquently replied, “WHAT IN TARTARUS IS THAT!?”

The Spartan rebutted with a well versed, “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

(Undisclosed Location)

It seemed that after that whole incident they were capable of finally getting things settled with the girls as they found a positive reaction from them towards a counteractive agent that, oddly enough, came from a poison joke extract. Rather than continue flailing at each other and investigating everyone’s background, Luna had to go back to Canterlot to attack the sizeable piles of documents that surely had already stacked over because of their prolonged stay in Ponyville. Celestia decided it would be best to stay with Twilight a few more nights to make sure that everything was truly over. Discord seemed to have placed a guard booth around the Hospital as well as placing nanny cams and motion sensors inside the place.

Gilda and Black Mist where left alone at the library after the Spartan took off for ‘materials’ as he said, which takes us to the present moment in time.

“You think you’re tough big guy? You have no idea what I’ll do to you when I escape from here! You hear me! The second they find out I’m gone they will track me down and then you’ll be in for it!” yelled the insurrectionist leader as he struggled against the restraints that held him in place.

The human ignored his ramblings as he worked on some sort of contraption in a workbench. He stopped and straightened his back before working his way towards the unicorn. The poor pony didn’t even know where he was and the lights were far too dim for him to even recognize any sort of tell in the room.

All of his ramblings and threats came to a sudden halt as something pressed against horn.

“W-what are you-,” the unicorn attempted to speak before being interrupted by a deep gruff voice.

“You know, I’ve been reading about unicorn anatomy for a while. Most of it is gibberish about you guys being capable of amazing acts of magic or how your internal organs work as a whole to make you body fully capable of supporting your magic as if you guys were the world’s biggest miracle. I guess that’s what I get for reading material from an author who obviously thinks himself better than everyone else. It doesn’t come without its good pointers though; did you know that the unicorn’s horn is quite sensitive?” the Spartan said as he began grinding something against the tip of the horn, resulting in the unicorn giving him a baffled expression as he felt nothing.

“I’m taking your silence as a way to confirm that they aren’t that, but I do have my theories to prove,” the soldier said as the grating got stronger and rougher, making the unicorn wince at the strange feeling in his head, “Like the fact that a horn is not so much as exposed nerves, but it does have such a thing called central nerves inside it. Just like a receptor, you have to take off the metal shield to reach into the cables inside.”

As he said that a blinding pain began to pulse from the unicorn’s head as he began fighting to move away from the Spartan, though it was for not as the soldier simply grabbed onto his head and held him still as he used a metal file on the top of his horn, making the unicorn scream in pain and agony whilst fighting for escape.

“How is it that you unicorns can claim to be better than all the races while you have this incredibly exposed weakness all the time?” the Spartan asked as he threw the file away and grabbed the horn with a firm grasp whilst placing his thumb against the tip of his horn, slowly applying pressure to it.

“P-please… don’t do this!?” the unicorn pleaded.

With a crack the tip broke off like a pencil and fell to the side, making the unicorn scream in agony and writhe in pain against his bindings before he began to slowly lose consciousness.

A hard slap against his face caught his attention as everything began blacking out only for it to come back as if having a bucket of water being thrown into your face.

“Now, we wouldn’t like to spoil the fun by going to sleep right?” the human said as he showed him a small syringe, “Don’t worry though. I have enough adrenaline shots to keep you awake for days. This party is merely starting.”

The unicorn, now more aware of his senses than before as well as the pulsing from his broken horn, could see the variety of tools and what not hanging from the ceiling.

“Please! Don’t do this! I’ll do anything! I swear!” pleaded the now fear stricken unicorn.

“Good,” the Spartan replied, “Because I want answers and you are going to give them to me. Either that or we can begin figuring all the nicks and knacks of pony anatomy, I’ve been dying to know just how sensitive a hoof is and how you would react to getting horseshoes,” the Spartan said as he flicked the unicorn’s horn.

Author's Note:

A special thanks to Requiem17 for editing and giving overall advice in the story.
Next chapter will contain torture, some blood, and mental trauma, youve been warned.

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Next chapter will contain torture, some blood, and mental trauma, youve been warned.

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Next chapter will contain torture, some blood, and mental trauma, youve been warned.
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Next chapter will contain torture, some blood, and mental trauma, youve been warned.

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Huh... next chapter will contain torture, some blood, and mental trauma. YAY!!! *high pitch maniacal laughter* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! LETS RIP OUT HIS SPLEEN AND FORCE HIM TO EAT IT!!! *voice turns back to normal* Ugh..... what happen?

5573842 I can see I left you speechless XD

5573854 I wanted to reply with another torture, but I thought to horrible for male and young audiences.

5573860 Huh?.....OOOOHHHHH HAHAHA I get it.

Make Silent bake his organs into cupcakes

Is it bad that I want his prisoner to be a certain prince? And also Luna is going to die in there.

If anything the Spartan only sent a message of terror to the ones orchestrating this. Instead of being able to reach an agreement in which the other side could be brought to see the error of their ways and then make amends for their mistakes they would now probably see her as a dictator with an iron hoof, ready to crush all who opposed her. This would only give them a more legitimate reason for their current objectives.

Ironic sentiment for Celestia, considering she straight up tried to murder Silent, not too many chapters ago. Twice.

5569184 I like where this is going.

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