• Published 8th Oct 2013
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The Speechless Spartan in Equestria - marking

Stories revolving around an unidentified odd Spartan of the UNSC in Equestria.

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Please Help

Please Help

When they reached the dining area the Spartan was surprised to see the elegant display among the multiple tables and the waiters strolling through with multiple dishes. Truly the Spartan hadn’t given the ponies the credit they deserved, they had exceeded his expectations and proven themselves to be truly decent and evolved beings. He was a little intrigued as to why the Princess didn’t choose to get a table and instead kept walking to another room. The multiple ponies, and if his eyes didn’t betray him, some gryphons, zebras, and minotaurs in the room stared quizzically at him as he moved to the other room.

Once in the room the Spartan noticed it to be a little bit fancier and better guarded. There was a single waiter in it standing like a guard obviously waiting for orders. Instead of multiple tables for different guest there was just one big elongated table like those depicted in movies found inside rich family castles. There were multiple Chandeliers across the ceiling in a symmetric pattern surrounding the main chandelier made out of diamonds and gold hanging in on top of the table. The light it emitted made the silver cutlery and glasses have a special shine to them. All in all it seemed like a Walt Disney Movie dining room. Luna sat down and motioned for the Spartan to do so as well. As soon as they sat down the waiter swiftly approached them and gave both a menu which included the many dishes they could offer along with a daily special. A quick glance through the menu proved that all the dishes and entrees where of vegetarian origin. The Spartan noticed that there were two boxed messages on the very bottom of the menu which included a message for special orders and a message for the carnivore menu.

Im already out of the cell, might as well live it up a little.’ Thought the Spartan as he motioned for the waiter and then signaled with his hand to the carnivore message.

The waiter looked taken aback but made no comment of his choice. He left and soon came with a black looking menu.
He gave the Spartan the new menu and took the red one for herbivores with himself. In this menu he could see many different kinds of animal names he had never heard of aside from mythology but he assumed that it was meat. He settled on a Hydra steak with a side of mashed potatoes. Eventually Luna also made her mind up and signaled for the waiter.

“Yes my princess? How may I help you?” asked the waiter to Luna.

“Yes, umm, could I please have the salad with hay bacon strips, also some tea for the drink?” replied Luna.

“Yes your highness, and for your guest?” said the waiter while he turned to the Spartan.

The Spartan pointed to his decided dish and the side he wanted with it. Also gestured with his hand as if drinking some sort of liquid out of a mug. The Waiter took the hint for the beverage and grabbed both menu’s with his magic.

“Very well, if you’ll excuse me I’ll go and tell the kitchen your orders. If you need anything else please tell me.” Said the waiter and excused himself through a door that could be assumed to be connected to the kitchen.

Silence fell unto the dining hall and an intense feeling of awkwardness fell as the presence of the emptiness in the hall made itself overly abundant. The Spartan kept looking around the hall taking in every single detail in order to have something to do. He also wandered if Celestia was going to come to have breakfast too. He was snapped out of it as he heard Luna clear her throat. He looked towards her and saw her staring at him.

“Im sorry I didn’t say this earlier but my sister Celestia will not be making it for breakfast, as she is quite busy at the moment with the ascension of her pupil and managing the coronation.” said Luna.

The Spartan nodded and then tilted his head to the side as his attention was completely on Luna.

“Im going to guess you understand my sister’s absence but have no idea of the other details am I right?”

The Spartan nodded.

“Ok here it goes, as we explained before Celestia and I are alicorns. And we are the leaders for this country. My sister though has had a student she has practically raised to become another of the leaders of the country of Equestria, but a leader can’t be just strong mentally but also physically so my sister imposed upon her student the ultimate test to see if she was ready to accept the burden of leading a country. Needless to say she passed it and we are now planning the coronation of her while also mentally preparing her for the new responsibilities. Sadly though with her coronation some ponies have come up that believe that she shouldn’t be given that gift and that it would be better suited for someone else… mostly themselves. And so therefore have made threats to her health and well-being.”

The Spartan nodded but looked to the side as he took it all in. Not one month had passed and he was already hearing about threats to royalty and political conflicts. He really didn’t want to get involved in it though. He looked towards the princess and nodded once more for her to continue.

“My sister and I have discussed what to do with you and also how you came to be here. With the coronation coming up and the threats made we both thought it would be good to employ your services.”

The Spartan didn’t nod; he just looked at Luna as he processed her petition. She wanted to involve him in this cluster fuck of political problems. He had already been dispensed by the ONI and been imprisoned for a month. Was it that the world just wouldn’t let him live in peace? He chuckled a little at the idea and shook his head in the process. As he did this the waiter came with the orders and placed them in front of the table an excused himself again. Luna looked at the Spartan and took his reaction as a rejection to their plan. She had to do something or else trust the mediocre and feeble guards of her sister to protect Twilight Sparkle, and she knew that aside from external appearances they were only good as door guards.

“Listen Silent, I know we haven’t known each other long and most of the time you were imprisoned but you have to accept that you brought this upon yourself. Please listen to our plead, we've seen what you can do; you can withstand magic and have the brute force of a manticore or more. You knew how to control yourself rather than electrocute Blueblood for his arrogance. And even with so much brute power you can still manage to use it with precision and sneak into the castle and elude our forces. This unicorn is a really good friend of mine and I know that you can protect her if danger arises. Please, if you do this we shall leave you alone and let you be in peace. Can you do this one favor to us? It won’t last more than three months and you’ll be fully financed.” Luna pleaded at the Spartan.

Well fuck, here we go again with another mission even when I’m supposed to be dead. I guess Spartans really never die heh heh. Still I don’t want to partake in anything with these ponies, there's really nothing they can do to change my… is she pulling a puppy dog face at me?’ thought the Spartan.

I didn’t want to resort to the puppy face but I really have to get him to agree lest we have to actually seclude Twilight from society until her coronation day. COME ON CATCH THE BAIT!!!’ Luna thought as she placed her evil scheme into action.

She is! She is making a puppy dog face! Why that little…Awww…NO! Be strong soldier! You were brought up with the most grueling military training and discipline! BE STRONG DAMMIT!!! SHE WILL NOT COERCE YOU INTO THIS! YOU ARE A POWERFUL MACHINE!!!!’ thought the Spartan at the scene unfolding in front of him.


OH YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!!!!!! GOD DAMMIT!!!!!!! FINE!!! ILL FUCKING DO IT!’ ran through his mind as his head hung and slowly nodded. He looked unto and was surprised by the quick hug that came his way.

“Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!” said Luna in rapid succession, “You don’t know how much this means for me!”

Both looked at each other after the explosion of emotions settled and separated in an instant. They looked at their plates and went ahead to devour their breakfast. During it Luna told the Spartan about Twilight Sparkle and his mission in general to protect her from every and all attempts to harm her. She had 5 best friends and multiple acquaintances around the town in wish she resides in, Ponyville. She also has a little assistant called Spike which is a purple and green dragon, they’ve passed so much of their lives together they consider each other brother and sister. She has a pet owl called Owlicious and Spike has a pet phoenix called Peewee. The names of her best friends are Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy with which she tends to get into lots of problems or adventures in search for lessons of the magic of friendship. She is very studious and most of the time likes to read so therefore she should be easy to watch when in the public library she lives in. All this and some more little details were given to the Spartan about his three month mission.

Twilight Sparkle would most likely be a handful to watch over, but being a Spartan there isn’t really anything smaller than an army that he couldn’t handle. He would need maps of Ponyville with the houses of her and her friends marked, he was also going to need schematics of the Ponyville Public Library in order to make defense and retaliation plans, and finally he needed to get a class in the technology available in Equestria along with the physical capacities of every sentient species on the planet. If he was going to do this mission, he was going to be prepared for anything.

The Spartan looked at the princess and gestured her attention, once he had it he pointed to the clock. It went downward from there, asking for two weeks of preparation was a whole task within itself which presented to the Spartan a whole new problem. He desperately needed to learn a few phonetic commands and orders. It took half an hour before Luna finally understood what the Spartan meant and agreed to his demands. She didn’t like the idea of leaving Twilight under the care of the royal guards for two weeks, but if it meant she would then deliver a very well prepared guard then she was going to accept it. Celestia was not going to be happy about this turn of events.

They both finished their meals (Luna completely creeped out as Silent only partially lifted his helmet to reveal his mouth where he dumped the food in) and then got somewhere for the Spartan to sleep in during his two week preparation. Luna showed him where the library was and introduced him to a few guards and servants that would help him with some tasks. She also got a few scholars from her sister’s school to come and teach him what he required in case the alphabet too was different.

The Spartan wasn't certain of how his mission would play out or how he would have to protect Twilight Sparkle but he was sure of something, the next two weeks were going to be a pain in the ass.