• Published 8th Oct 2013
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The Speechless Spartan in Equestria - marking

Stories revolving around an unidentified odd Spartan of the UNSC in Equestria.

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The Time Out

The time-out

The first few days of the Spartan went smoothly though completely boring. So much so that he decided to try and figure out a way to interpret the sounds that came from his mouth and the sounds he heard in order to be able to convey messages. Maybe if he tried hardly enough he would be able to learn the language through practice of trial and error. The guards looked at him oddly the first two days he started to do that. By the end of the first week they no longer cared. He was astoundingly proud of himself when he was able to formulate his first coherent word. Spartans were very intelligent warriors and after the augmentation they were even more capable of retaining new information. After his first word the guards began to worry about him. He oddly and awkwardly began yelling the word pencil in happiness as if he had found the cure to all diseases. The guards from time to time insulted his intelligence with little snips and commentaries. They probably weren’t aware of the spell Luna applied to him and what it did to him. The Spartan had simply decided to leave the fact of their “magic” aside in order to prevent himself a migraine.

After a few days into the second week he had already found a pattern into the words through the phonetics of his alphabet and had a general grasp of how to say some things. Some words he had tested came out exactly how he wished them to be, yet other words still eluded him. The language of the equines proved to be a lot more complex and complicated than he thought it to be. Almost like trying to learn a kind of never heard before mandarin derived language. By the end of the second week the Spartan had already figured out how to say a few basic greetings and objects. His name still escaped him though, but he was trying with all his will to find a way to pronounce it and make away with the Silent Warrior name they gave him.

Then one day a white unicorn with blonde hair entered the dungeons followed by a bunch of what could be only described as snobs. He walked toward him and bragged at the other ponies as if he had battled the Spartan and subdued him like an out of control animal. He lied about the Spartan and portrayed him as a stupid creature to the mob. The Spartan couldn’t reach him due to the crystal walls around the cell. By what the Spartan heard, the unicorn that was shitting on him at the moment was called Blueblood and threw his weight around as if he was untouchable. He also used his aunt Celestia as a pretext to do whatever he wanted and act as however he pleased. At the end of his lies he looked at the Spartan and gestured in a way for the Spartan to try and reach him. This was the breaking point of the Spartan’s patience, as he threw all his anger with a mighty blow to the crystal wall. The whole ground vibrated due to the power of the punch and the sound of the impact reverberated through the dungeons like a cannonball through concrete. A crack appeared at the crystal wall that outlined the epicenter of the punch. The whole wall was cracked like a bulletproof Plexiglas to a sniper round. Needless to say Blueblood and his friends where scared and beginning to re-asses their safety from the beast. The wall healed itself like magic and left an infuriated Spartan on the other side.

Blueblood’s fear seemed to leave as soon as he saw the wall heal itself and the Spartan still in there. He laughed in a mocking manner at the Spartan and through a few insults to his intelligence in his cocktail of ridicule. The Spartan was now angrier than ever and if anyone in that room had looked directly into his eyes they would be able to claim have seen the seven circles of hell. A series of punches to the wall shook the dungeon grounds. Blueblood was convinced that the Spartan wasn’t capable of escape so he paid no mind to the infuriated prisoner as he kept mocking him from outside. He was so convinced of being untouchable that he didn’t notice the Spartan gave the wall no time to regenerate through multiple punches. With a final punch a sizable hole appeared and the Spartan reached from his cell with his hand unto the idiotic snob while ignoring the shocks the steel bars sent into him. He withdrew Blueblood’s head into his cell as the shocked mob of snobs screamed in panic. The unicorn was frightened as he was made aware of his new predicament. The Spartan held unto the Blueblood’s head and shrugged off the magic the unicorn was applying to free himself. By the time the guards reached for the aid of Blueblood it was already too late. The walls had healed and trapped in them was Blueblood’s upper torso suspended in the air as his head was directly inside the Spartan’s cell.

The panic in the unicorn’s eyes was only the cherry on top of the Spartan’s revenge sundae. As the guards were unable to set him free they ran out of the room obviously to look for Celestia. Though it would already be too late by the time she would reach him. The Spartan took hold of one of the steel bars and felt the electricity flow through him, he then reached with his hand towards Blueblood. The Spartan took an image with his helmet that would make him laugh, smile, and enjoy life as a whole for the years to come. Blueblood was crying like a baby as bubbles of snot and tears flowed like rivers from his face while he tried to formulate a coherent plead for mercy.

AAAAaaaand record.’ Thought the Spartan as the red REC icon appeared in his visuals of the mess of a unicorn stallion that was before him.

Such was Blueblood's fear that something else happened while crying his life out to the Spartan. The Spartan let go of the steel bar as his armor would overload and it could cause a problem. He looked at Blueblood and saw liquid fall on the other side of the crystal wall. Sure the pinkish look the crystal wall provided made hard for the true colors of things to be depicted, but it was obvious Blueblood had pissed himself. The Spartan couldn’t take it anymore and fell to the floor laughing his ass off at the blubbering idiot who had claimed to be a warrior among warriors. After he stopped crying Blueblood passed out and the Spartan stopped recording. He happily waited in his cell like the good little Boy Scout he was after earning the badge for “teaching a stuck up snob a lesson”. Princess Luna, Princess Celestia, the guards, and the snobs came into the dungeons minutes later and found the mess of a prince hanging from the wall. Celestia looked at the Spartan sternly and gave him a verbal reprimand due to his rash actions. It was something about him being the advanced alien that he should know better than turning to violence to vent his frustrations. While Luna opened the crystal wall to retrieve Blueblood she turned to the Spartan and whispered, “Nice.” And then left with the pony in tow with her magical grip, though a few meters away to avoid touching him. The maids came later and cleaned the mess Blueblood did and glared at the Spartan for making them have to clean for a second time in less than a month the body secretions of a pony. The Spartan felt bad for them and made it a goal that he would properly apologize once he had the whole language figured out.

Needless to say his little stunt gained the Spartan a new week to think about his actions. The Spartan didn’t object as it was totally worth it and stress relieving. The third week went without a hitch and the guards not once said an insult to him, maybe because they deduced what could happen. The Spartan just kept to his business and tried to understand the language even more. There were more advances in his linguistic research and the patterns became more and more understandable. If he kept like this he would soon be able to pronounce complete sentences.

The fourth week was very peaceful and the Spartan passed time working out, mentally reviewing the phonetic patterns he had formed about the equine language, viewing Blueblood’s mental breakdown, and sleeping. During the week he was visited by Princess Luna in which she told him of what happened after Blueblood woke up and how much she had laughed once she reached her room and placed a sound proofing spell. Apparently Blueblood was so ashamed he wouldn’t leave his room and was also apparently planning a personal vendetta against the Spartan.Luna taught the Spartan about the Royal Canterlot voice and how it was a lot more fun to laugh about Blueblood with it. The Spartan could probably grow fond of this Princess. Nothing passed during the fourth week except the rumors he heard of a certain Twilight Sparkly “ascending” whatever that meant, and about how it would impact the political world. The Spartan gave it no second thought and just went to sleep.


The Spartan woke up from his cell on the last day of his imprisonment and looked at the ceiling. He could hear the guards walking towards his cell with the sound of hooves hitting the cobblestone. Assuming that they were going to just plop down his usual food serving of three tomatoes, a carrot, and a glass of water he gazed of over the food entry opening. It was hard to think that he managed to survive a month on that kind of diet. Oddly enough nothing came through the opening and instead the cell opened followed by Luna entering. The Spartan was taken by surprise as he was expecting to be released at a later time.

“Hello Silent.”

Here we go with that fucking name. What am I a goddamn dog!?’ thought the Spartan.

“I wish to inform you that your mandated sentence has been completed as of today. I hereby declare you a free… umm, I'm sorry I don’t think I really know what you are.”

I guess that's just another word I have to learn to say

“I guess minotaur would fit your race better than any other that lives in Equestria.”

Oh for fuck’s sake!

“Anyways, I would like for us to discuss the following course of actions regarding your stay in Equestria over breakfast so please follow me.”

The Spartan stood up and followed Princess Luna out of his cell, outside waited two guards who gave him mean looks. It appeared like some hard feelings had been created in the course of the four weeks. Both of the guards stood by the princess’s side in a protective manner as if thinking he would take the smallest opportunity to lounge at her. They walked through the halls and this time the Spartan took time to pay attention to the details and the work that had been placed into them. The equine military might have been a laughable stock but when it came to decoration and architecture they went all out. This place was immaculate and beautiful to the smallest of details. The white marble perfectly accentuated with the light of the sun coming in through the windows, and the multiple reds of the tapestry gave it a sense of a warm serenity.

Through the stroll of the halls the Spartan saw two faces that he recognized all too well. Moving away from the guards and near the two ponies made the nearby guards think he was about to attack or do something regrettable. They launched at him in order to stop him and grabbed him in every way they could. The enormous soldier covered with guards moved to the two maids and knelt before them. They were pretty scared at the thought of the Spartan going directly for them; thinking the beast wanted to attack them because of the mean glares they shot his way in the dungeon they prepared for the worst.

“SOooRry.” Said the Spartan.

Both mares stood completely dumbfounded at what the creature had said. The beast for some reason had come to them and apologized for who knows what reason.

“Sorry for what?” asked one of the mares.

Then the Spartan gestured with his body as he picked up a guard from his shoulder and held him with one arm while with the other made as if cleaning a spill.

“I think he’s sorry for making us clean that mess up.” said on mare to the other.

“Oh! Don’t worry about that, it’s our job after all. Besides it was quite worth it for getting rid of Blueblood for quite the while. Just don’t make it a habit of yours and we should be just fine.” said the other mare to the Spartan.

The Spartan nodded and pulled himself up, then he shook himself like a wet dog and the guards of top of him fell to the ground. He returned to the Princess and then continued their stroll to the dining room with a slightly bemused princess.