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The Speechless Spartan in Equestria - marking

Stories revolving around an unidentified odd Spartan of the UNSC in Equestria.

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Hostage Situation pt.2

Author's Note:

A great thanks for Requiem (my editor) for not bashing my head after I wrote this chapter by smashing my hands repeatedly against the keyboard until something made sense.
Also, this chapter contains lots of gore and the Dark tag is used. Enjoy and Happy Monday (I know its impossible, but at least try... for me?).

Following chapter will be an aftermath sort of thing, and following that we will have a fun intermission staring Black Mist and his adventures.
Also, expect a parody chapter in the middle with the theme of October in mind seeing as I love this holiday and I cannot letting it pass.

Hostage Situation pt.2

We don’t negotiate with terrorists,’ was the single thought running through the Spartan’s head over and over again as he mowed through the forest foliage and approached towards the ruined castle silently. Things all around him seemed at peace and quiet, too quiet. The book the Spartan read said the forest was wild and untamed. So why when the night struck and the predator’s needed to come out did everything seem to be so calm?

The Spartan almost finished the trek towards the castle before shrieks of horror grabbed his attention. It seemed like a hunter had finally found itself a prey in the midst of night. Originally he would have just ignored them and let nature continue on its cycle, but he was stopped in his tracks as he heard the screams for help that seemed unusually high for some of the ponies he had met until this moment. If those ponies created a big enough ruckus the kidnapper would be alerted and at full guard which would make things harder.

The Spartan made his way towards the sound and stayed concealed before he found an unusual sight. There seemed to be three scared little fillies cornered by a creature of myth. An actual manticore seemed to be just toying with them for the moment before it would feel like eating and seeing as how the small ponies seemingly climbed over each other trying to escape they were just too frightened to think logically. They were probably foals too which didn’t help the situation at all, if he were to help them they most likely would run around telling every single pony they saw and blow the whole setup he was aiming to do. He had to take care of this problem without hurting the fillies, taking care of the manticore and sending them back home in a way that they wouldn’t come back into the forest and cause more trouble for him.

Cries of help were screamed by the CMC as the Manticore looked at them with an impish grin as if toying with them. The three fillies had attempted everything from separating, attempting to fly, and even climbing on a tree but the Manticore didn’t seem to be stopped by anything. Tears marked the coats of the fillies as the realization that there was no escape hit them. All they wanted to do was rescue their big sisters but it seemed that once more they were the ones who needed rescuing.

As the three fillies slowly began to accept their fate and stop running the grin on the manticore faded as it stopped corralling them and seemed to be more interested in eating them now rather than playing with its food. Applebloom gasped as the manticore lunged at them through the air and closed her eyes along with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo in anticipation of death… only for a loud cracking sound to be heard and a howl of pain to emanate from the manticore.

The fillies opened their eyes and gasped as the strange thing stood over them, it seemed like a tree as it stood well over them and was covered in vines and leaves. Almost like a living hill that sprouted out of the ground for their aid. The fillies only looked at it in horror as it held in one of its protrusions a wing from the manticore. The manticore in question thrashed in pain as blood seeped out of the surprise amputation.

The manticore seemed to be more enraged than in pain as it managed to stand on its legs and sneered at the living hill holding its wing. The tree monster tossed away the wing before moving towards the manticore at which point the lion, scorpion, and bat hybrid jumped and lashed out at the beast standing between it and its dinner. The manticore was unable to process what happened next as the creature sidestepped, giving the mythological creature a clear shot at the fillies; it seemed that the manticore would get its prize after all. The fillies screamed as the creature sidestepped from in front of them only to be presented with the view of the manticore lunging towards them.

Being inches in the air from them the manticore could almost taste the juicy and tender flesh of the foals as it opened its mouth and got ready to take the first bite. A bite that never came as a tugging sensation from behind it became agonizing pain. Everything stopped for the manticore before the creature grabbed it by the scorpion tail and threw the beast into the forest with so much strength that a few trees that stood in its way while flying backwards got shattered to pieces as the manticore impacted them. Everything had gone according to plan as the tree creature looked at the fillies and saw them scared out of their minds.

The Spartan’s plan was simple; stop the manticore, scare the living daylights out of the children, and coral them all the way back to Ponyville. This proved wonderfully correct as the Spartan turned around to see only dust clouds where the foals had just stood. He followed them for a little to make sure that they were on the right track to Ponyville. Hopefully with this scare they would never come into the forest again. As he moved back to finish his mission a small vial flew in front of him and smashed into the ground before an explosion of mythical flames engulfed the ground around him.

“What have you done foul creature, to the fillies that were once in this forest without a teacher!?” came a voice from within a hooded figure.

God fucking dammit,’ the Spartan thought as he looked at this hooded pony that seemed to carry something alike nitroglycerin vials.

“I will not ask again for there is nothing for you to gain, tell me where they are or you’ll find yourself in a world of pain,” growled the hooded pony with a thick accent.

Oh look, it even rhymes. I swear to god this fucking place,’ the Spartan thought as he made his way back to the track before a second vial flew directly at the back of his head, the Spartan only just dodging and his path blew up in flames.

“I’m putting a stop to your campaign, I will not miss again!” the pony said before it threw open its hood and revealed not only several different vials of the substance but also the pony to be a zebra.

I don’t have time for this,’ the Spartan thought as three vials were thrown his way with marksman accuracy.

The zebra must not have accounted for such a small reaction time from the creature as it grabbed all the vials in the air before they impacted and even tossed one her way. The zebra’s eyes widened as it dodged to the right before smashing against a tree she didn’t notice there a second before. She looked up only to see with fright the towering creature over her.

Night night,’ the Spartan thought as he clonked the zebra behind the head and allowed her body to fall limply to the ground.

Look at all this stuff she had in her hood, talk about having safety measures. She was a walking MRE for any animal that decided the push her in the ground with enough force to make one of the vials crack open, though they might be useful,’ the Spartan thought as he took the vials the zebra had and placed them in his inventory. Just then he was struck with the realization that he didn’t know where this zebra lived and also that the fires most likely alerted the kidnappers of him coming. His cover was relatively blown now and he was not in the mood for games anymore.

The Spartan grabbed one of the vines he covered his body with and with it he wrapped the zebra and its cloak into a neat bundle. A bundle that he quickly left in front of Fluttershy’s home near the Everfree.

With no more problems the Spartan once more quickly moved towards the castle. Time was of the essence now.

The Spartan ran through the forest with unimaginable speed for something as big and heavy as him. The reports he had read as well as the things he had seen before taking Twilight back to the basement for being an idiot showed the only way into the castle was a feeble bridge that had no chance in holding his weight. Therefore he would have to jump, so he needed as much velocity as he could muster.

The scenery flashed beside him as the world turned into a blur and his five second camouflage was turned to shreds as it was unable to handle the speed and rough movements of the Spartan. Faster and faster the Spartan ran as he saw the edge of the ground and the massive jump he had to make. It was a very large jump but he should be able to make it.

At last the Spartan reached the edge and jumped forwards and as high as he could, the air whistled around him as he landed on the other end of the land with a massive thump. Not long before he landed the world trembled as the edge began to crumble and give away. The Spartan quickly unsheathed his combat knife and impaled it into the ground as all the ground gave way and left a massive missing piece on the edge of the land. The Spartan was quick to climb up and hide behind a pile of rubble on the side of the cliff. If he was correct eyes would now be watching where he once stood.

The insurrectionist party might not be in the area but the Spartan trusted his sense that if they planned on having a prisoner exchange they would at the very least leave someone to look over the designated area. He would need to be aware of every little thing of the place and make sure no one tampered with it or set up a trap. This would mean that the Spartan needed to lure him/her or maybe even them out.

As the Spartan stood as still as a rock and overlooked his surroundings he was capable of making out four figures peering out from multiple orifices of the castle. The figures seemed uneasy as his sensors caught them moving around their respective positions in a quite desperate fashion. To be honest he had just fought a chimera and a zebra with something alike incendiary grenades so it was a very reasonable idea to think that the area spotters where thinking about something ready to go amiss at the palace.

And two of them are separate from the group, it’s like they actually want me to kill them,’ the Spartan thought as he waited for an opening to show up in which the peering eyes weren’t looking down on his position.

Eventually the opening came and the Spartan swept into the shadows of the ruins. He needed one alive to point him in the direction where the others were located.

Fire Blaze had not been a happy camper during the day to say the least. Everything had gone from bad to worse since the start as the Royal Guard practically flooded the whole town of Ponyville which made it a very stressing moment for the Pegasus pony. He and his brothers and sister had finally decided to act when Celestia announced Twilight Sparkles incoming coronation. Celestia had been the sole ruler and guide of the kingdom of Equestria for over a thousand years and when Twilight Sparkle had entered her life a few noticeable changes had begun to occur around society.

Celestia would shoot down massive projects from the aristocracy and would also be stricter when it came to guests of the crown. It was obvious the filly had been manipulating the princess herself, no one would truly suspect a filly of doing such a thing except those who were capable of seeing behind the mask of innocence the world had.

The order had been keeping a close watch on the filly as she grew as well as having a few guards of theirs that had successfully snuck into the palace near her at all times. Some plans to make her see their view by attempting to send some new ponies to become her ‘friends’ when she had grown up had failed. She had locked herself away from the outer world except to a select few which only exposed their beliefs about her to be true.

When Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis, and Sombra came back or attacked before being stopped by the mare that had become the bane of the Order of the Dark Phoenix a new idea sprouted about her leeching off the power of Celestia herself. How else could she beat so many enemies of the state? Celestia obviously had become so blind and weak from the purple menace’s motives that when she called her power to fight Chrysalis she had been far too weak to crush the bug.

In the end Twilight Sparkle had turned into an alicorn and been proclaimed as next in line to the throne of Equestria. The order had failed in their attempts to get her killed off by ‘accident’ with some of the many problems they had orchestrated in the town of Ponyville. And now being an alicorn a new fear had risen that she had taken control of some elemental force of nature like the other princesses. Some nobles had tried getting her killed which caught the blinded princess’ attention, causing her to send a metallic beast to guard her at any cost. Of course the Order had dealt with some of the nobles with planned assassinations by sending them an invitation to Gryphonia on behalf of a wealthy investor aching to meet them, which they had all jumped at like the buffoons they were. As for Twilight Sparkle, they would request the aid of an old creature depicted as Tirek in the tomes. They would ask him to take Twilight’s power away and give it to the master of the order in exchange for his freedom from Tartarus.

Now the Order had to take the most forceful approach it had taken in years as they outright kidnapped the Elements of Harmony and asked for Twilight as ransom. She had been a fool to get friends and allow herself to become vulnerable. She must’ve thought she was untouchable and allowed herself to be displayed in public for the world to see. If the plan worked well the order would have more power than it ever had before in the past. After Twilight Sparkle fell the Order would have to deal with the two bit princess of the night that had suddenly appeared gallivanting into the throne room one day as one of the diarchies of Equestria. But that was a plan for another day.

Right now Fire Blaze had his attention set on everything as the small specs of fiery explosions and the loud roars in the Everfree Forest seemed to point at something that could hinder their plan. Especially after that night guard had come snooping around the place. They had watched him until they were sure he was alone and simply ‘took him’. That night guard would be taught what happens to ponies when they don’t listen, just like they did to a certain Gryphon in particular.

As Fire Blaze finally calmed down from the sudden collapse of land near the bridge towards the castle as he attributed it to just a natural occurrence he felt something move behind him.

Fire Blaze turned around as quickly as he could but he was unable to see anything. A strange smell came to his nose as well as a figure standing in his peripheral view at which moment the pony turned at once more saw nothing. This was beginning to drive him nuts and that smell wasn’t helping either. The pony moved around sniffing for the smell as he heard the clack of a door being closed in the room behind him. As the pony turned around his face turned pale and a look of abject horror passed his face as a familiar metallic monstrosity sat next to the door that had just closed in a rather relaxed position.

Fire Blaze extended his wings in an aggressive fashion as he growled at the Spartan. The Spartan on the other hand made no move to stand up or even acknowledge the Pegasus as a threat. Fire Blaze on the other hand opened his mouth ready to call for back up and inhaled as much air as he could. At that moment though, the Pegasus felt like he had inhaled something akin to fire as his throat and lungs flared in pain. It felt like something was scraping his insides as the pony fell into a harsh coughing fit. The Spartan simply looked at him though the pony could almost sense the smug grin the Spartan had plastered on his face.

Fire Blaze tried once more to call for backup but this time the coughing became much harsher as he felt his insides being scrubbed by sand paper. He was horrified when he spat a small amount of blood.

“I was wondering when the gas would take effect,” the Spartan said as the pegasus’s eyes turned to pinpricks and looked at the Spartan with shock. No report said anything about the metallic beast being capable of speech.

Fire Blaze tried with all of his will to scream out for help which came only as a hoarse whiz from his mouth as he began to cough more and more blood.

“If I were you I would shut up and cherish the moments I have left of life. After all, from what I’ve read, mustard gas is not something that feels good. Tell me, how does it feel to have the inner walls of your lungs getting scraped with a metallic loofa?” asked the Spartan as he stood up.

The Pegasus on the other hand flared his wings and attempted to take off before two hands grabbed him from the base of his wings and pulled as the bone sockets for his wings popped and the bones got crushed. The Pegasus fell to the floor and tried to cry in pain but only fell into a coughing fit once more as more blood was splattered from his mouth.

Fire Blaze would attempt to run away but his world was filled with pain at the moment. The Spartan simply walked towards the pony in agony.

“Thank you for being my first test subject for one of my projects,” the Spartan said as he grabbed the Pegasus from the back of its head and held him against the floor.

Fire Blaze thrashed in panic as the imagery of what would happen next came into his head, “Now don’t be so antsy, believe me that no one likes dying because of mustard gas, I am doing you a favor.”

And with that the Spartan pulled out the same knife he used to cut the manticore’s wing off as he swiftly impaled it through the pony’s skull as the body’s nervous system went haywire and spammed all over the place before finally laying limply. The Spartan stood up and left the room, closing the doors behind him. The helmet’s air filters had kept him safe from the mustard gas but if another pony were to walk inside the room there was a possibility that some residue of the mustard gas was left in the room. And that would be a fun thing to mimic to the ponies. Though he doubted they had anything akin to the Geneva Convention agreements and even if they did it would probably be something like not throwing water balloons when time out was called. The Spartan chuckled at the thought of the ponies having some sort of ridiculous war composed of something like water balloons or something seriously stupid like pies.

The following pony was a unicorn and also the perfect subject for a few theories the Spartan wanted to try. The unicorn didn’t seem as jumpy as the Pegasus and his eyes seemed to glow slightly as he focused intently out of the window. The Spartan could care less as he leaped behind the pony and grabbed its horn and throat as it thrashed in blind panic.

“Don’t worry, I just want to test some things,” the Spartan said as he took out one of the tazers he had fashioned and connected it to the tip of the unicorn’s horn before turning it up as the electricity danced along his horn as if it were a lightning rod. The unicorn gasped and screamed though his sounds were muffled due to the metallic hand blocking his mouth.

The Spartan was treated to a show as the unicorn convulsed as if being fried alive and saw how he popped a few blood vessels when the wide eyes of the unicorn filled with blood. Finally the Spartan let go and the body of the unicorn fell to the ground limply as he analyzed his current health. The unicorn was breathing irregularly and a few ticks in his body would come and go as well as the sudden release of its bowels.

Still alive huh? I guess that the horn is not directly connected to the brain or else he would be. Maybe it’s more of an extra sensitive extremity of the nervous system,’ the Spartan thought as he approached the body.

‘Well I guess I really can’t leave any witnesses behind now can I. Got to say though, I like being able to speak my mind for once,’ the Spartan thought as he pulled a slender yet extremely sharp and fine knife.

He had been working on this project of his for quite the while in attempts to recreate something that resembled an energy sword. The whole idea was to use as much electricity to overheat a sharp object in a way that it would cut and cauterize things quickly and efficiently. The Spartan gave it a test as the knife was now glowing a bright red before attempting to chop the unicorns head up in a single motion. Something that didn’t work was that the knife became blunt due to the extreme heat dulling the blade.

The knife merely burned slowly at the throat of the unicorn as its eyes shot open and grasped at its throat. The Spartan rolled his eyes as he tossed the failed project he had worked so hard on aside. He simply grabbed his combat knife and stabbed the unicorn right through the heart. The Spartan stood up and left the room.

Two down, two to go,’ the Spartan thought as he left.

The Gryphon and the unicorn in pair were getting antsy as they hadn’t seen the other two of their teammates for a while already. There was the possibility that another guard was around like the first one they encountered. He had fought fiercely but a fight against four opponents had been too much for him and he been taken to the base. They would make an example of him to the Princesses.

The sound of a creaking door grabbed the attention of both gryphon and unicorn as they watched the metal monstrosity they had been notified of waltz in through the door with its left arm holding something right out of sight. Both of them looked at the single reason why they were unable to simply kidnap Twilight from the very start. The gryphon looked at the Spartan and took a step in his direction with determination.

“Well aren’t you an interesting thing? You don’t look so tough. I wonder how long you’ll last against me,” the gryphon said before splaying its wings open.

“Niko be careful, you’ve heard what the reports said about him,” the unicorn said as she charged a magic blast and kept her horn aimed at the Spartan.

The Spartan suddenly moved as he tossed something right at the gryphon before a blast of magic pushed him into the wall. The gryphon though had no time to evade as the object smashed against him and broke open, letting all the fluid pour out and soak him.

“Niko! Are you ok!?” the unicorn mare asked, not once taking her sight off the Spartan who stood oddly still while gazing at the gryphon with an odd concentration.

The gryphon lifted off a piece of rubber from his face as he looked at the thing that had soaked all of his body.

“A balloon!? Did you seriously attack me with a water balloon!?” the gryphon asked, almost laughing as he wiped the liquid off his face and talons which felt kind of slippery, “A balloon filled with soapy water no less! Haha! Why did we fear this guy again!? He is a complete idiot!”

Wait for it,’ the Spartan thought as he saw the gryphon trying to clean himself off by extending his wings and flapping them a few times which dribbled some of the substance that was most definitely not water with soap all over the place and some of it even splattering on the mare to his side.

Eventually the gryphon began grunting as he began feeling an odd sensation akin to a rash. Soon the sensation went from a rash to heat and from that to burning. The gryphon was treated to a beautiful view as his skin, fur, and feathers began melting from his body as he screamed intensely for it to stop while the mare to the side looked on in horror.

“What did you do to him!? What was that stuff!?” she asked more in anger and horror than with actual want for an answer as she knew that the metal monstrosity couldn’t speak.

“Acid,” came the unexpected response as the mare looked at the Spartan with mind numbing horror as it had leaped all the way from the wall to where she and the gryphon stood.

It all happened so fast as the Spartan used a knife to slit the throat of the gryphon before grabbing her with a fierce grip towards her throat which effectively crushed her trachea, rendering her unable to speak as blood filled her mouth. After that something so horrible she couldn’t even imagine in her worst nightmares happened as the Spartan placed her against a wall and with a good solid punch snapped her horn off.

If she were able to speak she would be screaming like a mad mare at that instant as the pain was overwhelming. She began feeling woozy as her consciousness slipped away from her before a needle was jabbed into her foreleg and the world returned to her as well as all the pain. Everything was pain and terror and she couldn’t escape. She tried squirming out of the Spartan’s grasp or at the very least give up some fight before she was raised to look directly at the Spartan’s visor.

“Let’s go over this once, you will guide me towards your leaders and where the Elements of Harmony are and maybe I won’t kill you,” the Spartan said at the nearly unconscious mare.

You think I would help you at all? To let our plans be destroyed by a monster like you? Betray my brother and sisters for that manipulating whore Twilight Sparkle!?’ the mare thought before she defiantly spat blood at what she thought was the face of the Spartan.

“It seems you don’t truly understand your predicament,” the Spartan said as he grabbed his blade and jammed the tip into the center of the protrusion that once was the horn of the unicorn, making her thrash wildly as her eyes went to the back of her head, “There’s things that are a lot worse than death. If you don’t cooperate I will see to it that you plead to me to be killed.”

With that he turned the mare around towards the forest as she pointed towards a general direction though it was difficult to see the path as tears filled her eyes and streamed down her face.

It took almost an hour to get to the basecamp where the Spartan confirmed that the Elements were being held hostage. The time was around 2 A.M. in the morning which gave the Spartan a relatively small window to fit all the pieces of his plan together. His sensors detected about thirty beings in the vicinity of the camp. The Elements were definitely there and if not, he could always take as much hostages until he found them.

With a swift move the Spartan broke the mare’s neck before flinging her body into the jungle. She had finished being useful and would only become a hindrance from then on. The Spartan had no mercy for scum like her or the rest of the insurrectionist group. After discarding her body the Spartan took to observing the camp and taking notice of the active guards. It seemed that some guards were in charge of the perimeter while others kept over watch of the imprisoned mares. Inside of the cage though, the Spartan saw two more bodies he didn’t expect to see.

One of the inhabitants of the cage was a gryphon he’d never seen before, he/she seemed quite roughed up and its wings were bent in odd angles. The word ‘traitor’ was seemingly carved into its forehead though it was hard to differentiate the words out of the splotches of its own blood. The other inhabitant pissed off the Spartan a little.

What is that moron doing there!?’ thought the Spartan as his ire was picked by Black Mist who seemed to have been captured by the insurrectionists. The only seemingly good thing was that most of them were either sleeping or unconscious. This would make them easier to transfer and avoid strange questions.

The Spartan was about to conduct his massacre when something caught his eye before standing up. There was a commotion down in the cage as it seemed like one of the Element bearers was waking up. The guards surrounded the cage immediately as one left running towards a tent, meanwhile the pony that could only be known as Rainbow Dash fought mercilessly against her bindings trying to get out. All of this didn’t last long as the guard that had left came back with a syringe which was then injected into Rainbow Dash after being forced into submission by the other guards. The Pegasus lost her drive and fell unconscious before being thrown back inside the cage.

They were obviously drugged to make them submissive and easy to manage. This made things easier, but it brought some problems with it as he didn’t know exactly the dosage they were using on the mares. The Spartan stood up from his position as he left to do his job.

The basecamp was quiet and peaceful as the night gently took care of those who slept under its veil. No sound or creature roared and the prisoners were held tight inside their cage as well as their bindings. One could spare nothing when it came to holding the Elements of Harmony prisoners. The guards themselves had to be re-arranged and get more night shifts to make sure that nothing would go wrong. Especially after a night guard was found looking around the old castle ruins or that Gilda the gryphon that aided in the catching of the elements turned on them after they revealed to her the full plan.

The Spartan moved with precision and dexterity over the shadows. He had to do this fast and efficiently in order to take a good part of the insurrectionists out before they sounded the alarms. It was oddly gratifying to once more be doing what he was best at; it gave the Spartan a sense of ease and tranquility.

The Guards would go missing from here and there, a few from the shadows would be pulled into a corner with only a crack and a squelch sounding off as a knife either penetrated their rib cage or separated their spinal vertebrae. The Spartan was almost done as he moved into the inside of a tent that seemed oddly well protected. If anything was screaming “enemy intel” it was that place, it was almost too good. The Spartan had thought the ponies too stupid as he went inside the tent expecting anything short of the master mind sleeping there or doing something stupid like cackling like an overly idiotic and generic villain.

As the Spartan crossed the path into the tent, right after formally requesting both insurrectionist guards in front of it to stop breathing air and die, the Spartan felt something click as his boot triggered a small little coil on the inside. The coil led to small little crystal similar to the ones that he used as energy sources for his tasers. They were connected to an odd barrel in the middle of the room and before the Spartan could curse as he stupidly fell into a setup trap for thinking the ponies beneath him the crystals set off a spark which lit the powder inside the barrel in the middle of the room which surmounted to a huge explosion.

So huge was the explosion some of the tents nearby where blown away as well as the occupants. The world shook and the Everfree forest was rattled as the animals inhabiting it were stirred up into a frenzy. Only a few guards and thankfully the cage with the hostages were relatively unharmed as the cloud of smoke and fire went up and dissipated into the air, leaving behind a huge crater and a dented Spartan whose shields were broken and small sparks jumped around his suit.

The smoke slowly dissipated and a manic laugh could be heard slowly moving towards the crater as bodies of the once sleeping guards littered the floor. The other guards were still too dazed and roughed up to make sense of what just happened, and some were checking that the hostages were still alive as having them die would not go well with the plan.

“Well, well, well… just who do we have here?” the voice said as it approached the Spartan, “I wondered how long Celestia would take to send her new guard dog for us. Thankfully I rigged the tent up with a little welcome surprise.”

The Spartan grunted as his cracked visor turned to look at the voice now revealed to be owned by a unicorn.

You are going to pay for that,’ the Spartan thought as the pony slowly approached him with a smug smile plastered on its face.

“Had I known it would be this easy to take care of you I would have done it a long while ago,” the pony said as he levitated a dagger, “Oh well I have things to do so I might as well do this quick. Or take my time, I mean, you did kill a lot of my men and Lord Phoenix will not be too pleased with that.”

With that the knife flipped in the air and flew in a straight line directly towards the Spartan’s neck… only to hit and jam into the ground as the Spartan rolled to his side in a quick motion leaving behind any sort of sign that he was injured.

“What the!?” the unicorn shouted before the Spartan grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and lifted him up into the air.

“Not bad acting huh? Next time, make sure your opponent is dead before going on a rant, especially if your opponent is a Spartan,” the Spartan whispered as the unicorn wailed in his grasp and tried freeing himself by prying at him with his magic.

A single swift punch in the noggin placed the unicorn out of business as the Spartan grabbed the remains of a tent and tightly roped him up into the top of tree before his shields came back online. By then the guards had already assembled and gotten ready to defend themselves against him. He found it odd that none came to the aid of their leader as they stood around the hostages with multiple crossbows pointed towards them.

“Cease your attacks and give yourself in!” yelled the gryphon in front of the cluster of insurrectionists.

You obviously don’t know me as well as you think,’ the Spartan thought as he stood completely still in front of the insurrectionists.

“Now get on your knees,” The gryphon ordered as the Spartan fell to the ground before two earth ponies rounded on him and grabbed his arms in order to keep him controlled.

The insurrectionists seemed to fall at ease as they saw the Spartan in such a vulnerable position. The gryphon that had obviously taken charge smiled as he waved to unicorns forth as their horns began charging and being pointed at the Spartan.

“You may be a dragon, a golem, or maybe even a familiar. But even the most resilient of creatures won’t be able to survive a direct attack from this spell,” The gryphon said before the Spartan seemed to mumble something, “What was that?” the gryphon asked as he moved closer while completely sure of his safety.

Once he was close enough the Spartan’s head shot upwards as his visor stared directly at the gryphon, “You’re all going to die here,” the Spartan said as the gryphon laughed at him.

“Hahaha! I didn’t know you could talk! Here we thought you were just an idiot, too bad your last words will be as stupid as you w-*BAGAWK*!” The gryphon said as the Spartan, in a fluid motion, ripped himself away from the earth ponies that were holding him without problem. Just after doing so he grabbed the gryphon and pried open the mouth of the gryphon and placed inside his beak one of the vials that the zebra had been throwing at him a while ago. Following this he stood up and grabbed the head of the gryphon before kneeing him in the face as his beak and skull were shattered along with the vial in its mouth.

The insurrectionists watched in horror as their new leader’s face burst into flames from the inside out and gurgled cries of help were rendered indistinguishable with the cracked bones, spewing blood, and twitching body. The earth ponies attempted to make a grab for the Spartan once more before he jumped in the air and lifted them by their heads just in time to deflect both magic blasts that had been sent his way by the unicorns.

The earth ponies screamed in pain as they slowly became rock and shattered into pieces, all the while the Spartan tossed them aside and pulled his knife as he leaped and tackled one of the unicorns down and impaled him into the ground with his knife. The other unicorn took the chance to charge another spell as he shot towards the Spartan, the armored bipedal once more leaping into the air, allowing the spell to hit the downed insurrectionist. Though this time instead of becoming rock and crumbling the impaled unicorn began sputtering and twitching in agony as the spell sent a high voltage of electricity through his body which only allowed for the knife that kept him grounded moved around in the injury and cutting the pony more and more.

The unicorn stared wide eyed at his brother in arms before looking up and finding himself staring at the soles of the Spartan’s boots as they smashed completely against his face and drove him into the ground before his head was crushed into a mess of blood, bone, and grey matter.

The Spartan was not wasting his time as he sent a flash grenade at the very few remaining insurrectionists grabbing for their crossbows. As the flash grenade went off a few meters from them and promptly blinded them, it opened a window of opportunity and thus ensuring the death of the last guards.

A gryphon that attempted to take off into the air to avoid the Spartan was pulled down by the tail and then grabbed by the wings before they got ripped off with the incredible strength of the Spartan’s grip and finally finished off with a broken neck.

An earth pony that had an axe began blindly swinging it and accidentally rammed it into the gryphon next to him before the axe was tugged away from him so forcefully his jaw dislocated. It was then used to decapitate the pony. The whole scene was something straight out of a nightmare that would make demons themselves wake up crying in fear.

Unknown to the Spartan a pair of eyes inside the cage had slowly opened and now stared at the ensuing massacre. Blood flowed out like a river and stallions, mares, and gryphons alike were maimed and dismembered with never seen before precision. The Spartan wasn’t alive, if he were that would mean he had a soul, and no creature in the existence of time would be able to kill as easily as he was doing it. This was not a living being, this was a weapon, a killing machine from Tartarus. And Black Mist was living with him!

The bloodied and battered night guard watched in shock as images that would forever be carved into his mind and plague him for the rest of his days happened in front of him. He as a soldier had seen death and was acquainted with it, he had seen tortured souls by being like changelings, or even the spoils of a pony after gryphons had eaten them. Nothing amounted to what he was seeing, and not long after he got tunnel vision and lost consciousness.

By the end of it the Spartan was caked in blood, fur, feathers, and a few pieces of ripped meat and brain matter. He wiped some of the blood off his visor before walking to the cage and ripping the lock off. The Spartan grabbed the hostages as well as the knocked out leader before setting the bodies and overall place on fire.

The smelled of charred meat enticed the surrounding creatures of the forest as they rounded towards the remains of the base camp as well as sometimes coming for the Spartan himself. He took a detour from the straight path ahead before going into a river which allowed for most of the blood to get washed away against the rough stream. After doing so he simply went ahead into Ponyville and inside the library. A few animals he met along the way towards there that thought he would be easy prey found themselves in the presence of the superior predator that night and found just how many ways a biped could kill an animal without using his hands.

Finally back at the library the Spartan placed the ponies in the corner as well as retrieved Twilight from the basement before tying up the unknown gryphon hostage and taking the leader of the insurrectionist basecamp out with him. The Spartan had special plans for this pony in particular.

(Next Morning, Ponyville Library)

The guards had begun waking up and making their rounds as they found the two guards assigned for the Ponyville Library knocked out and thrown into the bushes. Alarms had been sounded as well as the Princess had been alerted as the whole place erupted into chaos. They expected the worst inside the library, for the place to be the scene of a fight as well as Twilight and Spike being missing or worse… dead. As the Princess all but tore the top of the tree off in their haste to enter and aid the new alicorn of Equestria they found themselves grounded as they were met with an unlikely sight.

The Spartan sat at the kitchen table as he looked like he had gone through hell and back as he was covered in some stuff that made some of the guards that saw him first need to run away in search of a container to empty their bowels into.

The Spartan didn’t seem to give much of a crap as he drank from his coffee and read his book with ease. What really was breaking the mindset of the Princesses though wasn’t that the Spartan looked the very image of a god of war, but the bloodied and charred tent in the corner of the room filled with roughed up ponies as well as the dangling gryphon from the ceiling that served as a personal POW for the Spartan.

You two look like you’ve never seen a man enjoying his coffee in the morning before,’ the Spartan thought as he spared them a glance before tipping his mug in acknowledgement of their presence and going back to his reading material.

“What has transpired in this place?” Luna asked towards the room.

“I do not know sister, but I fear to know the answer myself,” Celestia answered as she looked at the night guard Black Mist who had seemingly woke up and looked around the room with a lost gaze while repeating the same words, “He is a demon. He is a demon. He is a demon.”

“I think we will need to get therapy for all parties involved,” Luna said.