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Maybe I should. Who knows, words are very powerful.


Kasey has it all. A very successful ranch. Millions of dollars. Land as far as the eye can see. And the title of Hero. But with all of these things he is depressed. He has no wife and no children. Sure he is friends with every single person on Castanet, but no one to have a family with.

He tried so hard to get a wife, but always fell short as they got married. All the girls just saw him as a friend, and this hurt him so much. One day after doing the same routine for months, the Harvest Goddess and the Harvest King answer his prayers and send him to a place that desperately needs a Hero.

Will Kasey finally find someone to love and start a family, or will history repeat itself and leave him an empty shell to slowly wither and die?

Featured 9/28/15

Chapters (9)
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Very well done! I don't read many Anthro stories, so this is pretty new to me. I am curious as to why they don't have clothing, but like you said, you'll tell us in time. Keep it up; I've never played Harvest Moon before, and I'm liking it! :rainbowkiss:

The picture is Kasey. He is holding a Blue Feather, which is how you propose and get married in the game. I'm just putting that out there as to not confuse anyone.:twilightsmile:

Ok I've played some harvest moon games (and by that i mean 3. 2 for gamecube 1 for wii) and i have to ask; which harvest moon is this story crossing over with?

3177647 This is a cross over with Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. The reason I chose that title because it fit so well with the story. The name is derived from Friends of Mineral Town.

I rememberd I called My Character Buttface in one file and Grassboy in another

3177822 Yeah, I always came up with Weird names [My best friend did this for his two files in his copy [Pedo and File]

3177828 It would be amazing if one more person liked my story, if i hit 25 likes before one in the morning then i will have 25 like in under 24 hours. Which means it might get featured. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

This story has a lot of potential.

I'm liking it so far, and so is a a lot of people. Nice job! Thanks for the tidbit on Harvest Moon in the AN. I thought those were strange questions. Ha! Anyway, I wonder how the story will progress and what the conflict will be. I look forward to it!

no clothing because fapfapfapfap

so does he still have his enchanted and enhance farming tools in this story by the way what did happen to his ranch land animals crop and all? and is his money worth nothing here since it another world? side how are his friends? he did left all the sudden i know they would worry about him he a good friend of their after all and there nice people did the harvest goddess explain anything and what about his pets? sorry to questions but hope for an answer if that alright.

Harvest Moon? Check

Ponies? Check

Anthropomorphized Ponies? Check

Possible* Romance? Check


I always loved Harvest Moon games.

It's a good break from all the killing and action games, hell, even puzzle games and side-scrollers. It's a game that makes you feel so at piece...

I miss the old PS2 days, as well as when the PSP was famous. Almost all theHarvest Moon games were tranquil. Makes you wanna lie down beneath a tree in a lazy afternoon.

A story... of ponies and Harvest Moon... WHERE WAS THIS HIDING!!!!!!:rainbowderp:

3198195 I know what you mean. Why can't real life be like that?:pinkiesad2:

Oh my god....a update..


Yeah. I feel really bad about leaving this. I let a lot of people down. And I'm sorry. I was an idiot back then, thinking this was going to get nowhere. But I was wrong. I had this chapter done for a long time but never posted it. And I regret doing that.

5560549 Yes...and people have left and forget the name and the story..expect me. but also..you will have put a FUCKING NOTE FOR GOD SAKE! IF NOT LIKE YOU GO ANYWHERE AND NOT PUT A NEW. They need to know...also...only one chapter? really?
other guy write than 20K words in 9 days.


I feel bad enough already. You don't need to rub it in. And yes only one. I said I lost interest in this and finished the chapter in only a few short hours a long time ago. Never did I think to add more to it. I'm sorry okay? If it makes you feel better I'm working on the last part of the introduction. Then, once that is all over with I can finally start with the real story. With each chapter being a lot longer than these.

5560569 Alright, i am sorry, it just you know? long time? Oh well, it really good, you are back.
Also, i have to check on you like next month.

i have the feeling that the help equestria need is not with its lands crops but with its lack of stallions, on a personal note i wonder if it will be a herd fic or monogamist one with an ending for each mare, personally i go for the herd one, heck the mc deserves it after 5 years alone being in a relationship with 2-3 sounds ok

Nice story, Never played Harvest Moon. but this looks interesting. Looking forward to more!:pinkiehappy:

5560549 Let people down? Let people Down?!!!:flutterrage: I was hyped for this fic to happen, going so far as to submit a fully fleshed out OC, then you up and cancel it. I wasn't just let down, I was devastated. However, with this story's revival, I am willing to forgive. But know this, I never forget. So don't go making promises you cannot keep.

5561970 I'm sorry okay? I understand you are devastated. How do you think I felt? I didn't want to end it so soon. Also, the OC's that were submitted are not going to be used. I realized that having OC's in here are going to be hard to maintain.

5562302 no to which one specifically?. or just no to all?

Good to see that this fic's going to continue. Being a huge fan of Animal Parade, I've been very much hoping for a fic like this to come along. And now all I can say is that I'm eager to see where the story will go from here.

P.S. You don't need to feel like you owe anyone anything. You made this story in the first place because you wanted an idea to be realized and did it for fun on your own time. Then later in, you chose to continue it on your own accord. As long as you're feeling up to making this story happen, that's all that matters in the end. What's the point of content if the creator isn't enjoying making it in the first place? If he/she's just forcing it to please the public?

that authors note would make an excellent friendship letter to the princess. :trollestia:

I've always wanted to read this fic because Harvest moon was one of my favorite games to play on the playstation 2 but since it was cancelled I did because I didn't want to get hook then not get to see it continue, but now that its back I can't wait to see what happens. For now I shall wait happily for the next cha[ter to appear! Hope its soon mate :)

5894440 The next chapter is taking a lot longer to get done due to the fact that I was between jobs and now that I found a decent job I can now focus more on my stories. Yes, I said stories. This is not my only story that I am working on. Not only that, but I am also becoming a well known proofreader.

5895013 lol, no worries mate, I know good stories take time to make so i'm in no rush, just excited that the story I've been eyeing is coming back from the dreaded 'cacelled' field.

Man, I really love the shippingmKasey has with Applejack.

Happy to see you working on his fic.

I suspect he might have found some one pining after him already.

Hmmm... So, he has met all of the potential options now for dating at least. Now he needs to start planting, ranching, clearing, and gathering. Before he can start harvesting. Oh yeah, and dating in there somewhere.

Man, his first meeting with RD and Shy were great.

Well, things are interesting so far, though I'm still a little miffed about ditching the OCs. Ah well, your call in the end. Hope you get the next chapter up soon.

Capitalize the i's? PLZ?

To be honest, I´m kind of dissapointed, that Celestia actually knew someone was coming, because I like it if she is suprised, but I think it is actually okay with this type of story.

A small tear slides down his cheek. The pain of being used as nothing more than a tool really turned his world upside down. He really thought that he found a permanent home. But it was more like a stop.

Not sure how he means it, but I hope that means he can stay in Ponyville.

His focus is back on Rainbow Dash and the stars appear around her too. The stars lingered a little longer than usual, which indicates he has found all the potential bachelorettes.

Not sure if it would be right to use that sentence, if I understand it right, with that your are saying too, that the other Mares have all a special somepony.

I know Harvest Moon, but somehow since Rainbow Dash, I wasn´t sure if it was right to use the Heart system for the romance part in this story. If you use it like that, I hope that not everyone starts to love him in the end, if you should know who you want as his special somepony, then I would like it, if some of them would end in a more normal relationship. It is just that I don´t want it to look like a harem, but as far as I know, only the last two hearts events are those, that are really looking like someone would love him.

I´m not sure if that would be boring, but I actually like the idea of Kasey X Applejack. Other Pairings I think that could be good with him are
Kasey X Fluttershy, and Kasey X Rarity...maybe?

Well I don´t have much time tonight, so I go to bed for now. Maybe I have more to say next time.

I actually wanted to ask for a new chapter but it looks like you already said, that you would be rather busy at the moment.

i hope this continues soon ^_^

so is this gona update cos its quiet a good story id like to see where it goes

I'll like the short chapter option, please. I got to admit that I liked the interactions with AJ so far and Rarity's reaction to his body. Deroy was also adorable in this chapter. Keep up the amazing job.

There are some things that I need to address that people have come up with throughout the story.

1: I have the entire series planned and mapped out. The heart levels are used to understand his FRIENDship with the main six ponies. I already know who he is going to marry, but I shall NEVER tell till the time comes.

2: Yes, the chapter was a long time waiting, but it came out. The editing was done by me so if there are any mistakes, please point them and so that I may fix them. I can't get everything right. I'm only human.

3: The sparkles that were seen in the introduction are for everyone to understand that the six are available to marry. This DOES NOT mean he will marry them all. Or that the ponies already have someone. If you have played the games you will understand. I did my best to explain what they meant in the chapters.

4: You DO NOT need prior knowledge of ANY Harvest Moon game to understand how this all works. I shall do my best to explain how things work if anyone is stuck.

I would like you to break it down into smaller chapters, nice chapter by the way.

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