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Wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, Six Shooter travels by train to the small town of Appleloosa. Carrying only his clothes and his fathers hand crafted six round revolver for safety, watch as the out-lander lifts the shadows that befell the once proud town and uncovers a story that is dug deeper than the grave he set for himself.

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Why do ponies Cutie Marks show what they will become? Why is there destiny set before them and no matter what they do, they follow that path. Is there no way to break this habit?

One stallion does just that after years of being nothing but a tyrant.

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A statue stands alongside others in the royal hedge maze. All the statues have a long history behind them. Starswearl the Bearded, greatest Unicorn. Discord, feared entity of Chaos. But this one statue has only a short story behind it. The creature that the statue resembles gave its life for all of Equestria to live in peace.

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Kasey has it all. A very successful ranch. Millions of dollars. Land as far as the eye can see. And the title of Hero. But with all of these things he is depressed. He has no wife and no children. Sure he is friends with every single person on Castanet, but no one to have a family with.

He tried so hard to get a wife, but always fell short as they got married. All the girls just saw him as a friend, and this hurt him so much. One day after doing the same routine for months, the Harvest Goddess and the Harvest King answer his prayers and send him to a place that desperately needs a Hero.

Will Kasey finally find someone to love and start a family, or will history repeat itself and leave him an empty shell to slowly wither and die?

Featured 9/28/15

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