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Harvest Moon: Friends of Ponyville - Rokkurin

After bringing life back to Castanet, Kasey has grown depressed. He is all alone, no one to love him. No son or daughter to care for. Just himself, his crops and his cattle.

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Year 1, Summer: Week 1

The last few days of spring went by rather quickly. Kasey was able to buy more potato seeds; along with a variety of other ones too. By the end of spring, he made a profit of 150 bits.

The summer heat came blazing in one day. The sudden change was not too uncommon for him as it happened all the time back home. The clouds became scarce and the sun shine bore down on him much more without the shadow of the fluffy white cotton balls of the skies.

Before the summer season rolled around, Rarity dropped by to give him his summer clothes, which he offered to pay for it, but Rarity insisted that he should take the clothes as a welcoming gift.

Now, at the beginning of the hottest season, Kasey is outside tending to his field. Removing the spring crops to make way for the summer ones. His new clothing that he wore were made from a fine silk that allowed the cool breezes the easily slip through and cool him down.

Over the course of the spring season, Kasey noticed that the crops he grew did not waste away as soon as they were plucked. This was a good sign though, but why was it only affecting him. He grew the seeds of this world on their soil so why are they not ending up like Applejacks apples?

This question pondered him greatly and so during his slow days, he went around Ponyville asking the residents about the crops.

It was the same story through and through. The ponies would pick their crops and within a matter of seconds to a few hours the fruits and vegetables would grow sour and rot. No pony gave him any direction on where this was happening, for none knew. So, he let it be for the time and focused on his own.

He finished up his daily task. His garden of fruits and vegetables has grown exponentially. There were rows of honeydew, corn, tomato, watermelon and onion seeds. The seeds were rather inexpensive, which was a major surprise to him. Yet, when he thought about it, the currency here was worth more than the gold coins he was used to back in his old life.

Shaking his head to clear his mind of the old way, Kasey wiped his forehead of the sweat that accumulated during his routine. It wouldn’t had been so bad if it wasn’t for the unrelenting force of the sun that bore down upon him.

Even with Rarity’s clothes adorning his body, the heat got to him. He went inside his house and came back out with a sizable jug of cool water. He took off his shirt and dumped the goddess blessed water that quickly cooled him off.

Shaking his head to help clear the liquid, he opened his eyes and saw Fluttershy staring at him just beyond his field. Even from where he was standing he could make out her face growing red. Yellow does nothing to hide the powerful color.

“Why don’t you take a picture so you can keep it forever!” he hollered for her to hear him.

The yellow pegasus ‘eeped’ at being caught staring. She quickly looked away at anything, but stole glances as she watched him put his shirt back on.

Once the shirt was donned, he strolled on over to the mare, “What brings you by?” he asked.

Fluttershy kept looking around, avoiding as much eye contact as possible, “Um, well, I was wondering if...you could help me with something?” she responded, “If you aren’t busy, that is.” she quickly added at the end.

The rancher smiled at the poor mares shyness, “I’m not busy,” he chirped, “What is it you need help with?”

Fluttershy perked up at hearing Kasey say that he would help her, but immediately shrunk back down

“Oh, well...umm. Splitting wood.” She whispered at the end.

“I’m sorry, could you repeat that?”

“Splitting some...wood.”

“Splitting wood?” Asked the farmer.

Fluttershy didn’t respond. All she did was nod her head.

“What is it that you need to use the wood for?”

After the question, the yellow mare’s mood changed in an instant, “Oh! It’s for some new bird friends that got lost during their migration. I offered them a temporary home till they are ready to leave!”

The rancher smiled at Fluttershy, “That is very kind of you. Just lead the way and I can’t get to chopping.”

The yellow pegasus nodded and beckoned for him to follow.

The two made their way back to Fluttershy’s home with little conversation. The poor mare was just too shy. Once the two made it, Fluttershy brought him to the back of her house where a stump with piles of wood next to it.

Kasey walked over to the stump and grabbed one log, “How many do you want me to cut?” he asked.

“I think ten should be more than enough.”

“Why ten?”

“Oh, um...I need some firewood too. If that is not too much.”

“It sure isn’t.”

Without another word, Kasey got to work on splitting the wood.

Fluttershy let him be and went inside her house.


The wood that was used for the bird were cut in half, the once more so it would be easier for Fluttershy to carve and cut the wood to make the birdhouse with.

By the time he was done, Fluttershy came back from her house with a tray of lemonade.

“Would you like some?” she asked.

Kasey nodded his head yes and reached for a glass. He brought the yellow drink up to his lips and gave it a quick taste. His eyes grew larger at the perfect mix of lemons, water and sugar were in his drink.

He quickly finished the delightful yellow liquid in one go. Once he finished he let out a long sigh as he could feel his body cool down and his stamina come back to him.

“Oh thank you so much Kasey. You have done so much for the little birds.” Fluttershy said with a bright smile.

“It’s no big deal. I will always be around if you need anything. I only live right down the road.”

The yellow mare brought out a bag of bits and handed them to the human, “This is for helping me out.”

Kasey took the bag and felt that it had a little more weight than what should be necessary.

(30 bits acquired)

Kasey offered the bag back, “I can’t take this Fluttershy,” he said, “The glass of lemonade was more than enough.”

The pegasus mare hesitated before she took back her money, “Are you sure?”

Kasey nodded his head, “I’m sure. Besides, it's getting late so I should be getting back home.”

“Okay Kasey. Be safe.”

He walked off with a wave of his arm, “I will!”

A tiny snow white rabbit came hopping out of Fluttershy’s home and hopped right next to her. He looked at his owner, then to the fleeting form of the human. The rabbit got the attention of her by stomping its foot on the ground.

“What is it Angel Bunny?”

He looked up at her in wiggled his eyebrows. This caused the yellow mare's eyes to grow to the size of dinner plates, “I do not!” she protested.

The rabbit rolled its eyes and hopped back inside.

Fluttershy looked back in the direction that Kasey was but could no longer see his form. He eyes lingered for a moment longer before she too took her leave.


The young rancher made it back to his house in no time at all. He was about to turn it in for the day when he noticed that his mailbox had mail in it.

He reached in and pulled out a letter.

It read,

“Dear Kasey,

Tomorrow is the annual Summer Sun Celebration and the town of Ponyville would be excited if you were to attend. Since you are new we had this letter sent to you so you would not be left out of the loop. There will be fun activities for everyone to enjoy. Also some competitions if you are more the competitive type. Please be at Town Square tomorrow at 10:00.

We hope to see you there!

Best regards,

Mayor Mare

‘So they have festivals here too,’ Kasey thought to himself, ‘Feels just like home.’

The human rancher entered his home and discard the letter into a waste bin and got ready to head off to bed so he can begin the next day awake and refreshed.







Kasey awoke to the sound of his window being smashed. He scampered off of his bed, grabbed his axe from his bag and stood up straight with it at the ready.

He looked around the dark room for anything to move. With no light but the little that was casted down by the moon, he could barely see his surroundings.


He heard a voice call out with pain. He lowered his axe and quickly grabbed a lamp. He lit the wick and watched as the room filled with light. He moved it towards the sounds and was shocked to see Rainbow Dash laying on the floor. Glass from the window surrounded her and some cuts were clearly visible.

“RAINBOW DASH!” Kasey shouted with fear in his voice.


The rainbow headed mare slowly stood on her feet. She staggered slightly but was able to stay up. She gripped her head in pain.

Kasey grabbed his rucksack and pulled out a small first-aid kit. “Here, let me help you.” he said.

In a few minutes, Rainbow had her cuts cleaned and bandages placed on them. She had an ice pack atop her head to help reduce the swelling that was sure to form.

The two were now sitting on his bed. The adrenaline from the fright was slowly wearing off his body.

“What happened?” Kasey questioned.

Rainbow Dash fidgeted slightly. Reluctant to tell him how she crashed through his window.

Not able to make up an epic tale, she let out a sigh and explained, “I was doing a little bit of late night flying. I was going to practice some awesome moves, but I misjudged the length of a tree branch and clipped it with my side. I didn’t get anything major, but it was able to throw me into more branches, then I came crashing through your window.”

She finished her story with her head hung low.

“Wow, that sounds really cool.” he said

Rainbow Dash jerked her head up and looked at the human with a raised eyebrow.

“To walk away from all that with minor cuts and a bump on the head. You must be really tough.” he explained with a smile.

The prismatic pony looks away as a blush forms on her face, “You really think...that I’m tough?”

The other worldly rancher smiles, “Well of course. If that was me, I would have a few dozen broken bones.” he said with a hearty laugh.

While her head was turned away, she smiled, “Thanks.” Is all she said before she got up, ran to the window and flew off into the night.

Kasey watches as she flies away. A confused look was all that was left. He shrugged his shoulders and went back to sleep.

The morning rays of the sun came rather quickly for Kasey. Although it should have been expected, seeing as how he needed to aid a friend who crashed through his window.

Once the rancher was dressed and ready for his day, he went outside to tend to his crops.

He finished up his task and looked at the time. It read 9:00.

He had plenty of time to make it to Town Square. With that in mind, he set out for his destination.

Kasey arrived to the Town Square ten minutes later. Very few towns ponies were around. The only ones there were the ponies who would set up shop and sell their wares.

The young rancher wandered around to pass the time. Soon enough, more and more ponies arrived. Not before long, the whole town was bustling with life. Ponies from all over Equestria have shown up to attend the festival.

As he continued to look around a familiar voice called his name, “Howdy Kasey!”

The rancher looked to the source and found Applejack standing at her very own stall. She gestured for him to come over. Not wanting to skip out on a pleasant conversation, he walked on over.


The two farmers talked for what seemed like hours before the festival started. They talked about everything, from the life Kasey had before coming to Equestria, and how things were going at Sweet Apple Acres. The fruit and vegetables that came from the farm still would rot in a matter of hours, and no pony could figure out why this was happening.

“And before I knew it, I was being dunked in the lake!” Applejack said with a laugh.

Kasey bursted out laughing at her story. To think that Rainbow Dash would take a prank and make it last for days was hilarious, “Alright, I think I can one up your story, AJ.” Started Kasey, “So get this, I was minding my own business when suddenly-”

“Hey Kasey!” said a new voice.

The two turned to find Twilight walking towards them.

“Awww come on Twilight, you ruined a good story.” Kasey said with a hint of sadness.

“Story? I love stories!” replied the enthusiastic purple unicorn.

The human smiled and rolled his eyes, “It's not ‘that’ kind of story. But if you want to listen, please do not interrupt.”

Twilight nodded and listened with intent.

“Alright, now where was I?”


The sun was now setting and the day drew closer to the end. The festival ended hours ago, Kasey had a fun time talking with Applejack and Twilight. He didn’t know that Twilight herself had some very hilarious stories.

By the time the ponies were leaving the festival, AJ’s stock was dried up and rotten. She said a few choice words and left with her head down. Kasey wanted to help her, but Twilight asked him if they could talk a bit more. She too was looking into the matter of the crop crises, as she liked to call it, and was coming up empty handed.

She ran various tests on different fruits and vegetables, but everything came back normal. They were all fine to consume, but only in a short period of time. After that, they rot.

Kasey explained to Twilight that he was also looking into the strange events that are happening to all the food in Ponyville and she was happy to have some help. She asked him for some samples of his work and was even willing to pay.

So with all this swimming around in his head he found it hard to fall asleep.

Why was this happening?

What is the cause?

Will it ever end?

And finally, why are my crops not affected?

He tossed and turned for a while until his mind and body couldn’t take it anymore and forced him to fall asleep.

Author's Note:

I really do not think this turned out well. I kept starting over and over and over and over that I got fed up with it and decided to keep it like this.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think. I am always open to ideas on how to improve the story!

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