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Our hero Eight, had went through the adventure of a lifetime. He and his friends defeated many creatures in a quest to stop an evil jester named Dhoulmagus who was controlled by the Lord of Darkness, Rhapthorne. Eight charged through and flew into the dark skies alongside his friends to fight Rhapthorne and in the end, he managed to win the day, or so he thought!

Eight had landed the last hit, but he had done so at a close range to the Lord of Darkness. He got caught up in a large energy flux that dragged him inside. He blacked out only to wake up hours later in a bed at a inn, or so he assumed. That's when he met a talking pony...

How will Eight manage to deal with this new world? Will he be able to return to his own world? Will this be his biggest adventure yet? Find out now!

Chapters (10)
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Hmm... I wonder how DQ9 would play out.

2626866 I think DQ9 is a different universe altogether. But I wish they would make a real sequel to DQ8. It would be nice to see what the Hero, Yangus, Jessica, and Angelo have been up to.

All right a DQ8 Crossover [MOAR!!!!!]:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

I like it so far man cant wait for more:twilightsmile:

YAY!:yay: I like this chapter...also cant Eight cleave the entire city of canterlot?

2752842 I'm pretty sure he can, but there is one downside. He has a weakness in this universe that he didn't have in his own universe and that's magical drain. He used to have to worry about knowing when to quit using magic, but now he knows he can't do as much as he used to. So he has to keep himself in check or he could be killed rather easily.

That's also why he fought those dragons with out using spells.

2752875Um...wasnt there already a magic drain spell in dragon quest 8?

2752880 Yes, but what I'm talking about is the fact that his magic doesn't depend on how much spell power he has. It depends on his body and spiritual energy now. If he uses to many spells, he will drain himself.

The magic drain spell takes away numbers of his magic in the game. But if somebody were to use that same spell in the universe he's in now. He would grow weak and then eventually pass out or if it kept going, he would die.

2752888Oh ok then. Thanks, that makes much more sense.:twilightsmile:

2626887 i tried to read this several times but i keep getting distracted

2767775 I hope you enjoy the story. If you get the chance.

whoa my oc xander would barely endure that attack

2767945 eh he's not going into a story other than a side character that pops up every now an then and he op and people are going to call him a Gary Stu (still doesn't know what it means) and i think people will hate him because its my nick name and he modeled after me and quite a lot of other characters and here's the original writer for him

2767959 I'm talking about which attack you mentioned. Was it the stone spears, or the Dragon Slash?

2767974 Okay then, I was curious. Get on with reading! It's important for your soul.

2768045 xander's adventures it was a story done by XGblue that i decided to name my oc on

2768053 Okay. I thought you were talking about the story. I'm confused.

You posted chapter 4, then removed it.

WHYZ YOU DU THIS!? If you wanna make changes, just edit it, don't post then take it right out. Be sure to read through your story before posting to make sure it's not too rushed. A small rush here and there is understandable, as being an Author myself I know how hard it is to get out of a block in the story. (That's what Authors usually do to avoid a block, they rush a scene to get it going)

Just warning you man, don't make that a habit anytime soon. It's against guidelines to post then take it out then repost it.

Best of luck. :scootangel:

2817606 i got to read it because i opened the tab before he unposted it so yay for me for getting a spoiler

2817606 The repost is a major edit. Not just minor things. I was disappointed with the way I handled that chapter, but it won't happen again. I fucked up the ending and that made me feel like shit till I decided to take it back. I would never break rules just to gain views, I promise that.

kick some dragon A#$ LUNA ,EIGHT
sorry firstgood luck reading it

2887892 Don't worry about that! There's going to be plenty of ass kicking!

2887917 2887930

I've checked it out, but I can't do anything based on a few episodes. I'll have to take a few days to watch it.

2887974 it's good so far right i'm working on mine using the guide

Plus side: The story is pretty good, and you are using a subject not widely used before, a subject that I am fond of. Its pacing is a bit iffy, but not too bad to consider a negative thing. And, you seems to handling the characters all right, a few bumps here and there, but that is normal. I'll favorite this, since I like where it is going.

Negative side: Grammar, the only thing that keeping me from pressing the 'thumb-up' button. Normally I don't really mind errors, since we are humans and we make mistakes. However, repeating the same errors nonstop is where I draw the line. There is a different between 'to' and 'too', 'an' and 'and', and 'there' and 'their'. And, there are common words that was capitalized, completely right in the middle of the sentence, where it doesn't belong. The only exception is 'We', since it is being used in a different fashion (serving as the royal 'We') than the normal 'we', so that is all right to use.

There is also a case in Chapter 2, where Shining knew about Tension. My question here is: how?! I had expected him to ask Eight what he mean by Tension, which would have been a more realistic thing to expect, but instead got Shining Armor mysteriously knowing what it is.

Overall: Worth reading, but will thumb-up only if I see some improvement. However, don't worry, I won't thumb-down it either.

2889551 I haven't got a prereader for this story. I need to fix some things. I've been letting the grammar take a slide because I've been trying to put out some chapters. It's a bad situation, would you like to help me out here?

I have replied to your message. Hope that's fine for ya...

A Typhon appeared!
Typhon attacked!
Eight dodged it.
Eight used Accelerate! Speed increased!
Eight attacked! Critical hit? :fluttershysad:

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