Harvest Moon: Friends of Ponyville

by Rokkurin

First published

After bringing life back to Castanet, Kasey has grown depressed. He is all alone, no one to love him. No son or daughter to care for. Just himself, his crops and his cattle.

Kasey has it all. A very successful ranch. Millions of dollars. Land as far as the eye can see. And the title of Hero. But with all of these things he is depressed. He has no wife and no children. Sure he is friends with every single person on Castanet, but no one to have a family with.

He tried so hard to get a wife, but always fell short as they got married. All the girls just saw him as a friend, and this hurt him so much. One day after doing the same routine for months, the Harvest Goddess and the Harvest King answer his prayers and send him to a place that desperately needs a Hero.

Will Kasey finally find someone to love and start a family, or will history repeat itself and leave him an empty shell to slowly wither and die?

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Welcome to Equestria

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The sun rises and brings out the beautiful blue sky. The birds chirp off in the distance. Not a single cloud was in the sky. Inside a house that sat on the outskirts on Harmonica Town, Kasey was beginning to wake. He rose from his bed and got out. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he took a shower, got dressed in his usual get up and exits his house. He looks out onto his fields. The crops that he has planted were now baring fruit as it was the middle of spring.

Kasey let out a heavy sigh. He has been living on Castanet for over five years. He saved this land and was given the title of Hero, but that was not enough to fill the void in his heart. All the girls that were available when he first got here were already married. They all also had kids of their own. Sure he was happy for them, but that still did nothing to put a smile on his face. Kasey owns the most successful ranch ever in the history of the island, he owns all the fields, has every farm animal that he can get. He has it all but one thing, A family to call his own. Finn, the little sprite that has been with him since the beginning, looked at his depressed friend. Finn knew that he had to do something, but what? What is there he can do to help his true friend through the most difficult part of any ones life?

Kasey was out in his fields harvesting the fruits of his labor when an idea struck Finn. He flew off towards the Harvest Goddess' spring. The Harvest Goddess was sitting under her tree, humming a tune as she saw a little ball of light coming closer to her. The ball turned out to be Finn. "Well hello Finn, its so good to see you." She took Finn into a loving hug. "Harvest Goddess, please help Kasey. He has been depressed for quite a while." Finn said as tears formed in his eyes.

The Harvest Goddess smiled down at the little sprite. "I was just about to summon Kasey, for there is something I need him to do," Finn looked up at the Goddess with a surprised expression, "There is a world that needs a Hero, and i know that Kasey is the one for this," she lets go of Finn, "I need you to bring him here. This is your last mission." With that said the Harvest Goddess fades away. Finn takes off towards Kasey, a big smile on his face.

Kasey was now just finishing up his daily routine. He goes over to his orchard and sits down underneath his many apple trees. "KASEY!" Finn yelled from a distance, "Kasey, the Harvest Goddess wants to see you!" Without another word Finn turns around back towards the spring. Kasey shrugs his shoulders and gets up to follow the little sprite.

The two get to the Goddess' spring and see the Harvest Goddess talking with the Harvest King. Kasey and Finn both bow to the king. The Harvest King waves over to Kasey. "Hero of Castanet, I have watched you transform this land from near uninhabitable to a place of ever lasting life. That was the only reason why you were brought to this land," Kasey was shocked, he was used, and that hurt him more than having no one to call his own, "But my heart saddens to see you in such a depressing mood. But that is all about to change as for a plea of help has caught my attention. There is a place far from here that is dying like Castanet once was. The Harvest Goddess and I both know that if there is anyone that can bring this land back to what it once was, it is you."

A small glimpse of hope beamed into Kasey's heart. Hope that he can find someone to love and start a family with him. This is his last chance. His train of thought was stopped by the Harvest King, "Go and gather your equipment. You will need it." With that said Kasey ran back to his home. He grabbed his golden tools and went straight back to the spring. "Are you sure that is everything that you want to take?" The King said. Kasey just shook his head yes as he was tired from his run to speak. "Please stand still Kasey, this will only take but a moment."

The Harvest King and Goddess closed their eyes. The two immortal beings gathered all of their powers, a ball of light appearing in front of them. Kasey closed his eyes as the light was to great. The ball was then shot towards him. He was inside the ball of light as everything around him grew dark. Kasey felt like he was falling. All around him was nothing. Soon a bright light appeared and again he closed his eyes. Kasey was brought to a halt as his body met the ground. He arose and shook the dizziness from his eyes. "So you must be the help that I have called for." he heard a voice call to him. "I am Princess Celestia, welcome to Equestria, the land that i rule with my sister, Luna."

Kasey could not believe what he was seeing. There in front of him was a creature that had the body of a human but had some features of a horse. On the bottom of her legs were hooves instead of feet. Her body was covered in snow white fur. She has wings and a horn. Her mane and tail looked like a constant wind was blowing through them.

The new creature his brain was trying to process was too much for him as it overloaded and he passed out. Celestia gasped as she saw the human fall to the ground. Luckily she caught him with her magic. She got up from her throne and took Kasey from the throne room, down varies halls and to a room. She placed him on the bed in said room and left. 'He should rest, she thought, for he has a long road ahead of him.

Introduction Part 1

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Kasey awakes from his slumber with a jolt. He shakes the grogginess from his eyes and looks around ‘So it wasn’t a dream.’ He thought to himself. The room he was in was nothing special, just a bed, dresser and a big window on the opposite end. The walls were white with gold trimming and the floor was a polished marble.

A knock comes from the door; “Are you awake, Kasey?” a voice comes from the other side. The rancher gets up from the bed and goes to the door. He opens the door to see the princess of the sun on the other side. “Please come with me, you are to depart to Ponyville here shortly.” She gestures him to follow, which he does without question. The two walk through the long corridors of the castle till they get outside to see a carriage waiting.

Kasey gets inside and sits down. The princess hands him a letter, “You will be staying at a local farm in Ponyville until your home is built. Give this letter to the mare by the name of Applejack.” With that said the carriage started to take off. Kasey felt it jostle around as it went, but then nothing. He looked out the little window and saw that they were in the air. He looked out of the window to what was moving it, and to his surprise it was a pair of Pegasus. He just sat back down, baffled at what is going on around him. These creatures had the body of a human and a horse combined. Not only that, but they can speak just like he can.

Kasey shook the thoughts from his head. Since he was now going to live here, might as well accept what the creatures for what they are.

A few hours later the carriage landed with a bump and then came to a halt. The rancher got at and saw where he was taken. It was a huge farm that had, by the looks of it, apple trees as far as the eye can see. In front of him was a sight that read Sweet Apple Acres. Beyond the sign was a rather large farm house, and next to it was a bog old red barn. The carriage took off as he walked up to the house.

The sun was now setting as he got up to the front door. Kasey knocked on the door and waited. After a few moments the door opened by a large red stallion, with a piece of wheat in his mouth. The stallion wore a look of confusion as to what was at the front door. It stood on two legs but has absolutely no fur, and then it spoke, “Excuse me sir, is there a mare here by the name of Applejack?” Awkward silence befell the two. Soon the red stallion finally broke the silence. “Eeyup, but what do you want with mah sister?” The stallion had a rather deep country accent.

Kasey was nervous as the stallion folded his arms. “Well sir, your princess wanted me to give her this.” He pulled out the letter given to him by Celestia from his rucksack. The stallion was cautious but gestured for Kasey to enter the house. “Ah’ll be right back.” The stallion said and disappeared into the kitchen.

After a short conversation that Kasey could not hear, a small mare with orange fur, blonde mane and a brown cowgirl hat walked out of the kitchen. “What in tarnation are you and what do you want?” she said rather harshly. Kasey did not waste time as he handed her the letter.

Applejacks eyes went back and forth on the letter, and then she gasped. “Ah’m sorry, ah didn’t know that you were the help the princess was talkin’ bout.” She folded the letter back up and set it down on an end table. “Mind if I ask you a few questions?” Applejack said.

Kasey face palmed ‘Not this’ was all he thought. “Sure, go ahead.” He said with a sigh. “What is your name?” she asked.


“What do you like to eat the most?”

“Fruits and vegetables”

“When were you born?”

“The seventh of fall. I’m also 19 years old”

“Well, that does it fer the Q&A.” Applejack said smiling, walking over to Kasey. The new rancher was now able to get a better look at Applejack. She has freckles under each of her emerald green eyes. Her fur is clean and well-kept and her mane was like his hair, soft and bouncy. While he looked at her, he could have sworn that her face was aglow.

Kasey shook the thought from his mind. “Come with me Kasey, I will show you to your temporary room.” Applejack said gesturing at Kasey for him to follow her. The two walked up the stairs in the farm house, went down the hallway and stopped in front of the last door on the right side.

Applejack opened the door, “This will be your room fer now. You should get some rest. We have a long day ahead of us.” Kasey scoffed at what Applejack said.

She looked at him with a stern look. “And what was that fer?” Kasey smiled, “I worked on a ranch for a long time, twice the size of your farm. I did everything from planting and harvesting crops to raising cattle, and I did it all by myself.” Applejacks eyes grew wide in shock. “I got so good that I took care of four plots of land, 20 cattle, pets, and hens in less than three hours.” Kasey finished with a smug grin.

Applejack was at a loss for words. How can one pony take care of all that on his own, and for that long? She sighed in defeat, “Okay, Kasey, get some rest and be up and ready fer the day.” Without another word she left.

Kasey walks into the room. It had a single bed, a dresser with a mirror on it, a small circular rug in the middle and one candle on a small end table near the bed. Other than that the room was empty. He walks over to the bed, kicks off his boots and strips down to his boxers. He then pulls the covers back on the bed, gets in and just lays there thinking. ‘What does he have to do? Where will this new life lead him? Will he find someone?’ That last question brought up one more. ‘And was that glow on her face what I think it was?’
Kasey couldn’t think anymore as the tight embraces of sleep finally took over his body.

Introduction: Part 2

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Celestia’s sun was now rising, giving the land light to this new day. Kasey awakes at dawn, like he always did. He rubs the night’s sleep from his eyes. The new rancher gets out of bed, puts his clothes on and heads out the door. The house is quiet, a little too quiet. ‘They do know that they need to be up early.’ He said to himself.

He looks down the staircase and notices that the light is on in the kitchen. ‘Well at least someone is up.’ He thought. Kasey makes his way downstairs and into the kitchen. Applejack was there making breakfast. She has not noticed that Kasey had just walked into the kitchen. He then clears his throat, startling the mare, “What in tarnation?!” Applejack said almost dropping a stack of pancakes.

Kasey chuckles, “Sorry about that.”

Applejack takes the stack and sets it in on the table. “Ah wasn’t expecting ya tah be up this early.” She says with a chuckle of her own. Kasey rolls his eyes, “I’m a farmer just like you, remember?”

Applejack blushed in embarrassment, “Oh yeah, right.” The two share a quick laugh. After the laugh, the two eat in silence. Kasey was the first to finish, “So Applejack, what is there you need me to do around here?” Applejack finishes the piece of pancake in her mouth, “Well, there ain’t nothin really fer yah to do aroun’ here. Why don’t you go into Ponyville and introduce yourself.”

Kasey pondered this for a second before he shrugged his shoulders and takes his leave. The walk to Ponyville was not too long and soon he saw the village he could assume was Ponyville. Before he made it to the edge of town, he saw a rather beautiful looking building off to his right. Upon closer inspection the building had a sign which read “Carousel Boutique.” Curious, Kasey walked into the building.

He opened the door and a bell sound rang out through the building for anyone inside to let them know he was there. The inside was clean and neatly organized. Fabrics and cloth were stored in various places while wonderfully styled clothes hung around pony manicanns.

A white mare, with an extravagant purple mane and tail, sitting at the sewing machine noticed Kasey and stopped what she was working on. She then got up and walked over to him.

As the mare got closer to Kasey, he could see that she was eyeing his clothing, which made him raise his brow a little. “Uh, good morning?” Kasey said as the mare walked around him, her eyes looking at every detail in his clothing before making eye contact with him. “Is something wrong?”

“Oh… No, nothing is wrong… your clothing reminds me of one of my friends.” Rarity said as she brought a hand to her chin.

“By any chance would that friends’ name be, ‘AppleJack’?” Kasey replied as he tilted his head a little.

Her eyes went a little wide at his words. “Yes… have you met her?” She said tilting her head just about as much as Kasey did.

“I have. My name is Kasey, by the way.” He said as he raised his hand to shake hers and making sure to keep the palm of his hand facing upwards.

“Where are my manners. I’m Rarity, and welcome to Carousel Boutique.” Rarity replied with her high up tone as she placed her hand on top of Kasey’s.

“It's a pleasure Miss Rarity.” Kasey said as they lightly gripped each others hands and did one gentle shake.

“Please, just Rarity. Now what brings you by and how did you meet AppleJack?” She said as a large smile came to her muzzle. Again the same shine that he saw before appeared around her too.

“Well, I met Applejack yesterday when I was brought to Ponyville. I was going to be doing work for her till i had a place of my own but she insisted that i go out and introduce myself to the townspeople, or ponies, in this case.”

Rarity clasped her hands together, “That is a wonderful idea, and I have just the ponies in mind that you should visit darling.”

Kasey raised an eyebrow at this, “And who might those be?” he asked

“Why my friends. You already met Applejack and me, so there are only four others left. They are; Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle.” Rarity replied.

“Do I re-”

“I insist deary.” Rarity interrupted. The closest pony is Pinkie Pie. I suggest you go see her before anyone else. That is, if she already doesn’t know you are here already.” She looks around. As if said pony was to pop out of the walls at any given moment.

“All right, I think that is enough for introductions. Now, if you ever need any new clothes, please do not hesitate to stop by.” Rarity said with a smile.

Kasey bowed, “I will keep that in mind.”


Kasey left the Carousel Boutique after looking around for some new clothing. Nothing was interesting at this time so he decided to go to the ‘Sugarcube Corner’ Rarity mentioned. She said that it would be down the road on the left hand side. It looked like a giant gingerbread house.

True to the word, there it was, Sugarcube Corner. Just by looking at it, Kasey could have sworn he gained five pounds, and a cavity. He shrugged his shoulders and went inside. The inside was a lot different. It was a cozy little shop with chairs and tables. A counter on the far side with a display case full of sweets. Behind the counter was a pink pony. Pink fur and a shade darker of pink mane and tail.

Her back was turned to him as she was preoccupied with something. Kasey made his way to the counter when suddenly the mare spun around, “HI!” She screamed with joy.

This sudden shout caused him to stumble backwards and fall onto his back.

“Oh my gosh, I am sooooo sorry!” The pink pony said as she hopped over the counter.

Kasey’s world was spinning as his vision was filled with pink and blue.

“IknewsomeponywasnewandtheywouldbecominghereandIwantedtosurprisethembutIdidn’tmeanforittogothisfar. Canyoupleaseforgiveme?” She said a mile a minute.

“What?” Kasey said as his vision stabilized.

The mare reaches out and offers a hand to help him up. Kasey takes it and soon was on his feet. The pink pony takes a step back and smiles, “I’m really sorry for making you fall. I only wanted to scare you a little.” She giggles a little at the end.

“I’m Pinkie Pie!” She exclaims with a little jump for joy.

Kasey paid attention as he saw the sparkles dance across her face. There was no mistaking it now. The other worldly farmer has seen that before and there was only one reason why they are there now.

Available Bachelorette.

“Are you okay?” Pinkie asked.

Kasey shook his head and snapped out of his trance., “I’m fine, sorry about that. My name is Kasey.”

The pink mare jumped for joy, “Welcome to Ponyville, Kasey!”

Kasey had a little sweat drop down as he put on an awkward smile, ‘This mare seems to be full of energy’ He thought to himself.

The pink ball of energy gasped as if she was offended by some unknown force, “Oh my gosh! This means I get to throw you a welcome to Ponyville Party! YAAAY!”

Before Kasey could grasp what was transpiring around him, he found himself outside the building. Pinkie Pie shut and locked the door behind him.

“What?” Was all Kasey could say.

Introduction Part 3

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Kasey walked down the road in a random direction. The meeting with that pink pony, Pinkie Pie, was way too much for him to handle. One second she was all happy and welcoming, the next she pushed him out onto the street to get his party started. Why was she doing this? He was nothing special, or at least as far as they knew. Shrugging his shoulders he continued on his way.

As he walked, he looked around and saw that the ponies were staring at him. Each one was giving him a curious look, then after a few they would smile and wave, then move on with their business. Strange to say the least, but they were welcoming and that was a good thing.

The farmer looked up and saw that it was a little bit after midday. As he looked back down, something caught his attention. It was a tree, but no ordinary tree he has ever seen. This tree was huge, with a door, some windows, a balcony, and many other items that suggested that it was literally a tree house.

As he got closer, there was a sign that read “Golden Oaks Library”

‘A library?’

Confused as to why someone would build a library within a tree, and for the tree to be completely healthy was beyond him. Still, first looks mean nothing anymore now that he is going to be living in this world.

He opened the door and walked inside.

The inside was hollowed out, with shelves upon shelves of books everywhere. The middle of the room he was currently in had a golden bust on top of round table. Behind that was a staircase that led to the upper floor. To the right of the stairs was a doorway that led to another room.

“I’ll be down in a sec!” Called a voice from upstairs. By the sound of it, the voice was high pitched, indicating that it was female. Or in this worlds case, a mare.

After standing in the doorway, feeling awkward as he waited. The sound of hooves on wood came from the stairs as the owner of the voice was coming down.

Down the stairs emerged a purple pony with dark purple mane and tail with a pink streak going through it. A horn protruded from her head indicating that she was a unicorn.

“Hello there, welcome to the Golden Oaks Library. Is there something I can help you with?” She asked with a smile.

Kasey tilted his head in confusion, “Aren’t you going to ask who I am? What I am? And all other things?”

“That won’t be necessary, Kasey.” she said.

Kasey’s eyes widened, “How do you know my name?”

The purple pony walked across the room and sat down on a green sofa with a small coffee table in front of it, “I received a letter from Princess Celestia telling me of your arrival.”

Kasey just stood there with a confused expression, “Okay?”

“Allow me to explain. My name is Twilight Sparkle, I am the personal student of Princess Celestia. She sent me here to Ponyville a few months ago to set up this event called the Summer Sun Celebration. Things didn’t go as planned, but I made some amazing friends along the way.”

Kasey sat silently as he listened to Twilight's story of how she ended up in Ponyville and befriending five amazing mares. Together they found the “Elements of Harmony” and defeated Nightmare Moon. In doing so, they freed the younger sister of Princess Celestia, Princess Luna.

All throughout the conversation, or in this case, a one sided story, Kasey saw that mysterious shine again. Of course it wasn’t a mystery anymore. He figured out what it meant after meeting that Pink sugar blast.

“Did you hear what I said?” Twilight says with a little pout.

Kasey blinks a few times and realizes that he stopped listening to Twilight.

“Sorry about that,” he says, “I was just thinking about something.”

Twilight raises an eyebrow at him, but doesn’t push the matter.

“It’s starting to get late, I should get going.” Kasey says as he stands up to stretch.

The purple unicorn nods at his statement and leads him to the door, “It was nice to meet you, Kasey.” Twilight says.

“And you as well.”

The two shook hands as Kasey parted from the library. The sun was now setting for the evening time and Kasey decided it was time to head back to Sweet Apple Acres.

The road back seemed longer than the way to town. On the walk back, he had plenty of time to think. The place he was in didn’t seem like it was dying. It was quite the opposite. The land was green all around. The trees were alive and well. The animals that dotted the land and sky continued to do as they please.

The foreign rancher was so caught up in his head that he didn’t notice he was walking right into the fence that separated the town from Sweet Apple Acres.

Kasey walks right into it, flips over the top and lands upside down.


The sound of something moving towards the human fills his ears. He turns his head and sees that its Applejack. She is carrying a basket of apples on her side as she tries to hold back a laugh from bursting forth.

“Are you alright?” The orange mare asks.

Kasey grumbles something to himself as he gets up and dusts himself off.

Applejack grabs and apple from the basket and hands it to him. “Here, eat this. You’ll feel better.”

The rancher smiles and accepts the fruit. He takes a bite and freezes. It takes him a moment to make sure he gets an actual taste before spitting out the fowl fruit.

Taking a closer look at the apple, he can see that it is shriveled up and losing its color.

“How long has this apple been like this?” he questions.

Applejack looks down with a sad face. “All the apples are like that. This has been going on for quite a while. If something isn’t done fast, my family will lose the farm.”

Tears stained her fur as she tries to hold them back.

Kasey looks at Applejack with sympathy. He can see a lot of himself in her.

He places a hand on her shoulder, causing her to look at him. He has a small smile on his face and a glint of determination in his eye.

“Don’t worry Applejack. I’ll help you save your farm.”

Applejacks eyes widen. The way the setting sun in the background makes the light around Kasey shine. His golden eyes glowed brilliantly and his features seemed pure.

Applejacks face turns red as a cherry.

Kasey notices her face turning a different color. “Are you alright?” he asks as he puts his hand on her forehead. “Your burning up!”

The poor little mare's face grew even redder.

“Ah...ah got tah go.” She says in a haste and takes off towards the house. “I’ll see you at dinner!” Applejack calls back to the confused rancher.

“Did I do something wrong?” he questions himself.

Kasey shrugs his shoulders and follows casually behind Applejack, who was already at the house by this point.

When the outlandish farmer enters the house, a heavenly aroma of food fills his nostrils and makes him slightly drool. He follows the scent into the kitchen and sees Applebloom, Granny Smith and Applejack all cooking together.

“Well howdy there Kasey!” The elder green mare says, “Supper will be done shortly, why don’t you go wash up?”

The human rancher nods his head and looks for the bathroom. Ascending the stairs to the second floor, he finds the room he is looking for in the middle of a hallway between two doors, with another door directly across from it.

He opens the door, washes his hands and face and wipes them off with a towel hanging near by.

Once done he descends back down to the main floor and is greeted with a buffet of food set across the table.

A little foal like bullet hits him with a hug out of nowhere, “Thank you!” Applebloom says.

Kasey is confused by her actions but returns the hug nonetheless.

Applejack chuckles at the scene, “I told them about your promise and dedication. This is our way of saying thank you.”

Looking around, Kasey is awestruck with what they are providing him. With a gleeful smile, he picks up Applebloom with ease, “Let’s eat!”

They all cheer and turn towards the table to see Big Mac sitting down already with food halfway to his mouth.

He looks back at them, slowly putting the food into his mouth. “I’m hungry” he simply says.

Everyone, including Big Mac, laugh and soon join him for the feast.

After stuffing his face full and chatting at the table, Kasey returns to the spare bedroom he is temporarily using and gets ready for bed.

He changes into his pajamas and sits on the bed, looking out the window and at the moon. Its slight glow illuminating enough of the orchard, glinting with red apples.
Somehow, he finds himself frowning. All those trees, or at least a vast majority, are dying and the ponies don’t know the cause.

His frown soon turns into a smirk, his chance at a new life has been given to him. And this time, he will find someone.

With that last thought Kasey lays down and within minutes is taken into dream land. Where he dreams of home, his old ranch and his closest friend.

Introduction: Finale

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The next day Kasey awakes before dawn per usual and gets dressed. He makes his way down the steps and notices that no one is up but him. Not wanting to wake anyone else up, he enters the kitchen, makes himself a sandwich and heads out into the fields.

The early morning sun was barely peaking over the horizon as he walked through the never ending trees, munching on his sandwich. He eventually stops at a tree and looks it up and down. He takes note that the bark is normal and the leaves are not changing to any other color. He places the sandwich into his mouth and reaches for an apple.

Once plucked, he brings the fruit close to his eye and watches as it begins to shrivel.

His eyes widen at the now unappetizing apple. He drops the horrid fruit onto the ground and wipes off his hands. Taking the meal from his mouth, he finishes it in a few bites.

He then takes his leave from the trees and heads back to the ranch. Upon arriving at the door, he feels something a little off. He looks around for the source and catches out of the corner of his eyes, a flash. When he looks, he sees Princess Celestia herself walking towards him.

Kasey smiles and waves at the approaching monarch of the land. The alabaster alicorn mare returns the gesture.

Before long the gap between them closes. Kasey steps off the porch and bows before her. “Good morning your highness.”

Celestia bows in return, shocking the other worldly rancher, “It is I who should bow. Before me stands a Hero. A Hero who saved a dying land and brought Harmony to all.”

Kasey blushes at her words of praise.

“You miss your home, don’t you?”

The Hero of Castanet jumps slightly. How could she know?

“My sister told me of your dream. She said that you dreamt of your old home and your closest friend. If it is too much, you are able to leave.”

Kasey looks down to the ground. It is true that he did indeed miss his home. But remembers the words of the Harvest King. The only reason he was there was to restore the land back to how it was. Full of life and thriving from the land once more.

“I do miss home, but I don’t want to go back. I was told that the only reason I was brought there was to make the land livable again. After that, I was nothing.”

A small tear slides down his cheek. The pain of being used as nothing more than a tool really turned his world upside down. He really thought that he found a permanent home. But it was more like a stop.

Realization hits him like a ton of bricks.

“That’s it!” He proclaims, “It was only a stop.” His face brightens at the thought and soon his regular mood has returned.

“I may miss my old life, but I found an even greater chance to start anew.”

Princess Celestia smiles at his demeanor. It’s contagious, like Pinkie Pie. His heart is pure and his mind is steady. She made the right decision in bringing him here.

“Oh!” she says suddenly, “I almost forgot why I came here.”

The Sun Monarch’s horn glows like the sun. In a few seconds, a scroll appears in front of Kasey.

“This is the dead to your new home. It’s located just up the road before you get into Ponyville. It is not much at the moment, but you can go to town hall and get a permit to build upon it.”

Kasey reaches out and grabs the scroll, putting it into his pouch. He bows again, “Thank you Princess.”

Celestia smiles and in a flash of light, disappears.

The human rancher looked in the direction of the rising sun. It was now just cresting over the horizon. His look lingers a little longer before he turns around and nearly gets crushed by Applebloom.

“What’s with you doing that?” he says with a chuckle.

“I don’t want yah tah go!” she says as she looks up to him with puppy dog eyes.

Kasey smirks and rolls his eyes as he effortlessly lifts her off of him. With the filly in his hands, he spins her around. She shouts with glee and laughs. Applejack looks at the two with her own smirk. Soon it spreads into a smile as she walks over to the now two dizzy beings.

“That’s enough Applebloom. Kasey needs to pack up his stuff. Right?” Applejack says as she looks towards him with a tilt of her head.

“No, I have everything I need right here.” He points to his rucksack that is strapped to his back.

“Everything?” the apple family says in unison. Shocked all among their faces.

“Yeah, everything.” Kasey replied monotonously.

Applejack looks at him straight in the eyes. His golden globes are hard and unmoving. There is not a hint of a lie anywhere on his features or in his voice.

He takes the rucksack off and reaches within, pulling out a gold hammer, gold axe, gold watering can, gold sickle, and a gold hoe.

Everyone around him were awestrucken. All those large item fit within the confines of a small saddle bag.

“How?” asks Applebloom.

Kasey puts the items back and places the rucksack where it belongs, “It was a gift from the Harvest Goddess. She gave it to my great great great great great great grandfather. From that point on, it was past down from father to son or daughter.” The faces everyone wore ranged from confusion, to even great confusion.

Applebloom was the first to break the stupor, “May I see it?”

The human rancher shrugs his shoulders and takes off his heirloom and hands it to the foal.

She quickly takes off the top and looks within, only to be pulled out by Kasey, “Be careful!” he exclaims as he takes back the rucksack, “If you were to fall in, there is no telling when you will ever return. If at all.”

Applebloom has tears form in her eyes at being scolded. Seeing her face calms Kasey down from his outburst. He was a little too harsh on her for the ignorance. He too made the same mistake when his dad gave him the backpack.

“I’m sorry Applebloom. I should have said something earlier. How about I give you this.” he says as he reaches into the rucksack and pulls out a giant shining apple. “This is from my world, I grew it myself.”

“Wow, look at it glow Applejack!” Applebloom says with renewed enthusiasm.

“It looks almost as good as ours.” Responds Applejack.

“Eeyup.” Big Mac adds in his two bits.

The foal takes a bite of the red jewel and an explosion of flavor washes over her taste buds. The sheer amount of goodness caused her to drop the apple, which was caught by Kasey.

Her eyes grew bigger, almost to the point of taking over her sockets.

Kasey ushers Applejack over and hands her the apple, “Try it. And see for yourself.”

Applejack takes the apple with hesitation and takes a bite. The same thing that happened to Applebloom happened to her big sister.

The apple was passed around from apple member to family member till the apple was just a core.

“That. Was. Amazing!” Applebloom exclaims. The little pony hopes around Kasey asking for another apple. Kasey tells her that he only wanted to give it to her to cheer her up. And it did, way beyond his expectations.

After a few more words, Kasey was finally able to leave and take the path to his new home.

The human is now walking along the path, taking in the sites around him. This world is much more beautiful in scenery, the people are just as nice and the food is even better.

To the left of him was a small pond. He decides to take a small detour and wanders over to the pond. He admires the gentle water as a calming breeze pushes against him. The view in front is one that not many will stop to see.

Just as he was about to take his leave, a flutter of wings catch his ear. He looks for the source but it was nowhere to be seen. That is, until he looked up. Above him was a blue pegasus flying at high speeds. The pegasus makes sharp turns and loops. After another turn it looses control as a strong cross breeze pushes against the wings, causing them to buckle underneath and for the pony to be sent into a spiral.

It made many attempts to regain control, but to no avail. As the figure got closer, Kasey was able to see the color if it's mane. The color was vast, like that of a rainbow. Same with the tail.

The rainbow maned Pegasus began to sway back in forth in a ditch effort to regain control. It was then that Kasey realized he was in the path of pain. "Oh shi-" he was unable to finish his sentence as he was hit square in the chest and the two were sent head over tail. Eventually the two stop. Kaseys eyes were rolling as his world spun.

“Oh my goodness. Rainbow Dash, are you….”

A new pony has entered the area where the two have landed. This pony was buttery yellow with a pink mane and tail. Upon seeing Kasey, she immediately shrinks back.

The aforementioned rancher smacks the back of his head to stop his eyes from spinning. Once he regains his bearings, he can see that he is a good few yards away from where he was standing. To be hit with that much speed and only have a few pumps is surprising. As for the blue pegasus, one of her wings was bending at a painfully looking angle.

At a closer look, the pegasus is a mare. He was just about to see if she was alright when she bolted upright screaming to the heavens, “OW BUCK! MY WING!”

The force at which she used was enough to push Kasey back onto the ground.

As for the other pony, a mare, ignored the stranger and ran to her friend, “Rainbow Dash! Are you okay?”

The known blue pegasus, Rainbow Dash, just glares at the yellow one with tears in her eyes, “Oh yeah, I’m just fine Fluttershy. Just trying to use a new stretching technique I picked up from the- OF COURSE I’M NOT OKAY! MY WING IS BROKEN!”

Fluttershy jumps back at the outburst, already having tears streak down her cheek. Rainbow Dash realizes what she did and softens up, bringing her into a hug.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that. It's just, my wing hurts and I won’t be able to fly until it's healed.”

Behind the two friends was Kasey, looking between the two with so much confusion.

The blue pegasus remembers that she collided with somepony and needs to apologize.

“Sorry about that dude, didn’t mean to hurt you like that.” She adds a slight bow at the end.

“Its okay. I didn’t get hurt much. My names Kasey!” he says bringing a hand up for a handshake.

“Rainbow Dash.” She replies taking his hand. “And this is my closest friend, Fluttershy.”

Once she heard her name, Fluttershy hides behind Rainbow Dash and shakes like a leaf. Rainbow rolls her eyes,takes a step to her right and grabs hold of Fluttershy and brings her forth. Holding her in place so she can’t escape. Rainbow doesn’t realize how far she pushed her and she was only mere inches away from his face.

Kasey notices that around her face were the stars of a potential bachelorette.

Fluttershy’s whole face turns red. The human rancher looks a tad worried, “Are you getting sick?” he questions, bringing up his hand to feel her forehead.

As soon has his hand touches her head she passes out and falls limp.

Kasey jumps back and freaks out, “Oh my gosh! Is she going to be okay?”

Rainbow Dash just burst out laughing, “I forgot to mention she is extremely shy.”

The other worldly being just looked at the passed out pony, “No kidding.” he chuckled at the end.

His focus is back on Rainbow Dash and the stars appear around her too. The stars lingered a little longer than usual, which indicates he has found all the potential bachelorettes.

“It wouldn’t be too much to ask for your help, would it?” questioned Rainbow.

Kasey shook his head, indicating that he would be more than willing to help her. He lowered his body to a kneeling position and Rainbow placed Fluttershy onto his back.

“Come on, her house is this way.” she said, leading him to their destination.

Before long the two eventually make it to Fluttershy’s home. To Kasey, the little shanty looked like it belonged in the earth. There were many among many animals roaming around. Birds of varying colors, little woodland creatures scurry across the lawn, even a bear sat peaceful under a shade giving tree.

“This way.” Rainbow Dash gestures to the door and opens it. The two go inside and are greeted by a tiny white rabbit. Said rabbit was looking at the two with a curious look.

“Her room is up the steps, the last door on the left.” rainbow points out. Kasey just nods his head and takes the passenger on his back up to her room. After five minutes of making sure she was nicely tucked in bed, he made his way back down to the main floor.

The two guests made their way outside of the yellow pegasus and back to the town. During the walk, the two swapped stories. Kasey learned all about Rainbows dream of joining the Wonderbolts and how she is the fastest flyer in all of Equestria. The human told Rainbow about his life on Castanet and how he came to be in this world.

“Wow,” Rainbow gasped, “They tossed you aside like you were nothing? What kind of loyalty is that?”

It was clear to Kasey that Rainbow was fuming over this. But he calmed her down by explaining how the Harvest King made up for his lack of loyalty by sending him here. Which so far has been way better than his old home.

Before long, Kasey arrived at his house after saying goodbye to Rainbow. She told him to shorten her name as to not sound so formal.

When he arrived home the day was already about over. Today has been another wondrous day.

His house was nothing too special. It is a one story home with a bathroom, bedroom, small kitchen and a family/diner room. To him it felt cramped compared to his home back on Castanet, but like the princess said “You are able to expand. If you so choose to.”

The rancher enters his bedroom where a small one person bed, a night stand with a small journal on it, and a calendar on the wall next to the window. He walked up to the journal and found a note.

It read, “Dear Kasey, Please use this journal to record your adventure here in Equestria, and to keep track of records, plant info and the info of the residence there in Ponyville. Best of luck, Princess Celestia.”

Kasey smiles as he changes and gets ready for bed. He writes in the journal about his last few days, the six ponies that he met and finishes it by putting the date. After that he lays down and falls into a dreamless sleep.

Year 1, Spring

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In a lone house that sat on the outskirts of Ponyville, a new resident was waking from his slumber. The sheets were torn off and the being stood up and stretched. The last few days have been pretty long, but it wasn’t unusual for it to happen to the young rancher. The rancher in question, Kasey, has arrived to Equestria in order to start a new. Just like back home, this land is not producing its fruit and vegetables as it used to and it is up to him to find out why.

But for now, he needs to establish a proper income if he were to live. Sure, the ponies here are very generous, but he doesn’t think that they would be so kind if he begged for food. Which is strange coming from a rancher who specializes in growing crops. For him to go hungry would be like a worker ant not doing their part for the colony.

Kasey stops getting prepared for the day and ponders how he compares to an ant. He shrugs his shoulder. ‘Shouldn’t be dwelling on these matters. Time to get to work.’

With that said, he opens his front door and steps back out into his new home world.

The sun has yet to arrive in the early spring morning. Kasey looks around and spots a nice piece of land that is a few yards away from his front door. The small piece of land was overgrown with weeds, “Well, might as well get started.” With that said he reaches into his rucksack and pulls out his golden sickle.

A few hours have gone by and the small plot of land was tilled and ready to be seeded. The young rancher wipes his brow and continues with his work. He reaches into his rucksack only to realize he doesn’t have any seeds to use. He face palms at his negligence and months of muscle memory. “I need to find some seeds.” he says to himself. He looks towards where Sweet Apple Acres should be and begins his walk.

Not too long he can see the sign to the lovely farm. He can see Applejack, Big Mac, and Applebloom all hard at work. The orange mare was the first to see him enter their land.

“Howdy Kasey!” She calls to him, “What brings you to the farm?”

“Good morning Applejack.” he replies with a slight bow, “I’m here to purchase some seeds. If you have any to sell.”

“Well shucks, I was about to head over to your place after work on the farm was done to give you a bag of seeds to help you get started.” Applejack says as she hands him a bag of seeds. “They ain’t much, but it should help in the long run.”

Kasey happily takes the seeds and puts them into his rucksack, “Thank you Applejack, this is very kind of you.”

The cow pony blushes and hides her face, “It ain’t nothing Sugarcube. Just be sure that you share some of the fruit that you will be getting.”

Kasey nods his head in agreement, “I shall.”

After the short meeting with the Apple family, Kasey has returned home and planted the seeds. Applejack never told him what kind of seeds they were, but that would ruin the fun!

With his daily task now over with and the sun just hitting its high point, Kasey had nothing else to do. For him, this was very unusual. The other worldly rancher shrugs his shoulders as he decides to take a stroll through Ponyville.


Kasey has been wandering around Ponyville for quite some time and has yet to see more than five ponies out and about at this time of day. Even for a small town such as this one, surely there must be more ponies. A low grumble from his stomach has alerted him into knowing it’s time to eat.

Looking around the empty streets of Ponyville, Kasey soon spotted Sugarcube Corner. His stomach roared to him as if telling the rancher that it was saying for him to grab a sweet treat. Not the kind of guy who would argue with his stomach, he set out.

He soon approached the gingerbread looking house and noticed that the lights were out, yet the sign said it was open, ‘Strange,’ his mind said. Shrugging his shoulders, he opened the door. No sooner did he step inside he was blinded by the sudden light that flickered on and was almost deafened by a roar of ponies yelling “Surprise!”

All around him were the ponies that reside in Ponyville. All gathered in Sugarcube Corner with a banner overhead that read, “Welcome To Ponyville Kaysie.”

The young man shook his head with a smile on his face. He never once told anyone how to spell his name, so it was a given that they would misspell it.

Soon his vision was filled with pink and blue, “Were you surprised? Huh? I bet you were! No pony could have not been surprised!”

Kasey recoiled a bit at the sudden appearance of Pinkie Pie. He regained his composure and gave the awaiting pink mare his reply. “Yes Pinkie, I was surprised.”

The little ball of pink jumped around him, rambling off how she has planned this whole thing from the beginning after the two met. She also knew that he would be stopping by today, which confused him a bit.

“So, what are we waiting for? Let’s party!” exclaimed Pinkie as music began to blare.

Kasey shook his head with a smile. His stomach grumbled again, reminding him as to why he came here in the first place. He looked towards the buffet table, his mouth beginning to drool over all the tasty looking treats.


The party went off without a hitch. All the ponies in attendance all came up to Kasey at some point during the party to formally welcome him to Ponyville. Five of the six mares he first met were there. Sadly Applejack could not make it due to her helping with the farm. But nonetheless he enjoyed it as much as he could. Nearing the end he asked Pinkie Pie if he could get a slice of cake to go, so he could give it to Applejack in exchange for the gift of the seeds.

So, here Kasey is now. Walking back the way he came towards Sweet Apple Acres to give Applejack the slice of cake the Pinkie was more than happy to give him. Although the little wink at the end was a little uncalled for, but he shrugged and laughed it off as he left the party that was thrown for him.

By the time the young rancher made it to the farm, the sun was beginning to set. The party took up a majority of the day, but it was well worth it. With no time at all, he made it to the front door and knocked three times. An all too familiar red stallion answered the door, just like the first time he came here.

“Good evening Big Mac. Is Applejack available?”

“Nnope.” replied the massive stallion.

“Oh.” Kasey said with a hint of sadness, “Do you know where I can find her?”

Big Mac gave no response as he pointed in a direction towards the south side of the farm and shut the door.

Kasey was rather confused as to what happened, but went the direction the stallion pointed in.

After a few minutes of walking, Kasey stood at the bottom of a hill that was hidden away by all the apple trees. He would have never known if it was here if Mac never pointed it out. He ascended the hill and was shocked to what he saw. There at the very top was Applejack, sitting down with her hat off and on the ground and soft sounds of her crying.

In no time he was by her side, “Applejack?”

The orange mare jumped to her side and looked at Kasey like he was a demon come to feed on her soul. Before he could say anything, he was wrapped up in a bone crushing hug. Stunned, Kasey just hugged her back. “What’s wrong?” he questioned.

After a few more sniffles, Applejack broke the hug and wiped her face. “It’s nothing to worry about Kasey. Just been thinking is all.” she said as she forced a smile.

Kasey returned it with a concerned smile, “Oh! I almost forgot. I brought this for you since you couldn’t make the party.”

He reached into his rucksack and pulled out the intact slice of cake.

Applejack’s face brightened up and stars appeared in her eyes as he handed the delicacy over to her. He also brought out a fork for her to use.

The orange mare sat back down and devoured the cake in a matter of seconds. Kasey was left stunned at how fast the cake disappeared. “Don’t worry about the plate and fork. I’ll make sure they get cleaned and returned back to Pinkie.”

All Kasey did was nod his head before yawning as the sun finally disappeared.

“Yeah, it is getting late. Best that we both get back to our homes.”

Both farmers stood up and after a quick goodbye, went their separate ways.


A few days have gone by since the party. Kasey was outside tending to his crops. The seeds have sprouted and soon he will be able to find out what kind of seeds Applejack have him. Till then, he watered them daily.

The day after the party, Applejack stopped by and thanked him once again for the cake. The two spent most of the day together. Kasey was at Sweet Apple Acres helping with tending to the trees. It was still a long time before they would give fruit. But it was still important to take care of them till then.

Kasey wiped his brow as the sun beat down upon him. Sure it was spring, but that doesn’t mean the rays of the sun were not hot. With yet another daily task done and his afternoon free up, the rancher decides to pay Rarity a visit. Afterall he did promise to come back at some point. The sooner the better they say.

The walk to The Carousel Boutique was calm. As he walked through the center of Ponyville, many of the residents would wave to him with a friendly smile. Of course he would wave back, it is rather rude not to. Others would come up to him and strike a small conversation and ask how he is doing.

After about an hour of talking with ponies, Kasey eventually makes it to the clothing store. The sign on the window next to the door says that it is open. With the go ahead, he opens the door and a small bell chimes his arrival.

“Welcome to the Carousel Boutique, where everything is ship, shape and unique. How may- Oh Kasey! It’s so good to see you!” Rarity says as she enters from a door on his right side. Upon seeing him, she walks up to the human and curtsies.

Kasey responds with a bow that makes the white mare giggle. “You asked me to stop by when I had the time.”

Rarity gasps, “Oh my dear you are right. How could I have forgotten.”

The other worldly being looks around the room at all the fabric and sewing tools that are lying about. “Yeah, I wonder how you forgot about that as well.” he said under his breath.

“What was that darling?”

“Nothing!” Kasey quickly replies.

Rarity looks at him with an unamused expression. Eyeing his features to see if what he said would just appear on his face.

She shrugs, “Well alright. Now, since you have come here upon my request, I am in need of your assistance.”

“My assistance?” he questions.

“Yes,” the mare replies, “I want to make you some nice clothing. This…” she gestures around Kasey, “Is in need for some improvement. If you would like.”

Kasey smiled and nodded his head, “Sure, I don’t see why not.”

“Fantastic darling!” Rarity said with enthusiasm. “Now if you would, take off your clothes and stand on that raised platform over there.” She pointed a finger to the destination that was only a short walk away to.

“Excuse me?” Kasey said, bemused and with a blush on his face.

The white mare realized what she said and had a small blush on her face as well, “Well, it is the only way to get the most accurate measurements. You don’t need to be completely naked. Just down to the bare minimum if you would.”

Kasey sagged his shoulders and reluctantly agreed to do so.

First item that came off was his shirt. Once it was over his head, Rarity got a full view of his spectacularly sculpted upper body. The farm work as really done a number on him and it shows.

Next were his pants, socks and shoes. He stood on the platform with only his boxers on as Rarity used her magic to take his measurements. The two carried on small talk as he was being taped. At first it was a little awkward but as more time went by, the two were talking as if Kasey wasn't standing on the platform with only his underwear.

The two talked about a lot of things. First it was Rarity with where she grew up at, her love for fashion and how she acquired her cutie mark. When she was done it was Kasey’s turn to share his tale. About halfway through his story he had the white mare tearing up.

After a few short minutes she had what she needed and Kasey donned his attire once again.

Rarity had left to another room after getting his measurements and returned when he was fully clothed. She had a sketchbook in her hand, “I’ll have some new clothes for you shortly dear and I’ll deliver them to your house once I am done.”

“Thank you Rarity.” Kasey said with a bow.

“Anytime darling.” she replied.

The rancher looked towards the sky and saw the sun setting. ‘Huh, that took much longer than I thought it did.’


Kasey left back to his home. The walk was uneventful until he got to his house. Upon arriving, there was a grey mare sitting outside his home. Her mane and tail are a light blond and she also had wings, clearly indicating that she is a pegasus. The grey pegasus wore a mail carrier bag around her shoulder and a cap to match.

As Kasey got closer and was about to introduce himself, the mare turned around and the two collided. The rancher stumbled a little but the mare didn’t fair much better. She started to fall backwards but was caught by Kasey with his arm around his waist.

“Hey, are you okay?” he asked, concern dripping in his voice.

The grey mare shook her head to get the stars out of her eyes. She opened them and was greeted by the otherworldly being she was sent to talk to.

Noticing how he was holding her, her face turned red and her eyes started to move.

Kasey watch as the mares golden eyes moved in opposite directions and her face turning red as a tomato.

He moved her so she would be standing straight and released his arm from her waist.

“Your face is turning red, are you feeling okay?”

The mare didn’t respond as she was spacing out. The human moved closer and waved his hand in front of her face.

“Hello? Anyone in there?”

That got her attention as she shook her head once again, “I’m sorry about that. I just don’t know what went wrong.” she looked away and blushed with embarrassment.

Kasey chuckled, “It's okay. As long as you are alright. By the way, my name is Kasey. What’s yours?” He said as he stretched out his hand.

“My name is Ditzy Doo. Or as my friends call me, Derpy.” The grey mare responded as she gripped his hand and shook it.

“Derpy?” The rancher questioned, “Why would anyone call you that? It sounds hurtful.”

The now known mare, Derpy, chuckled at his concern, “They call me that due to me being clumsy. At first it was used to tease me because of my eyes, but as time went on I learned to accept it and asked everypony to call me that so I wouldn’t get picked on anymore.”

Kasey was shocked. To have a name that started out as a form of insult only to later become her nickname was amazing.

“That’s amazing! It’s so cool how you turned the tide on the ones who made fun of you.” Kasey said with enthusiasm.

Derpy laughed a bit, “It is isn’t it?”

The human laughed along with her.

Once they were done laughing, Kasey almost forgot to ask her something. “What brings you by my home?”

Derpy recoiled as if being hit by an invisible force, her eyes growing wide, “Oh my gosh! I almost forgot!”

She stepped back from Kasey and cleared her throat, “My name is Ditzy Doo and I am here to let you know that when you are ready to sell your crops you have two options. You can go between each one as you see fit. The first option is to use the drop box located just next to your house and every day at five P.M. I will drop by to collect them. In about a week's time I shall return and hand you your pay.”

She paused for a moment to let Kasey understand what she is saying.

“The other option is that you can take your produce down to the Ponyville market and set up a stall there to sell them. By doing this, you will increase your relationship with ponies who stop by and purchase your bounty. This will guarantee a same day pay, but you may not sell all of your produce.”

Kasey shook his head in understanding, “Sounds simple enough. Thank you Derpy.”

“You’re welcome!” she responded cheerfully.

Derpy jumped and hovered in the air for a moment before taking off to the sky, only to bump into a tree. She rubbed her head and continued on her way. Watching her fly away, Kasey smiled and shook his head.

Without anything else to do, Kasey opened his door and went off to bed.


More days have gone by and Kasey was out harvesting his crops. It turned out that the seeds he was given by Applejack were potatos. When Kasey found out he was on the ground in a fit of laughter. This was the same seeds he was given when he first moved to Castanet.

After harvesting his crops, Kasey walked down to the Ponyville market to sell them. He found an empty stall the no pony was using and set up. He only had five of them, but it was a good start. He did have one more, but he stopped by the Apple farm and dropped it off to Applejack like he promised.

The day was really eventful for Kasey. Ponies stopped by to either have a small chat with him, or bought it potatos. A lot of the buyers haggled with him, but he would always come out with a few more bits than what they were willing to barter with.

As the sun began to set, the human rancher sold his last potato for the day. He walked away from his stall with 57 bits in total. Who knew that potatoes were uncommon in a place like Ponyville. He shrugged his shoulders and placed the coins in a small side pocket on his rucksack.

Since potatoes do not regrow, Kasey had to go buy more. And the only place he knew that sold seeds was Sweet Apple Acres.

With the sun not yet set, the rancher made the short trek to the farm in no time at all.

Once he arrived he noticed that neither Applejack or her siblings were out in the field. He had to guess that they must be getting ready for supper. Not the one who likes to ruin a good meal, he decided to come back tomorrow. Just as he turned around he heard a voice shout his name.

He turned his head to see Applebloom standing on the porch waving him over. He did as he was told and walked to the young mare.

“Hey Kasey!” she greeted him with a bone crushing hug.

“Hey Applebloom, is there something you need?” he questioned.

The little ball of energy let go of Kasey and placed her hands behind her back. Rocking back and forth as she spoke, “Applejack saw you from the kitchen window and asked me to come get you. We all want to know if you want to have dinner with us!”

Her face was aglow with anticipation. Her eyes full of hope.

Kasey put a hand to his chin and struck a thinking pose, “That sounds nice, but I do not want to impose. You all have done enough for me when I stayed with you for a short time.”

Applebloom clenched her jaw but smiled nonetheless. She reached out and grabbed his hand and pulled him into the house, “None sense. You are always welcome here!”

Before he could protest, he was already seated at the table and being served a full plate. The meal consisted of mash potatoes, corn, cornbread, rolls, green beans, and noodles with alfredo sauce.

The aroma from it all made his mouth water.

“I’m glad you could join us Kasey.” Applejack said as she placed the piece de resistance, a golden crusted apple pie in the center of the table.

He was speechless at the bountiful food. If he was a starved beggar, this would have brought a tear to his eye.

“Alright everypony! Dig in!” Granny proclaimed as she raised her fork and spoon to emphasise her words.

Kasey made it home with a full stomach and a smile. He didn’t bother to ask Applejack if he could buy some seeds as the time was to eat and enjoy oneself. Once inside his home, he proceeded to take a hot shower and head off to bed. With summer just around the corner, he needs to be ready for the challenge that it brings with it.

Summer Heat

Year 1, Summer: Week 1

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The last few days of spring went by rather quickly. Kasey was able to buy more potato seeds; along with a variety of other ones too. By the end of spring, he made a profit of 150 bits.

The summer heat came blazing in one day. The sudden change was not too uncommon for him as it happened all the time back home. The clouds became scarce and the sun shine bore down on him much more without the shadow of the fluffy white cotton balls of the skies.

Before the summer season rolled around, Rarity dropped by to give him his summer clothes, which he offered to pay for it, but Rarity insisted that he should take the clothes as a welcoming gift.

Now, at the beginning of the hottest season, Kasey is outside tending to his field. Removing the spring crops to make way for the summer ones. His new clothing that he wore were made from a fine silk that allowed the cool breezes the easily slip through and cool him down.

Over the course of the spring season, Kasey noticed that the crops he grew did not waste away as soon as they were plucked. This was a good sign though, but why was it only affecting him. He grew the seeds of this world on their soil so why are they not ending up like Applejacks apples?

This question pondered him greatly and so during his slow days, he went around Ponyville asking the residents about the crops.

It was the same story through and through. The ponies would pick their crops and within a matter of seconds to a few hours the fruits and vegetables would grow sour and rot. No pony gave him any direction on where this was happening, for none knew. So, he let it be for the time and focused on his own.

He finished up his daily task. His garden of fruits and vegetables has grown exponentially. There were rows of honeydew, corn, tomato, watermelon and onion seeds. The seeds were rather inexpensive, which was a major surprise to him. Yet, when he thought about it, the currency here was worth more than the gold coins he was used to back in his old life.

Shaking his head to clear his mind of the old way, Kasey wiped his forehead of the sweat that accumulated during his routine. It wouldn’t had been so bad if it wasn’t for the unrelenting force of the sun that bore down upon him.

Even with Rarity’s clothes adorning his body, the heat got to him. He went inside his house and came back out with a sizable jug of cool water. He took off his shirt and dumped the goddess blessed water that quickly cooled him off.

Shaking his head to help clear the liquid, he opened his eyes and saw Fluttershy staring at him just beyond his field. Even from where he was standing he could make out her face growing red. Yellow does nothing to hide the powerful color.

“Why don’t you take a picture so you can keep it forever!” he hollered for her to hear him.

The yellow pegasus ‘eeped’ at being caught staring. She quickly looked away at anything, but stole glances as she watched him put his shirt back on.

Once the shirt was donned, he strolled on over to the mare, “What brings you by?” he asked.

Fluttershy kept looking around, avoiding as much eye contact as possible, “Um, well, I was wondering if...you could help me with something?” she responded, “If you aren’t busy, that is.” she quickly added at the end.

The rancher smiled at the poor mares shyness, “I’m not busy,” he chirped, “What is it you need help with?”

Fluttershy perked up at hearing Kasey say that he would help her, but immediately shrunk back down

“Oh, well...umm. Splitting wood.” She whispered at the end.

“I’m sorry, could you repeat that?”

“Splitting some...wood.”

“Splitting wood?” Asked the farmer.

Fluttershy didn’t respond. All she did was nod her head.

“What is it that you need to use the wood for?”

After the question, the yellow mare’s mood changed in an instant, “Oh! It’s for some new bird friends that got lost during their migration. I offered them a temporary home till they are ready to leave!”

The rancher smiled at Fluttershy, “That is very kind of you. Just lead the way and I can’t get to chopping.”

The yellow pegasus nodded and beckoned for him to follow.

The two made their way back to Fluttershy’s home with little conversation. The poor mare was just too shy. Once the two made it, Fluttershy brought him to the back of her house where a stump with piles of wood next to it.

Kasey walked over to the stump and grabbed one log, “How many do you want me to cut?” he asked.

“I think ten should be more than enough.”

“Why ten?”

“Oh, um...I need some firewood too. If that is not too much.”

“It sure isn’t.”

Without another word, Kasey got to work on splitting the wood.

Fluttershy let him be and went inside her house.


The wood that was used for the bird were cut in half, the once more so it would be easier for Fluttershy to carve and cut the wood to make the birdhouse with.

By the time he was done, Fluttershy came back from her house with a tray of lemonade.

“Would you like some?” she asked.

Kasey nodded his head yes and reached for a glass. He brought the yellow drink up to his lips and gave it a quick taste. His eyes grew larger at the perfect mix of lemons, water and sugar were in his drink.

He quickly finished the delightful yellow liquid in one go. Once he finished he let out a long sigh as he could feel his body cool down and his stamina come back to him.

“Oh thank you so much Kasey. You have done so much for the little birds.” Fluttershy said with a bright smile.

“It’s no big deal. I will always be around if you need anything. I only live right down the road.”

The yellow mare brought out a bag of bits and handed them to the human, “This is for helping me out.”

Kasey took the bag and felt that it had a little more weight than what should be necessary.

(30 bits acquired)

Kasey offered the bag back, “I can’t take this Fluttershy,” he said, “The glass of lemonade was more than enough.”

The pegasus mare hesitated before she took back her money, “Are you sure?”

Kasey nodded his head, “I’m sure. Besides, it's getting late so I should be getting back home.”

“Okay Kasey. Be safe.”

He walked off with a wave of his arm, “I will!”

A tiny snow white rabbit came hopping out of Fluttershy’s home and hopped right next to her. He looked at his owner, then to the fleeting form of the human. The rabbit got the attention of her by stomping its foot on the ground.

“What is it Angel Bunny?”

He looked up at her in wiggled his eyebrows. This caused the yellow mare's eyes to grow to the size of dinner plates, “I do not!” she protested.

The rabbit rolled its eyes and hopped back inside.

Fluttershy looked back in the direction that Kasey was but could no longer see his form. He eyes lingered for a moment longer before she too took her leave.


The young rancher made it back to his house in no time at all. He was about to turn it in for the day when he noticed that his mailbox had mail in it.

He reached in and pulled out a letter.

It read,

“Dear Kasey,

Tomorrow is the annual Summer Sun Celebration and the town of Ponyville would be excited if you were to attend. Since you are new we had this letter sent to you so you would not be left out of the loop. There will be fun activities for everyone to enjoy. Also some competitions if you are more the competitive type. Please be at Town Square tomorrow at 10:00.

We hope to see you there!

Best regards,

Mayor Mare

‘So they have festivals here too,’ Kasey thought to himself, ‘Feels just like home.’

The human rancher entered his home and discard the letter into a waste bin and got ready to head off to bed so he can begin the next day awake and refreshed.







Kasey awoke to the sound of his window being smashed. He scampered off of his bed, grabbed his axe from his bag and stood up straight with it at the ready.

He looked around the dark room for anything to move. With no light but the little that was casted down by the moon, he could barely see his surroundings.


He heard a voice call out with pain. He lowered his axe and quickly grabbed a lamp. He lit the wick and watched as the room filled with light. He moved it towards the sounds and was shocked to see Rainbow Dash laying on the floor. Glass from the window surrounded her and some cuts were clearly visible.

“RAINBOW DASH!” Kasey shouted with fear in his voice.


The rainbow headed mare slowly stood on her feet. She staggered slightly but was able to stay up. She gripped her head in pain.

Kasey grabbed his rucksack and pulled out a small first-aid kit. “Here, let me help you.” he said.

In a few minutes, Rainbow had her cuts cleaned and bandages placed on them. She had an ice pack atop her head to help reduce the swelling that was sure to form.

The two were now sitting on his bed. The adrenaline from the fright was slowly wearing off his body.

“What happened?” Kasey questioned.

Rainbow Dash fidgeted slightly. Reluctant to tell him how she crashed through his window.

Not able to make up an epic tale, she let out a sigh and explained, “I was doing a little bit of late night flying. I was going to practice some awesome moves, but I misjudged the length of a tree branch and clipped it with my side. I didn’t get anything major, but it was able to throw me into more branches, then I came crashing through your window.”

She finished her story with her head hung low.

“Wow, that sounds really cool.” he said

Rainbow Dash jerked her head up and looked at the human with a raised eyebrow.

“To walk away from all that with minor cuts and a bump on the head. You must be really tough.” he explained with a smile.

The prismatic pony looks away as a blush forms on her face, “You really think...that I’m tough?”

The other worldly rancher smiles, “Well of course. If that was me, I would have a few dozen broken bones.” he said with a hearty laugh.

While her head was turned away, she smiled, “Thanks.” Is all she said before she got up, ran to the window and flew off into the night.

Kasey watches as she flies away. A confused look was all that was left. He shrugged his shoulders and went back to sleep.

The morning rays of the sun came rather quickly for Kasey. Although it should have been expected, seeing as how he needed to aid a friend who crashed through his window.

Once the rancher was dressed and ready for his day, he went outside to tend to his crops.

He finished up his task and looked at the time. It read 9:00.

He had plenty of time to make it to Town Square. With that in mind, he set out for his destination.

Kasey arrived to the Town Square ten minutes later. Very few towns ponies were around. The only ones there were the ponies who would set up shop and sell their wares.

The young rancher wandered around to pass the time. Soon enough, more and more ponies arrived. Not before long, the whole town was bustling with life. Ponies from all over Equestria have shown up to attend the festival.

As he continued to look around a familiar voice called his name, “Howdy Kasey!”

The rancher looked to the source and found Applejack standing at her very own stall. She gestured for him to come over. Not wanting to skip out on a pleasant conversation, he walked on over.


The two farmers talked for what seemed like hours before the festival started. They talked about everything, from the life Kasey had before coming to Equestria, and how things were going at Sweet Apple Acres. The fruit and vegetables that came from the farm still would rot in a matter of hours, and no pony could figure out why this was happening.

“And before I knew it, I was being dunked in the lake!” Applejack said with a laugh.

Kasey bursted out laughing at her story. To think that Rainbow Dash would take a prank and make it last for days was hilarious, “Alright, I think I can one up your story, AJ.” Started Kasey, “So get this, I was minding my own business when suddenly-”

“Hey Kasey!” said a new voice.

The two turned to find Twilight walking towards them.

“Awww come on Twilight, you ruined a good story.” Kasey said with a hint of sadness.

“Story? I love stories!” replied the enthusiastic purple unicorn.

The human smiled and rolled his eyes, “It's not ‘that’ kind of story. But if you want to listen, please do not interrupt.”

Twilight nodded and listened with intent.

“Alright, now where was I?”


The sun was now setting and the day drew closer to the end. The festival ended hours ago, Kasey had a fun time talking with Applejack and Twilight. He didn’t know that Twilight herself had some very hilarious stories.

By the time the ponies were leaving the festival, AJ’s stock was dried up and rotten. She said a few choice words and left with her head down. Kasey wanted to help her, but Twilight asked him if they could talk a bit more. She too was looking into the matter of the crop crises, as she liked to call it, and was coming up empty handed.

She ran various tests on different fruits and vegetables, but everything came back normal. They were all fine to consume, but only in a short period of time. After that, they rot.

Kasey explained to Twilight that he was also looking into the strange events that are happening to all the food in Ponyville and she was happy to have some help. She asked him for some samples of his work and was even willing to pay.

So with all this swimming around in his head he found it hard to fall asleep.

Why was this happening?

What is the cause?

Will it ever end?

And finally, why are my crops not affected?

He tossed and turned for a while until his mind and body couldn’t take it anymore and forced him to fall asleep.

Year 1: Summer; Week 2

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Kasey sat on the porch of his house admiring his vast fields of fruit and vegetables. He scanned around them, looking at the full ripeness of each and everyone, and how the ocean in the background made the scene even more perfect.

As he looked up to the cloudless sky on this calm and cool spring morning, his door opened up and out stepped a woman.

“Honey, do you know where the kids have gone to?” asked his wife.

“They are out in the fields playing.” He replied.

“Can you go get them? Dinner's almost ready.”

The rancher nodded his head as the door shut. He got up and stretched, feeling his muscles groan from being disturbed. He walked out into his fields to look for his children.

He looked and looked and looked but couldn’t find them. The more he walked in his fields the more the plants would grow bigger and bigger. Soon the plants grew to block out his surroundings. He was closed in walls of leafy greens. He began to panic. He forgot why he came to the fields as he started running to find an exit. He ran and ran and ran but everything remained the same. He felt his chest burn as he grew tired.

Kasey tripped over an overgrown root and came to a painful stop, but it didn’t hurt.


He looked up.

“Why Kasey.”

The farmer looked around.

“Was I not good enough for you?”

The voice sounded familiar.

Kasey turned around and saw fin floating close to him. He was crying.

“I thought...I thought…”

Fear gripped onto Kasey like a spider would to its prey. He wanted to get up and run, but his body would respond. But where can he run to, he was in an empty void. There was nothing everywhere and nowhere.

“I thought I was your...FRIEND! Finn yelled as he lunged at Kasey.


Kasey awoke with a start. It was that dream again. The same dream has been plaguing him for a few days now. Why it started? He does not know, but he does know one thing, a small part of him still misses his old home.

“Will I ever go back?” He thought to himself. He looked around his empty home, watching as the sun slowly filled it with its warming embrace. Everything felt the same as it did back in his old life. The same small house, the same green fields, and the same crops. Only this time, a new crises was to beheld and he knew that it was up to him, and the residence, to find the cause of the problem.

With nothing else on his mind, Kasey set out to beginning his routine. He watered his crops in the morning blaze of the summer heat It has been a while now since the start of the summer and he feels like he is missing out on some of the fun that was happening around town. On days like these, people (or in this case ponies) would be out at the beach enjoying the sun and having fun with friends.

Kasey looked at the time and saw it was close to 11 o'clock.

“That can't be right.” he said to himself.

He just started his day and it was already half over. Was he in his mind more times than not? Was he about to repeat the same mistakes he did back in his old life? Just to focus on the crises at hand and skip out on finding love?

Kasey shook his head, “No, not again.”
“Hi Kasey!” A voice called to him. He turned in the direction of the voice and saw the pink pony, Pinkie Pie.

“Hi Pinkie, how have you been?” he asked.

The pink party pony skipped over to him, her smile growing bigger as she gets closer, “I have been super duper wonderful! It feels like we haven't spoken in a very very very loooooooong time! How have you been? Anything new? How are your crops? Blah blah blah blah blah blah…” Kasey tuned out the pink pony. He had a lot on his mind that he has no time to focus on her one sided conversation.


Kasey jumped at hearing a new voice. Pinkie Pie was still talking as if nothing happened. “Did she not hear that?” he said in his head.

“So anyway, what’cha doin?” she asked.

The human rancher sighed, “Just finishing up my daily tasks. Maybe go for a walk.”

“I have an idea! Why don’t you come down to Sugarcube Corner? I can make you some super delicious treats that will bring up your energy!” Pinkie Pie jumped around Kasey, waiting for his response.

“Sure, I wo-uuuaaaaggghh” Kasey never got to finish his sentence as the pink ball of energy grabbed him by the arm and dragged the poor human with the strength of a great bear. In no time at all the two arrived at the sweet shop, the smell of fresh baked goods filled the air.

Pinkie Pie pulls Kasey inside the giant gingerbread style building where she finally let go of his arm. “So, what will you be having Kasey?”

The human rancher looked over the menu, a lot of goods that required fruit have gone up in price, or were completely unavailable. The threat of having no food was way more serious than anyone could imagine. But what could he do? He had no leads, no little spirit guiding him. No all powerful goddess who would know how to save the day. He was completely in the dark.

“Kasey?” Pinkie questioned, her usual happy face was gone, her hair was no longer bouncy and poofy. “I know the menu isn’t all that full anymore, but I’m sure you can do something. Maybe not now, but I know you can in the future.”

The human looked at Pinkie and felt his heart ache. The one pony who could put a smile on anyone's face looked gloomy and sad, but once he looked into her eyes, he saw a small sparkle of hope. To her, the one being that could reverse all this and put things back to the way it were was standing right in front of her.

A new feeling swelled within Kasey. A feeling he dan’t felt in a very, very long time. This was nothing new to Kasey, it was something that he needed after he even started doubting himself.


“I will help everyone. I will find out what the cause is and return everything back to the way it was. I promise.” Kasey struck a pose while giving Pinkie Pie a thumbs up.

This caused the pink mare to revert back to the way she was, her mane was bouncy again, her smile had returned and she jumped around excitedly. She ran to Kasey and gave him a bone crushing hug, “Thank you, Kasey! That was exactly what I needed to cheer me up.” She dropped the human, “That or some cupcakes!”

Pinkie hopped to the kitchen, “Let’s go make some!”

Kasey looked around, confusion written all over his face, “What just happened?”


Kasey and Pinkie Pie made a lot of cupcakes. They ate what they could and decided to have a small battle with the remaining ones. At first it was Kasey who was winning, until the pink ball of energy and doom brought out her party cannon. That was total overkill, but still, the two had a wondrous time, and as Kasey walked back to his home he felt as though he got closer with the pink mare. Even after her weird mood swing.

One thing that he couldn’t get out of his head was that strange voice that he heard. Where did it come from? Was it his subconscious telling him to be more open and accept friends? “Sounds about right.” He said aloud.

“What does?” asked an all too familiar voice. Kasey looked to his left and saw Applejack walking towards him with a smile on her face.

“Something that is on my mind.” Kasey said as the two started walking together.

Applejack looked at him, “And that would be?” she questioned.

He looks at her then down the path, “I’m not exactly sure yet.” Silence follows as a gentle breeze cools them down from the summer evening heat. The two remain quiet as they arrive to Kasey’s home.

“I’m going to go lay down.” Was all he said as he entered his home without giving her a chance to talk to him. Applejack stood outside for a moment, having an arm raised in vein to stop him. She casted her eyes down to the ground and turned to walk away. She glanced over her shoulder before leaving.

Kasey took a shower and was now laying down in his bed, looking up at his ceiling with so many questions flowing through his mind. He did not settle on just one as they would all just melt together. He shifted in his position to try and get more comfortable, but nothing was working. He sighed and rose from his bed. The sun had set a while ago and put his room into darkness. His eyes have adjusted, but he could only make out silhouettes.

The human maneuvered as best he could around his home till he got to his bathroom. He opened the door and turned on a lamp to look at himself in the mirror. He saw himself. The same hair, same eyes, same everything. The longer he stared, the more alien he became. It wasn’t that he looked different, his new home made him “feel” different.

He closed his eyes and turned away. More thinking was just going to give him a headache.

The human was soon sitting down on his bed. Trying to think over the events that happened today. More specifically, that voice. It felt familiar to him, yet it was so very foreign.

The voice was pure, sweet, and motherly. A voice he knows he heard before. Shaking his head, he wrapped himself in his blankets and laid on his bed. He will save the headache for tomorrow.


The next day came rather quickly. Kasey got up with little effort and got dressed. Ate himself a small breakfast and went outside, only to realize that it was raining.

“That’s odd, the clouds yesterday showed no sign of coming rain.” he said as he watched the gentle downpour of rain bash against the ground. He shrugged his shoulders, less work for him and more time for other things.

Going inside, grabbing his raincoat, he left his cozy home in search of something to do.

A short while after leaving his home, he runs into Spike.

“Hey Spike! How is it going?” asked Kasey.

The young drake was just leaving Sofa and Quills when Kasey said hi. “Oh! Hey Kasey, long time no see. I’ve been good. Yourself?” Spike replied.

The human rancher shrugged his shoulders, “Could be better.”

Spike tilted his head, “Did something happen?”

“No.” Kasey was quick to reply, “Just didn’t get enough sleep is all.”

The green and purple drake looked at Kasey, then smiled, “Is that all? Why don’t you come with me back to the Library and I’ll make you some tea,” Spike offered.

The mention of tea sounds wonderful to Kasey. So he agrees to follow Spike back to the Library. This also counted as a double positive. He will also be able to talk to Twilight. He hasn’t seen her in a few days.

Before long the two make it back to the tree house. “Twilight, I’m back!” Spike calls out.

“Welcome back, Spike. Did you get the quills I asked for?” Twilight shouted from upstairs.

“Yeah! I got them! By the way, Kasey is here!” The dragon responded.

“Okay! I’ll be down in a sec!”

Spike nodded and set the quills on Twilight’s desk. “Come on, Kasey. Let’s get some tea.”

Spike gestured for Kasey to follow him into the kitchen. Once there, the baby dragon put water in a teapot, set it on the stove and turned up the heat.

Spike turns to Kasey, “Is there anything you want to talk about while we wait for the water to boil?”

Kasey puts a hand to his chin, “Well...there is one thing. But I don’t know if you will be able to help me.”

“It doesn’t hurt to try.” Replied the drake.

“True, I probably should tell someone.” Kasey thought, “I do have one thing. It happened yesterday when I was talking with Pinkie Pie.”

Kaset paused to collect his thoughts, and at the same time Twilight walked into the kitchen, “I was about to tell her that I was busy, but a...voice told me not to.”

“A voice?” asked Twilight, “What did it say?”

“It said, ‘Don’t’. I’m not sure why, but I had this feeling after I heard it to hang out with Pinkie Pie.”

“Hmmm.” Twilight thought as she put a hand to her chin. “It could possibly be your inner voice, or subconscious, telling you to make friends?”

The human looked at Twilight, “But it wasn’t in my voice. Normally someone's inner voice is their own voice being projected in one's imagination, so it can’t be that.”

“Good point,” replied the purple unicorn, “If i were you I would keep your mind open for it to happen again. I need more data if I am going to help you.”

Kasey soon left the library after talking to Twilight a little more on the matter involving the fruits and vegetables, but nothing came as of yet.

With no lead on anything Kasey went home and rested.

Year 1: Summer; Week 3

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A new dawn arises on a single outcasted farm just east of Ponyville. The sole resident, a human, stirs from his sleep. He wakes up, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Kasey gets up and starts his morning ritual of showering, brushing his teeth and getting dressed. Before long he was outside in the heat of the morning sun tending to his crops. His field was still small compared to the bountiful one he had back on Castinet, but he knew that in due time it will be on par with Sweet Apple Acres or better.

Kasey shook the thought out of his mind with a chuckle, “If only I knew what was happening in the world will that ever happened. And I still have no idea as to what is causing it.”

Before long Kasey has finished his task for the day and pondered on what to do next. The schedule for tomorrow calls for rain, so a break from work would be nice. An idea popped into his head, “I should go to the beach!” he said out loud to no one in particular.

“What a coincidence! The girls and I are also going to the beach!” Shouted a new voice. This caused Kasey to jump in surprise. He looked over and saw Twilight walking towards him. “I was coming by to see if you would like to accompany us, but it seems you have already decided to go. So it’s perfect!”

The human thought about it for a while, it would be nice to go to the beach with some people you know. It beets going alone. “Alright, I’ll take you up on that offer.”

Twilight beamed at him with a huge smile, “Wonderful!” she proclaimed, “I’ll let the girls now. We will meet you at the beach, if that is okay.”

“Sounds fine to me.” Kasey responded. The purple alicorn gave him a wave goodbye and walked back to her home. The young human looked up to the sky to see that the sun still has yet to hit its highest peak. With a smile growing on his face, Kasey went inside to grab the necessities he will need for a good beach trip; A towel, sunblock, shades, and his swim trunks. He packed his supplies into his rucksack and left his house.

On his way down the path to the train station, Kasey was greeted by a pony who he doesn’t talk to very much, and that pony is Rarity. She stood at the platform waiting on the train in a very beautifully designed sundress. The patterns of the flowers that adorn it gave it a sense of beauty while the material looked like it was made to stretch, yet it hung to her body. Which made every inch of her curves stand out. She wore a pair of sunglasses with a sunhat on top of her head. She lowered her glasses when Kasey approached.

“Hey Rarity, where are the others?” Kasey questioned.

The white unicorn placed her glasses back into position, “They went on ahead and asked me to wait for you since it takes me longer to get ready.”

Kasey rubbed the back of his head, “Did I make you wait long?”

Rarity gave a small smile, “I didn’t wait that long. Only been here for only a few minutes.”

The human sighed in relief, “Well that’s good. How long do we got before the next train arrives?” he asked.

“Oh we are not taking a train,” Rarity said with a small giggle, “I will be teleporting us there.”

At that mention, Kasey looked a little pale, “Teleport? Is that safe?”

Rarity laughed a little louder, “As safe as walking to and from town. Now, come over here I need to be incontact with whatever I wish to teleport with me.” She said with her hand held out. Kasey looked to her hand then back to the white unicorn. He was feeling uneasy with this, but he wanted to go to the beach with everyone. He took a quick breath to ease his nerves and walked over to Rarity.

He shakingly brought out his hand and slowly moved it closer to hers.

“Please do hurry this up Darling. We don’t have all day.” Rarity said as she began to channel the spell.

Before he could think any further on it he reached out and grabbed a hold of her hand.

Rarity let the spell go and before long, the two disappeared and then reappeared at the beach. Kasey fell back onto his bottom as his head was spinning. He shook his head to clear his mind and then checked himself over. He was there in once peace.

“Now come along Darling, the others are waiting.” Rarity said as she sauntered over to join the others farther down the beach.

Kasey looked to where she was going and sure enough, all the others were there at the waterfront splashing around and swimming in the water. He picked himself up off the ground and ran towards the others. He placed his towel between a spot next to an orange towel and a pink and yellow towel. He guessed they belong to Applejack and Fluttershy respectively.

Once that was finished he took out his trunks and looked for a spot to go and change. He looked left and saw nothing but beach, the same to his right. Then he looked behind him and found a changing hut. He proceeded to the hut and went into the one marked with a stallion.

Once inside, he took off his clothes and placed them neatly into his rucksack, before he grabbed his trunks and slipped them on.

Outside the hut, Rainbow Dash quietly approached the changing hut in order to scare him. She placed her hand over her face to hide her laughter from coming out. She went to the backside where a small hole like window was open to let in the cool wind and some light. She slowly approached it and took a quick peek to make sure he was still inside. What she didn’t expect was to get a full view of his birthday suit. He face instantly went red, her heart began to race and in a flash she flew to the water.

Soon, the human came out of the hut, confused to why he heard such a loud noise of wings flapping and then nothing. He looked around and saw all the girls down at the beach still. Even Rainbow Dash was in the water. Kasey took off in a sprint towards his spot. He dropped off his bag and continued to where the girls were at. He charged straight into the water, splashing it everywhere.

He went underneath and then shot up taking a deep breath. Again, he went back under the water. This time he attempted to stay put in one spot as he felt the currents wash away the tension he had. The cool water felt great on his body. He slowly rose to the top and breached with just his head. He turned to the girls who looked back at him with amused looks. Except Rainbow Dash, she didn’t even try to make eye contact.

Kasey smiled at them and decided to lay on his back in the water and float around. As he floated around, he could hear the others play with some distortion from the water. The human closed his eyes in bliss. He enjoyed the feeling of being carried around by the water. Just as he was about to get up, he heard a voice. Slightly surprised, he called out, “Did you girls say something?” he asked. But he got no response.

He lifted his head up out of the water, but all around him was white. Startled he got up, only to start flipping around in the empty space. “What the heck?!” he cried out.

“Do not fear, Kasey, this is the only way for me to communicate with you.” A voice called out to him.

“Who are you?” he asked, still a little shaken up by the change in scene.

“I do not have much time in explaining who I am. I must be quick. You must have noticed as why all the plants are rotting at a rapid pace.”

Kasey looked around, the voice came from everywhere, but was not loud. It was more like it was coming from within him. “Yes, I have noticed. Isn’t this the reason why I am here in the first place?” he asked.

No response came. The human began to panic, thinking he would be stuck in this place forever, until the voice came back.

“You are not only here just for the fruits and vegetable disaster. You are here to also find your home.”

He gasped.

“I have felt your plea for a new and better life. So, I brought you here. But enough of that, all answered will come when you have dealt with the problem for the ponies. Thankfully it’s very simple. You-”

The voice was suddenly cut off as Kasey was jerked up by Rarity. “Darling, are you okay?” she asked. Fear and desperation present in her eyes.

Kasey looked around and saw he was on the beach surrounded by everyone. They all were looking at him with a mix of emotions; Fear and sadness were the most prominent.

“What happened?” he asked.

Twilight was the first to speak, “We found you just floating belly down in the water. We all feared for the worst until we brought you on dry land. You were breathing just fine, it’s just that you were not responding to anything. That is until Rarity shook you.”

The mentioned white mare looked away in embarrassment, her cheeks flushing red, “It was all I could think of. No one moved and we were scared.”

The human just smiled, “Thanks Rarity.”

“So what happened?” asked Twilight.

Kasey looked down at the ground, bringing back the memory of him in that white space with that voice, "I'm not exactly sure. But I'm all right." He flashed the girls a smile. Twilight wanted to push further, but Applejack placed a hand on her shoulder. She understood this action and backed down.

"A-are you sure?" asked Fluttershy.

"Yeah, I'm sure."

The girls understood and left it at that. They all decided that the time at the beach was over and to all go home. Twilight was the one to teleport all of them back to her house and from there they all went there separate ways.

"Kasey." Twilight called out.

The Rancher stopped and turned to look at the purple Alicorn.

"Do...do you want to talk about it?" she asked.

Kasey sighed and shut the door, "You are the only one who can help me understand what happened. So yes, let's talk."