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The Black Dog.

To some, it’s a hellish harbinger of doom, a bringer of calamity and tragedy, a devil to revile, to hate… to fear.

To others, it’s a benevolent being of heart, its nature simply misunderstood, in truth a defender, a protector… a guardian.

To you, it’s just a mascot you felt was appropriate, a badge to wear on your shoulder, its fearsome and menacing visage and maligned reputation fitting and apt for the terrible work you do.

You are forced to confront your lack of consideration on the matter when you’re thrust into a new world, one innocent and pure, untouched by the kinds of taints you carry. A peaceful and idyllic land…

Just ripe for the picking…

But it would seem that someone else has designs of their own for your new “home.” Incidents of an apparent otherworldly nature begin to occur, and an escalation that plunges the land into chaos, tribulations that inflict great suffering on all.

A plight you can sympathize with.

And so you are meant to choose: a death dealer that hides in the shadows, whimsically snuffing out life like so many flickering candle flames? Or a willfully veiled guardian angel, unknown for the sake of those whom you watch over, but a comforting presence felt regardless?

Why not both?

ATTENTION: Second-person perspective

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i am loving this, fav'ed. is this gonna take the dark turn and make him become the "enemy that must be hunted down, treated like a monster and murdered for the sake of good?" :unsuresweetie:

loving it, keep up the good work


Can you do more please

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