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Harvest Moon: Friends of Ponyville - Rokkurin

After bringing life back to Castanet, Kasey has grown depressed. He is all alone, no one to love him. No son or daughter to care for. Just himself, his crops and his cattle.

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Year 1, Spring

In a lone house that sat on the outskirts of Ponyville, a new resident was waking from his slumber. The sheets were torn off and the being stood up and stretched. The last few days have been pretty long, but it wasn’t unusual for it to happen to the young rancher. The rancher in question, Kasey, has arrived to Equestria in order to start a new. Just like back home, this land is not producing its fruit and vegetables as it used to and it is up to him to find out why.

But for now, he needs to establish a proper income if he were to live. Sure, the ponies here are very generous, but he doesn’t think that they would be so kind if he begged for food. Which is strange coming from a rancher who specializes in growing crops. For him to go hungry would be like a worker ant not doing their part for the colony.

Kasey stops getting prepared for the day and ponders how he compares to an ant. He shrugs his shoulder. ‘Shouldn’t be dwelling on these matters. Time to get to work.’

With that said, he opens his front door and steps back out into his new home world.

The sun has yet to arrive in the early spring morning. Kasey looks around and spots a nice piece of land that is a few yards away from his front door. The small piece of land was overgrown with weeds, “Well, might as well get started.” With that said he reaches into his rucksack and pulls out his golden sickle.

A few hours have gone by and the small plot of land was tilled and ready to be seeded. The young rancher wipes his brow and continues with his work. He reaches into his rucksack only to realize he doesn’t have any seeds to use. He face palms at his negligence and months of muscle memory. “I need to find some seeds.” he says to himself. He looks towards where Sweet Apple Acres should be and begins his walk.

Not too long he can see the sign to the lovely farm. He can see Applejack, Big Mac, and Applebloom all hard at work. The orange mare was the first to see him enter their land.

“Howdy Kasey!” She calls to him, “What brings you to the farm?”

“Good morning Applejack.” he replies with a slight bow, “I’m here to purchase some seeds. If you have any to sell.”

“Well shucks, I was about to head over to your place after work on the farm was done to give you a bag of seeds to help you get started.” Applejack says as she hands him a bag of seeds. “They ain’t much, but it should help in the long run.”

Kasey happily takes the seeds and puts them into his rucksack, “Thank you Applejack, this is very kind of you.”

The cow pony blushes and hides her face, “It ain’t nothing Sugarcube. Just be sure that you share some of the fruit that you will be getting.”

Kasey nods his head in agreement, “I shall.”

After the short meeting with the Apple family, Kasey has returned home and planted the seeds. Applejack never told him what kind of seeds they were, but that would ruin the fun!

With his daily task now over with and the sun just hitting its high point, Kasey had nothing else to do. For him, this was very unusual. The other worldly rancher shrugs his shoulders as he decides to take a stroll through Ponyville.


Kasey has been wandering around Ponyville for quite some time and has yet to see more than five ponies out and about at this time of day. Even for a small town such as this one, surely there must be more ponies. A low grumble from his stomach has alerted him into knowing it’s time to eat.

Looking around the empty streets of Ponyville, Kasey soon spotted Sugarcube Corner. His stomach roared to him as if telling the rancher that it was saying for him to grab a sweet treat. Not the kind of guy who would argue with his stomach, he set out.

He soon approached the gingerbread looking house and noticed that the lights were out, yet the sign said it was open, ‘Strange,’ his mind said. Shrugging his shoulders, he opened the door. No sooner did he step inside he was blinded by the sudden light that flickered on and was almost deafened by a roar of ponies yelling “Surprise!”

All around him were the ponies that reside in Ponyville. All gathered in Sugarcube Corner with a banner overhead that read, “Welcome To Ponyville Kaysie.”

The young man shook his head with a smile on his face. He never once told anyone how to spell his name, so it was a given that they would misspell it.

Soon his vision was filled with pink and blue, “Were you surprised? Huh? I bet you were! No pony could have not been surprised!”

Kasey recoiled a bit at the sudden appearance of Pinkie Pie. He regained his composure and gave the awaiting pink mare his reply. “Yes Pinkie, I was surprised.”

The little ball of pink jumped around him, rambling off how she has planned this whole thing from the beginning after the two met. She also knew that he would be stopping by today, which confused him a bit.

“So, what are we waiting for? Let’s party!” exclaimed Pinkie as music began to blare.

Kasey shook his head with a smile. His stomach grumbled again, reminding him as to why he came here in the first place. He looked towards the buffet table, his mouth beginning to drool over all the tasty looking treats.


The party went off without a hitch. All the ponies in attendance all came up to Kasey at some point during the party to formally welcome him to Ponyville. Five of the six mares he first met were there. Sadly Applejack could not make it due to her helping with the farm. But nonetheless he enjoyed it as much as he could. Nearing the end he asked Pinkie Pie if he could get a slice of cake to go, so he could give it to Applejack in exchange for the gift of the seeds.

So, here Kasey is now. Walking back the way he came towards Sweet Apple Acres to give Applejack the slice of cake the Pinkie was more than happy to give him. Although the little wink at the end was a little uncalled for, but he shrugged and laughed it off as he left the party that was thrown for him.

By the time the young rancher made it to the farm, the sun was beginning to set. The party took up a majority of the day, but it was well worth it. With no time at all, he made it to the front door and knocked three times. An all too familiar red stallion answered the door, just like the first time he came here.

“Good evening Big Mac. Is Applejack available?”

“Nnope.” replied the massive stallion.

“Oh.” Kasey said with a hint of sadness, “Do you know where I can find her?”

Big Mac gave no response as he pointed in a direction towards the south side of the farm and shut the door.

Kasey was rather confused as to what happened, but went the direction the stallion pointed in.

After a few minutes of walking, Kasey stood at the bottom of a hill that was hidden away by all the apple trees. He would have never known if it was here if Mac never pointed it out. He ascended the hill and was shocked to what he saw. There at the very top was Applejack, sitting down with her hat off and on the ground and soft sounds of her crying.

In no time he was by her side, “Applejack?”

The orange mare jumped to her side and looked at Kasey like he was a demon come to feed on her soul. Before he could say anything, he was wrapped up in a bone crushing hug. Stunned, Kasey just hugged her back. “What’s wrong?” he questioned.

After a few more sniffles, Applejack broke the hug and wiped her face. “It’s nothing to worry about Kasey. Just been thinking is all.” she said as she forced a smile.

Kasey returned it with a concerned smile, “Oh! I almost forgot. I brought this for you since you couldn’t make the party.”

He reached into his rucksack and pulled out the intact slice of cake.

Applejack’s face brightened up and stars appeared in her eyes as he handed the delicacy over to her. He also brought out a fork for her to use.

The orange mare sat back down and devoured the cake in a matter of seconds. Kasey was left stunned at how fast the cake disappeared. “Don’t worry about the plate and fork. I’ll make sure they get cleaned and returned back to Pinkie.”

All Kasey did was nod his head before yawning as the sun finally disappeared.

“Yeah, it is getting late. Best that we both get back to our homes.”

Both farmers stood up and after a quick goodbye, went their separate ways.


A few days have gone by since the party. Kasey was outside tending to his crops. The seeds have sprouted and soon he will be able to find out what kind of seeds Applejack have him. Till then, he watered them daily.

The day after the party, Applejack stopped by and thanked him once again for the cake. The two spent most of the day together. Kasey was at Sweet Apple Acres helping with tending to the trees. It was still a long time before they would give fruit. But it was still important to take care of them till then.

Kasey wiped his brow as the sun beat down upon him. Sure it was spring, but that doesn’t mean the rays of the sun were not hot. With yet another daily task done and his afternoon free up, the rancher decides to pay Rarity a visit. Afterall he did promise to come back at some point. The sooner the better they say.

The walk to The Carousel Boutique was calm. As he walked through the center of Ponyville, many of the residents would wave to him with a friendly smile. Of course he would wave back, it is rather rude not to. Others would come up to him and strike a small conversation and ask how he is doing.

After about an hour of talking with ponies, Kasey eventually makes it to the clothing store. The sign on the window next to the door says that it is open. With the go ahead, he opens the door and a small bell chimes his arrival.

“Welcome to the Carousel Boutique, where everything is ship, shape and unique. How may- Oh Kasey! It’s so good to see you!” Rarity says as she enters from a door on his right side. Upon seeing him, she walks up to the human and curtsies.

Kasey responds with a bow that makes the white mare giggle. “You asked me to stop by when I had the time.”

Rarity gasps, “Oh my dear you are right. How could I have forgotten.”

The other worldly being looks around the room at all the fabric and sewing tools that are lying about. “Yeah, I wonder how you forgot about that as well.” he said under his breath.

“What was that darling?”

“Nothing!” Kasey quickly replies.

Rarity looks at him with an unamused expression. Eyeing his features to see if what he said would just appear on his face.

She shrugs, “Well alright. Now, since you have come here upon my request, I am in need of your assistance.”

“My assistance?” he questions.

“Yes,” the mare replies, “I want to make you some nice clothing. This…” she gestures around Kasey, “Is in need for some improvement. If you would like.”

Kasey smiled and nodded his head, “Sure, I don’t see why not.”

“Fantastic darling!” Rarity said with enthusiasm. “Now if you would, take off your clothes and stand on that raised platform over there.” She pointed a finger to the destination that was only a short walk away to.

“Excuse me?” Kasey said, bemused and with a blush on his face.

The white mare realized what she said and had a small blush on her face as well, “Well, it is the only way to get the most accurate measurements. You don’t need to be completely naked. Just down to the bare minimum if you would.”

Kasey sagged his shoulders and reluctantly agreed to do so.

First item that came off was his shirt. Once it was over his head, Rarity got a full view of his spectacularly sculpted upper body. The farm work as really done a number on him and it shows.

Next were his pants, socks and shoes. He stood on the platform with only his boxers on as Rarity used her magic to take his measurements. The two carried on small talk as he was being taped. At first it was a little awkward but as more time went by, the two were talking as if Kasey wasn't standing on the platform with only his underwear.

The two talked about a lot of things. First it was Rarity with where she grew up at, her love for fashion and how she acquired her cutie mark. When she was done it was Kasey’s turn to share his tale. About halfway through his story he had the white mare tearing up.

After a few short minutes she had what she needed and Kasey donned his attire once again.

Rarity had left to another room after getting his measurements and returned when he was fully clothed. She had a sketchbook in her hand, “I’ll have some new clothes for you shortly dear and I’ll deliver them to your house once I am done.”

“Thank you Rarity.” Kasey said with a bow.

“Anytime darling.” she replied.

The rancher looked towards the sky and saw the sun setting. ‘Huh, that took much longer than I thought it did.’


Kasey left back to his home. The walk was uneventful until he got to his house. Upon arriving, there was a grey mare sitting outside his home. Her mane and tail are a light blond and she also had wings, clearly indicating that she is a pegasus. The grey pegasus wore a mail carrier bag around her shoulder and a cap to match.

As Kasey got closer and was about to introduce himself, the mare turned around and the two collided. The rancher stumbled a little but the mare didn’t fair much better. She started to fall backwards but was caught by Kasey with his arm around his waist.

“Hey, are you okay?” he asked, concern dripping in his voice.

The grey mare shook her head to get the stars out of her eyes. She opened them and was greeted by the otherworldly being she was sent to talk to.

Noticing how he was holding her, her face turned red and her eyes started to move.

Kasey watch as the mares golden eyes moved in opposite directions and her face turning red as a tomato.

He moved her so she would be standing straight and released his arm from her waist.

“Your face is turning red, are you feeling okay?”

The mare didn’t respond as she was spacing out. The human moved closer and waved his hand in front of her face.

“Hello? Anyone in there?”

That got her attention as she shook her head once again, “I’m sorry about that. I just don’t know what went wrong.” she looked away and blushed with embarrassment.

Kasey chuckled, “It's okay. As long as you are alright. By the way, my name is Kasey. What’s yours?” He said as he stretched out his hand.

“My name is Ditzy Doo. Or as my friends call me, Derpy.” The grey mare responded as she gripped his hand and shook it.

“Derpy?” The rancher questioned, “Why would anyone call you that? It sounds hurtful.”

The now known mare, Derpy, chuckled at his concern, “They call me that due to me being clumsy. At first it was used to tease me because of my eyes, but as time went on I learned to accept it and asked everypony to call me that so I wouldn’t get picked on anymore.”

Kasey was shocked. To have a name that started out as a form of insult only to later become her nickname was amazing.

“That’s amazing! It’s so cool how you turned the tide on the ones who made fun of you.” Kasey said with enthusiasm.

Derpy laughed a bit, “It is isn’t it?”

The human laughed along with her.

Once they were done laughing, Kasey almost forgot to ask her something. “What brings you by my home?”

Derpy recoiled as if being hit by an invisible force, her eyes growing wide, “Oh my gosh! I almost forgot!”

She stepped back from Kasey and cleared her throat, “My name is Ditzy Doo and I am here to let you know that when you are ready to sell your crops you have two options. You can go between each one as you see fit. The first option is to use the drop box located just next to your house and every day at five P.M. I will drop by to collect them. In about a week's time I shall return and hand you your pay.”

She paused for a moment to let Kasey understand what she is saying.

“The other option is that you can take your produce down to the Ponyville market and set up a stall there to sell them. By doing this, you will increase your relationship with ponies who stop by and purchase your bounty. This will guarantee a same day pay, but you may not sell all of your produce.”

Kasey shook his head in understanding, “Sounds simple enough. Thank you Derpy.”

“You’re welcome!” she responded cheerfully.

Derpy jumped and hovered in the air for a moment before taking off to the sky, only to bump into a tree. She rubbed her head and continued on her way. Watching her fly away, Kasey smiled and shook his head.

Without anything else to do, Kasey opened his door and went off to bed.


More days have gone by and Kasey was out harvesting his crops. It turned out that the seeds he was given by Applejack were potatos. When Kasey found out he was on the ground in a fit of laughter. This was the same seeds he was given when he first moved to Castanet.

After harvesting his crops, Kasey walked down to the Ponyville market to sell them. He found an empty stall the no pony was using and set up. He only had five of them, but it was a good start. He did have one more, but he stopped by the Apple farm and dropped it off to Applejack like he promised.

The day was really eventful for Kasey. Ponies stopped by to either have a small chat with him, or bought it potatos. A lot of the buyers haggled with him, but he would always come out with a few more bits than what they were willing to barter with.

As the sun began to set, the human rancher sold his last potato for the day. He walked away from his stall with 57 bits in total. Who knew that potatoes were uncommon in a place like Ponyville. He shrugged his shoulders and placed the coins in a small side pocket on his rucksack.

Since potatoes do not regrow, Kasey had to go buy more. And the only place he knew that sold seeds was Sweet Apple Acres.

With the sun not yet set, the rancher made the short trek to the farm in no time at all.

Once he arrived he noticed that neither Applejack or her siblings were out in the field. He had to guess that they must be getting ready for supper. Not the one who likes to ruin a good meal, he decided to come back tomorrow. Just as he turned around he heard a voice shout his name.

He turned his head to see Applebloom standing on the porch waving him over. He did as he was told and walked to the young mare.

“Hey Kasey!” she greeted him with a bone crushing hug.

“Hey Applebloom, is there something you need?” he questioned.

The little ball of energy let go of Kasey and placed her hands behind her back. Rocking back and forth as she spoke, “Applejack saw you from the kitchen window and asked me to come get you. We all want to know if you want to have dinner with us!”

Her face was aglow with anticipation. Her eyes full of hope.

Kasey put a hand to his chin and struck a thinking pose, “That sounds nice, but I do not want to impose. You all have done enough for me when I stayed with you for a short time.”

Applebloom clenched her jaw but smiled nonetheless. She reached out and grabbed his hand and pulled him into the house, “None sense. You are always welcome here!”

Before he could protest, he was already seated at the table and being served a full plate. The meal consisted of mash potatoes, corn, cornbread, rolls, green beans, and noodles with alfredo sauce.

The aroma from it all made his mouth water.

“I’m glad you could join us Kasey.” Applejack said as she placed the piece de resistance, a golden crusted apple pie in the center of the table.

He was speechless at the bountiful food. If he was a starved beggar, this would have brought a tear to his eye.

“Alright everypony! Dig in!” Granny proclaimed as she raised her fork and spoon to emphasise her words.

Kasey made it home with a full stomach and a smile. He didn’t bother to ask Applejack if he could buy some seeds as the time was to eat and enjoy oneself. Once inside his home, he proceeded to take a hot shower and head off to bed. With summer just around the corner, he needs to be ready for the challenge that it brings with it.

Summer Heat

Author's Note:

I know I know. This took way too long to get out and I'm sorry for that. A lot of stuff has been going on in my life and I kept putting this story on the back burner. BUT (hehe) after I got my stuff organized, I was finally able to sit down and write. Only for me to continuously get writers block. But I did it!

Anyway, I want to ask you all something very important to the story.

Do you want me to keep it like it is now, where I write an entire season in one go. Making you all wait longer for an update.


Break it down into smaller chapters so the work can come out faster.

Please let me know in the comments below your answer, what you thought of this chapter, and anything else you want to. Heck, rant about my poor execution for all I care.

Okay, enough delaying. Enjoy the next chapter of my story and I will see you all again in the next chapter!


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